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Early Asbury Cemetery Burials
Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware


Extracted from:

               HISTORY OF DELAWARE, 1609  1888.

               J. Thomas  Scharf, A.M., LL.D.,

            PHILADELPHIA: L.J. RICHARDS & CO. 1888.

ASBURY CHURCH CEMETERY was laid out about the time the church was 
founded, in 1785. Among those interred in this burying-ground are 
the following:

Rev. Robert Gerry, twice pastor of Asbury Church, born Jan. 30, 1799, 
  died May 9, 1856.

Rev. Solomon Prettyman, first president of Wesleyan Female College 
  in Wilmington, born in Sussex County, died at Louisville, Kentucky,
  May 9, 1856.

Dr. Allen McLane died February 14, 1845, aged fifty-five.

Samuel McLane, died 1831, aged twenty-seven.

George Read McLane, M.D., died in Wisconsin, 1855, aged thirty-four.

John Hagany, for many years a zealous and useful local preacher, 
  died May 25, 1845, aged sixty-eight.

Rev. Samuel Wood, 1851, aged eighty-two.

John D. Moore, 1858, aged sixty-five.

Allen McLane, "distinguished in the War of the Revolution, from its 
  commencement to its close, as a gallant officer and a devoted 
  patriot. He was for many years an officer in the State and National
  Government," born in Philadelphia August, 1746; died in Wilmington,
  May 29, 1829, in his eighty-third year.

Allen McLane, born in Kent County, 1750, died in Wilmington, 1807, 
  "a devout Christian uniformly exemplary in the performance of his 

Benjamin M. Barron died July 25, 1859, aged fifty-six years For
  thirty-five years he was a pilot on the Delaware River for the 
  "Pilot," Robert Morris," "Ohio" and other steamboats.

Rev. Thomas Lamplugh, a local preacher, born 1813, died 1877.

Philip Chapelle died October 19, 1795, aged sixty.

Enoch Moore, the ship-builder, died October 12, 1822, aged fifty-

John Moore died August 22, 1832.

William Jones, tomb covered by marble slab with inscription erased.

James L. Hawkins died May 17, 1858; Susannah, his wife, April 21, 1846.

George W. Johnson, born 1809. For thirty years was sexton of church.

Rebecca, wife of Dr. Edward Worrell, born 1780, died 1851.

M. Dawson, died February 18, 1812, aged seventy-one. Sarah Dawson, 
  his wife, 1823, aged seventy-seven.

Rev. John Jarrell died May 22, 1796, aged forty.

Isaac Solomon died September 1, 1842, aged eighty.

Anna M. Simmons died June 14, 1844, aged forty.

Thomas Titus, born 1808, died 1870; was many years a prominent member 
  of Asbury Church.

John Williams, born 1775, died 1847.

John Hardy died February 27, 1853; aged fifty-eight.

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