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Dougherty County, Georgia Death Index
From the Albany, Georgia Clerk of Court Records


=========      ==========       ===========          ==========
AMAN           GEORGE           R.                   06-Jun-1989
AMASON         MATTIE           MAUREEN              01-Oct-1974
AMERSON        GAIL                                  14-Feb-1998
AMERSON, JR.   GEORGE           WASHINGTON           07-May-1960
AMIRANTE       ROBERT           VINCENS              06-Mar-1995
AMMERMAN       FRED             PAUL                 07-Dec-1988
AMMERMANN      ELSA                                  01-Nov-1978
AMMONS         CHARLES          RUFUS                24-Jan-1976
AMMONS         CYNTHIA          JANET                12-Nov-1964
AMMONS         ELIZABETH                             01-Oct-2000
AMMONS         FOY              LYVAHN               19-May-1986
AMMONS         GLYNN            MORRIS               18-Jul-1998
AMMONS         HARVEY           JOE                  07-Apr-2003
AMMONS         LULA                                  30-Nov-1972
AMMONS         RUTH             MAUDINE              04-Jan-1984
AMMONS         THELMA                                30-Dec-1994
AMONETTE       JOSEPH           IVANHOE              05-Jul-1974
AMONETTE       OMALEE                                03-Jan-1970
AMOS           ALPHONSO                              01-Nov-2003
AMOS           CURTIS           KENTRELL             11-Mar-2001
AMOS           ELLA             MAE                  30-Sep-1990
AMOS           ELLA             NORA                 28-Dec-1978
AMOS           LEOLA            B.                   16-Sep-1994
AMOS           MARY             ELIZABETH            05-Nov-2000
AMOS           NORA             PHYLLIS              07-Apr-1934
AMOS           PORTIA           JAMECE               03-Feb-1991
AMOS           WILMA            R.                   22-Jan-2003
AMOS, JR.      DAN                                   29-Oct-1977
AMOS, SR.      JOHN             WESLEY               02-Apr-2002
AMOS, SR.      ST. JOSEPH                            25-Jan-1983
AMROWSKI       MARIBETH                              11-Oct-1981
ANDERS         FRIESON                               09-Aug-1982
ANDERSEN       WILELA                                05-Sep-1987
ANDERSON       ADA                                   04-Mar-1986
ANDERSON       ADA              PAULINE              13-Feb-1991
ANDERSON       ADELINE                               01-Oct-1934
ANDERSON       ALBERT                                04-Aug-1936
ANDERSON       ALFRED           WALTON               23-Jun-1985
ANDERSON       ALICE                                 24-Feb-1990
ANDERSON       AMOS             JEROME               01-Jul-1985
ANDERSON       ANNIE                                 21-Apr-1939
ANDERSON       ANNIE                                 23-Aug-1971
ANDERSON       ANNIE            BELL                 16-Apr-1935
ANDERSON       ARNEATHER                             27-Aug-1992
ANDERSON       BERRY                                 02-Apr-1970
ANDERSON       BESSIE           M.                   16-Apr-1987
ANDERSON       BETTY            EARL                 15-Aug-1989
ANDERSON       CARRIE                                01-Jun-2001
ANDERSON       CEDRIC           A.                   24-Mar-1999
ANDERSON       CHARLOTTE                             01-Oct-1933
ANDERSON       CLARA                                 29-Jun-1967
ANDERSON       CLAUDE           ALTON                16-Jul-1980
ANDERSON       CLAUDIE          MAE                  23-Dec-1967
ANDERSON       COLMAN                                19-Aug-1929
ANDERSON       CORINE                                10-Apr-1997
ANDERSON       CORNELIUS        MARKEAST             08-Jul-1997
ANDERSON       DAN              THOMAS               04-Nov-1989
ANDERSON       DARLENE                               23-May-1973
ANDERSON       DELIA                                 30-Mar-1948
ANDERSON       DERIC                                 05-Jun-1968
ANDERSON       DOLLIE           MAYO                 07-Aug-1967
ANDERSON       DONTERRIUS                            10-Nov-2001
ANDERSON       DOROTHY                               10-Mar-1987
ANDERSON       DOTTIE           MAE                  21-Nov-1994
ANDERSON       EDDIE            DEAN                 02-Feb-2002
ANDERSON       ELIZA                                 29-Oct-1945
ANDERSON       ELIZABETH                             17-Feb-1985
ANDERSON       ELLEN            MITCHELL             29-Jan-1945
ANDERSON       EMORY            W.                   18-Aug-1955
ANDERSON       ERNEST           JOHN                 02-May-1971
ANDERSON       ERVIN            P.                   26-Nov-1960
ANDERSON       EUNICE           NADINE               25-Jun-1998
ANDERSON       EVA              MAE                  20-Oct-1943
ANDERSON       EVELYN           FAYE                 12-Apr-1996
ANDERSON       FRANK            L.                   28-Aug-1984
ANDERSON       FREDDIE          LEE                  03-Oct-1943
ANDERSON       GEORGE                                26-Nov-1957
ANDERSON       GEORGE                                01-Dec-1953
ANDERSON       GEORGIA          LEE                  02-Sep-1977
ANDERSON       GERALDINE                             09-Dec-1995
ANDERSON       GOLDEN                                10-Jul-1963
ANDERSON       GORDON           FRANKLIN             26-Apr-1965
ANDERSON       HAROLD           LEE                  15-Jun-1990
ANDERSON       HATTIE                                26-Jun-1945
ANDERSON       HATTIE           BELL                 14-Feb-1982
ANDERSON       HELEN            JOYCE                10-Mar-1997
ANDERSON       HENRY                                 13-May-1957
ANDERSON       HENRY                                 22-Sep-1941
ANDERSON       HENRY            JACK                 15-Jun-1983
ANDERSON       HENRY            N.                   21-Apr-1952
ANDERSON       IDA                                   27-May-1951
ANDERSON       IMOGENE          STOREY               29-Jan-1969
ANDERSON       INFANT           BOY                  11-Apr-1953
ANDERSON       IRENE            NELSON               28-Aug-1984
ANDERSON       J.               T.                   22-Feb-1994
ANDERSON       JACK                                  18-Sep-1938
ANDERSON       JAMES                                 09-Feb-1994
ANDERSON       JAMES                                 18-Oct-1986
ANDERSON       JAMES            BERNARD              03-Jun-1995
ANDERSON       JAMES            C.                   21-Dec-2002
ANDERSON       JAMES            EARLE                14-Dec-1982
ANDERSON       JAMES            EDWARD               25-Jul-2002
ANDERSON       JANIE            ESTELLE              11-May-1996
ANDERSON       JENNIE                                13-Sep-1959
ANDERSON       JERON                                 13-May-2003
ANDERSON       JESSIE           LILLIAN              10-Apr-1975
ANDERSON       JESSIE           MAE                  11-Mar-1972
ANDERSON       JOHN                                  01-Jan-1992
ANDERSON       JOHN             FRANKLIN             20-Jul-1937
ANDERSON       JOHN             L.                   20-Feb-1966
ANDERSON       JOHNATHAN        ARTHUR               23-Mar-1966
ANDERSON       JOHNNIE                               12-Jun-1978
ANDERSON       JOSEPH                                16-Jun-1984
ANDERSON       KALWANDA         LACHELL              28-Dec-1975
ANDERSON       KATHLEEN         L.                   19-Aug-1985
ANDERSON       KEITH                                 05-Aug-1977
ANDERSON       KEN              DEWAYNE              20-May-1969
ANDERSON       KREE             UNIQUE               05-Dec-1999
ANDERSON       LARRY            LEE                  08-Jul-1989
ANDERSON       LEAH             KHAHUA               21-Aug-1982
ANDERSON       LEHMON           RUSSELL              13-Mar-1982
ANDERSON       LEON             KELLY                18-Feb-1991
ANDERSON       LEWIS                                 18-Apr-1937
ANDERSON       LIZA                                  16-Dec-1966
ANDERSON       LIZZIE                                22-Jul-1935
ANDERSON       LORENA           WALTEN               09-May-1948
ANDERSON       LORETTA                               18-Oct-1992
ANDERSON       LUCILE                                10-May-1962
ANDERSON       LULA                                  05-May-1953
ANDERSON       LULA                                  22-May-1953
ANDERSON       MACK                                  02-Jan-1935
ANDERSON       MACK                                  18-Jan-1934
ANDERSON       MACK                                  29-Jan-1963
ANDERSON       MADISON          JAMES                04-Apr-1947
ANDERSON       MAE              ELLA                 20-Feb-1970
ANDERSON       MAJOR                                 01-Feb-1931
ANDERSON       MAMIE            H.                   13-Jul-1969
ANDERSON       MARTHA                                04-Feb-1946
ANDERSON       MARTIN                                08-Jul-1957
ANDERSON       MARY             ALINE                24-Feb-1994
ANDERSON       MARY             E.                   27-Dec-1990
ANDERSON       MARY             ELIZABETH            12-Sep-1958
ANDERSON       MATTIE                                13-Aug-1972
ANDERSON       MILDRED                               04-Jul-1985
ANDERSON       MINNIE           LEE                  21-Jun-1998
ANDERSON       MOSE                                  13-Apr-1932
ANDERSON       MOSES            LEE                  19-Feb-1996
ANDERSON       MYRTICE                               13-Jan-1972
ANDERSON       MYRTLE                                23-Nov-1972
ANDERSON       NADINE           RUTH                 25-Aug-1979
ANDERSON       NADINE           S.                   24-Jan-2002
ANDERSON       NANCY                                 12-Aug-1931
ANDERSON       NANCY            SMITH                15-Apr-1959
ANDERSON       NANNIE           RUTH                 16-Mar-1987
ANDERSON       NORMA            GENE                 04-Aug-1954
ANDERSON       NORWOOD                               14-May-1963
ANDERSON       OCIE                                  15-Oct-1976
ANDERSON       OMER             AMHERST              03-Dec-1954
ANDERSON       OPHELIA                               01-Jun-1979
ANDERSON       OSCAR            WILL                 01-May-1980
ANDERSON       PEARL                                 08-Jun-1975
ANDERSON       PILAR            MARIA                22-Nov-1960
ANDERSON       PRINCE           ALBERT               04-Aug-1943
ANDERSON       REBECCA                               14-Jul-1951
ANDERSON       REBECCA                               21-Sep-1987
ANDERSON       REQUILLA                              19-Jun-1977
ANDERSON       RICHARD          LANCE                03-Feb-1987
ANDERSON       ROBE                                  10-Sep-1945
ANDERSON       ROBERT                                11-Oct-1999
ANDERSON       ROBERT                                27-Oct-1959
ANDERSON       ROBERT           EARL                 09-Apr-1973
ANDERSON       ROBERT           GERARD               29-Oct-1990
ANDERSON       ROBERT           JAMES                27-Mar-1981
ANDERSON       ROBERT           JEFFERSON            01-Sep-2001
ANDERSON       RONALD           LEE                  18-Oct-1961
ANDERSON       ROSA                                  16-Jan-1933
ANDERSON       ROSA                                  25-Aug-1979
ANDERSON       ROSA             ELIZABETH WALKER     30-Jul-1943
ANDERSON       ROY                                   04-Feb-1967
ANDERSON       RUSSELL                               04-Dec-1996
ANDERSON       RUTH                                  11-Jul-1990
ANDERSON       RUTH                                  21-Dec-2000
ANDERSON       S.               W.                   08-Apr-1936
ANDERSON       SABINE           W.                   07-May-1972
ANDERSON       SARAH            MANN                 18-Apr-1984
ANDERSON       SHENEQUA                              15-Dec-1975
ANDERSON       SILAS                                 10-Nov-1985
ANDERSON       SOPHIA           J.                   22-Jan-1967
ANDERSON       SPENCER                               19-Dec-1941
ANDERSON       SUNSHINE         SHEPHARD             27-Nov-2001
ANDERSON       SUSIE                                 23-Oct-1985
ANDERSON       THOMAS           DURELLE              16-Jan-2000
ANDERSON       TOM                                   19-Feb-1966
ANDERSON       VIOLA            LOKEY                01-Jan-1956
ANDERSON       WANDA C                               15-Aug-1964
ANDERSON       WAUNDA           LARIANE              18-Nov-1965
ANDERSON       WAVER                                 10-Nov-1980
ANDERSON       WILL                                  22-Jul-1966
ANDERSON       WILLIAM          EUGENE               02-Apr-1971
ANDERSON       WILLIE                                05-Jan-1983
ANDERSON       WILLIE                                19-Feb-1940
ANDERSON       WILLIE           B.                   03-Feb-1986
ANDERSON       WILLIE           J.                   25-Jul-1974
ANDERSON       WILLIE           JAMES                14-Nov-1995
ANDERSON       WILLIE           KATE                 01-Apr-1998
ANDERSON       WILLIE           MAE                  06-Apr-2002
ANDERSON       WILLIE           MAE                  30-May-1971
ANDERSON       WILLIE           MAE                  14-Oct-1973
ANDERSON       WILLIE           MARGARET             03-Apr-1996
ANDERSON       WILLIS                                01-Nov-1937
ANDERSON       WINNIE                                18-May-1937
ANDERSON, JR.  CLARK                                 12-Sep-1984
ANDERSON, JR.  FRANK            BUTNER               28-Oct-1973
ANDERSON, JR.  JAMES                                 05-Apr-1989
ANDERSON, JR.  JAMES                                 02-Nov-1974
ANDERSON, JR.  JOHN                                  03-Jul-1973
ANDERSON, JR.  MURRAY           ELMO                 14-May-1955
ANDERSON, JR.  ROBERT                                12-Oct-1946
ANDERSON, JR.  TOM                                   29-Jun-1990
ANDERSON, JR.  ULYSSES                               19-Nov-1984
ANDERSON, JR.  WALLACE          COPELAND             15-Feb-1987
ANDERSON, JR.  WILLIAM                               12-Feb-1997
ANDERSON, SR.  EDGAR                                 02-Feb-1996
ANDERSON, SR.  JAMES                                 08-Apr-1999
ANDERSON, SR.  JAMES            HENRY                22-Nov-1975
ANDERSON, SR.  PAUL             MACON                12-Mar-1956
ANDERSON, SR.  WALLACE          COPELAND             24-Dec-1985
ANDERSON, SR.  WILLIAM                               08-Jul-1985
ANDERSON, SR.  WILLIE           C.                   29-Sep-1991
ANDRE          JACKIE           WAYNE                04-May-1959
ANDRE'         LATRICIA         JAMES                23-Sep-1999
ANDREW         JOHN             EDGE                 23-Aug-1948
ANDREW         VOLIA                                 17-May-1936
ANDREWES       KALEB            RYAN                 08-May-1994
ANDREWS        ANDREW           RANDOLPH             02-Jan-1992
ANDREWS        BABY        B                         13-Aug-1979
ANDREWS        BETTY            LOIS                 04-Jan-1969
ANDREWS        BOBBY            REX                  15-Oct-1999
ANDREWS        CAROLINE                              23-Jan-1952
ANDREWS        CAROLYN          ANN                  16-Dec-1997
ANDREWS        CATHERINE        CLAIRE               06-Jan-2001
ANDREWS        CHARLES          BAXLEY               02-Dec-2000
ANDREWS        CHARLIE                               05-Apr-1943
ANDREWS        CHARLIE                               23-Nov-1949
ANDREWS        DORSEY                                17-Apr-2000
ANDREWS        EDD                                   11-Mar-1951
ANDREWS        ELLA                                  16-Oct-1943
ANDREWS        ELMA                                  19-May-1984
ANDREWS        ELMA                                  01-Jul-1997
ANDREWS        EUGENIA          B.                   07-Nov-1998
ANDREWS        FLORENCE                              03-Mar-1970
ANDREWS        FRED             JACKSON              07-Nov-1974
ANDREWS        GEORGE                                30-Dec-1985
ANDREWS        GOLIAH                                19-Sep-1938
ANDREWS        GOLIATH                               25-Aug-1997
ANDREWS        HOLCOMB                               15-Apr-1979
ANDREWS        ILEEN            EFFIE                22-Jun-1995
ANDREWS        IRMA                                  08-Aug-1975
ANDREWS        JAMES                                 24-Sep-1950
ANDREWS        JAMES            ODAS                 04-Sep-2002
ANDREWS        JESSIE                                03-Mar-1946
ANDREWS        JESSIE           JAMES                03-Jul-1980
ANDREWS        JOHN                                  31-Mar-1993
ANDREWS        JOHN             HENRY                12-Jul-2000
ANDREWS        JOHN             WILLIAM              04-Sep-1961
ANDREWS        JOHNNIE          B.                   12-May-1931
ANDREWS        JOSEPH           C.                   10-Apr-1976
ANDREWS        LILLIE           V.                   06-Feb-1981
ANDREWS        LLOYD            WILLIAMSON           22-Apr-1999
ANDREWS        LORETTA          ANGELA               08-Jun-1977
ANDREWS        LOTTIE                                03-Jun-2001
ANDREWS        LUCINDA          TRICE                06-Jun-1956
ANDREWS        LULA             M.                   06-Jul-1960
ANDREWS        LYDIA                                 22-Jan-1986
ANDREWS        MARTHA                                04-Oct-1970
ANDREWS        MARTHA           LOUISE               29-Jan-1989
ANDREWS        MATTIE           LOU                  18-Jan-1978
ANDREWS        MERCEDES                              03-Nov-1938
ANDREWS        ROBERT           AUGUSTUS             02-Feb-1977
ANDREWS        ROBERT           EARLE                30-Apr-1972
ANDREWS        THOMAS           EDWARD               23-Mar-1995
ANDREWS        WILBUR           JACKSON              06-Sep-1992
ANDREWS        WILLIE           B.                   22-Mar-1979
ANDREWS, JR.   DOYLE            FENNIMORE            17-Jun-1991
ANGE           JOHN             RODNEY               23-Jan-1979
ANGERMEYER     LOUISE           MARIE                26-May-1987
ANGLIN         DIANNA           LYNN                 22-May-1986
ANGLIN         DOCK             C.                   31-Jul-1953
ANGLIN         JESSIE                                07-Jan-1989
ANGLIN         KENNETH          SOLOMON              13-Dec-2002
ANGLIN         MAYME                                 19-Sep-1979
ANGLIN         WILMA            BERNICE              17-Oct-1971
ANGLON         BETTY            ANN                  18-Dec-1971
ANGLON         MATTIE           IRENE                21-Aug-1987
ANGRY          DAISY            MAE                  01-Sep-1973
ANGRY          JANNIE           LEE                  03-Dec-1988
ANGRY          MATTIE           F.                   09-Feb-2000
ANGRY          ROBERT           LEE                  22-Sep-1979
ANGRY          WALTER                                24-Dec-1989
ANSELM         JAMYE                                 22-Feb-1991
ANSLEY         BEN                                   05-Feb-1984
ANSLEY         VERA                                  22-Jun-1984
ANSLEY, JR.    CAMPBELL         WALLACE              21-Jul-2001
ANTHON         MYRA             TYLER                09-Sep-1969
ANTHONY        ALEX                                  15-Dec-1951
ANTHONY        ALICE                                 15-Nov-1971
ANTHONY        AMMIE                                 07-Dec-1963
ANTHONY        BENJAMIN         J.                   19-Oct-1991
ANTHONY        CHARLIE                               03-Apr-1970
ANTHONY        CHESTER                               29-Dec-1954
ANTHONY        CURTIS           LEROY                07-Oct-1991
ANTHONY        FLORRIE          GERTRUDE             24-Jun-2002
ANTHONY        HUGH             ALVIN                18-Oct-1986
ANTHONY        JARED            KURT                 04-Feb-1991
ANTHONY        JOHN             WILLIE               23-Dec-1999
ANTHONY        JOHNNIE          LEE                  06-Jun-1973
ANTHONY        LIZZIE                                16-Jan-1976
ANTHONY        LOTTIE           D.                   22-Apr-1969
ANTHONY        LUCK                                  06-Oct-1934
ANTHONY        LULA             BELL                 13-Jan-1992
ANTHONY        LUTHER                                16-Dec-1961
ANTHONY        MAYOLA                                06-Aug-2000
ANTHONY        MICHELLE         GABRIELLA            14-Sep-1999
ANTHONY        OPHELIA                               03-Dec-1954
ANTHONY        RUBY                                  04-Dec-1986
ANTHONY        T.               H.                   21-Apr-1943
ANTHONY        VERGIL                                23-Sep-1993
ANTHONY, JR.   LUKE                                  20-Dec-1974
ANTHONY, SR.   CHARLES                               17-Jul-2000
ANTHONY, SR.   FRED             DICKERSON            06-Oct-1982
ANTHONY-TINCH  MARY             LEE                  12-May-2001
ANTOLICH       ELAINE           ROSE                 26-Sep-2002
ANTOOFIAN      AGNES                                 29-Jan-1972
ANTOOFIAN      EDWARD                                14-Dec-1997
APON           ARTHUR           WAYNE                18-Dec-1995
APPELL         PAULINE          EDITH                31-Oct-1989
APPERSON       ALFRED           EDWARD               21-Dec-1995
APPERSON       ARCHIE           DAVID                03-Jul-1970
APPERSON       CHARLIE          M.                   08-May-1951
APPERSON       DARIN            LEE                  04-Apr-1992
APPERSON       DORIS                                 06-Sep-2001
APPERSON       ETHEL                                 08-Apr-1985
APPERSON       GORDON           DAVID                21-May-1993
APPERSON       LOU                                   08-Nov-1971
APPERSON       MARY             ALLINE               13-Sep-1982
APPERSON       TEMPERENCE       MAE                  17-Jan-1987
APPERSON       WILLIE           MARY                 23-Aug-1970
APPLEBY        HAZEL            LEE                  15-May-1993
APPLEBY        JOHN             WESTLEY              12-Sep-1970
APPLEGATE      MARGUERITE       MADELINE             31-Aug-2002
APPLEGATE      WAYNE            LYLE                 21-Jun-1956
APPLEWHITE     CLYDE            BRYAN                16-Mar-1999
APPLEWHITE     MARTHA           VIRGINIA             31-Dec-1993
ARASZKIEWICZ   JOHN                                  05-Oct-1980
ARATA          WALTER           ARTHUR               25-Jan-1984
ARCHER         ANNA             INEZ                 14-Jan-1995
ARCHER         BABY                                  18-Apr-1940
ARCHER         CHRISTINE                             02-Apr-1991
ARCHER         CLARA            SHADLE               17-Apr-1988
ARCHER         DANNY            LEWIS                07-Apr-1979
ARCHER         IKE              DIVILLARD            12-Jan-1999
ARCHER         JULIAN           LEE                  07-Jun-1972
ARCHER         LILLIE           MAE                  03-Apr-1986
ARCHER         LUCINDA                               19-Feb-1990
ARCHER         LYDIA            CLAIRE               31-Oct-1996
ARCHER         MATTIE           LEWIS                04-May-1949
ARCHER         NELLIE           EVELYN               18-Jun-1977
ARCHER         PLEAS            DOW                  29-Mar-1969
ARCHER         RAIFORD          HARRIS               19-Dec-1982
ARCHER         RALPH            DIVILLARD            01-Sep-1977
ARCHER         RALPH            LUDWICK              19-Nov-1985
ARCHER         ULYSSES                               21-Mar-1965
ARCHER, SR.    LEWIS            DEAN                 05-Nov-1999
ARCHIE         AGGIE                                 15-Mar-1995
ARCHIE         CLARENCE                              07-Jun-1939
ARCHIE         ELIZABETH                             19-Mar-1986
ARCHIE         JOE              NATHAN               05-Nov-1994
ARD            FLORENCE         G.                   05-Sep-1997
ARD            JOSEPH           CLARENCE             15-Nov-1977
ARD            MINNIE           MAGNOLIA             11-Mar-1991
ARGO           ANDREW                                02-Mar-2000
ARGO           ANNIE            RETHA                25-Nov-1995
ARGROVE        BABY                                  11-Nov-1943
ARGROVES       MATTIE           JARRARD              13-Nov-1943
ARGUST         HAZEL                                 25-Oct-2002
ARIAN          CELIA            SYLVIA               06-Feb-1994
ARIBO          SOPHIA           JEAN                 07-Feb-2000
ARLINE         ANNIE            LEE                  23-Apr-1987
ARLINE         FRANCES          ELIZABETH            26-Jul-1986
ARLINE         JOSIE                                 11-Jan-1944
ARLINE         LANNIE           MAE                  18-May-1999
ARLINE         LEON             DAVIS                09-Sep-1957
ARLINE         MAGGIE           MAE                  14-Aug-1980
ARLINE         ROBERT           LEE                  10-Jan-1944
ARLINE         WILLIE           FRANK                14-Mar-1988
ARMBRUSTER, JR.HAROLD           THOMAS               05-Dec-1996
ARMOUR         ROSE             MARY                 03-May-1992
ARMSTRONG      ANGELINE                              11-Sep-1948
ARMSTRONG      BESSIE                                15-Feb-1973
ARMSTRONG      BILL                                  01-Nov-1999
ARMSTRONG      BOAZ                                  07-Sep-1930
ARMSTRONG      BOBBY            GENE                 02-Apr-1996
ARMSTRONG      CARLENE                               30-Apr-1939
ARMSTRONG      CARRIE                                09-Nov-1981
ARMSTRONG      CLAUDE                                05-Oct-1934
ARMSTRONG      DAUMON                                26-Jun-1937
ARMSTRONG      DAVID            AUSTIN               06-Nov-1997
ARMSTRONG      ELIZA                                 13-Feb-1960
ARMSTRONG      ELIZABETH        BETHUNE              20-Jul-1967
ARMSTRONG      EMILY            HOLLAND              31-Mar-1947
ARMSTRONG      EUGENE                                23-Dec-1991
ARMSTRONG      EUGENE           PASCO                19-Nov-1964
ARMSTRONG      GEORGE                                25-Jul-1930
ARMSTRONG      HELEN            R.                   05-Oct-1940
ARMSTRONG      HENRY                                 22-Jul-1981
ARMSTRONG      IDA              MAE                  02-Aug-1940
ARMSTRONG      ILENE                                 15-Nov-1985
ARMSTRONG      JAMES            BRECKENRIDGE         11-Dec-1953
ARMSTRONG      JANE                                  17-Mar-1934
ARMSTRONG      JOE                                   31-Jan-1963
ARMSTRONG      LOTTIE                                11-Dec-1973
ARMSTRONG      MAMIE            LEE                  18-Apr-1990
ARMSTRONG      MARY                                  25-Mar-1977
ARMSTRONG      MARY             ETTA ROBINSON        29-Sep-1953
ARMSTRONG      MAX              NEIL                 24-Nov-1987
ARMSTRONG      MINNIE           SLAUGHTER            09-Sep-1994
ARMSTRONG      REBECCA                               14-Aug-1968
ARMSTRONG      RICHARD          FIELDER              21-Jul-1958
ARMSTRONG      RICHARD          THOMAS               22-Dec-1968
ARMSTRONG      ROSA                                  08-May-1984
ARMSTRONG      SANDY                                 25-Aug-1968
ARMSTRONG      UNDRA            GENITA               02-Jan-1967
ARMSTRONG      VERBENIA                              28-Jul-1938
ARMSTRONG      VIOLA                                 21-Mar-1946
ARMSTRONG      VIOLA                                 13-Dec-1943
ARMSTRONG      WALTER                                18-Jun-1961
ARMSTRONG      WILBERT                               20-Sep-1980
ARMSTRONG      WILLIAM          LARRY                18-Nov-1991
ARMSTRONG      WILLIE           LEE                  15-Mar-2001
ARMSTRONG      WILSON                                10-Apr-1932
ARMSTRONG, JR. GEORGE           E.                   24-Nov-1993
ARMSTRONG, JR. JAMES            GILBERT              05-Mar-1995
ARMSTRONG, SR. JOHN             WILLIAM              01-Jun-1957
ARMSTRONG, SR. WILL                                  13-Oct-1973
ARN            CARROLL          TAYLOR               19-Oct-1972
ARNDT          BEATRICE         MARIE                29-Mar-1990
ARNESON        MAJOR            OSBORNE              21-Apr-2001
ARNETT         CHARLIE          SIKES                26-Feb-1980
ARNETT         HENRY            B.                   21-Oct-1958
ARNETT, SR.    WILLIAM          OLIVER               21-Oct-1986
ARNOLD         ADA              BELL                 24-Jan-2002
ARNOLD         ADA              VIRGINIA             12-May-1975
ARNOLD         AMOS             W.                   19-May-1977
ARNOLD         BRYANT                                16-Jun-1949
ARNOLD         C CLAUDE                              03-Mar-1976
ARNOLD         CARRIE                                04-Sep-1968
ARNOLD         CHARLES                               08-Jan-1983
ARNOLD         CHARLES          ARTHUR               17-Nov-1961
ARNOLD         CHARLIE                               31-Dec-1975
ARNOLD         CHARLIE          FELTON               28-Feb-2000
ARNOLD         CHESTER          ALLEN                22-Feb-2001
ARNOLD         CINDY            MADDOX               17-Nov-1945
ARNOLD         EARNEST          W.                   28-Jan-1991
ARNOLD         EDWARD           LYON                 21-Jan-1957
ARNOLD         ELLA                                  04-Aug-1977
ARNOLD         EMMA             POPE                 28-Oct-1960
ARNOLD         ERNEST                                01-Jun-1980
ARNOLD         ESTELLA                               15-Feb-1934
ARNOLD         FLAXIE                                10-Oct-1980
ARNOLD         FLAXIE           B.                   11-Aug-1985
ARNOLD         FLOYD            REESE                15-Feb-1927
ARNOLD         FRANKLIN         O.                   04-Jul-1993
ARNOLD         GEORGE                                17-May-1927
ARNOLD         HENRY                                 09-Apr-1983
ARNOLD         HOMER            JEFFERSON            23-Feb-1947
ARNOLD         HOWARD           LEONIDAS             01-Feb-1964
ARNOLD         ISAAC            VESTAL               14-Sep-2000
ARNOLD         JAMES            MARVIN               06-Nov-1969
ARNOLD         JIMMIE           LEE                  19-Apr-1996
ARNOLD         JOANNE                                03-Jan-2003
ARNOLD         JOHN             HEARD                17-May-1972
ARNOLD         JOHN             W.                   10-Jun-1993
ARNOLD         JOSEPH           CLAYTON              08-Dec-1964
ARNOLD         JOSEPH           W.                   29-Aug-1962
ARNOLD         KATHRYN          CHAPMAN              29-Aug-1970
ARNOLD         LOLA                                  21-Oct-1984
ARNOLD         LOTTIE                                01-Jul-1978
ARNOLD         LOTTIE           MAE                  13-Jan-1978
ARNOLD         LUCILLE                               13-Jul-1981
ARNOLD         MAMIE            LEE                  10-Sep-2001
ARNOLD         MAMIE            LEE                  12-Dec-1999
ARNOLD         MATTIE                                28-Sep-1980
ARNOLD         MAUD                                  11-Feb-1971
ARNOLD         MYRA             HALL                 05-Apr-1943
ARNOLD         NEAD                                  07-May-1963
ARNOLD         NETTIE           ALLEN                11-Dec-1978
ARNOLD         PATRICK          ALDRIDGE             07-Mar-1944
ARNOLD         PAULINE                               08-Jun-1989
ARNOLD         PEARL                                 25-Jul-1972
ARNOLD         R                J.                   26-Jan-1930
ARNOLD         ROBERT           FOY                  15-Nov-1987
ARNOLD         ROCHESTER                             06-Jun-1966
ARNOLD         SALLY            JANE                 11-Nov-1997
ARNOLD         SUSIE            MAE                  03-Mar-2002
ARNOLD         THOMAS                                03-Apr-1970
ARNOLD         THOMAS           HENDRIX              31-Oct-1940
ARNOLD         WESLEY           D.                   01-Aug-1982
ARNOLD         WILL                                  10-Jun-1971
ARNOLD         WILLIAM          BAILEY               01-Jun-1946
ARNOLD         WILLIAM          GARY                 04-May-1950
ARNOLD         WILLIE                                22-Jan-1970
ARNOLD         WILLIE                                06-Oct-1994
ARNOLD         WILLIE           MAE                  31-Mar-1956
ARNOLD         WINTERS                               08-Nov-1934
ARNOLD, III    CHARLIE                               23-Oct-1994
ARNOLD, JR.    JOE              WOODEN               06-Feb-1977
ARNOLD, JR.    THOMAS                                26-Jan-1995
ARNOLD, SR.    HOWELL           BUNKLEY              19-Aug-1980
ARNOLD, SR.    JOHN             LAMAR                09-May-1961
ARNOLD, SR.    LOUIS            REID                 18-Jun-1979
ARNOLD, SR.    ROBERT           W.                   25-Mar-1996
ARNSDORFF, JR. CHARLES          LEO                  27-Sep-1982
ARRIGHI        CLEO                                  01-Feb-1987
ARRINGTON      ANNIE            LOU                  09-Apr-1987
ARRINGTON      DOUGLAS          MAYS                 08-Dec-1964
ARRINGTON      ERNEST           JACKSON              13-Jul-1970
ARRINGTON      JEWEL            REBA                 19-Apr-1987
ARRINGTON      JOHN                                  02-Jun-1988
ARRINGTON      LONNIE           HOPSON               20-Sep-2000
ARRINGTON      LYDIA            PEARL                25-Nov-1991
ARRINGTON      MAMIE                                 23-May-1986
ARRINGTON      MARTHA           DELLA                08-Oct-1979
ARRINGTON      SILAS            S.                   23-Dec-1974
ARRINGTON, SR. BRIGGS                                05-Jun-1969
ARROWOOD       ANTIONETTE       ELIZABETH            11-Aug-1992
ARROWOOD       WILLIAM          WOODROW              22-Feb-1998
ARROWOOD, SR.  JOHN             ROSS                 09-Sep-1968
ARTERSON       FANNIE                                22-Dec-1950
ARTERSON       HELEN                                 07-Jul-1981
ARTERSON       JAMES                                 08-Nov-1931
ARTERSON       JOHN                                  07-Jul-1981
ARTERSON       JOHNNIE                               09-Jun-1952
ARTERSON       MARY             ETTA                 31-Oct-1961
ARTHUR         ALLEN            EUGENE               20-Mar-1992
ARTHUR         ANNA             BUNCH                12-Jun-1963
ARTHUR         BETTY            JANE ADELHIA         08-May-2001
ARTHUR         CURTIS           A.                   15-Mar-1992
ARTHUR         FRANCES          ELIZABETH PIPER      05-Feb-1942
ARTHUR         FRED             B.                   03-Feb-1949
ARTHUR         HUDSON           REEVES               06-Jan-1958
ARTHUR         INFANT                                03-Aug-1947
ARTHUR         LEILA            MCLAUGHLIN           31-Oct-1952
ARTHUR         LILLIE           MASSIE               27-Feb-1982
ARTHUR         NORMA            JOYCE                17-Feb-1995
ARTHUR, SR.    JOHN             LEAMON               01-Jun-1980
ARTHUR, SR.    RILEY            REEVES               05-May-1941
ASBELL         GLEN             BRYANT               07-Jan-1971
ASBELL         ROSA             LEE                  02-Dec-1980
ASBELL         SANDRA           LISA                 11-Jan-2001
ASBERRY        DONNIE           C.                   15-Feb-1964
ASBERRY        HAMP                                  04-Apr-1962
ASBERRY        WILLIE                                11-Jun-1931
ASBERRY        WILLIE           LEE                  27-Mar-2000
ASBERRY        WILLIE           LEE                  23-Aug-1940
ASBERRY, JR.   JOE                                   15-Sep-1987
ASBURRY        B.               J.                   15-Mar-1934
ASBURY         DAN                                   04-Sep-1988
ASBURY         DILCIE                                25-Aug-1948
ASBURY         JOHNNY                                01-Jun-1959
ASH            EDNA             CLEONE               06-Aug-1976
ASH            JAMES            HENRY                23-May-1987
ASH            JEWELL                                30-Sep-1988
ASH            YULA             BEATRICE ANDERSON    02-Jul-1960
ASHBERRY       RACHEL                                26-Feb-1987
ASHBEY         WILLIAM          NIGHTINGALE          27-Aug-1955
ASHBY          CARRIE           E.                   19-Oct-1959
ASHCRAFT       MARY             ELEANOR              12-Nov-1991
ASHCRAFT, SR.  JAMES            FREDRICK             07-Jun-1997
ASHCROFT       RAYMOND          EDWARD               26-Feb-2003
ASHDOWN        EUNICE                                12-Aug-1992
ASHE           QUEEN            ESTER                08-Oct-1990
ASHE           WILLIAMS         MAXWELL              05-Oct-1968
ASHER          DORA                                  05-Oct-1960
ASHER          IKE              KALMON               29-Jun-1946
ASHER          ROSALYN          ANN                  24-Oct-1979
ASHER          ROSSIE           BELLE                16-Jun-1972
ASHLEY         EUNICE           GORDAY               27-Aug-1945
ASHLEY         FLORENCE         FOSTER               16-Nov-1973
ASHLEY         IDESSA                                25-Apr-1986
ASHLEY         JESSICA          ELIABETH             30-Nov-1995
ASHLEY         MARION                                10-Jul-1993
ASHLEY         WILLIAM                               10-Aug-1954
ASHTON         BYRON            FREDERICK            20-Nov-1993
ASHTON         RICHARD          LEE                  18-Aug-2001
ASHTON         RUTH                                  07-Mar-1980
ASHWORTH       LARRY            EUGENE               03-Jun-1973
ASHWORTH       MARTHA           HELEN                14-Feb-2003
ASKEW          CARRIE           MADGE                24-Aug-1927
ASKEW          HOLLIS           ALFRED               30-Jan-1984
ASKEW          JOHN             L.                   31-Dec-1970
ASKEW          MARY             ANN                  08-Jan-1999
ASKEW, SR.     FRED             DAVIS                25-Feb-1971
ASKIN          ADDISON          GRAY                 15-Oct-1963
ASKIN          ADDISON          MURPHY               12-Feb-1938
ASKIN          FANNIE                                23-Feb-1983
ASPINWALL      LOIS             VIOLA SWEAT          04-Mar-1954
ASPINWALL      MARELL                                03-May-1996
ASTIN          LUTHER           WESLEY               10-Dec-1981
ASTON          JACKSON          COOPER               23-Feb-1972
ATCHLEY        JAMES            ALVA                 08-Mar-1989
ATHERTON       EVERETT          MARVIN               25-May-1989
ATHERTON       LAURA                                 02-Nov-1991
ATKINS         ALBERT           KEARNY               25-Oct-1951
ATKINS         ALBERTA                               08-Jun-1989
ATKINS         BARBARA          MARY                 22-Dec-1998
ATKINS         BENJAMIN         PERCELL              14-Dec-1947
ATKINS         BOBBIE           JEAN                 13-Jan-1961
ATKINS         CLYDE            MAYNARD              19-Mar-1991
ATKINS         DERRELL          DWAIN                17-Nov-1997
ATKINS         EDDIE            MAE                  19-Jan-1976
ATKINS         GEORGE                                21-Feb-1957
ATKINS         GUS                                   22-Nov-1968
ATKINS         JAKE                                  24-Apr-1963
ATKINS         JANE             CAMERON              19-Dec-1995
ATKINS         JESSIE           JAMES                21-Dec-1992
ATKINS         JIMMY            LEE                  17-Aug-2002
ATKINS         JOE              NATHAN               08-Oct-1951
ATKINS         LINDA            FAYE                 18-Dec-1973
ATKINS         LINDA L                               13-Sep-1964
ATKINS         LUCIUS           WALTER               08-Mar-1951
ATKINS         PATRICIA         A.                   23-Apr-2001
ATKINS         PEARLIE          MAE                  29-Oct-1990
ATKINS         RENA             BEATRAICE            22-Mar-1984
ATKINS         RODELLA                               07-Jul-1984
ATKINS         SALLIE           MAE                  18-Dec-2000
ATKINS         VICTOR           JAMES                25-Jul-1992
ATKINS         VICTORIA                              28-Mar-1932
ATKINS         WILLIE           W.                   27-Jul-1981
ATKINS, JR.    CALVIN                                28-Aug-1957
ATKINS, JR.    GEORGE                                25-Oct-1989
ATKINS, SR.    RICHARD          LEON                 11-Aug-2000
ATKINSON       BEULAH           CHASTAIN             23-Oct-1963
ATKINSON       IDA              GLASS                26-Feb-1968
ATKINSON       JAMES            SAMUEL               05-Feb-1979
ATKINSON       JEWELL           FRANCES              04-Nov-1990
ATKINSON       LEE                                   23-Dec-1990
ATKINSON       MACK                                  30-Apr-2000
ATKINSON       MARCUS           ROBERT               27-May-1940
ATKINSON       NANCY                                 23-Jan-1953
ATKINSON       SUSIE                                 31-Jan-1993
ATKINSON       TOM              WATSON               10-Feb-1982
ATKINSON       WILLIAM          SHADE                14-Oct-1957
ATON           ARTHUR           HENRY                25-Mar-1957
ATTAWAY        ESSIE            ELIZABETH            10-Nov-1985
ATTAWAY        RUBY                                  51/1789
ATTEBERRY      PATRICIA                              16-Jan-2001
ATTHONY        JOSEPHINE                             11-Aug-1999
ATWATER        JAMES            B.                   06-Aug-1967
ATWATER        JOSEPHINE                             06-Jun-1975
AUDSLEY        MILDRED                               11-Jan-1997
AUGHINBAUGH    ANNA             GREGORY              26-Apr-1937
AULDAY         HUBERT           HOWARD               09-Jul-1994
AULT           JOHN             PHILLIP              09-Jan-1999
AULTMAN        ANSEL            LEON                 11-Dec-1984
AULTMAN        BESSIE           GRACE                15-Mar-1980
AULTMAN        CAROLYN                               31-Dec-1975
AULTMAN        CAROLYN          HEATH                27-May-1935
AULTMAN        DAVID            CROCKETT             25-Feb-1938
AULTMAN        DAVID            WILDER               25-Jul-1999
AULTMAN        EMMETT           LAWRENCE             22-Aug-1978
AULTMAN        EVA              WHIDDON              08-Oct-1954
AULTMAN        GEORGE           DOUGLAS              14-Jan-1973
AULTMAN        GEORGE           JACKSON              26-Jul-1994
AULTMAN        HELEN            ALICIA               05-Dec-1993
AULTMAN        IDELLA           SUE                  16-Oct-1994
AULTMAN        IDUS             MONROE               27-Oct-1998
AULTMAN        INA              RUTH                 19-Oct-1995
AULTMAN        JAMES            EMANUEL              09-Nov-1991
AULTMAN        JOHNNIE          JACKSON              01-Jan-1980
AULTMAN        JULIE            HEATH                28-May-1951
AULTMAN        LONNIE           LEE                  01-Nov-1969
AULTMAN        LOUISE                                16-Mar-1988
AULTMAN        MARTHA           ANN                  17-Mar-1994
AULTMAN        MARTHA           JANE                 17-Sep-1991
AULTMAN        MARTIN           SOLOMON              14-Jul-1967
AULTMAN        MATTIE           MOREE                13-Dec-1960
AULTMAN        MRS. WILLIE      BEATRICE             18-Sep-1938
AULTMAN        MURRAY           GASTON               18-Oct-1997
AULTMAN        RUFUS            EDWIN                29-May-1971
AULTMAN        RUTH                                  25-Feb-1979
AULTMAN        SALLIE           MARIE                06-Jan-1987
AULTMAN        WILLIAM          ALEXANDER            27-Apr-1939
AULTMAN        WILLIAM          HENRY                19-Mar-1997
AULTMAN, JR.   EMANUEL                               16-Aug-1949
AULTMAN, SR.   ROBERT           EMANUEL              17-Jun-1978
AULTMAN, SR.   WILLIAM          JULIUS               23-Jul-1981
AUMSBAUGH      BONNIE           JEAN                 09-Apr-2001
AUMSBAUGH      JOSHUA           DAVID                31-Jan-1997
AUSBY          JAMES            L.                   01-Aug-1999
AUSBY          LARENA                                20-Dec-1977
AUSBY          THOMAS                                03-Aug-1978
AUSTIN         ALMA             RUTH                 21-Nov-2001
AUSTIN         AMY                                   08-Mar-1970
AUSTIN         AMY              LEE                  22-Jan-1987
AUSTIN         BERTHA                                09-Jan-1942
AUSTIN         CEDRIC           C.                   10-Feb-2003
AUSTIN         EVA                                   13-Nov-1980
AUSTIN         FRED                                  06-Nov-1942
AUSTIN         GLORIA           DIANE                01-Jun-2002
AUSTIN         HELEN            THERESA              07-Apr-1990
AUSTIN         J.I.                                  15-Feb-1992
AUSTIN         JOHN             ERNEST               13-Dec-1998
AUSTIN         LONNIE                                23-Sep-1939
AUSTIN         MARIE            CATHERINE            21-Jan-1974
AUSTIN         REX                                   19-Jun-1994
AUSTIN         THOMAS           RALPH                31-Dec-1938
AUSTIN         WANDA            IRENE                26-Dec-1985
AUSTIN         WILLIAM          JEFFERSON            01-Feb-1966
AUSTIN         WILLIAMS                              13-Jul-1955
AUSTIN         WILLIE           JAMES                07-Aug-1987
AUSTIN, JR.    JOHN             ERNEST               25-Apr-1975
AUSTIN, SR.    JAMES            OLIVER               16-Aug-1990
AUSTIN, SR.    RALPH            GEHRIG               27-Feb-2002
AUTRY          ALLEN            JULIUS               08-May-1963
AUTRY          KATHERINE                             03-Jan-1995
AUTRY          LUDIE            KARINE               11-Oct-1974
AUTRY          MARY             ALICE                26-Nov-1995
AUTRY          OLIN             PIERCE               27-Aug-1988
AVANT          BABY                                  19-Jan-1940
AVANT          BRYAN            NEWTON               07-Feb-2003
AVANT          EDWARD           HULEN                01-Jan-1934
AVANT          VIVIENNE                              23-May-2001
AVERA          ANNIE            BELLE                07-Nov-1979
AVERA          HARRIS           DEE                  01-Feb-1985
AVERA          LUTHER           LEE                  04-Feb-1977
AVERA          SCOTT            EARL                 29-Sep-1979
AVERITT        ALICE                                 22-Jan-2000
AVERITT        EULA                                  07-Jul-1986
AVERITT        RAYMOND          ELVEN                18-May-1963
AVERY          ANNA                                  29-Jul-1998
AVERY          BUFORD           DAVID                12-Dec-1975
AVERY          JOE                                   04-Oct-1992
AVERY          JOEL                                  10-Aug-2001
AVERY          JUANITA                               13-Apr-1981
AVERY          KATHLEEN                              01-Apr-1962
AVERY          LIZZIE                                11-Feb-1980
AVERY          MARY             HANNAH               05-Apr-1980
AVERY          ROBERT           LEE                  04-Dec-1939
AVERY          ROY              CHARLES              17-May-1989
AVERY, SR.     GEORGE           WASHINGTON           11-Dec-1969
AWTRY, JR.     WILLIAM          CLAUDE               04-Apr-1985
AXTON          SAM              J.                   25-Dec-1995
AXUM           ELLA                                  10-Jun-1944
AYCOCK         DANIEL           ENOCH                24-Aug-1966
AYCOCK         EUGENE           DULKZ                30-Jun-1943
AYCOCK         FRANKLIN         NORWOOD              10-Aug-1982
AYCOCK         HIRAM            ALMER                18-Apr-1976
AYCOCK         LEONARD                               18-Aug-1961
AYCOCK         MARY             MYRTLE               01-Feb-1978
AYCOCK         MERCER                                10-Feb-1990
AYCOCK         THOMAS           JEFFERSON            20-May-1936
AYCOCK         WARREN           CANDLER              21-Jan-2002
AYCOCK         ZOLLIE           ELIZABETH            17-Jun-1983
AYCOCK, JR.    WILLIAM          E.                   08-Nov-1974
AYCOCK, SR.    ROY              THOMAS               05-Aug-1980
AYERS          GURLIE           MAE                  19-Jan-1992
AYOTTE         HENRY                                 14-May-1982
AYRES          JUNE             MARIE                18-Mar-1981
AYRES, JR.     JOHN             D.                   25-Feb-1998
AYTCH          CINDY            RUTH                 14-Sep-1986

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