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Miscellaneous Montgomery County, Alabama Newspaper Extracts
Transcribed by Larry E. Caver, Jr.
(Placed here by permission.)

Larry E. Caver, Jr.
P.O. Box 520
Wilmer, Alabama 36587


Death Notices From The Montgomery Advertiser

December 13, 1881:

(Columbus, Ga., Dec. 12) Dr. Thomas W. GRIMES, aged about 60 years, a 
prominent physician of this city, died suddenly, while sitting in a chair, this 
morning, from heart disease.

Mr. Charles LeBARON, a native of Mobile but for most of his life a resident 
of Pensacola, was shot and killed by some unknown party in Texas recently.  He 
was in the employ of the Texas & Mexican Railway Company, and while crossing a 
bridge on his way to his camp, last Wednesday, received the fatal shot.

December 14, 1881:

(Rome, Ga., December 12) Mr. Thomas ALEXANDER, aged 22, died last night. –
Rome Courier

The remains of Mr. Charles LeBARON, recently shot in Texas by some unknown 
party, will be brought to Mobile for interment.              -Pensacola Gazette

(Deadwood, D. T., Dec. 13) Two men, James WALKER and Thomas BOGG, were 
killed, and three other wounded, by the falling of a shelf of cement in Esmeraldo 
mine, this morning.

Alex FARMER, formerly an engineer on the E. T., Va. & Ga. Railroad, died very 
suddenly at Knoxville Friday

(Barbour County) Josie, a bright little girl and only child of Mrs. James 
DUDLEY, who lives near Marvyn, Alabama, not far from Columbus, Georgia, met with 
a terrible and fatal accident on Tuesday last while around a running cane 
mill.  Her head was caught in the mill and her neck instantly broken.  She was 13 
years old, and her death is almost more than her devoted and widowed mother 
can bear. –Eufaula Bulletin

The oldest white man in Clarke County, Robert COURTNEY, departed this life on 
the 24th ultimo.  He was a resident of Mississippi Territory in 1812, and old 
enough to be subject to military duty; yes, was a grown man when the Creek 
Indian War broke out.  The long years intervening between these stormy times and 
the present, have been spent in this county, near where he died, about 
fifteen miles north or east of this place.  He was about 98. –Grove Hill Democrat

(Lee County) Mrs. Wiley GILLAM, only daughter of Mr. Jerry HAMMOCK, of this 
county, committed suicide last week by hanging herself with a rope, while her 
husband was gone to the mill. –Opelika Observer

Died, in Dadeville, Mrs. BERRY, mother of J.B. BERRY.
Died, in Wilcox County, Mr. Hiram WATSON.
Died, near Florence, Mr. C.W. BROADFOOT.
Died, in Dale County, Mr. Thomas B. EZELL.

Died, in Van Buren, Arkansas, Miss Harriet McINTYRE, of Jackson County, 

Died, in Columbia, Henry County, Mr. Walter R. WILLIFORD.
Died, in Crenshaw County, Master Jo GALLOPS.
Died, in Union Springs, Miss Leila OLIVE.
Died, in Hale County, Mrs. Isaac RYAN.

December 15, 1881:

Mrs. Mary MABRY, of Clayton, mother of Gen. Seth MABRY and Hon. James W. 
MABRY, died Tuesday morning, at the residence of her son, Gen. MABRY, in this 
place.  Had she lived until the 23rd instant, she would have been just 100 years 
old.  She was the oldest lady, perhaps, in Barbour County… -Eufaula Bulletin

December 16, 1881:

Died, yesterday, in the (-) year of her age, Frances W. HUBBARD, wife of 
Samuel D. HUBBARD, Sr.  Funeral this afternoon at 3:30 o’clock from the 
Presbyterian Church.  Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend.

December 17, 1881:

Died, in Walker County, Mr. J. D. MYERS.
Died, in Perry County, Mr. Thomas JOHNSON.
Died, at Calera, Mrs. S.A. LYONS.

Died, in Limestone County, Charles F. TERODE.
Died, in Athens, William T. HENDRICKS.
Died, in Tuskegee, Miss Lula LEWIS.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. and Mrs. Mark ROBBINSON are respectfully 
invited to attend the funeral services of the latter from the First Baptist 
Church at 10 o’clock this morning.

We see, by a Texas dispatch, that two brothers, John D. ADCOCK and A.J. 
ADCOCK, who were raised in this county, and who had removed to Arkansas, were 
murdered last Wednesday.  It seems that they had been to Texarkana and sold their 
cotton and were killed and robbed of their money on their way home.  They lived 
in Little River County… John married a Miss WELCH, of our county, and A.J. 
married a daughter of Benjamin GILL, who left here also last Christmas.  They 
are brothers of William ADCOCK, who lives in Good Hope beat, in this county.  
-Wetumpka Times

December 18, 1881:

(Rome, Ga., Dec. 16) William B. HIGGINBOTHAM, who was probably the wealthiest 
colored man in this State, died at his residence in this city yesterday, 
having been in bad health for several weeks.  He was free born, and a native of 
Virginia, though moving to this city in the year 1848… -Rome Daily Courier

Jim CHRISTIAN, a worthy colored man, well known to the old citizens of 
Tuscumbia, was caught in the belt of Stair’s mill, on Monday last, and instantly 
killed. –Tuscumbia Alabamian

Last week an accident happened to Mr. Edward JAMES, a highly respected 
citizen of Hagood’s X Roads neighborhood, in this county, which sadly ended his 
life.  He was helping a neighbor to raise a house, when a log slipped and fell 
upon him, striking him upon the head causing instant death.  Mr. JAMES was a 
veteran of the Mexican and Confederate Wars… -Birmingham Iron Age

Died, in Mobile, Mrs. Elizabeth ALBA.
Died, in Dallas County, David MIMS.
Died, in Conecuh County, Charles T. HUDSON.
Died, in Greene County, W. D. PARKS.
Died, in Lee County, J. A. NEWTON.
Died, in Limestone County, John McKENZIE.
Died, in Sumter County, Mrs. Elizabeth RATCLIFFE.

The interments in the City Cemetery the past week have been as follows:

     December 11          John BURKE*, alcoholism.
     December 16          Mrs. Frances W. HUBBARD*, congestion.
     December 17          Mrs. Sophia ROBINSON*, pneumonia.

     December 11          Child of Judy MYERS*, stillborn.
     December 12          Child of Eugenia PITMAN*, paralysis.
     December 13          Child of Obe LOVELESS*, pneumonia.
                              Daisy WASHINGTON, bronchitis.
                              Mariah DURR, dysentery.
     December 15          Parish GOODE*, scirrhus of liver.
                              Eli REDMOND, cause unknown.
     December 16          Lewis WHITING, old age.
     December 17          Aleck SCOTT*, cerebro-spinal fever.

     *Died outside of city.

December 20, 1881:

(San Sabo, Texas, Dec. 18) In a difficulty today, on Colorado River, ten 
miles from here, Richard DYER was struck on the head with a hatchet by Samuel 
ROBINSON and instantly killed.  DYER was the aggressor.

(Dallas, Texas, Dec. 18) R.A. CHAMBERS, merchant tailor, was shot and killed 
yesterday by Alfred FREEMAN, proprietor of a photographic establishment… 
Criminal intimacy between CHAMBERS and Mrs. FREEMAN is the cause of the deed.

(Pensacola, Fla., Dec. 18) Mrs. Elizabeth HINOTE died on Thursday, aged 83 
years. –Pensacola Advance

(Galveston, Texas, Dec. 17) Frank HOKE, a good citizen, lost his life in 
Caldwell County by a tree falling on him. –Galveston News

December 21, 1881:

(Atlanta, December 20) Judge J.H. WELCH, a well-known citizen of Newnan, and 
until recently, editor of the Newnan Herald, committed suicide Sunday night by 

Died, in Wilcox County, Dr. Samuel L. JONES.
Died, in Lauderdale County, Mrs. Margaret WALKER.
Died, in Birmingham, Mr. Marshal LOFTON.
Died, in Mobile, Mrs. Lizzie R. KELLY.

Mr. H.L. DAUGHTRY, of Opelika, whose child (not named) was killed by the 
Western Railroad, has sued the Georgia Railroad & Banking Company, and in the U.S. 
Court yesterday, order was given, on motion of the defendant, to publish the 

Charlie MORRIS, the colored man who was stabbed in the head on last Wednesday 
night by Henry UNDERWOOD, colored, died about two o’clock on Sunday afternoon 
last from the effects of the wound… -Eufaula Bulletin

December 22, 1881:

Peter DOVER, charged with the murder of Mr. Archy WOODS, has given bail for 
$5,000. –Six Mile Blade

(Macon, Ga., Dec. 18) Mr. James T. ROSE, of Upson County, was shot and killed 
by Mr. James F. WHITE, yesterday… On the 16th at Marshallville, Georgia, 
Henry KNIGHT shot and killed Peter GOODWIN… –Macon Telegraph

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. and Mrs. William E. McGEHEE are invited 
to attend the funeral of their son, Willie, from their residence on Perry 
Street, at 3:30 p.m. today.

Mr. Charles ASKINS, of Birmingham, was killed at the railroad crossing in 
that city on Tuesday night, about 11 o’clock.  Mr. ASKINS held a position in the 
employ of the Alabama Great Southern road, and was run over by a train while 
on his way home from the yard master’s office.  He was badly mangled and died 

December 23, 1881:

(Columbus, Ga., Dec. 21) Mrs. Lucy PAGE, aged 82, died near Cataula 
yesterday. –Columbus Enquirer

(Savannah, Ga., Dec. 20) Mr. William H. BOWEN, of Henry County, lost his life 
last week while felling timber.  A tree fell on him and fatally crushed his 
body. –Savannah News

(Augusta, Ga., Dec. 20) Mr. Robert L. CRANSTON, formerly of this city, died 
at El Paso, Texas, recently, from the effects of amputation of his leg, made 
necessary by injury from a railroad accident... Mrs. Jennie CATES, of Griffin, 
and formerly of this city, died a few days ago. –Evening News

December 24, 1881:

A little son, aged 12 years, of Mr. J.M. NORRIS, while returning from 
Guntersville on Saturday last, in coming down a hill in Big Spring Valley, fell from 
the wagon and wheels passed over his head and killed him instantly… 
-Blountsville News

December 25, 1881:

Died, in Butler County, Miss Lena THIGPEN.
Died, in Blount County, Mrs. William CHAMBLISS.
Died, in Sumter County, Miss Mary COLGIN.
Died, in Selma, Mrs. James H. FRANKLIN.
Died, in Henry County, Miss Mary E. GODFREY.
Died, in Hale County, Robert N. MOORE.
Died, Greensboro, Lewis LAWSON.
Died, at Cusetta, James A. NEWTON.
Died, in Bullock County, Pitt ALLUMS.
Died, in Morgan County, Thomas THOMPSON.

Died, in Shelby County, Mrs. Lizzie CURTIS and Mrs. M. DAVIS.
Died, in Walker County, N.L.J. REEVES and Mose J. COX.
Died, in Sumter County, J. D. THOMAS and Mrs. Eliza BINNS.

Died, in Lowndes County, A.B. MIDDLEBROOKS and J.R. SCROGGINS.

It becomes our painful duty to announce the death of Mrs. Clara GAYLE, who 
died on Wednesday night, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. James W. 
LOCKS.  Mrs. GAYLE was the widow of Gov. John GAYLE, one of Alabama’s most 
distinguished and highly honored citizens, and the sister of Mr. Frederick PECK, one of 
Greensboro’s first settlers… -Greensboro Beacon

The interments in the City Cemetery the week ending December 24th, were as 

     December 18          Alonzo REDDING, gout.
     December 22          Child of William McGEHEE, spasm of glotis.
     December 23          Preston HILLIARD, reinterred from
Columbus, Georgia.
     December 18          Child of Aleck MITCHELL, stillborn.
     December 20          Turner ANDERSON, consumption.
     December 22          Genie BROWN, meningitis.
                              Ellen BELLINGER, Bright’s disease.

December 28, 1881:

(Little Rock, December 27) Dr. O. H. ROSENBAUER, a prominent physician, was 
assassinated at his residence nine miles from Pine Bluff, on Saturday evening…

We regret the sudden death, at Tuskegee, of Mr. Marks ASHER, brother of Mrs. 
A. MOOG, who succumbed to an attack of typhoid fever, on yesterday morning.  
The deceased was the only son of his mother, her mainstay and support…

December 29, 1881:

(Macon, Ga., Dec. 28) At Round Oak, Jones County, forty-five miles from here, 
a young farmer named William GRAY interfered with a colored dance Monday 
night and was fatally stabbed by three brothers (colored).  GRAY fired into the 
brothers killing all three…  GRAY crawled out of the house and died on the 

R.A. BROWN, a prominent citizen of Americus, took morphine, from the effects 
of which he died this afternoon.  He leaves a wife and four children.

(New Orleans, December 28) Mrs. M.F. CAPPAGE was killed last night by the 
accidental discharge of a pistol with which her four-year old child was playing…

(Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 28) Yesterday at Debroy, in Upson County, a general fight 
occurred in which Dock WILSON killed Ed JOHNSON, his half-brother, and Brad 
GARLAND killed A.P. HARRIS.  The fight was with knives.

(December 28) In Baldwin County, near Sibley’s mill, opposite Mobile, Joel 
JOHNSON, a well-known citizen was riding along the road when he was shot from 
behind a tree by a colored man.  The shot struck JOHNSON in the head stunning 
him and causing him to fall from his horse.  He was then dragged to a pond and 
thrown in and the colored man mounted his victim’s horse and rode to a party.  
JOHNSON revived and dragged himself half a mile to his home.  Abe JOHNSON, the 
wounded man’s half-brother who is deputy sheriff, started to arrest the 
colored man who had Johnson’s horse.  He resisted arrest and drew a pistol and 
exchanged shots with Deputy Sheriff JOHNSON.  The latter fell and died in fifteen 
minutes.  The colored man escaped but was found later a half mile from the 
place of shooting, dead.

(Pensacola, Fla., Dec. 25) Mr. J.B. PFERFERLE died in this city yesterday 
morning, aged 58 years. –Pensacola Gazette

(Columbus, Ga., Dec. 27) Hiram BLOUNT, the colored man shot in Chattahoochee 
County, on Friday, by Charlie CADE, has since died.   -Columbus Enquirer

(Chattanooga, Tenn., Dec. 27) Will C. MABRY, son of General MABRY, a 
prominent young man of Knoxville, was shot and killed by Don C. LISBY, Saturday 
night.  –Chattanooga Times

(Houston, Texas, Dec. 24) Mr. C.R. WILSON, a well-known railroad man and 
extensive cross-tie contractor for the Texas & Pacific, died of heart disease a 
few days ago. –Houston Post

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