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Colorado Genealogy Data

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Colorado Genealogy Queries

Colorado genealogy queries can be a great way to document your family history or learn to do as a business to make money. You need the right data and the right resources to find that data. Luckily, there are numerous ways to do so, especially these days with the ease of using the internet to help search for information. Usually, the best approach will include conducting searches both online and offline. Do as much research and prep work online, prior to offline, to save yourself time and effort.

Using Vital Records for Your Colorado Genealogy Queries

Using Colorado vital records for your genealogy queries can be a highly effective method. Vital records are documents that relate to a person's life, literally from birth to death. These include birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates. Of course, there are plenty of details you can get from these kinds of documents, but you may need a few details to help locate them, too.

It helps, most of all, to be able to narrow your search down to a few counties within the state. Trying to search the entire state for Colorado birth records can be much more time consuming than if you can know of a few or just one county to search through. Also, tracking down a maiden name when appropriate can really help make your search easier, as well.

Resources for Your Data

For your Colorado genealogy queries, you can find the documentation you need through different methods. There are plenty of places or services online that can also help, and usually for only a nominal fee. Death records are available through one place starting as early as 1900. Colorado birth records are available from 1910 to present day. Also, marriage verification for the state of Colorado is possible to obtain from around 1900, though there is a large gap in time from 1939-1975 where you may have trouble getting records.

You can also visit individual libraries, courthouses or health departments to find what you want. Expect to pay a fee for copies of the documents you want. In some cases, there may be additional fees for things such as shipping, handling or faxing. Not all of these costs may matter, though, if you are able to fill in some gaps on that family tree.

Other Options

Keep in mind, the state census can be another valuable tool for your Colorado genealogy queries. In fact, this dates all the way back to 1790. Consider adoption records, military records and even cemetery records as possible sources of information. You can look for these records, and others, at libraries, courthouses and health departments.

In some instances, for much older documentation, you may even be able to find vital records through churches because clergymen once helped document these records. You may also want to try to work with a member of a genealogy volunteer group, especially to help retrieve documentation in person that you may not be able to do personally. Colorado genealogy queries don't have to be challenging when you use some of these techniques.

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