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BRITISH COLUMBIA - Nanaimo Obituary Index 2000 (A-D)

Posted By: GenealogyBuff
Date: Thursday, 24 April 2008, at 4:23 p.m.


======= ================= ============== ========== ==============
ABBOTT Marjorie M. Vancouver 16/10/2000 Nanaimo
ACHESON William John Empress, AB 12/12/2000 Nanaimo
ACHESON Evelyn Alice South Wellington, BC 05/01/2000 Nanaimo
ACHESON Allen Norman Regina SK 01/08/2000 Nanaimo
ADAMS Ellen (Nell) K. Prince Rupert 15/07/2000 Nanaimo
ADDISON Marion Nesbet Extension, BC 06/05/2000 Nanaimo
ADDISON Adelaide Jane "Babe" 03/01/2000 Nanaimo
AHLSTROM Loretta Ethel Josephine Marchand, MN 10/07/2000
AIRD Grace Ireene 09/09/2000 Chemainus
AKENHEAD Reynold Maurice Nanaimo 17/05/2000 Nanaimo
ALEXANDER Linda Jean Ladysmith 13/12/2000 Ladysmith
ALGER Fred 27/10/2000 Ladysmith
ALTON Florence Sudbury, ON 17/03/2000 Victoria
ANDERSON Freda Frances Rapid City, MN 06/02/2000 Nanaimo
ARMSON Lilian Nanaimo 25/05/2000 Nanaimo
ARMSTRONG Phillip (Phil) Frederick Victoria 29/03/2000 Nanaimo
ARNOLD Robert Major 28/02/2000 Nanaimo
ARSENAULT Ruth 15/04/2000 Nanaimo
ATKINSON George Frederick 27/01/2000 Nanaimo
BAIN Norman Vancouver 06/09/2000 Nanaimo
BAKER Frederick Charles Greenwich, ENG 01/11/2000 Nanaimo
BALATTI Bruce R. 19/06/2000
BALDERSON Mary Pearl 30/08/2000
BALDWIN James Hugh 03/06/2000
BALENDINE Wilfred J. Battleford, SK 11/12/2000 Nanaimo
BAMFORD Christina Sinclair (Tina) Nanaimo 07/02/2000 Nanaimo
BANMAN Laura Lee Edmonton, AB 20/08/2000 Campbell River
BARCLAY Dorothy May Prince Albert, SK 10/06/2000 Nanaimo
BARNES Leonard 24/11/2000
BARNEY Nordal Stonewall, MN 14/05/2000
BARNHART Donald Benjamin (Barney) Neepwa, MB 11/01/2000 Oliver
BARR Jennifer Jean 21/09/2000 Nanaimo
BARSBY-TYDVIL Elizabeth (Babe) Nanaimo 06/01/2000 Nanaimo
BARTOCK Anne Adele 02/06/2000
BATES Isabel Grande Prairie, AB 06/03/2000 Nanaimo
BAUER Evelyn Ida Antler, SK 31/08/2000 Nanaimo
BAUSLAUGH Marian 21/12/2000 Nanaimo
BAYLISS Lillian (Lin) Victoria 15/04/2000 Nanaimo
BEALE Franklin Allen Vancouver 19/01/2000 Nanaimo
BECIA Paola (Irma) Italy 18/11/2000 Nanaimo
BECK Heinrich Mailing, DEN 12/09/2000 Ladysmith
BECK Edna 01/03/2000 Nanaimo
BEDO Bertalan (Bert) 26/08/2000 Nanaimo
BEIRNES Elizabeth Cowie, SCT 27/03/2000 Nanaimo
BELL Doreen Mary Port Alberni 04/06/2000 Nanaimo
BELL James V. (Captain) 12/09/2000 Nanaimo
BELL Alfred Luther Victoria 01/06/2000 Nanaimo
BELL Irene M. 07/07/2000 Nanaimo
BELL Laura Elizabeth Lasquiti Island 06/03/2000 Courtenay
BELLOCH Alida Holland 09/12/2000 Nanaimo
BENES Otakar (otto) 18/03/2000 Nanaimo
BENNETT Winifred 01/02/2000 Nanaimo
BERRY Ethel 11/04/2000 Burnaby
BIANIC Al 27/10/2000
BIGGS Muriel Nanaimo 21/05/2000 Nanaimo
BIKELAND Omer 14/11/2000 Nanaimo
BISHOP John Richard (Jack) Lawson, SK 28/03/2000
BLACK Marjorie Quebec 27/10/2000 Nanaimo
BLANCHETTE Peter Big River, SK 11/03/2000 Nanaimo
BLOUIN Janet Carolyn 14/07/2000 Surrey
BLUNT Sheila Webbly Vancouver 15/03/2000
BOB Angeline 01/01/2001 Nanaimo
BODALY Alice 21/10/2000 Nanaimo
BODY Marion 20/02/2000
BOLT Vincent A. 08/08/2000 Nanaimo
BONDE Larry Chemainus, BC 06/03/2000 Nanaimo
BOROSKI Charlotte 19/02/2000 Rensselaer Indiana, USA
BOUCHER Derek Nanaimo 17/03/2000 Nanaimo
BOYD John 17/06/2000 Nanaimo
BRADBURY Madeline Evelyn 17/02/2000 Nanaimo
BRADSHAW Elmer Pearce Nanaimo 23/01/2000 Nanaimo
BRENNAN Dolores Francis Windle Village, ON 05/07/2000 Nanaimo
BREWER Eldon Meredith Burtts Corner, NB 29/10/2000 Nanaimo
BROADHURST John Winston Joliette, PQ 31/05/2000 Nanaimo
BROOKS Hazel Jean Brantford, ON 04/01/2000 Nanaimo
BROOME Albert Edward (Ed) Melfort SK 14/11/2000 Nanaimo
BROUGH Ann Elenora Shell River, MB 15/01/2000 Victoria
BROWN Douglas Urquhart 13/03/2000 Ladysmith
BROWN Robert James(Bob) 23/07/2000 Dunville, ON
BROWN Vera Elizabeth 14/11/2000 Nanaimo
BRYSON Terrence Billy Elstone (TeVernon 02/03/2000
BUCHAN William Andrew 11/01/2000 Albany Oregon, USA
BUCKINGHAM Norma Jean Weir, Lancaster TP, ON 22/01/2000
BUDD Illoana E. Regina, SK 30/04/2000 Victoria
BUDDA Catherine Mary 11/03/2000 Nanaimo
BULLICH Dan Nanaimo 05/04/2000 Nanaimo
BUNT Merlin R. 03/04/2000 Nanaimo
BURDICK Dennis Alexander Nanaimo 13/05/2000 Nova Scotia
BUTT Sheila 06/07/2000 Nanaimo
BUTTERSWORTH Albert Fraser 02/06/2000 Nanaimo
BUXTON Lesley Ruth 05/08/2000
BUYDENS Doreen 12/12/2000
CACHEJ Edward 03/12/2000 Nanaimo
CAMERON Annie (Nan) Cumbria, ENG 27/07/2000 Nanaimo
CAMPBELL Ian (Scotty) 11/10/2000 Nanaimo
CAMPBELL Margaret (Tenney) 24/08/2000 Port Alberni
CAMPBELL Hazel Nanaimo 07/09/2000 Cumberland
CANNING Patrick County Donegal, IRL 30/12/2000 Nanaimo
CARANO Thomas 03/06/2000 Nanaimo
CARMICHAEL Joan Rose Nanaimo 07/06/2000
CARR Joseph Cecil North Wellington 25/08/2000 Nanaimo
CARSON Priscilla R. SK 14/10/2000 Nanaimo
CARSON James (Jim) Docherty SCT 25/01/2000 Nanaimo
CARTWRIGHT Irene Myrtle Nanaimo 18/02/2000 Nanaimo
CARTWRIGHT John ENG 14/07/2000 Nanaimo
CASCHEJ Alexander (Alfred) Strupini, POL 21/12/2000 Nanaimo
CASSIDY Oswald 06/12/2000 Nanaimo
CAUDURO Lois Nanaimo 13/04/2000 Nanaimo
CAVERLEY Charlotte Jean Ladysmith 09/09/2000 Nanaimo
CHADWICK George Allison 08/06/2000 Nanaimo
CHAPMAN Helen Louise 03/12/2000
CHAPMAN Elizabeth (Liz) 07/10/2000 Nanaimo
CHARLES Matthew 27/03/2000 Nanaimo
CHARLES Elizabeth 27/06/2000 Nanaimo
CHARLES Len (Papa) 16/10/2000
CHARTRAND Alice Marie 04/10/2000 Nanaimo
CHAU Y.C. Alexander 01/03/2000 Nanaimo
CHRISTIE Richard William (Dick) 28/04/2000 Nanaimo
CHRISTOPHERSON Verna Mona G. 14/02/2000
CHUDJAK Johann (Joe) Chitzi, Ukraine 25/08/2000 Nanaimo
CHURCH Eva New Westminster 29/05/2000
CIAMMAICHELLA Lucia San Benedetto del Marsi, Italy 27/01/2000 Nanaimo
CLARK Elsie McLean Nanaimo 20/12/2000 Nanaimo
CLARK Clive Bernard 22/07/2000
CLARK Edith Olive Viola 21/01/2000 Nanaimo
CLEMENT Hazel Iris Maryville, Washington 23/02/2000 Vancouver
CLEMENTS Robert Harold (Bob) 07/11/2000 Nanaimo
COBOURNE Joyce Vancouver 29/01/2000 Nanaimo
COCO Mary Christine 27/05/2000 Nanaimo
COLE Rosalie Nell 02/02/2000 Nanaimo
COLTRAN Gary Norman 30/07/2000 Nanaimo
COOK Shirley Ann Isobel 14/11/2000
COOK Vivian 24/07/2000 Nanaimo
COTTERIL Denis Tamworth, ENG 03/10/2000 Nanaimo
COTTLE John 27/06/2000 Nanaimo
COTTON Francis Leroy Springfield, AB 03/11/2000 Nanaimo
COULTHARD Gladys Victoria 22/05/2000
COULTON Everett (Fred) 01/04/2000 Nanaimo
COUMONT Richard (Rick) 05/10/2000 Nanaimo
COWLEY Thomas Arthur Greencourt, AB 20/08/2000 Nanaimo
COX Raymond 06/01/2000 Qualicum Beach
CRAIG Willet Eldon (Shorty) Barnsley, MB 18/03/2000 Nanaimo
CRANDALL Robert Colin ON 22/11/2000 Nanaimo
CRAVEN Allen 30/10/2000
CRAWLEY Michael Allen 01/07/2000 Nanaimo
CRIMES Anita Catherine 09/01/2000 Nanaimo
CRISS Marvin Adolph Seymour, AB 20/01/2000 Nanaimo
CROSSE Robert E. (Bob) St Andrews By-the-Sea, NB 29/09/2000
CULHAM Anita Maria FIN 01/05/2001 Penticton
CURTIS Lindsay 10/06/2000
CUSHMAN Lawrence Alexander (Larry)Weyburn, SK 31/05/2000 Nanaimo
CUSSON Roger Benjamin 19/09/2000 Nanaimo
CUTHBERT Jean Frances South London ENG 01/02/2000 Nanaimo
CYRIL Albert Fullarton 18/12/2000
DAGASSO Heidi-Ann 20/01/2000 Scarborough, ON
DAMERY Dorothy Sarah 15/02/2000
DANFORTH Darcy 04/03/2000 Nanaimo
DANIEL Roy Sidneey 24/04/2000 Nanaimo
DAVIES Kathleen B. Vernon 14/11/2000 Nanaimo
DAWSON Wilfred Joseph Nanaimo 10/04/2000 Nanaimo
DEIGHTON John Elliott (Jack) Winnipeg, MB 19/05/2000 Victoria
DEITZER Gladys Saskatoon, SK 30/04/2000 Nanaimo
DELISLE Brian Athabaska, Quebec 06/10/2000 Nanaimo
DENO Elva May Nanaimo 03/02/2000 Nanaimo
DEVLIN Glen Ronald Athabasca, AB 02/09/2000 Nanaimo
DeWIT Peter Fort St. John, BC 06/08/2000 Parksville
DEY Emil 30/05/2000 Nanaimo
DIETRICH A. Walter 21/10/2000
DILETA Luigi Italy 16/12/2000 Nanaimo
DIXON James R. Comox 04/05/2000 Nanaimo
DOBBYN William Wallace Durham County, ENG 08/02/2000 Nanaimo
DODIMEAD Allen John Trail 08/02/2000 Nanaimo
DOLAN Mary Rosalie (Rose) 05/04/2000 Nanaimo
DORNAN James Alexander (Jim) Nanaimo 24/02/2000 Nanaimo
DORRICOTT Douglas 29/02/2000
DOUGAN Hilda Louisa 13/02/2000 Qualicum
DREW Douglas Victor Calgary, AB 04/01/2000 Nanaimo
DROUIN Henre Joseph (Herve) 27/12/2000 Nanaimo
DRURY Katherine May (Kitty) Holland, MN 04/04/2000 Nanaimo
DUCE Barbara 09/02/2000 Nanaimo
DUGGAN Barbara Lynn Innisfail, AB 24/06/2000 Nanaimo
DUMONT Dorothy 25/10/2000 Nanaimo
DUNBAR Linda 03/05/2000 Vancouver
DUNCAN Michele Linda Victoria 31/08/2000 Vancouver
DYDE Margaret (Peggy) Kilbowie, SCT 02/03/2000 Nanaimo
DYKE Lenore Evelyn Mavis 03/02/2000 Nanaimo

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