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1850 Burke County, Georgia Mortality Schedule
From the United States Federal Census

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================            ===      ======    ===========  ==============   ===============
ALLEN, Sarah Ann            28       F         GA           November         M
ANTHONY, Margaret C.        4mo      F         GA           May
ARCHER, Thomas              2mo      M         GA           December
ATAWAY, Paralee             6        F         SC           October
ATAWAY, William             1mo      M         SC           January
BARRON, William             54       M         GA           October          M
BAXTER, R. infant           1wk      M         GA           August
BELE, Rufus                 8mo      M         GA           October
BELSHER, A infant           7mo
BLOUNT, Leroy               1mo      M         AL           October
BRINSON, Cyprian            16       M         GA           April
BROWN, Mary A.              28       F         GA           July             M
BROWN, Mary T.              3mo      F         GA           July
BUNN, Moses                 1        M         GA           September
BURNETT, Zoe                3        F         GA           September
CLARK, Elizabeth            29       F         SC           August           M
CLARKE, Sarah               44       F         GA           January          M
COOP / COOS, Samuel J.      6        M         GA           September
DANIEL, Simeon              17       M         GA           February
DARLINGTON, Martha          43       F         SC           April            W
DIXON, Delaware             2        M         GA           August
DODD, Jane                  35       F         GA           June             M
FEELOY, James               40       M         IRE          November
FIRTH, Zachery              8mo      M         GA           September
FLANAGAN, Mary J.           2mo      F         GA           December
FOSTER, John W.             2mo      M         GA           October
FUTREL, Levi                21       M         GA           February
GAINES, Levi                31       M         GA           January
GANEY, Benjamin             1mo      M         GA           December
GODBEE, Henry               47       M         GA           February         M
GODBEE, James A.            24       M         GA           October
GODBEE, James H.            76       M         GA           October          W
GODBEE, Mary                85       F         GA           April            W
GODBEE, Palmyra V.          2        F         GA           March
GODBEE, Samuel              59       M         GA           March            M
HAM, Martha A.E.            8mo      F         GA           October
HAMPTON, William E.         3mo      M         GA
HANKERSON, Wm B's infant    3d       M         GA           April
HATCHER, Ellington          9mo      M         GA           October
HENDERSON, Sabra            60       F         SC           February         W
HILL, Gilleen               28       M         GA           May
HILLIS, William P.          1mo      M         GA           June
INMAN, Mary E.E.            4mo      F         GA           April
JOHNS, Sarah                50       F         GA           February         W
JONES, James M.             24       M         GA           July
KONEMAN, Sarah C.           1        F         GA           March
LAWSON, Fannie J.           9mo      F         GA           May
LEWIS, Benjamin S.          4        M         GA           September
LEWIS, Elam B's infant      1mo      M         GA           September
LEWIS, Eugenia              8        F         GA           February
LEWIS, Julia                23       F         GA           October
LEWIS, Savannah             7        F         GA           February
MARTIN, Ann E.E.            11       F         SC           March
MOBLEY, Christopher         1mo      M         GA           July
MOORE, Daniel L.            6        M         GA           July
MURPHREE, Emily V.          1        F         GA           December
NELSON, Julia V.            1        F         GA           February
OATES, John S.              3        M         GA           April
OVERSTREET, Eliza           10       F         GA           May
OWENS, Elizabeth            63       F         SC           January          M
PEEL, Fereby                30       F         GA           May              M
PERRY, Eliza C.             1        F         GA           July
PERRY, James D.             6        M         GA           Nov.
PERRY, Julia C.             7mo      F         GA           July
PIERCE, Rebecca             60       F         GA           November         W
PONDER, Sarah Y.            18       F         GA           October
ROBERTS, John W.            5mo      M         SC           July
ROBERTS, Matison            38       M         GA           March            M
ROE, Joseph A.              33       M         GA           February
ROSIER, Jane E.             30       F         GA           January
ROYALL, Alexr.T.            6mo      M         GA           October
SAPP, Everett               46       M         SC           February         M
SAXON, Margaret             32       F         GA           October          M
SHARPE, William             33       M         PA           January
SKINNER, Thomas             10d      M         GA           October
SPEARS, Lavina              8mo      F         GA           December
SPRINGER, Oriman V.         5mo      F         GA           July
SPRINGER, Webster A.        1mo      M         GA           July
STRAIN, Isaac               52       M         SC           February         M
TAYLOR, George D.           40       M         VA
TINDALE, James.             65       M         GA           September        W
TINDALE, Lourania           55       F         GA           August           M
TINDALE, William            38       M         GA           October
TOMPKINS, James M.          15d      M         GA           May
TURNER, Mourning            78       F         NC           July             W
WARD, Mary                  21       F         GA           March
WARNOCK, Elizabeth          37       F         GA           April            M
WEATHERSLY, William         31       M         SC           February         M
WHITE, Daniel               58       M         SC           March            M
WHITEHEAD, Mary A.          2        F         GA           March
WILKINS, Mary               2w       F         GA           August

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