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Early Old Swedes' Cemetery Burials
Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware


Extracted from:

               HISTORY OF DELAWARE, 1609 – 1888.

               J. Thomas  Scharf, A.M., LL.D.,

            PHILADELPHIA: L.J. RICHARDS & CO. 1888.

As the earliest settlers upon the Delaware brought with them the 
animosities and contentions of their native lands, and besides 
fighting out in their new homes the ancient grudges of England, 
Holland and Sweden, often shouldered arms to save themselves from 
being driven into the sea by the Indians, the establishment of 
cemeteries, an attendant of peace and civilization, was not a primary 
object with them. But when the Swedes set up their church at Crane 
Hook, south of the mouth of the Christiana Creek, they had a burial-
place attached to it, and upon the erection of Old Swedes’ (now 
Trinity) Church, in 1698, they laid out a plot of surrounding earth 
to receive the bodies of their dead. It was then far-distant from 
any settlements, and interments must have been attended with the 
expenditure of much time and trouble. The earliest graves in this 
cemetery are unmarked. The following are the inscriptions on some of 
the oldest tombs and monuments: William Vandevere, born 1656, died 
Nov. 1719; Breta Cock, died 1726; Catharine, her sister, two days 
later. Alice, wife of Samuel Kirk, died 1732, aged 63 years. Elizabeth, 
wife of Timothy Stidham, 1737, aged 42 years. Peter, son of Hance and 
Mary Smith 1747, aged 27 years. John, son of Israel and Susannah 
Stalcup, 1747, aged 26 years. Ingeborg Stidham, daughter of Peter and 
Ingeborg Jaquet, born 1690, married Lucy Stidham 1715; died 1748.

Mary Smidt, born 1697, went to Sweden 1714 returned 1721; died Nov. 
  19, 1750.

Casparus, son of Cornelius and Mary Jaquet, died 1755, aged thirty-
  five years.

Jesper Poulsen, died 1763, aged seventy-three years.

Henry Colesbury, died 1760, aged fifty-eight years.

Peter Hendrickson, died 1761, aged fifty-five years.

William Hedges, died 1765, aged thirty-eight years.

Morton Justis, died 1765, aged seventy-seven years.

William Derickson, died June 1, 1766, aged sixty-two years.

John Linam, died 1768, aged forty-six years.

Ingebar Robinson, died 1768, aged sixty-four years.

William Tussey, died 1771, aged sixty-six years.

Elizabeth, wife of Henry Colesbury, died 1771, aged sixty-two years.

Lydia, wife of Thomas Gilpin, daughter of Evan Rice, died 1775, aged 
  twenty-eight years.

Gabriel Springer, died 1781, aged thirty-one years.

Ann Justis, died 1781, aged thirty-one years.

Anna Maria Tussey, died 1786, aged seventy-eight years.

Mary Justis, wife of Swen Justis, died 1785, aged fifty-four years.

Swen Justis died Jan. 19, 1792, aged sixty-six years.

Peter Abraham Girelius, died Sept. 18, 1786, aged nineteen days. This 
  was the son of Lawrance Girelius, the last Swedish minister of the 
  Old Church.

Elizabeth Justis, wife of John Justis, died 1795, aged forty years.

John Justis, died 1805, aged fifty-five years.

Major Peter Jaquett, an officer of the Revolution, born April 6, 1755, 
  died at Long Hook Farm, near Wilmington, September 13, 1834. 
  Elizabeth P. Jaquett, his wife, born November 25, 1769, died May 
  5, 1834.

Brooke T. Turner, born in Manchester, England, 1792, died 1867. 
  Elizabeth, his wife, born in Pennsylvania, 1802, died 1884.

Jonathan Saville, died 1849, aged seventy-eight years; Harriet, his 
  wife, 1859, aged eighty-six years.

Captain John Gallagher, (U.S. Navy), died 1842, aged fifty-eight 

Rebecca B. Justice, born 1789, died 1867.

Th. Jenifer Adams, born 1796, died 1865; Isabella, his wife, died 
  1857, aged fifty-five years.

Cornelius Derrickson, born 1812, died 1881.

John A. Banning, died 1854, aged sixty-four years; Elizabeth, his 
  wife, died 1861, aged sixty-seven years.

Cloud Elliot, died 1824, aged thirty-seven years; Eliza, his wife, 
  died 1872, aged eighty-four years.

Benjamin Elliot, died 1854, aged seventy-six years; Mary, his wife, 
  died 1836, aged sixty-two years.

John Paulson, Esq., died 1838, aged sixty-four years.

Dr. Richard Colegate Dale, died 1818, aged forty-seven years.

James Ashton Bayard, born 1799, died 1880; Anna Francis, wife of 
  James A. Bayard, born 1802, died 1864.

Thomas R. Brinckle, M.D., born in Kent County, 1804, died in 
  Philadelphia, 1853. These words are inscribed on the tall granite 
  shaft: "In memory of one whose blameless life was passed in the 
  constant practice of good deeds. A man eminently just, upright and 
  sincere in purpose and action, loyal, devoted, faithful, unselfish 
  and generous in all his relations. This monument is erected by his 

Jacob Derickson, died 1840, aged sixty-nine years; Sarah, his wife, 
  died 1847, aged seventy-six years.

Jacob Derrickson, born 1781, died 1851, aged seventy years.

Perrine Victore Virginie Canchois, a native of St. Domingo, died 
  1828, aged thirty eight years.

Florengio Andre Verrier, born in St. Domingo, 1799, died at Eden 
  Park, Wilmington, 1860; E.M. Garesché, his wife, born 1814, died 

William Hamon, of St. Domingo, born in France, died in Philadelphia, 
  1816, aged sixty years.

Cora Margaret Garesché, born 1820, died 1838.

Helen Cruon Bauduy, wife of J.B. Bauduy, of St. Domingo, died 1815, 
  aged sixty-five years.

Ferdinand Bauduy, died 1814, aged twenty-five years.

Maria Francisca Regina Joubert, wife of Col. Louis Tousard, one of 
  the Society of Cincinnati, died July 20, 1794.

J. Garesché du Rocher, born in St. Domingo, 1740, died in Wilmington, 

Elizabeth Garesché, died 1803, aged forty-three years.

Alfred Francis, died at Philadelphia, 1842, aged twenty-seven years.

John James Ullmann, born 1754, in Strasburg, France, died 1811.

John Payon, born in Jamaica, died 1799, aged forty-four years.

William H. Keating, born in Wilmington, 1799, died in London, 1840.

Isaac Stidham, Esq., died 1824, aged sixty years.

John Stidham, born 1760, died 1839.

David Stidham, died 1838, aged sixty-nine years.

William Gayley, died 1848 aged seventy-eight years; Stena, his wife 
  1849, aged eighty-one years.

John Elliot, died 1849, aged eighty-two years.

John Hedges, born 1776, died 1865.

Urban D. Hedges, M.D., born 1809, died 1865.

Solomon Sharp (surgeon in United States Navy), born 1806, died 1870.

George Stevenson, died 1829, aged sixty-nine years.

John Baptist Bretton Deschapelle, born in Leogane, in the Island of 
  St. Domingo, died in Wilmington, January 19, 1795, aged thirty-six 
  years; his daughter, Elulalia Keating, died 1805, aged twenty-nine 
  years; John Keating, died in Philadelphia, 1824, aged twenty-five 

Elizabeth Parlin, daughter of Rev. Peter Tranberg and wife of Rev. 
  Olove Parlin, died 1802, aged seventy-two years.

John Gordon, died 1847, aged sixty-four years. Ann, his wife, born 
  1787, died 1869.

John Armond Monges died at Matagorda, Texas, 1840, aged fifty-nine 

Francis O’Daniel, born 1768, died 1827. Isabella, hie wife, born 1777, 
  died 1812.

William F. O’Daniel, born 1807, died 1862. Sarah, his wife, born 1810, 
  died 1862.

Timothy Jackson, died 1812, aged sixty-two years.

Henrietta M. Allmond, died 1844, aged thirty-two years.

Ann Maria Griffin, wife of George Griffin, died 1824, aged twenty-four 

John Allmond, died 1832, aged seventy-one years. Beulah, hie wife, 
  died 1852.

John G. Allmond, born 1796, died 1830. Jane, his wife, born 1803, 
  died 1881.

Solomon Higgins, M.D., born 1839, died 1881.

William Derickson, died 1766, aged sixty-two years.

Captain Hugh Montgomery, "associated with the Continental Congress to 
  import arms and ammunition, sailed from Wilmington on the perilous 
  enterprise, and in the harbor of St. Thomas hoisted the first flag 
  of Independence." He died 1780, aged thirty years.

Rachel Montgomery, died 1825, aged seventy-five years.

Elizabeth Montgomery, died February 25, 1863, aged eighty-four years. 
  She was the author of the "Reminiscences of Wilmington."

John Elliott, 1849, aged eighty two. Rebecca, his wife, 1836, aged 
  sixty-two years.

William Derrickson, died 1766, aged sixty-six years.

Rev. Charles Ewbank McIlvaine, born 1839, died 1876.

Rev. C.A. Spooner, born 1798, died 1883. Mary Collins, his wife, born
  1816, died 1882.

Julia White, wife of Alfred Lee, born 1811, died 1868.

William Kirk, died 1811, aged forty-seven years. Susannah, his wife, 
  died 1837, aged sixty-eight years.

William Donman, born 1789, died 1828.

William Hedges, died 1765, aged thirty-eight years.

Mary James, died 1833, aged eighty years.

Harry Sharpley, born 1846, died 1886.

Dr. William Horsey, died 1807, aged twenty-four years.

Samuel White, Esq., died 1809, aged thirty-four years.

Margaret S. Barker, wife of Joseph Barker, daughter of Judge John 
  Laws, of Sussex County, died 1819, aged forty-three years.

Joseph Eugene Capelle, M.D., died 1796, aged twenty-nine years.

Ann Magdaline, wife of Rev. Ralph Williston, died 1825.

Joanna, widow of Rev. Arthur Hamilton, died 1807, aged sixty-seven 

Joseph Springer, 1832, aged ninety-two. Anna, his wife, 1824, aged 

James Grimshaw, M.D., died 1853.

William Peach, died November, 1880, aged eighty years. John Peach, 
  September, 1860, in his eighty ninth year.

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Niell, died May, 1779, aged twenty-three 

Marcia Patterson, died 1786, aged forty-five years.

Jane Morris, died December, 1794.

Samuel Little died 1814, aged sixty-four years.

Christopher Tennant, died 1840, in his sixty-fifth year.

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