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Roster of Delaware Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion



(The missing rosters are not on file in the Adjutant General’s 
office, at Dover, and the editor could not secure them from 
Washington in time for publication.)


Field and Staff Officers.

a, killed in action; b, died of wounds; c, wounded; d, died of 
disease; e, died from accident.

Colonel.                       Regimental Quartermaster.
Daniel Woodall.                Edwin A. Bryan.
Lieutenant-Colonel.            Surgeon.
Joseph C. Nicholls.            Joseph W. McCullough.
Majors.                        Assistant Surgeon.
John T. Dent.                  Benjamin B. Groves. 
Wm. F. Smith.b
Adjutant.                      Chaplain.
Theodore Palmatory.            Thomas G. Murphy.

Supplement.— The field and staff officers of this regiment were 
composed of one colonel, one lieutenant-colonel, two majors, one 
adjutant, one regimental quartermaster, one surgeon, one assistant 
surgeon and one chaplain, making a total of nine officers that were 
mustered out October 11, 1864.

Non-commissioned Staff Officers.

William W. Davis.              John L. Brady.
Joseph C. Nichols.             Samuel A. McAllister.
Charles B. Tanner.             Allen Tatem.
David W. Gemmill.              James D. Simpson.
Andrew Walls.                  Benjamin Y. Draper.
John T. Dent.                  John W. Barney.
H.H. Darlington.               Evan P. Grubb.
John W. Eckles.                James H. Barbour.
John G. Raymond.               Washington F. Williams.
Richard E. Hayes.              James M. Bryan.
Louis J.M. Pennington.         Edwin H. Bryan.
James Kettlewood.              William J. Birney.
Hospital Stewards.
Moses Magee.                   Joseph E. Booth.

Supplement.— Sixteen sergeant-majors, four quartermaster sergeants, 
four commissary-sergeants and two hospital stewards, or twenty-six 
officers, constituted this staff during its term of service and its 
final mustering out, July 12, 1865.

Company A.
Evan S. Watson. a              Thomas M. Wenie.
James P. Postles.              Aquilla M. Hizar.
First Lieutenants.
Joseph E. Booth. c             William Smith. a
James M. Bryan.                Washington F. Williamson.
Franklin Houseman.             Edwin Bryan.
George J. Price.
First Sergeants.
Charles Collier.               Jacob Datton.
William Caywood.               Charles Platt.
Thomas Chambers.               Ezekiel Walker.
Joseph Cameron.                William Warren. a
Hugh Duffey.                   Joseph Cameron.
John H. Edwards.               James A. Martin.
Patrick McMonagle.             John Webb. a
James A. Martin.
Henry Pusey.                   James B. Currey.
Thomas Davis.                  Martin V. Lodge.
Lewis Christy.                 William Simpson.
James Cain.                    John Brierly. a
George W. Johnston.            Adam Huhn. a
Michael Hizlar.                Samuel Weir. a
David Founds.                  John Maloney. d
Charles Wiltbank.
Adams, Jacob                   Kelly, Joshua a
Armstrong, Hugh                Kenny, Thomas
Alexander, Samuel              Kirk, John D.
Alexander, Robert              Kensler, Adam
Alger, William b               Kensler, Charles
Armstrong, Richard             Kerbaugh, John J.c
Alexander, Egbert D.           Kenny, James
Boyd, James                    Lee, Benjamin F.a
Bader, William                 Lindsey, John a
Buckston, Thomas B.            Lock, William b
Burnett, Robert                Lang, Daniel
Brown, Edwin                   Lamplugh, Thomas
Burnett, William               Long, James
Bradford, Lewlyn               Long, Alfred
Bear, John                     Lockwood, Alfred
Brown, William c               Mahier, John
Boileau, James P.              Messner, August
Barney, John P.                Marris, John
Barber, William                Miller, Henry
Barber, George                 Mancy, James
Brown, Julian                  McGlinchey, Edward
Brown, William                 Miller, William
Bassett, Peter                 Moore, John
Brierly, Robert                Malden, Green
Burton, John c                 Maddox, George
Boga, Alfred                   Morris, J.K.P.
Cooper, William                Mattal, John
Collins, James                 Myar, David R.
Cork, Hugh                     Marshall, John
Curlis, Evans                  McGarrity, John a
Cozzens, Henry                 Mosely, Edward a
Calhoun, Jasper a              McKee, Jacob D.a
Crow, John b                   McGuire, Herman
Cox, Benjamin b                McBride, Michael
Castis, William                McBride, Charles
Colwell, John                  McDonald, John
Champion, William              Manstaffer, George
Conner, Francis                Murphey, James
Conner, Martin                 Minch, Lewis
Cunningham, Mark c             Mathews, Michael
Colwell, John c                McGuire, James c
Cunningham, Lewis              Miller, Charles c
Coleman, John R.               McCann, John
Conner, Daniel                 Marshall, John
Carr, James                    McKee, James
Derren, John                   Nelson, Andrew
Daniels, Samuel                Nelson, Alfred c
Dooley, John                   Ozier, John
Dressen, Henry                 Ogder, George
Downs, Jacob                   O’Bruan, John
Dickson, Daniel                Philips, James
Darlington, William            Peterson, John
Dryer, Henry                   Pierce, James H.
Delany, Thomas                 Pitt, Joseph
Davies, Jacob                  Postles, William G.c
Dennison, James                Quillin, James
Ellis, Archilles               Roberts, John
Edwards, John                  Rodgers, John T.
Falkner, Lewis                 Rodgers, James A.
Farlow, Benjamin F.            Reed, William
Farrell, Henry                 Rhodes, Joseph
Forrest, Thomas B.             Rambo, Charles
Fallabour, Joseph              Sanders, Charles W.
Fee, James A.                  Stanford, Charles
Fryer, Edward G. c             Seeds, Samuel H.
Ferrel, Oscar c                Shear, Adam
Farrel, Jesse D. c             Schwenk, Washington
Gillespie, Thomas              Shepherd, Eli a
Gillhouse, John                Shaw, Robert a
Goodrich, Henry                Sullivan, John
Gotz, Adolph                   Sheppard, John c
Greenfield, William            Sheppard, Benjamin F.
Geer, William c                Sweney, John
Glascow, Edward                Thompson, John
Green, William                 Tindle, Miles d
Gordon, Joseph                 Temple, James H.
Hanson, William                Thorp, William
Hersh, George                  Thomas, James
Higgins, Charles J.            Taylor, Frederick H.
Heck, John                     Thompson, John
Hunt, Julian                   Tepe, Bernard
Haskins, Thomas a              Urry, James B.
Hinkle, Charles d              Veach, William
Hobart, Samuel                 Warner, Herman
Honey, Joseph                  White, John W.
Hanocks, John                  White, James G.
Heck, John L.                  Willey, John
Hyatt, Jacob c                 Williams, George c
Hill, George M.                Williams, William
Hayes, Richard E.              Walker, William
Ingraham, Edward               Winson, William
Joins, George                  Winslow, Charles H.c
King, Thomas                   Zeigler, Emil.
Kelly, Michael

Supplement.— Four captains, seven first lieutenants, two first 
sergeants, thirteen sergeants, twelve corporals, three musicians 
and one hundred and eighty-seven privates, making a total of two 
hundred and twenty-eight men, constituted this company during its 
term of service and its final mustering out, July 12, 1865. Two 
commissioned officers were killed in action and one was wounded; 
five non-commissioned officers were killed in action and one 
musician died of disease; eleven privates were killed in action, 
seventeen were wounded, four died of wounds and two died of disease.

Company B.
John W. Barney.                 Joseph C. Nicholls.
James Leonard. a
First Lieutenants.
Matthew Macklon.                Henry Curry.
James Oats.                     Albert Nones.
Second Lieutenants.
James Rickatts. a               James M. Bryan.
Samuel A. Macallister.          Joseph E. Booth.
First Sergeant
Samuel Lodge.
John W. Sedgwick.                William H. Pyle. d
Calcb Toggs.                     Benjamin Bogia. c
John Lahy. c                     Thomas Seymour. a
John Derrickson.
Lewis Barber.                    Andrew Hansl.
Samuel H. Hopkins.               Mathew Rodgers.
James Morgan.                    John L. Hedrick.
John C. Helm.                    William Barnes.
Harry Beck.                      Nelson Wood. a
John Hollings.                   Solomon Gregg. a
James Gribbin. c                 Nicholas Howard. a
William Maloney.                 Lewis A. Jones.
Anderson, John                   Lattimer, Thilliam c
Banner, John                     Laws, Thomas e
Barney, William                  Lambert, Francis
Burns, Michael c                 Laughlin, Samuel a
Burns, John                      Longlon, William d
Banner, George d                 Lutchwich, Charles
Brown, John H. d                 Lawson, Hiram B.
Buckworth, Benjamin              Lenhardt, Conrad c
Barnard, Morris                  Livingston, William
Brant, George                    Lockard, William
Bowden, John                     Lahy, Fergus
Bryer, James                     Lollar, Michael
Baily, John                      Miller, Peter
Beckley, William                 Miller, George
Cubbage, Luther                  Moore, Lewis A.
Cook, James                      Merritt, John
Crammer, Julius                  Mallett, Gilbert
Cutting, James                   McGlory, John
Collin, Edward                   McCoy, James
Cochrane, Samuel a               McConnell, James
Chaffin, Enoch a                 McKinnor, John
Creller, Samuel a                Moore, Robert
Chaffner, Hans. J.               Murray, James
Canning, Henry                   Morris, Samuel H.
Carrold, William                 McCullen, Charles a
Clausb, Henry                    Miller, Mathew
Collins, Lemuel                  Mannering, Michael
Cunningham, Stephen              Mannering, Peter
Cornish, James                   Mannering, James c
Devenish, John                   Murray, James
Davis, George                    Mooney, Hugh
Decaver, James                   Moreland, George
Daily, Martin a                  McCullen, Thomas c
Dolan, Thomas d                  McCann, James
Davidson, John                   Outter, Perry
Deckline, William                Palmer, Clemment
Dobbs, Henry                     Pugh, Taylor
Elliott, Spencer                 Parks, William
Evans, George                    Porter, James
Elliott, James                   Philips, Frank
Fisher, Samuel                   Peeney, Charles
Flemming, John                   Quillin, William
Fletcher, James                  Quigley, Michael
Ferguson, Levi                   Raymond, Nicholas
Flichman, John                   Rozell, James
Foreacre, Joseph                 Rickards, William
Ferguson, Jefferson              Richardson, John L.
Fernan, Thomas                   Rhody, Harris
Forrest, Samuel                  Richie, John
Griffith, Richard                Russell, Edward
Gutherie, Benjamin               Russell, Samuel C.
Graham, Samuel                   Sider, Frederick
Gallagher, Michael               Smith, John
Grant, William R.                Smith, Samuel
Galloway, James                  Smith, Washington
Gamble, James a                  Shultz, David
Getto, Joseph                    Shaw, William a
Gallagher, Daniel                Smith, William a
Gribbin, William                 Shaeffner, Joseph a
Garrity, James                   Simpson, James a
Garrity, William                 Sinnox, Thomas a
Halverson, Thomas                Sheppard, Thomas
Hinter, Samuel                   Sweeney, Michael
Hoops, Philip                    Steward, Ezekiel
Hoops, William                   Scotten, William
Horn, John K.                    Simpers, Henry
Hurley, George                   Turner, Thomas
Hodgson, George H. d             Thatcher, George
Hamilton, Eli d                  Thomas, Robert a
Hamilton, William                Tinning, James b
Hall, James A.                   Timpson, George
Hines, Philip                    Vickers, Edward
Hasson, William                  Walraven, Isaac
Holmes, Thomas c                 Wilkinson, Thomas
Hunt, John R.                    Wilson, James A.
Hamilton, John E.                Wilds, Mark
Jefferis, Elias                  Walker, Thomas
Jones, Henry C.                  Wilson, Bayard M. a
Johnston, George H.              Warren, George d
Keighn, George                   Ward, James
Kelly, Neal                      Welch, Richard
Kain, James                      Witcraft, John
Kelley, Edward                   Zebley, Anthony
Kennedy, James

Supplement.— Three captains, four first lieutenants, four second 
lieutenants, one first sergeant, seven sergeants, fourteen corporals, 
two musicians and one hundred and sixty-seven privates, making a 
total of two hundred and two men, constituted this company during 
its term of service and its final mustering out, July 12, 1865. Two 
commissioned officers were killed in action; four non-commissioned 
officers were also killed in action, three were wounded and one died 
of disease; fourteen privates were killed in action, one died of 
wounds, seven died of disease and seven were wounded.

Company C.
James Rickards. a                 William F. Smith. c
Neal Ward. e                      George T. Price. c
First Lieutenants.
Emanuel W. Hilt.                  Andrew Walls.
Francis McCloskey.                James Lewis. c
James Kettlewood. c
Second Lieutenants.
Hugh Sweeny.                      William Marsh.
John L. Brady.                    Benjamin Y. Draper.
First Sergeants.
John Dickerson.                   James Bennett.
William Anderson.                 John Bradley.
Andrew W. Jones.                  Washington J. Butler.
Robert M. Joseph.                 William Carr.
Samuel McCleane.                  Thomas Halvey.
Samuel Paxton.
Caleb Woodrow.                    William T. Smith.
John Donnelley.                   Simon Maddy.
Samuel Rutter.                    Warner M. Paxton.
Francis McKenney.                 Patrick McGarrity.
Thomas H. Murphy.                 John Hugh.
William Anderson.                 Michael McCarty.
Joshua Green.                     William L. Wilson.
William Miles.
John Selsor.                      Thomas Vandier.
Francis Murphy.                   Joseph McCloskey.
Jacob August.
Atwell, George                    Littleton, Jesse B.
Adams, Charles                    Leach, John
Adams, Richard                    Lewis, James G.
Armstrong, Hugh                   Lewis, Stephen P.
Asbell, William                   Lawrence, David
August, John                      Lewis, John
Aloy, Thomas                      Messick, Edward M.
Brooks, John                      Moore, Thomas
Burton, James                     Mullen, Thomas H.
Bradley, Ferdinand                Marvel, Lemuel H.
Butler, Edward                    McCarren, Charles
Rutler, Washington J.             McPherson, John
Barnaby, Joseph                   McCullough, John
Boyle, Manns, Sr. a               McCullough, Robert b
Boyle, Manus, Jr. a               McCloskey, Bernard e
Beggs, William Henry a            Moss, Patrick
Beard, Patrick                    Murphy, Thomas
Bowlan, Charles W.                Maddy, Patrick
Bateman, Enos                     McCloskey, Patrick
Butler, John                      McCloskey, James
Brown, Frank                      McWade, John
Barton, John                      McCarty, John
Cameron, Thomas                   McGowan, Patrick
Connelley, George                 Martin, Theodore
Cole, Thomas                      McCarren, Bernard
Clinton, Kiltner                  Naylor, John
Collins, Isaac I.                 Nolen, Charles W.c
Conner, Hugh a                    O’Neil, Turpin
Creigton, Frank                   O’Reiley, James (1)
Conahan, James                    O’Reiley, James (2)
Carter, George                    O’Neal, John a
Callan, Edward                    O’Brian, Patrick b
Chambers, George                  O’Neal, Thomas d
Carson, James                     O’Neil, Henry
Duncan, John                      O’Conner, Edward
Downs, Joseph                     Prettyman, Asbury
Dennis, Levi                      Palmer, Laban B.
Dougherty, Phillip                Powers, John
Dillehey, John                    Pettitt, Pierson W.
Donohoe, John                     Plunkett, John
Dougherty, James a                Queen, James
Duffy, Daniel a                   Rutter, Morris
Donnelly, Luke d                  Rickards, John W
Dougherty, Hugh d                 Russell, Theodore
Dennis, John d                    Rice, Joequine Antoni Del.
Donnelly, William                 Richter, Joseph
Draught, John                     Roach, Stephen
Didderline, John                  Robenett, Benjamin F. d
Doyle, James b                    Russell, Samuel S.
Ennis, Frank N.                   Sutherland, Charles
Ellis, Isaac                      Smith, Henry
Elliott, James                    Short, Elijah
Evans, Jacob A. d                 Stokely, William
Ervan, Joseph                     Simmons, John R.
Frank, George                     Short, Frank
Fergeson, Thomas H.               Sawyer, William H.
Furman, Julius R.                 Sigfrel, Levi
Fry, Orlando                      Short, Jackson
Francis, John                     Sullivan, Thomas
Ferguson, James                   Short, Francis
Foyle, Edward                     Short, John S.
Fey, Robert                       Short, Isaac
Green, John C.                    Smith, Winfield S.
Giddings, Andrew                  Schools, Thomas
Garden, Benjamin F.               Shevlin, Patrick
Hill, Isaac                       Towere, James S.
Hayes, Alonzo                     Vinson, Isaac d
Hussy, William D.                 Wells, Benjamin F.
Hill, William                     Wilson, Caleb
Hines, James                      Woods, Peter,
Hitchins, Samuel P.               Walker, Greer
Hyatt, Edward                     Warfield, John
Hamilton, James                   Williams, William S.
Harrington, Warren c              Williams, James
Hiner, John                       Williams, John
Hayes, Michael                    Wann, Joseph
Hill, Andrew                      Walsh, James
Igiams, Charles a                 Walls, James
Imes, Henry                       Wright, Charles
Jerels, Jonathan a                Workman, Thomas
Jenkins, Mailen P.                Wright, James
King, William                     Zebulon, Thomas
Layton, Henry

Supplement.— Four captains, five first lieutenants, four second 
lieutenants, two first-sergeants, nine sergeants, fifteen corporals, 
five musicians and one hundred and sixty-five privates, making a 
total of two hundred and nine men, constituted this company during 
its term of service, and its final mustering out, July 12, 1865. One 
commissioned officer was killed in action, one died from accident and 
four were wounded; nine privates were killed in action, two were 
wounded, seven died of disease, three died of wounds and one died 
from accident.


Company D.
Wm. J. Birney.                    Enoch P. Smithers.
Evan P. Grubb.                    David Yardley.
First Lieutenants.
James D. Simpson. b               Charles D. Tanner.
Thomas D. Smith.
Second Lieutenants.
William Ellison.                   William F. Smith.
William McCoy.
James B. Boom.                     Henry McCartney.
Liewellen T. Davis.                John McRevell.
Benjamin Y. Draper.                David S. Riggs. a
C. Walker Davis.                   James E. Thomas.
Charles W. Davis.                  John T. Thompson.
John T. Johnson.                   Joseph H.S. Ward.
Frank Mayhew.
William Banning.                   William J. Murphey.
Samuel Cauffin.                    William Reynolds.
Charles Cooper.                    Charles W. Solloway.
John S. Corker.                    Solomon H. Townsend. d
Charles R. Cramson.                Isaac Sparks.
Curley Martin.                     Samuel J. Stevenson. d
Henry Hennings.                    William C. Truitt.
James B. Mahon.                    Perry Wright. d
Edmond S. McCauley.
Abel, John H. a                    Landt, Francis W. J.
Artiste, Joshua C. b               Lannagin, Thomas
Banning, Alfred                    Leech, Charles H.
Banning, Samuel                    Leech, Joseph F.
Beach, William                     Legg, George W.
Bell, Oliver L. c                  Legg, John
Blades, Major G. b                 Lewis, William a
Boswell, Robt. B.                  Lloyd, John S.
Bowers, Abel                       Loffland, Benjamin
Brady, James                       Loffland, David
Brisel, John                       Loamis, Winfield W.J.
Brown, Caleb F. c                  Manlove, James G. d
Brownmilier, Levi                  Manlove, James L. d
Burk, John c                       Martin, Hugh
Calhoun, Benj. B.                  Massay, James J.
Callaghan, John                    McCarty, James
Carlan, Charles d                  McCarty, Nicholas
Carlan, John a                     McClure, Samuel
Clark, William c                   McGuire, Francis
Collins, Charles H.                McKay, Frederick c
Collins, John H.                   McMichael, Solomon
Connolly, Michael c                McNatt, William J. M.
Connor, Hugh a                     Minor, Luther
Curry, Thomas                      Montgomery, Ignatius
Devine, Stephen L.                 Moore, Nicholas
Devlin, James                      Munson, Henry
Devlin, James J.                   Murray, Sylvester
Dill, Samuel S.                    Nicholas, James
Dill, Samuel S. c                  Nickerson, William H. d
Disama, Edward                     Norrls, Henry
Dorsey, William D. a               O’Connor, Charles
Dougherty, John                    Parker, Frederick L.
Dougherty, Patrick                 Parker, Thomas H.
Douglass, Armor                    Parris, John
Elliott, Andrew V.                 Parvis, Henry J.b
Faaht, Francis                     Passwaters, William B.
Fergen, Charles                    Patterson, William
Flanagin, Henry                    Phalan, Francis
Ford, William                      Phillips, James C.
Foster, Frank                      Pierce, John
Francis, Melchur                   Piper, William
Gallagher, Daniel                  Plummer, Robertson W b
Gamford, Charles                   Poore, John a
George, John a                     Powers, John
Gettins, Patrick                   Quinn, Edward a
Gilsenen, John                     Roach, William
Goodwin, Daniel d                  Robinson, George J.
Green, David R.                    Robinson, Reuben
Green, Thomas                      Rodgers, John
Griffin, John W.                   Rudolph, William
Guest, John                        Shay, James
Hamilton, William a                Shilcut, Joshua
Haley, Patrick                     Shulty, August
Hall, Henry D.                     Shulty, John a
Hand, Alexander                    Smith, David
Harrington, Alexander              Smith, Lewis C.L.
Harrington, Warren                 Snow, Robert c
Harrison, George W. e              Tahan, Patrick
Hayes, Henry N.                    Thomas, John R.
Henny, William J.                  Thomas, Samuel

Henry, Michael d                   Vanersdale, John
Hepley, Edward                     Watts, St. Clair
Hess, John W.                      Welsh, James
Holt, George                       Welsh, John
Howard, George H. a                White, Thomas
Howard, John                       Whitesides, John
Howden, James H.                   Williams, Francis S.
Hoyt, Charles H.                   Wilkins, Gorge d
Jaines, Alfred                     Williams, William S.
Johnson, James                     Witle, August
Jones, George                      Wolfe, Erasmuth a
Jones, George F.                   Wood, William J.
Jones, Thomas                      Wooders, Albert C.
Kehoe, James                       Yeoman, Matthew d
Kimtanna, Manuel                   Yoder, Lewis B.
King, Michael                      Zimmerman, Charles
Knight, John H.                    Zimmerman, Charles
Kramer, John W.                    Ziesig, Charles
Lane, James

Supplement.-Four captains, three first lieutenants, three second 
lieutenants, thirteen sergeants, seventeen corporals and one hundred 
and fifty-eight privates constituted this company during its term of 
service and its final mustering out, July 12, 1865. Total number of 
men in company, 197. One commissioned officer died of wounds, three 
non-commissioned officers died of disease, thirteen privates and
non-commissioned officers were killed in action; four privates died 
of wounds, eight privates died of disease, thirteen privates were 

Company E
Charles M. Davis.                  William P. Seville.
Martin B. Ellegood. b              Edward P. Harris.
First Lieutenants.
John M. Dunn.                      William Y. Swiggett.
John L. Brady.
Second Lieutenants.
David W. G mmil.                   Albert S. Philips.
First Sergeants.
Henry Hickman.                     Joseph C. Nicholls.
William J. Stewart.
John R. Hobbs.                     Charles I. Steel.
John M. Williams.                  James H. Vincent.
Alexander Kneass.                  John M. Paynter.
David Landis.                      James H. Smith.
John C. Carey. a                   Charles F. Holland.
Benjamin B. Sempler. d             William P. Walston.
David M. Sempler. d
Chester C. Hafer.                   Lemuel J. Green. b
John Robinson.                      William M. Ander. d
Thomas Killen.                      Richard Hickman. d
James Moran.                        William E. Joseph. d
John Wolfe.                         Edward Baily.
John H. Holledger.                  Michalaes Barthold.
George W. Welsh.                    James H. Martin.
Patrick McBride.                    George R. Ellis.
Robert F. Burrows. b                Joseph W. Johnson.

Charles P. Prettyman. b
Frank Van Englegham.                 Henry Hammond.
Charles H. Jenkins.                  William T. Rogerson.
Adams, Napoleon                      Lindsbey, John B.
Allison, William                     Lewis, John
Ames, Fisher                         Lank, Levin J.
Atkins, William H.                   Lawson, Henry R.
Booth, James                         Lepole, Samuel M.
Baker, Charles                       Lloyd, Thomas
Bodey, Louis                         Miller, Julius
Brown, Isaac J.                      Moriarty, Albert
Bryan, David A.                      McIver, John A.
Britzman, Charles                    Maginnis, Peter
Bradley, Zachariah T.                May, William
Barr, James                          Minor, Peter
Bailey, Aaron                        Magee, Nathaniel
Barker, James H.                     McNeil, James
Brittingham, Gillitt                 McQueg,John
Brown, John                          Melson, Minos J. a
Brown, William E.                    McColley, Joseph P. d
Behrle, Erasmus                      Mumford, Samuel d
Coyn, Henry                          Marvel, David B.
Carroll, Christopher                 Mariner, John H.
Combs, James                         McDowell, Zachariah P.
Clark, David D.                      March, Aaron W.
Clark, John E.                       Neide, Joseph
Clark, William B.                    Ogle, Benjamin
Clark, William                       Oakes, Lewis
Carey, John C. a                     Otto, Herman
Carey, Thomas P. a                   Obeir, Jacob P.
Curtis, John                         Pringle, John
Collins, Cyrus Q.                    Parkington, James
Carey, Robert F.                     Parker, William H.
Carey, Wolsey B.                     Rossback, Valentine
Deane, Charles H.                    Rossboom, John
Duffy, Patrick                       Russell, Samuel C.
Davidson, Nathan W.                  Reede, Andrew J.

Deam, William J.                     Rogerson, Burnett
Derrickson, Charles W.               Sullivan, Michael O.
Dodd, George W.                      Serf, Philip P.
Davidson, James D.C.                 Slanter, James
Duffy, John                          Scott, John
Ennis, George B.                     Swede, Charles
Evans, Charles                       Short, Philip H.
Flatwood, John J.                    Smith, Henry C.
Fondes, Anthony                      Smith, Neal
Fitzsimmons, John                    Speis, Thomas
Gellert, John F.                     Sweetwood, Valentine
Gallagher, John                      Simmons, Samuel W.
Green, George W.                     School, John
Hobbs, Mathias                       Sparks, Joseph W.
Hummell, Charles                     St. Marie, Henry B.
Hickman Nebit                        Speirier, Frederick
Hatch, John                          Smith, John
Hatchstat, Henry H.                  Smith, John H. a
Harrigan, William                    Scott, William
Hoffecker, Benjamin                  Swiggett, Ashland B.
Hazel, Robert                        Sweney, George
Holloway, James W.                   Sands, Theodore
Howser, Charles J.                   Taylor, John
Henry, Peter                         Taylor, Joseph C.
Hignutt, Nathan J. b                 Tindall, Joseph b
Harvey, Thomas L.                    Torbert, George P. b
Holloway, Ebe                        Tavlor, James H.
Holloway, Ezekiel                    Talley, Henry C.
Harrison, John                       Van Buren, John
Hinson, John S.                      Valdue, Earnest
Hignutt, Daniel R.                   Vaughan, William D. a
Johnson, John                        Vincent, Peter W.
Johnson, Jonathan c                  Watson, Robert S.
Johnson, David M. b                  Williams, Michael
Jones, Edward                        Woford, William
Jones, Joseph                        Wild, Bernhard
Jones, Jacob                         Wilson, George
Jones, Philip C.                     Whiteman, William H.
James, Arcunies                      West, Jacob
Johnson, John Fred.                  West, Stokely

Jones, William                       Wilkinson, Matthias
Keiser, Louis                        Wright, John R.
Kelsey, John                         Wright, Charles A.
Kindall, John                        Wright, John
Kersey, Louis M.                     Watson, Nicholas R. a
Knowles, Jacob T.F.                  Wallace, Gustave A. a
Kramer, Julius                       West, William
Lyons, Mark                          Walts, James
Laramore, George T.                  Walker, Stephen J.
Lee, Charles                         Watson, Joshua M.
Lynch, Elias D.                      Watson, John
Lably, George                        Watson, John T.
Larks, George                        Wilgus, William L.
Lockward, Joseph                     Ward, William T.

Supplement.— Four captains, three first lieutenants, two second 
lieutenants, three first sergeants, thirteen sergeants, twenty 
corporals, four musicians and one hundred and seventy-seven privates, 
making a total of two hundred and twenty-six men, constituted this 
company during its term of service and its final mustering out, July 
12, 1865. One commissioned officer died of wounds; five
none-commissioned officers also died of wounds, while three died of 
disease, and one was killed in action; seven privates were killed in 
action, four died of wounds, two died of disease and one was wounded.

Company F.
William C. Inhoff.                   William Y. Swiggett.
Mathew W. Macklem.                   Daniel Woodall.
First Lieutenants.
Benjamin P. Adams. d                 Samuel A. Macallister.
John W. Eckles.                      John W. Williams.
Second Lieutenants.
William H. Ferguson. b               William Marsh.
John Hart.                           William Murphy.
First Sergeants.
Peter Garrettson.                    James D. Simpson.
Edward Maull. a

William Cole.                         John B. Smith.
Morris P. Eccleston.                  John B. Maberry.
Joseph Fitzsimmons.                   Theodore Palmatory.
James Kettlewood.   

John W. Barney.                       James H. Lucas. a
William E. Burke. d                   Samuel McNutt. c
William Conoway.                      Charles Rash.
Joseph Craig.                         John Rhoads. a
William Darlington. a                 Benjamin F. Richardson.
William Houck.                        Henry Roberts.
Benjamin F. Husbands.                 Isaac Scott.
Samuel P. Jones.                      Thomas J. Wooters.
William Jones.

Charles J. Downham.                    Elwood L. Wilson.
John M. Smith.
Affleback, Edward                      LaMonte, Charles
Allen, Richard                         Lane, Nathaniel L.
Allen, William                         Lee, Frank
Barnett, John G.                       Lewis, Riley
Banwax, William d                      Lewis, William H. b
Beall, George                          Linch, Thomas C.
Behen, Patrick                         Linton, George
Bills, Samuel W.                       Lodge, James H.
Bishop, Risdon H. c                    Loper, George, M.D.
Blades, John C.                        Lyons, Timothy
Bogues, John                           Maberry, William
Boyer, James F. d                      McBride, Patrick
Bradley, Garrett                       McClintock, James
Brecht, William                        McGeehan, Bernard b

Briggs, William                        McGintey, John
Brown, Henry                           McGuire, Patrick
Brown, John                            McKenzie, John B. d
Bryan, Edwin H.                        McMullen, John
Butler, Ezekiel G.                     McNatt, Burton
Carpenter, William E. c                Mick, James a
Carroll, Daniel                        Miller, Charles
Cahill, William                        Minner, Thomas
Casey, Martin                          Moffitt, James T.
Cantwell, William C.                   Morris, Henry
Chance, Thomas G.                      Mullen, John
Clifton, George                        Murphy, Arthur d
Cloud, Washington                      Nicholson, Randolph
Cohee, Jonathan L.                     Pennock, Gilpin S.
Cole, Patrick M.                       Pierth, Valentine
Comegys, John T.                       Porter, David
Copland, John J.                       Potter, John A.
Coverdale, James                       Price, John
Cox, Aaron W.                          Ragen, James
Cox, Ediom                             Rash, Thomas A.
Cunninghan, Robert d                   Reading, Starr
Dailey, John                           Richard, Caspar
Daisey, William E.                     Righter, Jacob B.
Daniels, William W.                    Robert, Henry
Darling, James W.                      Ross, James T.
Delasse, Emanuel                       Rumer, John
Dickson, James P. b                    Saring, George
Dowlin, Alfred                         Sanders, Ransom H.
Dyer, Stephen                          Science, William
Edgill, Noah I.                        Scott, Eben a
Edwards, John                          Seymore, Daniel
Egloff, John                           Short, Robert
Elwell, Charles E.                     Simpson, Richard L.
Emerson, Edward                        Simpson, James a
Erbe, Guss                             Simpson, Thomas A. b
Fairgrave, John T.                     Smith, Philip
Faller, Joseph                         Smith, William H.
Foreacre, Robert                       Spence, Andrew J.
Frost, James C.                        Stevens, John T. c
Garretson, Benjamin F. d               Stevenson, Erasmus E.
Geller, Baldses                        Still, George d
German, George                         Stoll, William F.
Green, William                         Suthel, Samuel
Guessford, David b                     Sylvester, Levi
Guessford, William                     Taylor, George P.
Gunner, John                           Thomas, Albert
Haines, William                        Truax, Charles W.
Halters, Charles                       Truitt, Joseph
Haines, George W.                      Tucker, William T.
Hammond, Edmund                        Twiford, William T. d
Hammond, Jacob                         Understine, Henry
Hammond, Samuel                        Vasey, Albert
Hammond, William d                     Vincent, Lewis
Hart, Malachi d                        Wagner, Frederick
Haven, Charles W.                      Walters, James H.
Hebblethwaite, George                  Welsh, John C.
Henshaw, William                       White, Josephus
Hilliard, James                        Williams, Morgan F. c
Hobbs, John                            Williams, Thomas
Hoyle, John                            Williamson, Chandler
Jackson, Thomas                        Wilson, Charles H.
Jackson, William                       Wilson James
Jeffries, Thomas                       Wilson, James F.
Johnson, John H. a                     Wilson, John
Kelley, Thomas                         Woodley, Charles F.
Kellogg, James                         Wooters, Elijah
Kettlewood, Lawrence                   Wooters, William R. c
Kline, John A.                         Wright, Perry
Knox, James R.                         Wright, Thomas
Kossman, Edward                        Wright, William M.

Kurtz, George

Supplement.— Four captains, four first lieutenants, four second 
lieutenants, three first sergeants, seven sergeants, seventeen 
corporals, three musicians and one hundred and sixty-nine privates, 
making a total of two hundred and eleven men, constituted this 
company during its term of service and its final mustering out, July 
12, 1865. Two commissioned officers died of disease and one died of 
wounds; four non-commissioned officers were killed in action, one 
died of disease and one was wounded; ten of the privates died of 
disease, five died of wounds, three were killed in action and five 
were wounded.


Company G.
James M. Bryan.                        Allen Shortledge.
John T. Dent.
First Lieutenants.
Henry H. Burton.                       Alfred Gawthrop.
Charles W. Davis.                     John L. Sparks.

Second Lieutenant.
William W. Meacham

First Sergeants.
James Covendale.                      Edward F. Richards. a

Daniel Coulby. c                      Pierce Neals.
James H. Davis.                       George T. Price.
Henry H. Higgins. b                   Philip R. Spicer. b
Wellington G. Lloyd. b                Thomas J. Thompson.
John M. Meacham. b                    Joseph A. Warren.
Frederick Meyers.                     George Wilson.
Charles Moss.

Thomas Brown.                         Charles Palmatory. d
William Brown.                        George W. Reice. a
William Deville.                      William C. Scott.
James Dutton.                         Thomas Shields.
William H. Hudson. c                  William B. Simmons.
John Langhan.                         William R. Smith.
John Martin. d                        Thomas K. Stidham.
James McIntyre. b                     Edward Stubbs.
George W. Jones. c                    Samuel T. Thomas. c
Noal Joseph                           William E. Wilson.
Henry Canning.                        Patrick McNamara.
George H. King.                       William Tindall.
Adkins, John d                        Lofland, James
Anderson, Charles                     Long, David
Anderson, Daniel                      Long, John
Anderson, Thomas                      Lyonson, William J.
Aner, Mathias c                       Mannering, John
Argo, Joseph                          May, William
Armon, Frederick b                    McDonald, Augustin
Armstrong, William                    McDonald, George
Banks, Joshua                         McFadden, Charles
Barchenel, Eugene c                   McGuigan, John
Bartley, James                        McMiller, John
Benson, John                          McPike, John
Bickering, Henry                      Merring, Christian
Billings, Thomas                      Miller, Antonia
Blackiston, James W.                  Miller, Frederick
Blank, Nicholas                       Miller, Levin
Bonner, Michael                       Mislick, William
Bracelen, John                        Mitchell, David
Bradford, James S.                    Murphy, Edward
Bradford, Samuel J.                   Murphy, John
Brith, James                          Murray, Daniel
Brown, William (No. 1.)               Osbum, Joseph T.
Brown, William (No. 2.)               Osgood, George W. d
Burkel, George                        Oswald, Alexander
Chaffant, Halliday M.                 Palmer, John S.
Clark, Benjamin F.                    Parson, John
Clark, John                           Paterson, William T.
Cline, John a                         Pepper, Thomas B.
Cluskey, John                         Peterman, Edward
Cole, John R.                         Peters, Charles
Colescott, John W.                    Piper, Benjamin
Conoway, Andrew                       Prall, Thomas
Cook, James                           Prierman, Robert
Crummer, James L.                     Ray, John
Dackter, Adam                         Regan, William
David, Patrick                        Reiley, James
Dennis, George                        Rephus, John c
Denning, Henry C.                     Repp, William
Dill, Alexander S.                    Rhine, Joseph c
Donathan, Lemuel                      Robelen, Charles H. b
Donivan, Daniel                       Savage, Henry J.
Durand, Augustus                      Secue, Caleb
Elder, Walter                         Senn, Thomas a
Ennals, Edward                        Seville, William b
Evans, Benjamin                       Shaw, Mark M.
Evans, Israel                         Shay, James
Fagan, Charles                        Shearer, Charles
Faries, Samuel F.                     Short, William H.
Farwood, James S.                     Sheppard, Thomas
Fessel, Frederick                     Shrieder, William
Finnegan, William                     Simmons, Charles W.
Fisher, Richard W. a                  Simmons, Edward T.
Flaco, George                         Simmons, George
Freeman, Westley                      Solomon, John
Gertensburg, Boethasar                Smith, Charles
Gorman, James                         Smith, George
Gosh, Christian c                     Spence, John
Grey, Caleb B.                        Spencer, Hugh S.
Hancock, Lewis                        Steel, Jacob
Hart, William                         Stimmel, Thomas W.
Harvey, Gabriel                       Stock, Frederick U.
Helms, Murice                         Strimple, David
Hitchens, Henry                       Sweeny, Thomas M. b
Holbs, Sylvester H.                   Taylor, George B. d
Horman, Ferdinand                     Taylor, Morris
Horman, William                       Taylor, Robert d
Hopkins, Thomas                       Tevan, Frederick
Hughes, Joseph                        Theurer, Henry b
Irvin, John                           Tilghman, George W.
James, William H.                     Tominy, Owen
Jause, Jacob                          Truitt, George
Jause, Philip                         Turner, George
Jester, Aaron c                       Vonshultz, Driobeck
Johnston, John Q.                     Wallace, Charles H.
Johnston, John U.                     Wall, John H.
Jordon, Emiel                         Ward, William A.
Kane, John                            Warner, John
Kelly, John P.                        Weigle, Jacob
Kelly, Michael                        Weigle, William b
Kelly, Richard                        Weston, John G.
Kerns, John d                         Whal, William F.
Kitts, Henry                          Wilson, Andrew
Littleton, James C.                   Wingate, Hezekiah
Littleton, John S.                    Wolfe, Charles
Loden, Peter                          Wolfe, Philip
Lofland, Cuisten

Supplement.— Three captains, four first lieutenants, one second 
lieutenants, two first sergeants, thirteen sergeants, twenty corpo, 
rals, four musicians and one hundred and sixty-four privates making 
a total of two hundred and eleven men, constituted this company 
during its term of service and its final mustering out, July 12, 1865. 
Two non-commissioned officers were killed in action-five died of 
wounds, two died of disease and four were wounded; three privates 
were killed in action, six were wounded, five died of disease and 
six died of wounds.

Company H.

James Kettlewood.                     John B. Tanner. a

First Lieutenants,
William Caywood.                      James Richard.
Benjamin Y. Draper.                   John R. Vanloan.
Second Lieutenants.
Ezekiel C. Alexander.                 Joseph Nichols.
Michael Dooley.                       Thomas Russell.
First Sergeant.
Isaac S. Hart.
Joseph E. Booth.                        William W. Davis.
James W. Bryan.                         John W. Draper.
Lewis Correll. b                        Evan P. Grubb.
Jacob L. Davis.                         William W. Hickman. c
James Hudson.                           Robert L. Moody.
George M. Justison.                     George C. Semple. a
John Lawson.                            Charles B. Tanner.
William Miller.                         James C. Yearsley. c

John H. Collison.                       Thomas O’Daniel.
David A. Daisey.                        George Philips.
William Foote.                          Clement Rush.
Francis Harris.                         Sydney Fisher.
Philip Kain.                            John Stein. a
William K. McClurg.                     Martin Whibley.
John Mitchell.
James F. Engle.                         Robert Long. a
John Gallagher.                         Thomas F. Maloney.
Adams, John                             King, Robert
Adkins, James H.                        Kinsey, Thomas
Ammonds, Thomas                         Lauder, Jacob
Annis, Gustavis                         Lawson, William
Aurich, Emile                           Layton, Richard

Bachmiller, Jacob                       Lemonds, Robert
Baker, Elijah                           Lewis, John D.
Bakley, John                            Leveless, Eli W.
Banning, James L.                       Marganthal, Bernhart
Bardsley, James                         Martin, Henry
Baxter, Alexander a                     Matthew, John F.
Bayne, James                            McCarty, John
Biles, Jacob K.                         McCulloh, George

Brown, Joseph                           McDonough, Edward
Burrows, Severn H.                      McFadden, Patrick
Cahill, Richard T.                      McNulty, Michael
Campbell, Eli d                         Meally, Wilson
Carter, Henry                           Miller, Frederick
Cerigan, John                           Miller, John
Cerigan, Patrick c                      Miller, Russell
Chandler, William                       Mirsch, Christian
Cherer, Anthony d                       Monks, John C.
Clark, William                          Monteto, Geniva
Cole, James D.                          Mumford, John
Collins, William T.                     Murphy, John
Connelly, Michael                       Myer, Emile
Conner, George                          Myers, William
Conway, John                            Nesby, John H.
Conway, Patrick                         Nichols, John T. d
Curry, John c                           Nugent, Barney
Day, William P.                         Omera, Archibald
Dickerson, Vincent                      Outten, James H.C.
Dickey, Thomas B.                       Parthman, Edward
Dill, William W. c                      Popper, Josiah
Dockendorf, Frank                       Penn, Walter L.
Dodd, James                             Perkins, Samuel
Donnelly, John                          Phillips, George W.
Downey, Samuel                          Pickering, Hiram c
Dougherty, Dennis                       Porter, Jehu b
Dougherty, John a                       Porter, William c
Draper, William H.                      Powell, John
Drummond, William T. d                  Powers, Thomas
Fisher, Emile                           Ramsey, Moses
Flood, Peter                            Reed, Daniel
Foley, Daniel                           Rice, Watson, T. d
Fonkler, Joseph                         Robinson, Henry
Ford, Joshua d                          Ruffin, James
Forrest, James                          Salmonds, David
Foxcroft, Francis                       Saville, John H.
Friel, John T.                          Sheridan, John
Furbash, Annanias                       Shipley William c
Gallaway, Isaac                         Sippler, Christian
Gary, Joseph                            Smith, Henry
Gatchel, John S.                        Smith, John d
Gilpin, Nathaniel c                     Smith, Philip
Glatty, Lawrence                        Snow, John
Godkins, John                           Speisp, Leopold
Golden, Nicholas                        Stewart, David
Graham, Thomas                          Sullivan, John (No. 1.)

Green, Samuel                           Sullivan, John (No. 2.)
Gregory, Philip b                       Talbot, William H.
Guiseppi, Tasetti                       Toner, James
Hagne, James A.                         Toomey, Thomas
Hamilton, Joseph                        Voss, William H.
Harrington, John D.                     Waldner, Antonia
Hasting, Thomas                         Walker, John J a
Hessyler, Martin                        Walls, Gainsbury
Hickman, James                          Walls, Henry R.
Hoffman Francis                         Ward, Francis
Holmes, Thomas                          Wardle, Alexander
Holstein, James H.                      Warren, Joseph
Hopton, Joseph H.                       Watson, Marshall
Huber, John                             Wells, William P.
Hurde, Charles                          Welsh, Thomas c
Jackson, Henry C.                       West, James
Jamison, David                          Wheeler, Isaac S. d
Johnson, William                        White, Douglass b
Justison, Martin                        Wilson, Cyrus
Kennedy, John                           Wilson, Frank S.
Kessel, Philip                          Wilson, Thomas J.
Kessenger, Reueben d                    Winner, Samuel
Kimmey, James M.                        Wirty, Richard
King, Michael                           Wright, John H.

Supplement.— Two captains, four first lieutenants, four second 
lieutenants, one first sergeant, sixteen sergeants, thirteen, 
corporals, four musicians and one hundred and sixty-six privates, 
making a total of two hundred and ten men, constituted this company 
during its term of service and its final mustering out, July 12, 1865. 
One commissioned officer was killed in action; two non-commissioned 
officers were also killed in action, two were wounded and one died of 
wounds. One musicien was also killed in action. Five of the privates 
were killed in action, eight were wounded, three died of wounds and 
nine died of disease.

Company I.
Harry G. Cavenaugh.                    Thomas B. Hizer.
Aquilla M. Hizer.                      Charles Lespes.
First Lieutenants.
James H. Barber.                       John W. Eckles.
William Caywood.                       Albert S. Philips. b  

Second Lieutenants.
Charles S. Schaeffer.                  William H. Vinnig.
Isaac Van Trump.

First Sergeants.
John E. Barney.                        David Challenger.
William D. Birch.
Samuel H. Benson.                      Robert S. Martin.
David W. Gemmill.                      Joseph N. Patterson.
David D. King.                         J.L.M. Pennington.
Adolphus Adams.                        John D. Thompson.
John B. Harper.                        Jacob S. Thomson.
John M. Mason.                         Henry S. Truitt.
Thomas A. Staats.                      Andrew Wilkerson.
Jesse Ervin.                            Joshua Simpers. d
John Rosk.
Alexander, Samuel b                     Krotzer, William
Appleton, John S.                       Lair, Paul
Ashton, Charles                         LeCates, Alexander
Augos, Charles                          Logan, J.T.
Back, Balthacer                         Manning, John
Backer, David                           Martin, James
Bowman, Robert B.                       Martin, John
Benwagner, John b                       Martin, Joseph
Biddle, Enoch                           Martine, John
Boddle, Jeremiah                        McAndrew, John
Bond, George W.                         McCaughey Mathew
Bourount, Peter                         McCarter, John
Bradford, Richard H. d                  McCauley, John
Burk, William                           McCool, John
Butler, Thomas B.                       McDonnell, James
Butler, William                         McGintey, John
Byard, Backer                           Miller, Frederick
Byard, John T.                          Miller, Thomas B. d
Calep, Gideon W.                        Money John P. a
Campbell, William                       Mood, Daniel
Carlin, Edward                          Moore, Lorenzo
Carr, Hudson a                          Morris, Daniel
Carry, John                             Myers, Charles
Cotton, George W.                       Neally, Francis
Cortwell, Amos b                        Newsome, Henry
Clark, James                            Nickerson, Andrew
Cole, Henry                             O’Connel, James
Collins, Joshua                         Odd, William
Collins, Patrick                        O’Donnell, John
Cook, Henry                             Outten, William T.
Connelly, Patrick                       Pendersoille, James
Conton, William                         Peterson, John
Crampfield, William                     Pink, William
Danby, George                           Quinn, Patrick
Dawson, E.B.T.                          Raymond, Lewis
Derity, Benjamin                        Riddle, William B.
Devine, Patrick                         Riggs, Ezekiel
Dickerson, William                      Roberts, Henry
Ennis, Richard N.                       Rogerson, Edward a
Esley, William                          Ross, James

Faime, John                             Ruth, Amos
Foss, Charles                           Salmonds, David B.
Ferguson, James                         Sands, Gardner
Fine, Frederick                         Seadertash, Henderson
Finnegan, Timothy                       Sharp, Patrick
Fisher, Mathias                         Shearer, Charles
Foxgawett, V. d                         Sheridan, John
Garland, Thomas                         Sheridan, Phillip
Geiger, Jacob                           Short, James
Graham, John                            Shrout, Peter a
Grimes, Isaiah                          Shute, William
Grove, John T. a                        Simpson, George d
Guthrie, William a                      Simpson, James
Hadock, Thomas                          Smith, Abene
Hamilton, Henry                         Smith, James
Hamilton, Jones                         Sneider, George a
Hancock, John                           Steam, James
Handy, John                             Steid, Henry
Harris, Benjamin                        Steinburger, Christopher
Harris, George                          Stephenson, Daniel
Haughton, William                       Sweatman, James
Higgerston, Michael                     Taylor, William W.
Hobbs, George W.                        Temple, John B.
Holton, William                         Thompson, Andrew J.
Hudson, Elisha                          Thoop, Jacob
Hudson, Noah                            Thornton, Thomas a
Hughes, John                            Upton, William J.
Irvin, John W.                          Uzelmirer, John
Jarralld, Alexander                     Weir, John
Johnson, William                        Welsh, James
Jones, Daniel                           Welsh, John
Jones, Edby                             Welsh, William
Jones, Oliver C.                        Wilkinson, Nathaniel
Kemp, Charles                           Williams, William
Kemp, Edward                            Willis, Garret
Kemp, Luther                            Willis, John
Kennedy, Jones                          Wilson, George
Kilpatrick, John                        Wolfgang, Hammill
Kramer, J.A.                            Wright, Robert W.

Supplement.— Four captains, four first lieutenants, three second 
lieutenants, three first sergeants, six sergeants, eight corporals, 
three musicians and one hundred and fifty-eight privates, making a 
total of one hundred and eighty-nine men, constituted this company 
during its term of service and its final mustering out, July 12, 
1865. One commissioned officer died of wounds; one musician died of 
disease; eight privates were killed in action, four died of disease 
and three died of wounds.

Company K.
Thomas Crossley.                        John L. Sparks c

First Lieutenants.
Evan P. Grubb.                          William N. Meacham. c
Acquilla M. Hizar.                      Charles Schaeffer.
William C. Inhoff.
Second Lieutenants.
Henry H. Burton.                        Thomas Russell.
Dooley Michael.
First Sergeants.
Amos T. Bradley. c                      Henry H. Darlington. a
James Crossley. a

James H. Barber.                        William H. Ferguson.
Jonathan S. Biddle. c                   Matthew W. Maclum.
Thomas Boulden. c                       Thomas Maloney. c
Powell Boyd.                            Isaac P. Nickson.
Charles Campbell.                       Samuel Sheppard.
John M. Dunn. c                         Washington F. Williamson.
Jeremiah Ayrs.                          Isaac Quellen. c
Elias Black.                            Israel Renner.
Washington Butler.                      John H. Schaeffer. c
Samuel L. McElwee. a                    Bayard Turner. c
Charles B. Parry.                       William H. Ward. c
Charles Bullen.                         Samuel Legates.
Abbott, James D.                        Lane, William M.c
Abbott, Samuel                          Le Brun, Augustus
Ashbee, John                            Lee, Charles
Barken, John L.                         Leiphard, Charles
Beard, William                          Levin, James
Bearmont, Samuel                        Lewis, Peter
Biddle, Thomas c                        Likens, Thomas a
Black, John S. a                        Lindell, Joshus
Blake, Edwin                            Lofland, Joshua
Blissard, David                         Longnecker, Adam
Brown, Henry                            Mack, Alexander
Brown, Edwin                            Malcolm, Alexander c
Bullen John H. c                        Maloney, John
Burchus, John H.                        Mathews, Charles
Bushard, Jacob                          Mathews, John
Campbell, John W.                       McBritle, Charles B. c
Carickson, Albert                       McClone, George
Carter, John                            McColen, George a
Clark, James E. c                       McCracken, George
Clayton, John B.                        McDoner, Edward
Clow, George                            McGee, Edward
Clowet, Clarkson c                      McKeever, Daniel
Conway, Fergus d                        McLane, Allen c
Conway, Gilley                          Menderiec, Antonia
Cosdon, John                            Miller, John W.
Crabb, Albert                           Mills, Samuel c
Cramfield, Burton                       Mooney, Hugh
Deggen, John                            Morris, James c
Dill, Alfred W.                         Morrisey, Patrick
Downham, William H.                     Mott, Joseph D. c
Downing, James                          Mullman, Emuel
Duffield, Samuel c                      Myers, Charles
Dutton, George                          Peary, William a
Elliott, George                         Peterson, Daniel W.
Elliott, Reuben                         Penry, William
Englehand, Oswald                       Phelps, Foster
Ennis, Frederick B. a                   Quinn, John
Ennis, Joshua                           Rafferty, James
Fleetwood, Curtis                       Rash, Nathan a
Fleetwood, James H.                     Regan, James
Foreacre, William H. a                  Richardson, George
Foreacre, John W. c                     Rodgers, Edward
Foreacre, William R. c                  Rosenburg, James
Gantt, George                           Rudicill, George
Graham, Levin                           Roster, John
Green, Henry                            Schmitt, Henry
Hagerman, John W.                       Scott, Abraham c
Haggerty, Michael                       Small, John
Hall, John c                            Smith, George
Hamilton, Edward                        Smith, John
Hamond, Isaac H.                        Smith, John B.
Hanly, Thomas                           Spayth, Washington c
Hanson, William                         Starr, Jacob
Harlow, John d                          Strode, David H.
Harrington, Thomas                      Stropp, Lewis
Harrison, John H.                       Sullivan, Denny

Hawn, Edward F. d                       Sullivan, Timothy
Hawn, Isaac M. c                        Thayer, Charles F. d
Healy John                              Thompson, Lawrence
Heard, Jesse                            Turner, George
Hearn, William J.                       Vincent, William
Hill, Joseph                            Warburton, Henry
Hoff, Charles                           Ward, William T. c
Holland John c                          Wardell, Alexander
Hallihan, Thomas                        Watson, Edward S
Hallowell, Thomas E. c                  Weidman, Jacob
Holmes, Thomas a                        Weller, George
Hudson, William                         West, Eli
Jeandell, John                          Wiers, Jacob
Jerrell, George a                       Williams, Charles
Johnson, John                           Withers, Thomas
Jones, George                           Wolten, Edward
Kelley, James                           Wood, George F. c
Kelley, John                            Wright, Joseph c
Knipper, Charles                        Yarnell, Isaac

Supplement.— Two captains, five first lieutenants, three second 
lieutenants, three first sergeants, twelve sergeants, ten corporals, 
two musicians and two hundred and eighty-one privates, making a total 
of three hundred and eighteen men, constituted this company during 
its term of service and its final mustering out, July 12, 1865. Two 
of the commissioned officers were wounded; three non-commissioned 
officers were killed in action and nine were wounded; nine privates 
were killed in action, twenty-three were wounded and four died of 

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