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BRITISH COLUMBIA - Nanaimo Obituary Index 2000 (M-R)

Posted By: GenealogyBuff
Date: Thursday, 24 April 2008, at 4:18 p.m.


======= ================= ============== ========== ==============
MABER Donna Mary 21/02/2000 Nanaimo
MacDONALD Leonard Alemedo, CAL 16/02/2000
MACGILLIVRAY Isabel NS 12/06/2000 Cape Breton NS
MacGREGOR James Frederick Pioneer, BC 05/06/2000 Ladysmith
MACHAM Paul 18/12/2000 Nanaimo
MACKAY Miriam Helena Siemco, ON 28/02/2000
MAcLENNAN Helen Mary 13/08/2000 Nanaimo
MACLEOD Alma Susan Vancouver 04/03/2000 PEI
MACLEOD Mildred Mabel Kelwood, MB 21/08/2000 Nanaimo
MADGE Donald 10/12/2000 Nanaimo
MAGUIRE Harold Govan Nanaimo 28/01/2000 Nanaimo
MANDALIK Arpad Port Alberni 13/06/2000 Mcivor Lake, B.C.
MANN Ella Marie Badger, NFLD 30/05/2000 Nanaimo
MANN-HAMEL June 31/01/2000 Nanaimo
MANSON Bill (William) Edward 07/07/2000 Nanaimo
MANTTA Wilfred Sointula 28/09/2000 Nanaimo
MARCY Robert (Bob) Marcus Swift Current, SK 13/09/2000
MARSDEN Ronald Eric 31/03/2000 Nanaimo
MARSHALL Robert Gordon Rees Nanaimo 02/11/2000 Surrey
MARTEL Susan 16/11/2000 Nanaimo
MARTIN Vera M. Teeswater, ON 22/08/2000 Nanaimo
MARTIN Del 17/11/2000
MARTIN Cecil 12/01/2000 Ladysmith
MARTIN Florence Marion 10/08/2000 Nanaimo
MARTIN Grace Evelyn 23/07/2000 Nanaimo
MARTIN Dolores 17/11/2000 Nanaimo
MARTINUK William 30/07/2000 Nanaimo
MASON William Edward (Ted) 29/01/2000 Nanaimo
MATTICKS Terry Brent 29/07/2000 Prince Rupert
MATWICK Joseph 08/07/2000
MAY Gertrude Elaine Vancouver 01/03/2001 Richmond
MAYES Neil Cambell 10/06/2000 Victoria
MAYOVSKY Thomas 11/10/2000 Ladysmith
McARTHUR Isabella Welch Lanark, SCT 09/11/2000 Duncan
McBRIDE Gerry Victoria 01/01/2001 Nanaimo
McBRIDE Terry Lee Vancouver 01/06/2000 Nanaimo
McCANN Elizabeth Auchiniech, SCT 06/12/2000 Victoria
McCANN Gordon Vincent 24/07/2000 Nanaimo
McCRAW Christopher Irving 25/11/2000 Nanaimo
McDONOUGH Jayne Leah Vancouver 29/02/2000 Ladysmith
McDOUGALL Eileen Dorothy 08/07/2000
McEWAN Betty English Midlands 16/11/2000
McGINNIS Phyllis Norma Carmangay, AB 04/12/2000 Nanaimo
McGLINCHEY Karen Cumberland 02/02/2000 Nanaimo
McGONIGLE Robert 13/06/2000 Nanaimo
McGREGOR Reginald W. (Reg) 31/01/2000 Nanaimo
McGUIRE Michael Vancouver 14/06/2000 Nanaimo
MCKAY Valeriie Nanaimo 25/07/2000 Ladysmith
McKNIGHT Eva 13/09/2000 New Westminster
McLAUGHLIN Linda Joyce Oxbow, SK 15/09/2000 Parksville
McLAUGHLIN Jean 25/12/2000 Nanaimo
MCLAUGHLIN Willard E. (Bill) 12/08/2000
McLEAN Elizabeth 13/05/2000
McLEOD Stuart Edward Emo, ON 30/03/2000 Nanaimo
McLEOD Joy 15/06/2000 Victoria.
McPHEE Nicole Marie 21/08/2000 Inuvik, NWT
MEADOWS Doris Eileen Two Creeks, MB 20/11/2000 Nanaimo
MEAS Nymul John Khao I Dang, Thailand 31/05/2000 Nanaimo
MERCER Eleonor May 10/10/2000
MIELKE Emily Southy, SK 21/07/2000 Ladysmith
MILE William L. 20/05/2000 Nanaimo
MILLEN George William Calgary, AB 08/12/2000 Nanaimo
MILLER George Thomas 02/03/2000
MILLER Nels Peter DEN 06/06/2000 Nanaimo
MILLER Barry Winnipeg, MB 03/07/2000 Nanaimo
MILLER Raymond Keith 09/05/2000 Parksville
MILLIGAN William Nanaimo 17/06/2000 Nanaimo
MILLIGAN Don Nanaimo 28/08/2000 Nanaimo
MILLS Ellen (Nellie) ENG 18/10/2000
MINERS Ernest Leroy Oxford County, ON 13/01/2000 Nanaimo
MITCHELL Velva Fay (Val) Bentley, AB 08/12/2000
MITCHELL Kathleen Rae Aberdeen, SCT 02/09/2000 Nanaimo
MOBLEY Edwin Micheal Bendigo, AUS 15/08/2000 Teslin Lake, BC
MOCHRIE Margaret Ann Edmonton, AB 23/11/2000 Victoria
MOORCROFT Frank 17/04/2000 Nanaimo
MOORE Joseph Sydney (Syd) 10/03/2000 Nanaimo
MORDEN John Cecil 16/09/2000
MORGAN Laurel Sherise Saskatoon, SK 21/08/2000 Nanaimo
MORGAN Dorothy (Irene) Weymoutth, Dorset, ENG 21/07/2000 Parksville
MORGAN Arthur George Cowichan Station 13/12/2000
MORK Harold Anton 04/03/2000 Nanaimo
MORRIS Anne S. SCT 13/11/2000 Nanaimo
MORRISON Albert 25/01/2000 Nanaimo
MORTON Vivi 09/10/2000 Comox
MOSER Elizabeth Aileen Mabel (Betty) 16/07/2000 Nanaimo
MRUS Lily Joan Diamondville, Wyoming 16/12/2000 Chemainus
MUNDELL David C. 28/11/2000
MURTSELL Brenda Findlater, SK 27/10/2000 Nanaimo
NADURAK Gaby 14/09/2000
NAGY Louis Nagysarmos, Romania 09/02/2000 Saanich
NAISMITH Robert Leo 20/07/2000 Nanaimo
NAYLOR Janet 02/04/2000 Qualicum
NEIDRAUER Delbert (Sonny) New Westminster, BC 27/03/2000 Nanaimo
NEILSEN Ole 11/05/2000 Nanaimo
NEILSON Kristian 07/12/2000 Nanaimo
NGUYEN Tan 23/01/2000 Nanaimo
NICCOLLS Frank Didsbury Manchester, ENG 11/05/2000 Nanaimo
NICHOLS Jennie Jean 29/09/2000 Nanaimo
NICHOLSON Dave Martin 30/10/2000
NICKERSON-HIRANO Shirley Sussex, ENG 22/06/2000 Nanaimo
NICKLIN David 27/06/2000 Comox
NICKLIN Emma Beatrice Port Alberni 28/05/2000
NIEDJALSKI Brenda Lee 18/11/2000
NIELSON Svend Grenaa, DEN 09/12/2000 Nanaimo
NIXON John (Bud) 12/09/2000 Nanaimo
NORBACK Violet Margaret Kirkwall, Oarkney Island, UK 09/12/2000 Nanaimo
NORBY Winnifred 23/01/2000 Nanaimo
NORTHUP Albert Creighton (SenerityVancouver 05/02/2000 Ladysmith
OKE Esther Dorothy 05/02/2000 Parksville
OLSEN Lily NOR 29/01/2000 Nanaimo
OLSON Clarence Davis 17/09/2000 Nanaimo
OLSON Allison Ann Ottawa, ON 11/02/2000
O'ROURKE Florence "Irene" Calgary, AB 03/04/2000 Nanaimo
OSBORNE Florence Helen London, ENG 19/05/2000 Cedar
OSTER Ruth Esbjerg, DEN 21/05/2000 Nanaimo
OWEN George Henry Vancouver 24/04/2000 Nanaimo
OZERO Frederick (Fred) Revelstoke 08/06/2000 Kamloops
PAGE Ida W. 15/10/2000
PAGEL Joerg Christian Volkershaausen, GER 23/01/2000 Nanaimo
PARISH Carol Revelstoke 07/03/2000 Nanaimo
PASSMAN Helene 23/12/2000 Nanaimo
PAUGH Stanley George 22/03/2000 Nanaimo
PEARCE Donald Bruce 18/03/2000 Nanaimo
PEARSON Jeffry Ryan David Victoria 15/08/2000 Nanaimo
PEARSON Douglas H. Victoria 05/07/2000 Nanaimo
PECNIK Olive 28/10/2000
PEDERSON George Frederick Valdmar 25/01/2000 Nanaimo
PEDERSON Knud (Ken) DEN 03/02/2000 Nanaimo
PELTER Nathan 01/12/2000 Kimberly
PEMBERTON Sheri-Lynn 06/10/2000
PETERSON Virginia (Gin) Townsend, Montana 16/09/2000
PETRIE Lyle Albert H. 29/05/2000 Vernon
PETSCHAUER Esther Nanaimo 01/09/2000 Nanaimo
PHILIPS Winifred Margaret 19/10/2000
PHILLIPS Audrey Helen 09/12/2000 Nanaimo
PHILP Orietta Laura Nanaimo 30/03/2000 Nanaimo
PIKET Sarah 06/08/2000 Nanaimo
PILTZ Edmund H. Lodz, POL 23/02/2000 Nanaimo
PODRITSKE Emilie 31/07/2000 Nanaimo
POMBERT Joseph Edmond Byng Inlet, ON 01/06/2000 Nanaimo
PONTIFLET Alvira Tobago, West Indies 19/10/2000 Nanaimo
POWELL Elaine Kinistino, SK 05/09/2000
POWELL George Capreol St Catherine, ON 10/10/2000
PRESTON Geraldine Ivy (Gerri) Winipeg, MB 14/01/2000 Nanaimo
QUINTI Maria Pontassieve, Italy 14/01/2000 Nanaimo
QWIST Elly DEN 30/05/2000 Nanaimo
RAABE Wolfgang Munster, GER 25/02/2000 Nanaimo
RAFTER Douglas Robert 30/08/2000 Nanaimo
RAIKES E. Caroline 21/04/2000 Nanaimo
RAINBOW Anne 05/07/2000
RAMSEY Hazel (Bernie) Brantford, ON 04/02/2000 Nanaimo
RANGER Norman Raymond Nanaimo 18/11/2000 Nanaimo
RATHLEF Lois Doreen Vancouver 01/02/2000 Mexico
RAVEN Marion 29/07/2000
RAYNER Ernest 29/04/2000 Nanaimo
REAP Glenn Melvin Luseland, SK 05/11/2000 Ladysmith
REID Gordon (Sandy) Alexander 20/04/2000 Nanaimo
REID Clarence Hugh Duncan 20/10/2000 Nanaimo
REINHARDT Edwin 24/01/2000 Nanaimo
REISENBERG Felix San Francisco, CAL 30/01/2000
REYNOLDS Annie MacLean 16/01/2000 Nanaimo
RICE Diane Campbell River 10/11/2000 Nanaimo
RICE Dennis William 07/11/2000 Nanaimo
RICHARDSON William James Montreal, QC 25/08/2000
RICHMOND Edna May Nanaimo 02/07/2000 Nanaimo
RICKARD Mary Ladysmith 03/11/2000 Nanaimo
RICKERBY Dorothy 16/10/2000 Nanaimo
RIEBERT Diedrich (Dick) Lowe Farm, MN 07/12/2000 Nanaimo
RIVERA Alastair H. Spirit River, AB 18/11/2000
ROBB James Philp Montreal, PQ 16/02/2000 Cowichan
ROBERTS Florence Mabel 16/07/2000 Nanaimo
ROBERTSON Minnie E. Sandwick, BC 15/08/2000 Nanaimo
ROBERTSON Elaine Duncan 29/10/2000 Nanaimo
ROCHE Ruth 22/11/2000 Nanaimo
ROMBOUGH Grace Isobel 30/06/2000 Nanaimo
ROSE Catherine (Kay) 15/04/2000 Nanaimo
ROY Mary Aaron, SK 12/05/2000 Nanaimo
RUGGLES Clay Dunford Lucky Lake, SK 21/02/2000 Nanaimo
RUSSELL Gordon J 07/07/2000 Nanaimo
RUSSI Augustin K. Switzerland 17/04/2000 Nanaimo
RYAN Jerry Thunder Bay, ON 20/06/2000 Ladysmith
RYDEEN Doris May Vancouver 02/03/2000 Lantzville

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