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Roster of Delaware Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion



(The missing rosters are not on file in the Adjutant General’s 
office, at Dover, and the editor could not secure them from 
Washington in time for publication.)

Field and Staff Officers.
William R. Aldred.                      Purnell I. Pettyjohn.
Manuel Eyre, Jr.
William Marshall.                       David E. Wolfe.
Assistant Surgeons.
Thomas E. Dawson.                       Joseph M. Houston.
William H. Thompson.                    Edmond Townsend.
James E. Bailey.                        Arthur Maginnis.
Frederick Hackett.                      James B. Marr.
Thomas W. McClary.
Samuel H. Jenkins.                      William O. Reddan.
William B. Dorrell. a

Supplement.— Two officers of the field and staff were killed in 
action one died of wounds and one died of disease; three adjutants, 
two surgeons, two assistant surgeons, two quartermasters, four majors, 
one chaplain, two colonels and one lieutenant-colonel, constituted 
this staff, making a total of seventeen officers.


Non-commissioned Staff Officers.
Albert T. Layton.                       John M. Wallace.
David Sutton.                           Lorenzo D. Wilson.
James H. Collings.                      Ennols Robinson.
John M. Dunn.                           Edwin Wood.
David T. Hickman.

Hospital Stewards.
John C. Hutton.                         Moses Magee.

Chief Musician.
James M. Sanders.

Supplement. — Four sergeant-majors, two
quartermaster-ser-geants, three commissary-sergeants, two hospital 
stewards and one chief musician, making a total of twelve officers, 
constituted this staff.

Company A.
Frederick Hackett.
First Lieutenants.
William R. Aldred.                      Lorenzo D. Wilson. a
Second Lieutenants.
William H. Lancashire.                  Alfred D. Vandever.
First Sergeants.
Charles F. Eccleston. d                 Lewis C. Grubb.
Charles English.                        Edward F. Johnson.
Samuel Harrington.                      Robert Taylor.
Jacob Longaire.                         John D. Wells. c
Samuel McClane.
Byron Boddy.                            Enos P. Neals.
James E. Herring.                       David New.
Thomas McVey.                           James T. Osmond.
Samuel N. Murphy.                       Patrick McBride.
Otto W.F, Snyder.                       James Sanders.
John Reed.
Abbott, James D.                        Levering, David W.
Abbott, Samuel                          Lewis, Samuel
Adams, William F.                       Lindle, Joshua S.c
Algier, John                            Lindle, William
Atkinson, John                          Lindsey, Lewis
Barker, John L.                         Lowry, William H.
Barker, Lewis                           Luffman, Martin M.
Barras, William                         Marshman, John.
Boyle William                           Martin, Hugh
Brown, James                            McCluskey, John
Burke, James                            McFait, James
Carter, Amos                            McGinnis, James
Chalfant, Jesse W.                      McGlinchey, Charles
Chalfant, James                         McKeeber, Daniel
Clark, David                            McPherson, John
Clendaniel, John                        Metzler, Samuel
Conklin, Richard                        Miller, John
Coyle, Patrick                          Millott, John
Creddick, William                       Mitchell, Thomas R.
Cropper, Molten W.                      Murray, Isaac
Dobbin, William                         Osmond, Aaron P.
Dorrell, Thomas a                       Palmenter, Charles
Dougherty, Patrick                      Palmer, Shepherd H.
Downing, John                           Perkins, Job F.
Draper, Ephraim                         Pettijohn, Abiel S.
Eagon, Peter                            Plasted, Samuel D.
Edmondson, Joseph.                      Purcell, Michael
Edmondson, Thomas F.                    Purnell, Henry
Englehard, Oswald                       Quinn, Peter
Fitzgerald, Garrett                     Richards, William F.
Fleetwood, Curtis                       Ritchie, John
Fleetwood, James                        Rogers, John
Fleetwood, James H.                     Royal, Charles A.

Goslin, Mathew                          Russell, Samuel
Haps, Thomas                            Scott, Thomas
Harcum, John                            Simmons, Samuel W.
Harrington, Frank                       Smith, James P.
Hughes, James P.                        Smith, John

Johnson, James                          Solomon, John
Jones, John                             Sparks, William D.
Jones, Purnell B.                       Steele, Author
Jones, Stephen S. d                     Steele, Suthor.
Kelley Michael                          Still, William
Kimmey, James B.                        Thom, George
Kline, Jesse                            Vangeisel, Joseph
Krather, Christian                      Walsh, James
Lane, Thomas                            Walters, Henry
Lane, William                           Williams, John
Leigt, George                           Zimmery, Jacob
Leven, James

Supplement.— One captain, two first lieutenants, two second lieutenants, 
four first sergeants, five sergeants, eight corporals, three musicians 
and ninety-eight privates, making a total of one hundred and twenty-
three men, constituted this company during its term of service and 
its final mustering out, June 3, 1865. One commissioned officer was 
killed in action, one non-commissioned officer died of disease, three 
privates were wounded and one died of disease.

Company B.
James A. Haughey.                       James B. Marr.
First Lieutenants.
William Gallagher.                      John P. Williams.

Second Lieutenants.
William Green.                          William Hitchins.
First Sergeants.
Burton Edward.                          Charles Collins.
Joseph D. Daysworthy.                   Joseph Thomas.
James Hudson.                           John Kilpatrick. b
Joseph W. Gardner.                      Pass, (1st name not given), a
David Daisey.                           John H. Simple. b
George King.
James Balger.                           John Rusk.
William J. Gardner.
Backer, Bayard.                         Lane, John
Backer, David                           Layton, David
Backer, Robert.                         Lee, Charles
Balger, Dennis                          Lewis, Alfred d
Bettingham, Barton                      Lewis, Perry
Brown, John                             Liebhand, Charles
Butterworth, Robert                     Long, George
Campbell, William                       Lyngo, Lewis C.d
Carey, John                             Lynn, James
Carlon, Edward                          Mayer, Charles
Chandler, William                       McCabe, Henry
Collins, Cyrus c                        McDonald, James
Crampfield, Burton                      McIntyre, Thomas
Crampfield, William                     McKiney, Francis
Devlin, John                            Megee, Patrick a
Devine, Patrick c                       Melvin, Bartholomew
Dickerson, Alfred                       Mitchell, Thomas
Downs, Edward                           Mitchell, Henry B.
Dyer, John.                             Mitchell, Isaac
Ellensworth, Andrew                     Mitchell, John
Evans, Lemuel                           Mitchell, William
Gamby, Stephen.                         Mitchell, Wingate
Gantt, George.                          Morner, William S.a
Geiger, Jacob                           Moore, Lawrence
Gregg, Ellis                            Morris, Henry
Green, John                             Morris, William
Hall, Elijah                            Nickerson, Andrew
Hammond, George b                       Odd, William
Hamilton, Joseph                        Parson, Landen d
Hammond, John J. b                      Pass, Frederick
Hancock, George d                       Payntor, James
Hancock, John                           Rust, William
Harris, George                          Savage, Trueborn G
Hastings, Joseph                        Short, James C.
Hastins, Joshua                         Smith, Elijah.
Hitchins, John M.                       Smith, James
Holloway, Henry.                        Spear, John
Hudson, Elisha                          Surplix, Thomas
Hudson, John H.                         Torbert, William c
Hudson, Noah                            Walls, Samuel
Johnson, Purnell d                      Walls, William H.
Johnson, William                        Watson, John
Jones, Eabey                            Watson, Kinsey A.
Joseph, William                         Welsh, John
Jupont, Valentine                       Wilkins, Frank
Koster, John                            Wilson, George
Kramer, Joseph A.                       Wilson, James
Krotzer, William                        Young, Frederick J.
Lair, Paul.

Supplement.— Two captains, two first lieutenants, two second 
lieutenants, two first sergeants, six sergeants, three corporals, 
three musicians and ninety-seven privates, making a total of one 
hundred and seventeen men, constituted this company during its term 
of service and its final mustering out, June 3, 1865. One non-
commissioned officer was killed in action and two died of disease; 
two privates were killed in action, two were wounded, two died of 
wounds and six died of disease.

Company C.
William B. Dorrett.                     Joseph D. Dagworthy.
First Lieutenants.
Philemon Green.                         John M. Wallace.
David Sutton.
Second Lieutenants.
Charles H. Mancey.                      Robert Spurge.
First Sergeante.
Charles W. Baynard.                     William H. Stout.
Thomas H. Benson.                       David Landis.
Benjamin F. Burton.                     Albert S. Layton.
John C. Darby.
Charles E. Carrow.                      Frederick Stout.
William H. Duncan.                      John D. Thompson.
Stephen Martindale.                     George L. Warren.
John H. Ross.
Thomas Anderson.                        William T. Saulsbury.
Henry S. Davis.
Alexander, Robert                       Kennedy, Thomas
Anderson, George                        Lank, Mitchell.
Atchinson, Wiliford                     Lawson, John D.
Barker, John H. d                       Le Bum, Augustus
Beddis, William                         Lindle, Edward W.
Bostick, Thomas                         Maman, John
Boan, John                              McAndrew, John
Bright, John                            McCugh, Edward
Bronchous, Gustavus                     McGrath, William H.
Brook, John W.                          McNice, James
Carrow, Richard.                        Morgan, George W.a
Cassady, Peter                          Morgan, Lorenzo D.
Cassless, William                       Moss, Mark A.
Condon, William                         Murry, Patrick
Cotton, George W.                       O’Brien, Bartholomew.
Curry, James a                          Onther, William W.
Daniells, John d                        Planas, Frank
Darling, Luther                         Pritchett, Jefferson
Dansiler, Diesler                       Quinlas, Thomas
Davis, Thomas d                         Raymond, Lewis
Debuty, Thomas H.                       Robinson, Thomas
Fondes, Antonio                         Salmons, David B.
Fountain, James L.                      Salmons, Robert P.
Gallagher, Thomas                       Satterfield, Samuel
Grant, John                             Shaw, James
Hadley, George                          Smith, Richard
Haines, William                         Sollaway, William H.
Halding, William T.                     Stewart, John H.
Hartigan, Edmund c                      Sweeney, John R.
Higgins, Davis S.                       Taggart, Edward
Hilt, Charles                           Taylor, Joseph
Hughes, James                           Temple, James H.
Jacobs, Henry.                          Truitt, Elisha W.
Johnson, Charles                        Van Wert, Jacob
Johnson, Jonathan M. c                  Welsh, Simon
Kelley, Daniel C.                       Wheeler, John H.
Kelley, John                            Yarkes, George
Kennedy, Alden.                         Young, John A.

Supplement.— Two captains, three first lieutenants, two second 
lieutenants, two first sergeants, five sergeants, seven corporals, 
three musicians and ninety-four privates, making a total of
ninety-eight men, constituted this company during its term of service 
and final mustering out, June 3, 1865. One commissioned officer died 
of wounds, two non-commissioned officers died of disease; three 
privates were killed in action, two were wounded and five died of 

Company D.
Benjamin F. Butler.                     Levin B. Day.
First Lieutenants.
William T. Day.                         George W. Joseph.
Second Lieutenant.
Purnell I. Pettijon.
First Sergeant.
Isaac T. Hart. c
Charles Abel. c                         John M.C. Steel. d
Robert M. Joseph.                       Samuel T. Trehearn. c
Greenbury A. Rogers.                    William R. West.

John Calaway.                           Elias Messick. d
George E. Cordray. a                    George Phillips.
William Jefferson.                      John E. Thoroughgood.
Noah Joseph.                            Edmund T. McCalley.
David A. Lawton.                        William E. Wilson.
John S. Gallagher.
William S. Pepper.
Bailey, John.                           Megee, John R.
Bailey, William H.                      Megee, Moses
Bignal, David E.                        Megee, William H.
Butcher, Richard                        Milman, Elisha E.
Cain, William                           Murray, Daniel
Clendaniel, Kendal B.                   Piper, Benjamin
Colburn, Joseph M. e                    Poarem, Gustave
Collins, William T.                     Reynolds, Charles P.
Conaway, Miles M. c                     Reynolds, Lewis
Day, William P.                         Russell, William d
Dora, John H.                           Salmons, James d
Gorlee, George H. d                     Salmons, William c
Griffith, McIlvoy                       Sherdon, Philip K.
Hand, Nebrehiah C.                      Shockley, James
Harty, Eli                              Short, William H. c
Hatchens, Hinsey c                      Smith, David R.W. d
Johnson, Henry W.                       Smith, Henry C.
Johnson, John W. c                      Stephens, John H.
Johnson, Josiah                         Stockley, Jacob W. d
Johnson, Samuel B.                      Tindall, Charles b
Johnson, William B. c                   Torbert, William H.
Jorgton, Emiel                          Vincent, Short W.
Joseph, James H.                        Vickers, Joseph K.
Joseph, Joshua B.                       Walls, George
Joseph, Sylvester d                     Walls, Greenbury
Joseph, William d                       Walls, Henry R.
Kimmey, James M.                        Walls, John H.
L’andt, Francis W. E.                   Warrington, John T.c
Lawson, William                         Wert, Phillip E.
Layton, Richard                         Wert, Robert H.
Marriner, William                       Wilson, Alexander
Martin, Hugh                            Wilson, Dagworthy D.
Martin, William H.                      Wilson, George F.
Marvil, Lemuel H.                       Winson, Isaac W.
Mathews, Wingate                         

Supplement.— Two captains, two first lieutenants, one second 
lieutenant, one first sergeant, six sergeants, ten corporals, two 
musicians and sixty-eight privates, making a total of ninety-two men, 
constituted this company during its term of service, and its final 
mustering out, June 3, 1865. One commissioned officer was killed in 
action, three were wounded and two died of disease; seven privates 
were wounded, seven died of disease, one died of wounds and one died 
from accident.

Company E.
James E. Baily.                         John M. Wallace.
William H. Plunkett. a
First Lieutenants.
Benjamin T. Hutchinson.                 John T. Simmons.
Dagworthy D. Joseph.
Second Lieutenant.
William D. Sparks.
First Sergeants.
Thomas Hall.                            Lorenzo D. Wilson.
Abijah Corson. a                        Robert F. Gamble.
Charles English.                        James R. Mason.
Alfred Erickson.                        George Snitcher.

Charles L. Carr.
William Conaway.
William Donnelly.
John R. Holledger.
James Steene. c
Samuel Fife.                            John Sanders.
Alexander, Robert                       Laus, William J.
Atkinson, Robert                        Leech, John
Baily, Thomas J.                        Lewis, Samuel
Bills, Samuel F. a                      Loomis, William
Bradford, John R.                       Mahone, Abel S.
Bright, William A.                      Martin, Hugh
Brison, James                           Mathison, John J.
Burk, Michael                           McGrath, Terrence
Burton, Richard b                       McPike, Michael
Carey, John                             McQueg, John
Clark, William                          Monahan, Henry
Clifton, David d                        Murphy, Collins T.
Cole, Thomas                            Murray, William
Connell, James                          Myers, William
Cork, Jacob                             Newkron, Lewis
Cox, Brinton                            O’Donnell, Thomas d
Crouscup, George R.                     Ogle, Joseph
Daniel, William R. a                    Pierce, John W.
Davidson, Isaac                         Potts, John
Diar, Jeremiah                          Robinson, Curtis
Donahue, William                        Robinson, Joshua B.
Dooling, Daniel d                       Robinson, William E.
Donahue, John                           Robinson, William W.
Draper, Isaac                           Rudolph, John e
Draught, John                           Russell, William
Fischler, William                       Scott, Benjamin F.
Flinn, Michael                          Sedlaczek, Adolph
Frank, George                           Short, Francis
Fry, Orlando                            Short, Zebulon
Gerry, Joseph.                          Simmons, Samuel W.
Gordon, John                            Sparks, Joseph W.
Grady, James.                           Sullivan, Robert
Green, Robert.                          Sweetwood, Valentine
Graff, Peter                            Thompson, George
Hamilton, Joseph                        Toner, Daniel
Hanna, Alfred                           Townsend, James H.a
Hays, Thomas d                          Truitt, Samuel
Hogan, Daniel c                         Valdue, Ernest c
Holsten, John                           Walls, Littlebury
Howell, William                         Walton, Thomas
Jakes, Lewis c                          Warden, Frank
Jester, George                          Warner, Thomas
Jester, Jonathan                        Webster, John
Johnson, George B.                      White, Edward
Jones, Richard                          Wilson, James A.

Jones Samuel                            Wright, Charles A.

Kiehl, Jacob                            Wright, John R.

King, Theodore S.                       Woods, William

Kirby, James.                           Wyatt, Daniel

Klosterman, Frederick

Supplement.— Three captains, three first lieutenants, one second 
lieutenant, one first sergeant, seven sergeants, six corporals, two 
musicians and ninety-nine privates, making a total of one hundred and 
twenty-two men, constituted this company during its term of service 
and its final mustering out, June 3, 1865. One commissioned officer 
was killed in action; one non-commissioned officer was killed in 
action and one was wounded; three privates were killed in action, 
three were wounded, one died of wounds, four died of disease and one 
died from an accident.

Company F.

Horace A. Lewis.                        William J. McKaig.
First Lieutenants.
A.L. Anderson.                          William W. Ewbanks.

Second Lieutenants.
Daniel Clifton.                         John E. Willey. c
First Sergeant.
John H. Dickinson. c
John Albright.                          George W. Ward. c
John E. Birney.                         Joshua Willey. a
Alexander D. Maxwell.                   Job P. Wilson. c
Edward McGovern b                       James H. Young.
Theodore Milton.

William A. Anderson.                    Andrew Hass. c
John P. Booth. a                        Ferdinand Nichols.
John H. Collison.                       John St. Ledger.
David Ardrie.                           Thomas H. Wingate. a
James F. Engle.

Adams, Garrett                          Meredith, John
Adams, George                           McCafferty, James a
Adams, Nathan                           McCoughey, Mathey
Adams, William                          McDonough, Edward
Artis, Richard b                        McGeen, Edward
Bardsley, James                         McGonigal, John
Bermont, Samuel                         McGunness, James
Blessington, Joseph                     McNeal, James
Bornett, Peter b                        Mills, Alexander
Bosshard, Jacob                         Mousley, John
Brown, Henry c                          Mutlin, John
Brown, John H.                          O’Bryan, Samuel
Bussell, John                           Parwaters, William
Butterworth, James                      Pettysha, James
Clark, Stephen                          Pryor, Freadius A.b
Clifton, George                         Redden, John
Conner, James                           Richardson, George
Cooper, Michael                         Rinkard, Edward

Cox, Joseph B.                          Roberts, John H.
Cox, Joshua d                           Rose, John W.
Dougherty, John                         Schmidt, Henry
Dougherty, Michael                      Searles, William
Downing, Timothy                        Shepheard, George
Fitzmorris, James                       Smith, George
Ford, Slayter d                         Smith, John
Founds, Lewis H.                        Smith, Philip
French, Edward                          Steward, Robert
Gallagher, Thomas                       Strode, David H. c
Gibbons, James                          Sullivan, Dennis a
Glausin, Elias                          Talley, George
Green, John                             Taylor, Robert
Hadden, John d                          Temple, John B.
Hanily, John                            Tetlow, John
Holmes, Thomas                          Thorp, James b
Holston, George                         Toland, Michael
Hoeding, Foster C.                      Traugher, Israel
Hummell, Wolfgang                       Tucker, James
Jester, Isaac                           Wardell, Alexander
Jones, Benjamin B.                      Watchinson, Thomas
Jones, George W. c                      Weadman, Jacob c
Justison, Martin M.                     Wiggins, George W.
Kelley, John                            West, Eli
Keran, Frederick                        Woodbery, William
Kinsel, Joseph a                          

Supplement.— Two captains, two first lieutenants, two second 
lieutenants, one first sergeant, nine sergeants, eight corporals, one 
musician and eighty-five privates, making a total of one hundred and 
ten men, constituted this company during its term of service and its 
final mustering out, June 3, 1865. One commissioned’ officer was 
wounded; three non-commissioned officers were killed in action, four 
were wounded and one died of wounds; three privates were killed in 
action, four were wounded, four died of wounds and three died of 


Company G.
George W. Joseph.                      James L. Quigg.

First Lieutenants.
Horace Lewis.                          Osbourn Watson.
William H. Stout.
Second Lieutenants.
John H. Collins.                       John M. Dunn. a
First Sergeants.
James B. Carpenter.                    John L. Goldy.
William W. Ewbanks.                    John S. Williams.

John Morgan. c                         Joseph H.S. Ward.
William Prettyman.                     Thomas Woodens.
Benjamin F. Baker.                     Robert Moore.
James Curns.                           William C. Truitt. c
John F. Hollins.                       George W. Welch.
William H Hudson.
Benjamin M. Beesby.                    John C. Ferguson.
Adams, Richard                         Lloyd, Charles A.c
Alcorn, James                          McFadden, Charles
Banning, James L.                      McFadden, John
Banning, James W.                      McLarren, John
Barry, David                           Montoto, Genava
Beck, Henry                            Morgan, Zebedee
Bishe, Lewis                           Myers, William
Bliss, William                         O’Brady, James H.
Botts, Minane                          Parvis, James
Brown, Charles                         Passwaters, Joseph
Brown, Joseph F.                       Passwaters, William B.
Burns, Thomas W.                       Peterman, Edward
Budd, Samuel W.                        Phessant, William H.H.
Caball, Richard F. c                   Queen, James
Calhoun, James P.                      Randall, Thomas
Chandler, James W.                     Reese, George

Cowell, Thomas                         Richter, Joseph
Condon, George                         Ripp, Henry
Devine, Charles                        Roach, Stephen
Dickerson, Allison                     Robertson, Joseph
Dilihay, John                          Robinson, John
Dorane, Thomas                         Sarde, John H.
Ebbling, Robert                        Scott, James H.
Ellsworth, Joshua d                    Searles, William
Faulkner, William H.                   Shultz, Adam
Frazer, John                           Smith, Henry
Gillecy, Patrick                       Smith, James
Hall, Henry                            Smith, John
Harrington, Jonathan D. c              Smith, William F.
Hussey, William D.                     Smyth, Thomas
Heartly, George                        Sloane, George
Henry, Philip                          Stevenson, William F.c
Hickman, Burton d                      Talley, John C.
Hobbs, Sylvester H.                    Voss, William. c
Hollinger, Thomas H. d                 Ward, William B.
Holston, James H.                      Webb, Mason D.
Hopple, George G.                      Webb, William H.H.
Jones, James H. b                      West, Henry d
Knight, John H.                        Weygand, John
Limb, William                          Woodruff, A.H. d

Supplement.— Two captains, three first lieutenants, two second 
lieutenants, four first sergeants, four sergeants, seven corporals, 
two musicians and seventy-four privates, making a total of ninety-
eight men, constituted this company during its term of service and 
its final mustering out, June 3, 1865. One commissioned officer was 
killed in action; two non-commissioned officers were wounded; one 
private died of wounds, three died of disease and five were wounded.

Company H.
John H. Cade.                          Thomas Draper.

First Lieutenant.
John Shilling.
Second Lieutenants.
Manuel Eyre, Jr.                       Horace A. Lewis.
First Sergeants.
Horatio Cornell.                       William S. Main.
John U. Harrington. d                  Charles W. Prettyman.
Patrick McMonaugh.                     James E. Trezzere. d
James R. Carney.                       John Mills.
Alexander S. Dill, Sr.                 Isaac F. Spicer.
William Houck. c                       Edward Stubbs. c
Martin U. Lodge.                       Henry Wainwright.
Joshua Lofland. d                      George W. Wilcox.

James McGrinder.                       George H. King.
Arg, Joseph                            Kirk, John
Banks, Joshua B.                       Kirk, William
Baker, George                          Kossman, Edward c
Barnett, Elias H.                      Leonard, James P. 
Bickering, Henry                       Lodge, John R.
Billings, Thomas                       Lofland, Trusten P.
Butterworth, Robert                    Lynch, Noah d
Cain, Daniel                           Massey, Joseph
Carey, Thomas d                        McClafferty, Patrick
Carr, Francis P.                       McHenney, Frank
Clendaniel, John c                     McKimmer, Francis
Conaway, Andrew.                       McLean, Thomas d
Cottman, John                          McNatt, Burton
Cooper, William                        Menner, Thomas
Cox, Aaron W. c                        Morris, James R. b
Dewees, Abram                          Newton, John
Dill, Alexander S.                     Osborn, Joseph T.
Dodd, James S. d                       Palmer, John S.
Downham, James                         Pepper, Thomas B.
Dyer, Stephen c                        Reynolds, William
Egloft, John                           Reynolds, William H. a
Fields, Joseph H.                      Rhoades, Thomas
Finan, John                            Secore, Caleb
Floyd, James                           Sharp, Isaac
Foster, Robert H. d                    Simmons, John
Frank, Louis N.                        Smith James b
Franks, Charles H.                     Smith, William
Gunner, John                           Steel, Jacob
Hazzard, David T.                      Vaulkinson, Augustus
Hess, Joseph                           Walls, John H.
Hood, Burton                           Walls, Nehemiah W.
Hood, James                            Walls, William d
Hazzard, Peter                         Warrington, William B.
Heathers, Horatio N.                   Watson, Robert
Hurd, Mark                             Webb, Joseph
Jackson, Garrett.                      Whittle, Richard.
Jalls, Jacob                           White, William H.
Jester, Aaron                          Williams, James
Jester, Henry                          Wilson, William
Johnes, William H. d                   Wrigley, Joseph
Keeley, John

Supplement.— Two captains, one first lieutenant, two second 
lieutenants, two first sergeants, four sergeants, ten corporals, two 
musicians and eighty-one privates, making a total of one hundred and 
four men, constituted this company during its term of service and its 
final mustering out, June 3, 1865. Two non-commissioned officers were 
wounded and three died of disease; one private was killed in action, 
four were wounded, two died of wounds and seven died of disease.


Company I.
James E. Stewart. c
First Lieutenants.
Lewis C. Grubb.                        Mahlon H. Preston.

Second Lieutenant.
George C. Webb.
First Sergeants.
Manuel Eyre, Jr.                       Samuel H. Haas. c
Samuel W. Catmell.                     John Hart.
Joseph G. Crossland.                   Richard U. Kerby.
Henry A. Beck.                         Nathaniel S. Longfellow. d
William Gorman. d                      Amos Singley.
John A. Husbands. b                    John Smith.
Andrego T. Poulson.                    Elwood L. Wilson.
Algie, John L. c                       Jones, George
Armstrong, Hugh N.                     Lewis, George
Baer, John                             Lewis, James G.
Bainbridge, John                       Lewis, William
Baker, William                         Luffmann, Martin M.
Bartle, Samuel a                       Marshall, Denton
Berry, William                         Mathewson, Luther
Bond, William                          McVay, Henry.
Budworth, John                         Miller, William
Burty, Edward M.                       Morris, James K.P.
Camac, William                         Murry, John
Campbell, James F.                     Myers, Lewis T.
Cant, Thomas d                         Myres, Peter
Champion, William                      Nolen, Charles W. c
Coleman, John H.                       Omehaney, Timothy.
Cozens, Henry D.                       Paynter, James H.
Cullen, Francis.                       Phillips, John R.
David, T. Hickman.                     Reed, John
Davis, John                            Scofield, Benjamin
Davis, William                         Scofield, James
Devlin, Charles                        Sheer, Adam
Dinsmore, James M.                     Simmons, John G. d
Dressen, Henry                         Simmons, John R. c
Dyer, John W.                          Skulper, John D.
Edward Hammond (wagoner).              Smith, Harry H.
Engle, John                            Striessguth, Ernest
Fleming, Henry b                       Tatum, Charles.
Ford, Allen                            Thomas, L.R.
Franciss, Carroll                      Tibbit, Richard B. a
Gallagher, Lewis                       Timlin, John
Gorman, Thomas                         Veith, Andrew
Grinder, Christian b                   George, Henry (wagoner). a
Hanna, Jacob                           Warren, Purnell J.
Hankins, Eldrid G.                     Watson, George
Harris, John S.                        Westly, George L.
Henry, Charles J.                      Wickey, John
Hickey, George C.                      William H. Reeder (corporal).
High, Israel P.                        Wilson, Charles
Hood, Frank                            Wilson, James
Hosler, William d                      Worthington, Charles
Inpont, Valentine                      Young, William

Supplement.— One captain, two first lieutenants, one second lieutenant, 
two first sergeants, four sergeants, six corporals, two musicians and 
eighty-two privates, making a total of one hundred men, constituted 
this company during its term of service and its final mustering out, 
June 3, 1865. One commissioned officer was wounded, one non-commissioned 
officer died of wounds, two died of disease and one was wounded; three 
privates were killed in action, three were wounded, two died of wounds 
and three died of disease.

Company K.
James H. Barker.

First Lieutenant.
Richard E. Smith.

Second Lieutenants.
Joseph D. Dagworthy.                      George W. Scott.
William S. Main. b

First Sergeants.
Patrick Fitzgerald.                       Albert Younghanus.

John S. Harvey.                           Charles Munson.
Rachab Holton.                            James Perkins.
Daniel Montique.

Samuel Betts, a                           Samuel P. Jones.
Charles Clarkson.                         James Shaw.
Kendle B. Clendaniel.                     William Smith.
Michenel Fitzgerald.

Alexander Jebna.

Bailey, Lorenzo D.                        Jones, David
Barcroft, Stephen                         Joseph, Joshua B.
Barlow, Felix T.                          Joseph, Sylvester C. d
Barlow, Nicholas                          Klintner, Clinton
Bennett, Stephen B.                       Knight, John H.
Bosman, Christopher                       Lawless, John
Bosman, John.                             Lewis, William
Bostil, William.                          Lloyd, John L.

Boston, John                              Lloyd, Thomas
Cantwell, George                          Loag, James
Carroll, Thomas.                          Lynch, Levi
Collins, Isaac T.                         Marks, Edwin
Collins, Isaac T.                         Marks, Edwin
Collins, James H.                         Marshall, Thomas
Connaughton, Thomas                       Marvel, Lemuel H.
Cullen, Burton d                          Marvel, Lemuel H.
Daniels, Samuel                           Massey, James T.
Doyle, Patrick                            Massey, William W.
Dunbar, William                           McCarty, Charles C.
Dunham, Mathew d                          McClane, John a
Elliott, Andrew W.                        McNichols, Andrew
Elliott, Andrew W.                        Moore, James d
Ellis, Achillis                           Moore, John
Ennis, Frank N.                           Morgan, James
Esom, William                             O’Neal, Anthony
Flanery, Michael                          O’Neal, Anthony
Floyd, James                              Pettyjohn, James
Forkum, John                              Prettyman, William E.
Francis, Melchior.                        Read, John H.
French, Joseph H.                         Robinson, Ennels W.
French, Joseph H.                         Sarde, James
Glenn, John                               Shaw, Stephen S. d
Hall, William W.                          Simkins, Marcus d
Hankins, Eldad L.                         Stear, Curtis H.
Hasting, Joseph H.                        Stevens, Elijah
Heller, Purnell                           Struble, John
Higgins, Joseph.                          Thompson, William
Hirsch, George                            Wagner, John
Honey, Joseph                             Watson, George
Hoopes, William.                          Williams, William S.
Hording, Joseph                           Williams, William S.
Jester, Jacob                             Wingate, George
Jines, George T.                          Wright, William
Jines, George T.                        

Supplement.— One captain, one first lieutenant, three second 
lieutenants, two first sergeants, five sergeants, seven corporals, 
one musician and eighty-seven privates, making a total of one hundred 
and seven men, constituted this company, during its term of service 
and its final mustering out, June 3, 1865. One commissioned officer 
died of wounds and one non-commissioned officer was killed in action; 
one private was killed in action and six died of disease.

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