Terryville, Connecticut  May 15, 1937 Volume II, Number II

Faculty & Students

Faculty Photos

Elizabeth D. Novak
Fred N. Creelman

Curtis Blum
"Blushes Most"

Dorcas "Dolly" Brown

Russell Bull
"Best Drag"

John Carrigan

Bessie Chmielewski

Adeline Elsie Hintz

Ella Ruth Huff
A winner of the Constitutional Essay Contest.  Ella made the posters for the senior prom.

Edward J. Janser
Vice-President of the Senior Class.

George Janser
"Noisiest", "Most Popular"

Kathleen M. Jenkins
Won the D.A.R. citizenship medal for which three girls were chosen to compete.

Nancy Keegan

Henry Kleindienst
"Giggles Most"

Rena Kovaleske

Leon Kowalsky

Earl "Errol" Laser
"Best Looking"

Horace Letitia

Louise Lister
Treasurer of the Senior Class.  "Best Looking", "Biggest Bluffer"

Wanda Litke

Thomas McDonough, Jr.

Earle "Lucius" Metcalf

Roberta Minor

Priscilla Murawski
"Cutest", "Best Dancer"

Pelagia Murawsk

Ruth Perkins

Norman W. Plumb
President of the Senior Class.  "Best Dressed", A winner of the Constitutional Essay Contest.

Dorothy Pratt

Michael Prislopski
"Cutest", "Done Most For School", "Most Polite"

Eloise Ratte
Secretary of the Senior Class. "Done Most For School", "Best Drag", A winner of the Constitutional Essay Contest.

Ronald Rood

Mary Roskosky

Eugene Rybaczek
"Best Dancer", "Biggest Bluffer"

Ralph Serra

Mary Sadoski

Elise Taylor
"Most Polite", "Most Popular"

Anne Toropilo
"Giggles Most"

James Valentine

John Werner
"Most Athletic"

John White

Annette Williams
"Most Athletic"

Helena Wisnieski
"Blushes Most", "Noisiest"

Jean Wysocki
"Best Dressed"

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Ella Huff - without Adeline Hintz
Priscilla Murawski - not being able to dance
Kathleen Jenkins - without "Rocky"
Muriel St. Lawrence - with big feet
Olga Lyga - with time on her hands
Adeline Hintz - smile
Wanda Litke - fat
Estelle Zuchoski - agreeable
Ruth Perkins - saying "#$#&'($#"
Louise Lister - without the Chevy
Leo Kowalski - takin' the main road home
George Janser - with a "steady"
Helena Wisneski - thin
Annette Williams - not agreeable
Elise Taylor - not being agreeable
John Carrigan - truckin'
Ronald Rood - retiring in a corner
Edward Janser - being on highest honors
Thomas McDonough - not gloating over being the first home from the game
Michael Prislopski - not bluffing
Errol Laser - being Earl
James Valentine - without long eye lashes
Russell Bull - minus his multi-colored scarf
John Werner - not playing polkas
Norman Plumb - without his silly laugh
Earle Metcalf - not needing a haircut
Curtis Blum - not blushing
Eugene Rybaczek - without money
Eloise Ratte - not being conscientious
Dorothy Pratt - not being coy

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