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Dougherty County, Georgia Death Index
From the Albany, Georgia Clerk of Court Records


=========      ==========       ===========          ==========
AARON          BEULAH                                22-Mar-1999
AARON          LUCIOUS                               04-Nov-1999
ABBOTT         ALGIE            HILL                 14-Mar-1982
ABBOTT         GRACIELA                              27-Dec-2000
ABEAR          DOROTHY          JEAN                 03-May-1993
ABEAR          EUREVA                                20-Jan-1997
ABEL           LILA             DOSTER               10-Mar-1968
ABEL           MCHATTON                              17-Dec-1966
ABLE           EUGENE           WALTER               19-Jun-1957
ABLE           INFANT                                02-Nov-1929
ABLES          RAYMOTH          KANSAS ELORA         27-Nov-1970
ABNER          CLARENCE         WELTON               11-Nov-1975
ABRAMS         ANNA                                  15-Sep-1946
ABRAMS         EMORY            PIERCE               31-Aug-1993
ABRAMS         ISIAH                                 23-Aug-1931
ABRAMS         JOHNNIE                               23-Sep-1942
ABRAMS         MARTHA           LAWRENCE             05-Sep-1955
ABRAMS         MARY                                  04-Sep-1939
ABRAMS         ROBERT                                24-Jan-1944
ABT            PETER                                 30-Sep-2000
ACKER          JAMES            WACO                 21-Apr-1949
ACKER          LOUIE            DORN                 27-Apr-1975
ACKERLY        HOWARD           HEWLETTE             08-Nov-1926
ACKERLY        MINNIE           HEWLETT              26-Jan-1952
ACKERMAN       GLADYS                                22-Mar-1984
ACKLEY         DOROTHY          MARIE                28-Dec-1962
ACREE          ANNIE            RUTH                 31-Oct-1929
ACREE          DAISY                                 25-Oct-1981
ACREE          DORETHA                               10-Aug-1973
ACREE          HATTIE           R.                   15-Aug-1934
ACREE          JEANETTE                              04-Mar-1995
ACREE          JESSE                                 19-Feb-1981
ACREE          JESSIE           J.                   10-Nov-1998
ACREE          KOVOLSKI         MICHEAL              21-Jan-1989
ACREE          MATTHEW                               03-Jul-2003
ACREE          MELVIN           CHEVINE              02-Jul-1995
ACREE          ROBERT                                19-Dec-1995
ACREE          WILLIE           MAE                  19-Sep-1994
ACREE, JR.     MATTHEW                               04-Jun-1969
ACREE, JR.     MICHAEL          QUANTEARIO           23-May-2000
ACREE, SR.     DAVID                                 30-Dec-1990
ACREE, SR.     GEORGE                                28-Oct-1972
ACREE, SR.     HENRY                                 01-Nov-1999
ACRES          LEVI                                  08-Jan-1990
ADAIR          BEATRICE         LAWRENCE             15-Oct-1987
ADAIR          DELLA                                 15-Apr-1971
ADAIR          DORIS                                 24-Aug-1994
ADAIR          EDDIE            CLIFF                13-Sep-1999
ADAIR          JAMES            ARTHUR               19-Dec-1956
ADAIR          JESSIE           LOYD                 09-Jul-1935
ADAIR          MARGARET         IRENE                30-Nov-2002
ADAIR          MARY             LOUISE               15-May-2001
ADAM           CARRIE           WILL                 17-May-1972
ADAMAVAGE      LOIS             ISABELLE             07-Apr-1980
ADAMS          A.               A.                   27-Aug-1930
ADAMS          ADELINE          FAE                  06-Sep-1998
ADAMS          ALBERT           DOIL                 28-Nov-1997
ADAMS          ALFRED           DOUGLAS              08-Sep-1985
ADAMS          ALMA                                  08-Dec-1977
ADAMS          ALVIN                                 03-Dec-1982
ADAMS          AMBUS                                 19-Apr-1964
ADAMS          ANN              ELIZABETH            18-Dec-1974
ADAMS          ANNIE            CATHERINE            15-Apr-1975
ADAMS          BEAUTY           PORTER               25-Jul-2003
ADAMS          BENJAMIN         CURTIS               22-May-1947
ADAMS          BENJAMIN         HAROLD               29-Jan-1977
ADAMS          BENNIE           LEE                  22-Jan-1976
ADAMS          BERTHA                                03-Jun-1971
ADAMS          BERTHA           LEE                  09-Jul-1998
ADAMS          BESSYE           THOMAS               11-Jan-1968
ADAMS          BETTY            JANE                 17-Jun-2000
ADAMS          BRADY            NEWTON               13-May-1987
ADAMS          BUNCH                                 29-Aug-1984
ADAMS          BUTLER                                01-May-1969
ADAMS          CASSIE                                08-Jun-1958
ADAMS          CHARLES          EARL                 05-Nov-1943
ADAMS          CHARLES          GRIPPER              31-Aug-1965
ADAMS          CHERRY                                10-Nov-1936
ADAMS          CLIFFORD                              24-Oct-1948
ADAMS          CLIFFORD                              26-Nov-1933
ADAMS          COMER                                 24-Mar-1982
ADAMS          CORA             HAYES                20-Jul-1962
ADAMS          DAVID            MARK                 02-Apr-1964
ADAMS          EDWIN            LOUIS                10-May-1993
ADAMS          ELLA             LAROGUE JOINER       02-Nov-1948
ADAMS          ELLIE                                 21-Dec-1990
ADAMS          EMBRIE           EDWARD               07-Sep-1953
ADAMS          EMMA                                  14-Jul-1931
ADAMS          EMMA                                  19-Aug-1992
ADAMS          EMMYE                                 15-Jul-1976
ADAMS          ENOCH                                 24-Dec-1944
ADAMS          ERNEST                                23-May-1952
ADAMS          EUGENE           BROSNAN              29-Jan-1961
ADAMS          EVELENA                               03-Jul-1937
ADAMS          EVELYN                                05-Oct-2003
ADAMS          FLEMMIE                               23-Nov-1988
ADAMS          FRANCES          NOETTE               21-Jul-1989
ADAMS          GARY             WAYNE                14-Sep-1967
ADAMS          HELEN                                 31-Dec-1995
ADAMS          HERBERT          ARTHUR               13-Nov-1982
ADAMS          HETTIE           CLYDE                18-Aug-1985
ADAMS          IDA              MAE                  02-Apr-1988
ADAMS          J.C.                                  13-Dec-1970
ADAMS          JACK             HOWARD               30-Jun-1986
ADAMS          JAMES                                 01-Aug-1965
ADAMS          JAMES                                 19-Sep-1943
ADAMS          JAMES            MARION               08-Nov-1959
ADAMS          JAMES            MITCHELL             27-Aug-1933
ADAMS          JAMES            WILLIAM              26-Aug-1988
ADAMS          JAMES            WILLIS               09-May-1970
ADAMS          JEFF                                  20-Sep-1980
ADAMS          JESSIE           JAMES                17-Dec-1997
ADAMS          JOEL             EDWARD               18-Mar-1982
ADAMS          JOHN             B. GORDON            10-Mar-1937
ADAMS          JOHN             QUINCEY              12-Mar-1978
ADAMS          JOHN             RANDOLPH             08-Jun-1977
ADAMS          JOSEPH           A.                   12-Jul-1976
ADAMS          JOSHUA                                19-Dec-1976
ADAMS          JULY                                  14-Oct-1938
ADAMS          KAREN                                 27-Jul-1991
ADAMS          KIRD             MICHAEL              21-Aug-1955
ADAMS          L.               D.                   10-Dec-1997
ADAMS          LENA                                  15-Dec-1962
ADAMS          LEO                                   18-Oct-1956
ADAMS          LEON             WILLARD              18-Oct-2003
ADAMS          LILLIE           MAE                  24-May-1971
ADAMS          LIZZIE           MAE                  03-Aug-1987
ADAMS          LORETTA                               01-Nov-1998
ADAMS          LOUIS            EURKWARD             29-Jan-2000
ADAMS          LOUIS            HUDSON               26-Mar-1978
ADAMS          LUCILE           SARA BAILEY          03-Jun-1961
ADAMS          LUCILLE                               23-Jan-1954
ADAMS          LUCREACE                              18-Jul-1944
ADAMS          LUCY             MAE                  29-Mar-1993
ADAMS          LULA                                  31-Mar-1978
ADAMS          MARIA            ELIZABETH            18-Jun-2001
ADAMS          MARIAH                                29-Jan-1936
ADAMS          MARIE            FRANCES              27-May-1986
ADAMS          MARY                                  13-Feb-1983
ADAMS          MARY             CAROLYNE             19-May-1972
ADAMS          MARY             LEE                  01-Mar-1978
ADAMS          MARY             RUTH                 10-Jun-1994
ADAMS          MATTIE                                23-Jul-1995
ADAMS          MATTIE                                04-Dec-1975
ADAMS          MATTIE                                31-Dec-1943
ADAMS          MELYNDA          PATRICIA             19-May-1981
ADAMS          MICHAEL          S.                   15-Feb-2002
ADAMS          MILLARD          FILLMORE             10-Jul-1970
ADAMS          MONROE                                23-Jan-1941
ADAMS          MYNETTE                               18-Dec-1991
ADAMS          MYRTIS                                23-Jan-1975
ADAMS          NAOMI                                 28-Mar-1991
ADAMS          NEWTON           ALEDIA               18-Feb-1964
ADAMS          NOAH             EDWARD               18-Sep-1953
ADAMS          PEGGY                                 01-Jan-1934
ADAMS          PERDE                                 16-Oct-1926
ADAMS          PERMELIA         DAVIS                20-Dec-1966
ADAMS          PETER            GRANT                03-Jun-1999
ADAMS          ROBERT           CURTIS               26-Dec-1997
ADAMS          ROSA                                  02-Sep-1939
ADAMS          ROSA             LEE                  06-Jul-1980
ADAMS          RUBY             INEZ                 06-Jan-1986
ADAMS          SADIE            MAY                  29-Feb-1936
ADAMS          SALLY                                 26-Jul-1974
ADAMS          SAM                                   08-Dec-1991
ADAMS          SAM                                   13-Dec-1946
ADAMS          SARA             JANICE               26-Feb-1995
ADAMS          SARAH                                 07-Jan-1976
ADAMS          SARAH            EVELYN               10-Feb-1995
ADAMS          SHEILA                                10-Aug-1999
ADAMS          STEVEN           LEE                  16-Mar-1976
ADAMS          THOMAS           EDWARD               27-Sep-1980
ADAMS          TOMMIE           LOUISE               21-Apr-1983
ADAMS          VERA                                  22-Nov-1970
ADAMS          WALTER                                01-Dec-1949
ADAMS          WILL                                  01-May-1930
ADAMS          WILLIAM          A.                   14-Apr-1950
ADAMS          WILLIAM          GRADY                29-Nov-1987
ADAMS          WILLIAM          NEIL                 08-Oct-1953
ADAMS          WILLIAM          RUDOLPH              09-Feb-1955
ADAMS          WILLIAM          THOMAS               11-May-1968
ADAMS          WILLIE                                07-Jan-1950
ADAMS          WILLIE           B.                   02-Nov-1963
ADAMS          YEWELL                                21-Jun-1998
ADAMS, II      JAMES            WALKER               09-Sep-1980
ADAMS, JR.     BILL                                  27-Jan-1985
ADAMS, JR.     CHARLIE          EARL                 04-Oct-1997
ADAMS, JR.     HENRY            ODUS                 17-Aug-1984
ADAMS, JR.     ISAAC                                 19-Jun-1999
ADAMS, JR.     JAMES                                 23-Mar-1996
ADAMS, JR.     JOHN             DAVID                22-Oct-2001
ADAMS, JR.     LEON             WILLARD              22-Apr-1948
ADAMS, JR.     RICHARD                               06-Sep-1976
ADAMS, JR.     THOMAS           CHARLES              19-Jul-1987
ADAMS, JR.     WILBUR           THOMAS               28-Dec-1999
ADAMS, SR.     IRA              LEE                  28-Mar-1997
ADAMS, SR.     JAMES                                 04-Jun-1976
ADAMS, SR.     JOE              BARBER               01-Aug-1997
ADAMS, SR.     LOUIE            BRAXTON              19-Dec-1987
ADAMSON        DORIS                                 01-Aug-1972
ADAMSON        ELAINE           LEOLA                08-Nov-1983
ADAMSON        HOWARD           EUGENE               17-Nov-1983
ADAWAY         JOSEPH           LEE                  06-Jun-1993
ADCOCK         ANDREW           DENNIS               19-Sep-2000
ADCOCK         ORA              BLANCH               08-Apr-1989
ADCOCK         WILLIAM          IRA                  05-Dec-1991
ADCOX          EMMA             FAIRCLOTH            08-Oct-1964
ADCOX          MORRIS           TYLER                13-Aug-1953
ADCOX          NEIL             VICTOR               18-Jun-1984
ADDERLY        ASHLEY           RENEE                19-Dec-1989
ADDISON        DAVID            FRANKLIN             02-Jan-1950
ADDISON        E.               AARON                10-Dec-1995
ADDISON        EDWARD           FRANK                31-Dec-1993
ADDISON        ESTUL                                 09-Aug-1966
ADDISON        JOHN             BRYANT               23-Mar-1984
ADDISON        JOSEPH                                30-May-1980
ADDISON        LAMAR            OSCAR                07-Mar-1992
ADDISON        MARY             LOU                  01-Feb-1986
ADDISON        MICHAEL                               01-Sep-1978
ADDISON        MINNIE           FRANCES              09-Jan-1998
ADDISON        MONROE                                18-Nov-1998
ADDISON        QUEENETTE                             17-Oct-1976
ADDISON        SAMUEL           DOUGLAS              10-Jan-1983
ADDISON        WILLIAM          RONALD               11-Apr-2002
ADDISON        ZIMLEY                                26-Oct-1939
ADDISON, SR.   RAYMOND          CEDRIC               13-Mar-1979
ADDY           EULA             D.                   25-Jun-1986
ADDY           GEORGE           EMORY                15-Mar-1972
ADDY           MARY                                  14-Feb-1963
ADDY           WELCOME          MARY                 12-Jul-1988
ADFRED         CEDRICK          MARKE                06-Apr-1988
ADIANI         UDHA             B.                   30-Sep-2003
ADKINS         A.               H.                   03-Mar-1936
ADKINS         ALICE                                 11-Jul-1931
ADKINS         ANNIE            MAE                  10-Dec-1987
ADKINS         EARL             LEAMON               01-May-1986
ADKINS         EDNA             LOIS                 23-Oct-1972
ADKINS         ELIZABETH        VERA                 21-Nov-1973
ADKINS         FERDINAND                             18-Sep-1959
ADKINS         FRANCES          MARION               21-Dec-1932
ADKINS         FRANKIE          MAE                  02-Jul-1927
ADKINS         J.               D.                   23-Mar-1994
ADKINS         JESSIE                                22-Jun-1977
ADKINS         JOHN                                  09-Jan-1994
ADKINS         JOHN             O.                   07-Jan-1930
ADKINS         LARRY                                 24-Apr-1944
ADKINS         LOTTIE           LEE                  15-Apr-1996
ADKINS         MARGARET         VIRGINIA             10-Nov-1985
ADKINS         MARY             JANE                 04-Jul-1963
ADKINS         MARY             LOU                  24-Aug-1986
ADKINS         MATTIE           LEE                  23-Jul-1987
ADKINS         MILDRED          AUSTINE              17-Jan-2002
ADKINS         POLLIE                                15-Apr-1990
ADKINS         SALLIE           MAE                  03-Apr-1991
ADKINS         THOMAS           M.                   20-Nov-1998
ADKINS         WALTER           JAMES                01-Nov-1994
ADKINS         WILL                                  21-Mar-1943
ADKINS         WILL             WALLACE              03-Jan-2003
ADKINS         WILLIE           B.                   27-Jul-1941
ADKINS         WILLIE B                              22-Aug-1966
ADKINS, JR.    FERDINAND                             24-May-1991
ADKINS, JR.    J.               D.                   03-Mar-1994
ADKINSON       BILLY            JACK                 18-Feb-1971
ADKINSON       HUSTON           W.                   11-Sep-1994
ADKINSON       WENDELL          EVIE                 04-Sep-1984
ADKISON        ALICE            LEE                  21-Oct-2001
ADKISON        INEZ                                  03-Feb-2002
ADKISON        VERONICA         LOU                  06-Jan-1984
ADLEBURG       WILLIAM          JEROME               30-Apr-1997
ADLER          BEN                                   11-Jan-1968
ADLER          MORRIS           WESLOSKY             20-Oct-1987
ADLER          PEARLE                                31-Jul-1999
AGEE           LOUISE                                06-Mar-1981
AGER           MALEK            WANYA                23-Nov-1997
AGIE           WILL                                  29-May-1932
AGOOS          ELMO                                  10-Jun-2001
AHERN          CHARLES          JOSEPH               27-Aug-2002
AHLSTEDT       HARRY            PATRICK              02-Jul-1991
AIKEN          EVA                                   03-Jan-1986
AIKEN          GORDON           BROWN                25-Oct-1959
AIKENS         FLETCHER                              04-Nov-1942
AINES, SR.     MAXWELL          LAWRENCE             25-Aug-1980
AINSWORTH      ANDREW           HARRIS               19-Mar-1972
AINSWORTH      LOTTIE           NEUMAN               05-Sep-1967
AKIN           ARTHUR           VIVIAN               12-Dec-2000
AKINNUBI       BABY             BOY                  09-Jul-1996
AKINS          EULA                                  19-Mar-1971
AKINS          JESSIE           PARAL                04-Jul-1976
AKINS          JOHN             LOUIS                09-Jun-1984
AKINS          JOHN             LUKE                 26-May-2002
AKINS          JONATHAN         ANDREW               05-Jun-1962
AKINS          MAGGIE                                17-Sep-1973
AKINS          MARTHA           GILBERT              20-Nov-1956
AKINS          NATHAN           RUSSELL              18-Jun-1963
AKINS          ROBERT           RUSSELL              29-Sep-1984
AKINS          WILL                                  07-Aug-2001
AKINS, SR.     THOMAS           CECIL                17-Feb-1966
AKRIDGE        AGNEW            HILSMAN              21-Mar-1996
AKRIDGE        BARNEY           JOHN                 14-Feb-1993
AKRIDGE        CARLEASE                              29-Dec-1971
AKRIDGE        CHRISTINE                             18-Mar-1991
AKRIDGE        ERA              BELLE                19-Oct-2000
AKRIDGE        ESKA                                  27-Jul-2001
AKRIDGE        ETHEL                                 18-Jul-1976
AKRIDGE        LETTIE                                31-Mar-1975
AKRIDGE        LONZO            EUGENE               06-Jul-1987
AKRIDGE        MILTON                                16-Sep-1992
AKRIDGE        NORA             LEE                  15-Jul-1971
AKRIDGE        RICHARD          BENJAMIN             03-Jun-1992
AKRIDGE        RUBY             MAE                  11-Jan-1990
AKRIDGE        THOMAS           JACKSON              05-Dec-1959
AKRIDGE        VIOLA                                 24-Aug-1989
AKRIDGE        WILLIAM          JACK                 21-Aug-1963
AKRIDGE, SR.   CARL             DANIEL               01-Feb-1970
AKRIDGE, SR.   PAUL             LAMAR                23-Aug-1983
AKRIDGE, SR.   VICENT           TIERCE               11-Mar-1986
ALBERSON       ANGUS            ALLEN                24-Dec-1994
ALBERSON       AVA              GRACE                25-Apr-1996
ALBERSON       LUKE             SPENCER              25-May-1995
ALBERT         SAMMIE           LEE                  17-Jan-1976
ALBERT, SR.    DOUGLAS          JAMES                30-Nov-1986
ALBISU         ADELFA           MARIA                18-May-1996
ALBRECHT       EDNA             CHARLENE             03-Dec-2001
ALBRECHT       ERNEST           DOUGLAS              11-Jan-1993
ALBRIGHT       FANNIE                                24-Aug-1984
ALBRIGHT       JOANN            DELORES              13-Sep-1969
ALBRITTEN      ALICE            MAE                  28-Oct-1980
ALBRITTEN      BERNICE          PORTER               25-Jun-1969
ALBRITTEN      CAPP                                  13-Jul-1995
ALBRITTEN      CHARON                                17-Feb-1993
ALBRITTEN      DAVE                                  16-Feb-1950
ALBRITTEN      DELLA            MAE                  24-Jan-1986
ALBRITTEN      DEWAYNE          T.                   26-Aug-1992
ALBRITTEN      EMMER            LEE                  28-Oct-1989
ALBRITTEN      JUDGE            D.                   28-Jun-1979
ALBRITTEN      KEN                                   11-Sep-1988
ALBRITTEN      KIM                                   10-Sep-1988
ALBRITTEN      LAMAR            P.                   12-Sep-1981
ALBRITTEN      LAWRENCE                              22-Dec-1964
ALBRITTEN      MILTON           LEE                  06-Jun-1961
ALBRITTEN      MOLLIE                                02-Jan-1985
ALBRITTEN      THEODIS                               13-Jul-1980
ALBRITTEN, JR. JAMES                                 22-May-2003
ALBRITTON      BRIA             LA-CHELLE            09-Oct-1993
ALBRITTON      CLIFFORD                              20-Jun-1937
ALBRITTON      CODY             LEE                  30-Nov-2001
ALBRITTON      DAVID            LEE                  18-Nov-2002
ALBRITTON      ELMAR            JERODEN              17-Oct-2001
ALBRITTON      ESSIE                                 13-Jun-2002
ALBRITTON      JANICE           D.                   08-Mar-1963
ALBRITTON      LAWRENCE                              22-Dec-1964
ALBRITTON      RUTHIE           MAE                  13-Sep-1998
ALCORN         RICHARD          LEE                  16-Oct-1971
ALDAY          BERTHA           MAE                  16-Dec-1990
ALDAY          JANICE           MURL                 26-May-2000
ALDAY          JOHN             F                    17-Feb-1985
ALDAY          NORA             LOLA                 23-Jul-1984
ALDAY          OSCAR            LOUIS                17-Mar-1977
ALDAY          WILLIAM          WAYNE                09-Jan-1973
ALDER          WAYLAND          MCCRAY               14-Nov-1998
ALDERMAN       CORRIE                                23-Feb-1981
ALDERMAN       JOYCE                                 25-Jun-1983
ALDERMAN       LUCILLE                               05-Jun-1980
ALDERMAN       ROSA                                  07-Nov-1975
ALDERMAN       WILLIAM          THOMAS               21-Jul-1988
ALDERSON       NEILA            ANN                  07-Aug-1989
ALDRED         CLARA            ROUSE                24-Oct-1958
ALDRED         CONNIE           LEOLA                17-Mar-1935
ALDRED         MILDRED          LYNCH                03-Aug-1979
ALDRED         MYTRICE                               22-Apr-2002
ALDRED         THOMAS           ERIC                 03-Jun-1993
ALDRIDGE       CHARLES          MALCOLM              27-Apr-1980
ALDRIDGE       JOSEPH           ESTUS                16-Nov-1966
ALDRIDGE       JUANITA          P.                   25-Apr-1994
ALDRIDGE       SAVILLA          MAE                  11-Aug-1981
ALDRIDGE, JR.  FRANK                                 04-Jan-1999
ALDRIDGE, SR.  HENRY            CARLOS               30-Jun-1995
ALEN           LUCY             MAE                  17-Nov-1995
ALEX           GREEN                                 25-Nov-1950
ALEXANDER      ALBINER R                             25-Mar-1967
ALEXANDER      ANDREW           JACKSON              26-Jul-1976
ALEXANDER      ANNA             REE                  14-Apr-1997
ALEXANDER      ARTIVIE                               24-Dec-1993
ALEXANDER      ASBURY                                06-Dec-1947
ALEXANDER      B.G.                                  13-Jan-1989
ALEXANDER      BERTRAM          ALEXIS               06-Apr-1973
ALEXANDER      CARL             WILLIAM              23-Jul-1958
ALEXANDER      CEOLA                                 07-Nov-2000
ALEXANDER      CHRISTOPHER      RAY CALEB            03-Oct-1997
ALEXANDER      DONALD           WAYNE                09-May-2003
ALEXANDER      EARNESTINE                            29-Jan-1980
ALEXANDER      ELSIE                                 10-Dec-1998
ALEXANDER      EMMA                                  28-Oct-1944
ALEXANDER      EVELYN                                15-Apr-1997
ALEXANDER      FELLOM                                03-Mar-1974
ALEXANDER      FRANCE                                20-Jul-1938
ALEXANDER      FRANCES                               15-Jul-1999
ALEXANDER      HAZEL            CHRISTYN             17-Nov-1979
ALEXANDER      HAZEL            M.                   04-Jul-1994
ALEXANDER      HOMER                                 09-Jan-1994
ALEXANDER      JAMES            EDMOND               22-Jan-1981
ALEXANDER      JESSIE                                29-Jul-1979
ALEXANDER      JOHN             C.                   01-Jan-1983
ALEXANDER      LAWRENCE         ARTHUR               24-Sep-1981
ALEXANDER      LAWRENCE         FRANKLIN             12-Aug-1958
ALEXANDER      LEILA                                 08-Oct-1980
ALEXANDER      LEON             FREDRICK             27-Apr-2000
ALEXANDER      LILLIE                                07-Dec-1932
ALEXANDER      LITHIA                                08-May-1967
ALEXANDER      LODIA            VIOLA                17-Feb-1980
ALEXANDER      OLLIE                                 27-Feb-1927
ALEXANDER      PHELIX                                10-Feb-1940
ALEXANDER      ROBERT           ALLEN                26-Aug-1967
ALEXANDER      ROBERT           ELWOOD               03-Feb-1976
ALEXANDER      RUFUS                                 20-Jan-1970
ALEXANDER      SAM                                   03-Oct-1940
ALEXANDER      TAYLOR           COLE                 15-Feb-2000
ALEXANDER      TIMOTHY          LEE                  02-Jan-1993
ALEXANDER      WILLIAM          ANDREW               16-Mar-1981
ALEXANDER      WILLIAM          CARL                 19-Sep-1982
ALEXANDER      WILLIAM          LAWRENCE             04-Nov-1936
ALEXANDER      WILLIE                                28-Apr-1994
ALEXANDER      WILLIE           JAMES                15-Mar-2002
ALEXANDER      WILLIE           JAMES                16-Jul-1995
ALEXANDER                                            04-Nov-1927
ALEXANDER, JR. ALEX                                  19-May-1977
ALEXANDER, JR. MARTIN           WADE                 13-Feb-1999
ALEXION, SR.   GEORGE           DONALD               24-Apr-1969
ALFIERI        FRANK                                 06-Feb-1999
ALFORD         ADLAY                                 11-Jun-1958
ALFORD         BENNIE           RUTH                 17-Aug-1998
ALFORD         BESSIE           MAE                  21-Feb-1941
ALFORD         BETTY            JEAN                 02-Jun-1998
ALFORD         CEASAR                                21-Aug-1932
ALFORD         CECELIA                               01-May-1951
ALFORD         DOROTHY          L.                   27-Dec-2002
ALFORD         EDDIE                                 25-Jul-1949
ALFORD         HENRY                                 08-Dec-1965
ALFORD         JESSIE                                27-Jan-1972
ALFORD         JOHNNIE          LEE                  23-Jan-1949
ALFORD         KENNETH          ALVIN                28-Mar-1983
ALFORD         LOIS                                  20-Jan-2002
ALFORD         LUCILE           F.                   23-Oct-1963
ALFORD         M.               H.                   01-Aug-1985
ALFORD         MARIE                                 26-Oct-2003
ALFORD         MARY                                  16-Mar-1993
ALFORD         MARY                                  23-Apr-1995
ALFORD         MARY             LIZZIE               12-Apr-1996
ALFORD         ROBERTA                               11-May-1998
ALFORD         ROOSEVELT        ALFORD               23-Jul-1969
ALFORD         STEVE                                 03-Feb-1985
ALFORD         THOMAS           EMMA                 03-Nov-1967
ALFORD         THOMAS           JEFFERSON            02-Feb-1934
ALFORD         TILLMAN                               17-Nov-1931
ALFORD         TONY                                  17-Oct-1930
ALFORD, JR.    GREEN            FLOYD                29-Dec-1986
ALFORD, JR.    ROBERT           JAMES                31-Oct-1987
ALFRED         ULYSSES                               12-Sep-1972
ALFRED                                               11-May-1956
ALFRED, JR.    TONY                                  03-Mar-1933
ALFRIEND       LILLIE           PAULINE              04-Oct-1950
ALFRIEND       LIZZIE           MINCHEW              09-Jun-1937
ALGEE          GREGORY          ALAN                 25-Oct-1975
ALGER          JAMES            ROBERT               01-Dec-1959
ALGER          VINCENT          THOMAS               15-Sep-1944
ALI            FARD                                  08-Jul-1998
ALIAS          BLACKBURN                             12-Jul-1930
ALICE          MARK                                  01-Jan-1933
ALIMAN         IDA              FAYE                 30-May-1989
ALIX           MASOURIA                              05-Mar-1932
ALLEGOOD       ALBERT           LAWSON               21-Feb-1970
ALLEGOOD       ANDREW           S.                   07-Apr-1998
ALLEGOOD       EDITH                                 06-Jan-1999
ALLEGOOD       KATHRYN          EVELYN               19-Feb-1986
ALLEGOOD       LOUISE                                23-Sep-1995
ALLEGOOD       RONNIE R                              05-Jul-1973
ALLEGOOD       WILBURN          LEWIS                10-Apr-1985
ALLEN          ADA              KATHERINE SPENCER    22-Mar-1954
ALLEN          ADALPHUS         REESE                15-Sep-1955
ALLEN          ALBERT                                26-Dec-1956
ALLEN          ALEXUS           NICHOLE              29-Sep-1995
ALLEN          ALMA                                  16-Feb-1996
ALLEN          ALMA             BULLOCH              09-Aug-1955
ALLEN          AMANDA                                20-Dec-1996
ALLEN          ANDREW           ARNIE                09-Sep-1974
ALLEN          ANNIE            BELL                 03-Nov-1937
ALLEN          ANNIE            GRACE                03-Jun-1943
ALLEN          ANNIE            MAE                  27-Oct-1999
ALLEN          ARDELIA                               21-Dec-1976
ALLEN          ARNOLD                                20-Aug-1983
ALLEN          ARTHUR           D.                   22-May-1994
ALLEN          AUBREY                                30-Sep-1938
ALLEN          BABY BOY                              11-Jul-1973
ALLEN          BERTHA                                16-Jun-1931
ALLEN          BERTHA                                27-Aug-1939
ALLEN          BESSIE           MAE                  31-Aug-1985
ALLEN          BEVERLY                               10-Nov-1940
ALLEN          BEVERLY IO                            11-Jul-1973
ALLEN          BONNIE           JOY                  06-Oct-1953
ALLEN          CARLTON          CARDELL              11-Jul-1981
ALLEN          CARRIE           MAE                  10-Jun-1973
ALLEN          CARROLL          COFFEY               26-Nov-1988
ALLEN          CATHERINE                             20-Apr-1987
ALLEN          CHANEL           DENISE               14-Apr-1972
ALLEN          CHARLIE                               31-Mar-1968
ALLEN          CHARLIE                               31-Aug-1987
ALLEN          CLELLAN          WARD                 21-Nov-1959
ALLEN          CLEMMIE                               13-May-1981
ALLEN          CLIFFORD         DIXON                15-Jul-1980
ALLEN          CONNIE                                20-Feb-1997
ALLEN          CORINE                                18-Dec-1962
ALLEN          DAPHNEY                               01-Mar-1927
ALLEN          DAVE                                  22-Feb-1932
ALLEN          DAVID            A.                   25-Nov-1975
ALLEN          DEBORAH          JANE                 22-Jul-1959
ALLEN          DELCIE                                28-Jun-1960
ALLEN          DELLA            P.                   27-Jan-1983
ALLEN          DOCK             EARL                 02-Feb-1984
ALLEN          DOROTHY                               11-Feb-1963
ALLEN          DOROTHY                               07-Nov-2000
ALLEN          DOROTHY          MAE                  09-Oct-1984
ALLEN          EARL             RAY                  21-Aug-1984
ALLEN          EARNEST          JACKSON              31-Dec-1971
ALLEN          EDDYE            MAE                  26-Sep-2001
ALLEN          ELBERTA                               01-Dec-1988
ALLEN          ELIZABETH        E.                   27-Oct-1985
ALLEN          EMORY                                 16-Apr-1939
ALLEN          ERASTUS                               19-Jun-1950
ALLEN          ESSIE            BEA                  10-Sep-1972
ALLEN          ETHEL                                 20-Apr-1984
ALLEN          EUGENE           C.                   09-Oct-1985
ALLEN          GERALD           K. GREEN             21-Dec-1961
ALLEN          HANNAH           JACKSON              23-Jan-1965
ALLEN          HARRY            CHESTER              17-Aug-1997
ALLEN          HELEN            ISABEL               08-Nov-1998
ALLEN          HENRY                                 29-Nov-1942
ALLEN          HENRY            GRADY                26-Mar-1970
ALLEN          HENRY            LEE                  19-May-1972
ALLEN          HUGH             BENFORD              23-Feb-1998
ALLEN          HUGH             GRADY                09-Aug-2001
ALLEN          IDA              M.                   11-Dec-1997
ALLEN          INEZ             PIKE                 23-Nov-1969
ALLEN          IOLA             HENLEY               07-Oct-1936
ALLEN          IRA                                   25-Aug-1987
ALLEN          ISABELLA         BOYD                 15-Nov-1936
ALLEN          IVEY             MORRIS               24-May-1967
ALLEN          JAMES            EDWARD               28-Jun-1972
ALLEN          JAMES            ELDRIDGE             20-Jan-1972
ALLEN          JANIE                                 15-Jul-1978
ALLEN          JANIE            LOU                  10-Jan-1997
ALLEN          JEAN                                  16-Dec-1981
ALLEN          JEANETTE                              05-Apr-1994
ALLEN          JEFFERSON        MCCALL               13-Jul-1959
ALLEN          JENNIE                                22-Jan-1930
ALLEN          JESSIE           JAMES                07-Jul-1982
ALLEN          JOE                                   24-Dec-1965
ALLEN          JOHN                                  03-Mar-1936
ALLEN          JOHN                                  19-May-1952
ALLEN          JOHN                                  25-Aug-1977
ALLEN          JOHN             CLEVELAND            05-Mar-1980
ALLEN          JOHN             EDWARD               08-Sep-1992
ALLEN          JOHN             EDWARD               22-Nov-1964
ALLEN          JOHN             FREDERICK            16-Oct-1966
ALLEN          JOHN             HEATH                06-Mar-1958
ALLEN          JOHNNIE                               02-Oct-1992
ALLEN          JOHNNIE                               29-Oct-1948
ALLEN          JOSEPHINE        ELIZABETH            23-Apr-2001
ALLEN          JUNIUS           WILSON               30-Dec-1934
ALLEN          KENNETH                               16-Jun-1992
ALLEN          LAURA                                 02-May-1942
ALLEN          LAWRENCE                              19-Apr-1941
ALLEN          LECONT'E                              30-Aug-2001
ALLEN          LEILA            MAE                  29-May-1931
ALLEN          LELA             ROBERTA LEE          01-May-1951
ALLEN          LINNIE                                07-May-1979
ALLEN          LOLA                                  05-Apr-1986
ALLEN          LUCINDA                               14-Jan-1953
ALLEN          LUCYBEL                               07-Jul-1995
ALLEN          LULA L                                11-Aug-1964
ALLEN          M           C                         21-Jan-1979
ALLEN          MAGGIE           COFFEY               05-Jun-1942
ALLEN          MARGARET                              30-Jan-1972
ALLEN          MARGIE           CAROLYN              06-Dec-1984
ALLEN          MARGUERITE       PERKINS              30-Sep-1964
ALLEN          MARIFRANCES                           22-Oct-1972
ALLEN          MARTHA           MAE                  22-Apr-1997
ALLEN          MARVIN           LESTER               05-Mar-1982
ALLEN          MARY             RUTH                 20-Sep-1995
ALLEN          MATTHEW                               12-Jan-1988
ALLEN          MELVIN                                28-Apr-1975
ALLEN          MICHAEL          JOE                  12-Jun-1997
ALLEN          MIGUEL           DEWAYNE              17-May-1988
ALLEN          MILDRED                               08-Jan-1998
ALLEN          MILO             GREEN                25-Aug-1996
ALLEN          MOLLIE                                25-May-1927
ALLEN          MONTEEN          BECK                 28-Apr-1983
ALLEN          NORMAN                                28-Sep-1997
ALLEN          O.               W.                   05-Apr-1932
ALLEN          PAULINE                               10-Jan-1973
ALLEN          PERCY                                 29-Mar-1946
ALLEN          PERRY            LEE                  25-Jul-1940
ALLEN          RACHEL                                29-Mar-1977
ALLEN          RACHEL           BOSTICK              28-Nov-1969
ALLEN          RAY              CHARLES              04-Nov-1996
ALLEN          REGINALD         JAMES                05-Oct-1997
ALLEN          ROBERT L                              02-May-1966
ALLEN          ROBRICO          WAYNE                25-Jan-1989
ALLEN          ROSA             LEE                  31-Dec-1968
ALLEN          ROSE             MARIE                22-Sep-1973
ALLEN          ROSIE            LEE                  18-Nov-1983
ALLEN          RUBY                                  14-Apr-2001
ALLEN          RUBY             CLYDE                09-Aug-1999
ALLEN          RUTH                                  25-Mar-1993
ALLEN          SANDRA           MARIE                21-Dec-1959
ALLEN          SARA                                  18-Jul-1990
ALLEN          SARA             NELL                 05-Mar-1986
ALLEN          SARAH            BESSIE               31-Mar-1967
ALLEN          SARAH            JANE                 04-Nov-1944
ALLEN          SARAH            LEE                  22-Dec-1944
ALLEN          SUSIE            RUTH                 01-Apr-1999
ALLEN          T.               W.                   28-Dec-1939
ALLEN          TERA             MAE                  12-Aug-1977
ALLEN          THELMA                                24-Feb-1940
ALLEN          THELMA           SEYMOUR              15-Nov-1990
ALLEN          THOMAS           CLEMENTS             31-May-1992
ALLEN          THOMAS           JULIAN               18-Jun-2002
ALLEN          TONEY            J. C.                26-Mar-1966
ALLEN          ULYSSES                               05-Jan-1944
ALLEN          URIEL                                 21-Feb-1983
ALLEN          VERNON           KEITH                09-Jul-1962
ALLEN          VIOLA                                 29-Apr-1967
ALLEN          WILLIAM          DELACEY              25-Oct-1963
ALLEN          WILLIAM          LEE                  08-Nov-1998
ALLEN          WILLIAM          MILTON               08-Jul-1973
ALLEN          WILLIAM          T.                   25-Oct-1992
ALLEN          WILLIAM          WILEY                26-Sep-2003
ALLEN          WILLIE                                19-Nov-2000
ALLEN          WILLIE           CLAUDE               28-Feb-1945
ALLEN, III     COMEAL                                24-Aug-1985
ALLEN, JR.     ARTHUR           JAMES                13-Jul-2002
ALLEN, JR.     DAVE                                  04-Jul-2003
ALLEN, JR.     HOMER            WILBUR               28-Sep-1996
ALLEN, JR.     JOHN                                  04-Jul-1934
ALLEN, JR.     RICHARD          EARL                 28-Jun-1987
ALLEN, JR.     ROBERT                                03-Apr-1985
ALLEN, JR.     ROBERT           LEE                  26-Nov-1999
ALLEN, SR.     ALFRED                                24-Jun-1973
ALLEN, SR.     ARTHUR           JAMES                10-Nov-1993
ALLEN, SR.     ELDER            NATHAN               18-Jan-1994
ALLEN, SR.     JESSE            OWEN                 12-Oct-1956
ALLEN, SR.     RICHARD                               15-Dec-1989
ALLEN, SR.     ROY                                   23-Aug-1996
ALLEN, SR.     WALTER           HENRY                22-Dec-1953
ALLEY          DAVID            EDWARD               24-Aug-2001
ALLEY          EDITH            NAN                  24-Nov-1944
ALLEY          JERRY            LYNN                 17-Nov-1982
ALLGOOD        FRANCES                               09-Mar-1986
ALLIE          WARE             L.                   19-Dec-1932
ALLIGOOD       AARON            KNIGHT               19-Jul-1976
ALLIGOOD       ADIE                                  13-Sep-1986
ALLIGOOD       BABY                                  22-Mar-1945
ALLIGOOD       BABY 2                                22-Mar-1945
ALLIGOOD       BERTIE           LEE                  18-Nov-1959
ALLIGOOD       BRAXTON          BERENE               28-Mar-1995
ALLIGOOD       CARL             M.                   16-Mar-1969
ALLIGOOD       DONALD                                16-Jun-2001
ALLIGOOD       EARL             EDGAR                15-Jul-1977
ALLIGOOD       ELMER            WILLIS               09-Aug-1952
ALLIGOOD       JAMES            PRESTON              27-May-1998
ALLIGOOD       OLENE            ADIE                 26-Jun-1984
ALLIGOOD       RONNIE           REMAN                05-Jul-1973
ALLIGOOD       STEVE            EDGAR                31-Dec-1998
ALLIGOOD       TOBITHA          LEE                  02-Dec-1969
ALLISON        CHARLES          LEE                  19-Nov-1982
ALLISON        CHARLES          SCOTT                01-Apr-1989
ALLISON        DOLLY            CHRISTINE            06-May-1996
ALLISON        EDWARD                                21-Nov-1986
ALLISON        JOHN             DAVID                31-Aug-1974
ALLISON        MADGE            REBECCA              29-Nov-1993
ALLISON        RALPH            ELLIS                02-Nov-1979
ALLISON        STEPHANIE        DENIESE              01-Sep-1974
ALLISON, III   JAMES            MARVIN               28-Jul-1977
ALLISON, JR.   JAMES            MARVIN               01-Apr-1977
ALLISON, SR.   JAMES            MARVIN               11-Dec-1969
ALLMAN         CURTICE                               13-Apr-1970
ALLMAN         DOROTHY          NELL                 28-Nov-2000
ALLMAN         IDA              FAYE                 30-May-1989
ALLMON         LEWIS            ABBOTT               29-Oct-1996
ALLMOND        GRACEY           GENEVA               13-Jun-1986
ALLS           CESTER                                06-Feb-1984
ALLS           JAMES                                 19-May-1992
ALLS           LILLIE           MAE                  19-Oct-1937
ALLS           PEARL                                 01-Nov-1971
ALLS           TOM                                   11-Mar-1957
ALLSHOUSE      INFANT                                19-May-1950
ALMAND         WALTER           LEWIS                24-Feb-1979
ALMOND         JOSEPHINE        LEE                  06-Oct-1998
ALONZO, JR.    ENRIQUE                               17-Nov-1993
ALPHORD        BOBBY            EUGENE               22-Jan-1996
ALPHORD        RUBY             JEAN                 30-Oct-1997
ALRED          HENRY            AUBERY               11-Jun-1994
ALRED          JOHNNIE          JEWEL                11-Aug-1986
ALRED          LOIS             ELIZABETH            07-Oct-2002
ALSOBROOK      ARTIE            ELIOSE               09-Apr-1996
ALSOBROOK      JIMMY            HAROLD               29-Apr-1965
ALSOBROOK      RAY              J.                   16-Oct-1938
ALSTON         BOBBIE           LEE                  22-May-2001
ALSTON         IRENE            VERA                 15-Apr-1986
ALSTON         JAMES            LOUIS                25-Jan-2003
ALSTON         JOHN             WINGARD              07-Dec-1989
ALSTON         SUSAN                                 30-Mar-1974
ALSTON, SR.    RICHARD                               15-Jan-1988
ALSTON, SR.    WILLIAM          "BILL"               05-Feb-1998
ALTMAN         AGNES            LOUISE               22-Nov-1988
ALTMAN         HERMAN                                24-May-1991
ALUKONIS       KENNETH          DOUGLAS              21-May-1962
ALVARADO       GUILLERMO        ISRAEL               27-May-2002
ALVAREZ        ISRAEL           ANDRES               16-Nov-2001
ALVERSON       JULIETTE                              22-Jun-1991
ALVERSON       REA              JESTER               04-Feb-1979
ALVIS          MARIANN                               02-Jan-1966

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