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Dougherty County, Georgia Death Index
From the Albany, Georgia Clerk of Court Records


=========         ==========            ===========       ==========
BAAB              ETHEL                 ELIZABETH         16-Oct-2001
BAAB              WALTER                EDWARD            04-Apr-1982
BABB              BERTHA                                  19-Apr-1979
BABB              JAMES                 LEON              22-Dec-1981
BABB              MERCER                MESCHAT           29-Jul-1969
BABB              PAUL                  EWING             12-Sep-1973
BABBITT           ERNEST                GILLESPIE         06-May-1982
BABBITT           ERNEST                LEROY             30-Sep-1962
BABBITT           EVELYN                                  02-Jun-1994
BABBITT           MARY                                    28-Apr-1974
BABBITT           WILLIAM               SHELLY            27-Nov-1975
BABCOCK           FRANCES               PAULINE           18-Oct-1991
BABCOCK           RONALD                VINCENT           04-Mar-1982
BACHELDER, SR.    DONALD                R.                04-Apr-2000
BACKIE            ELIJAH                                  04-Aug-1966
BACKIE            FANNIE                                  12-Jul-1981
BACON             ALBERT                SUMNER            10-Jan-1955
BACON             BESSIE                                  21-Feb-1986
BACON             CHARLES               EDMUND            02-Nov-1989
BACON             DAISY R P                               31-May-1966
BACON             EMMA                  MOSES             04-Jun-1973
BACON             ERNEST                THEODORE          19-Nov-1980
BACON             HORACE                ERNEST            13-Feb-2003
BACON             JAMES                 LEWIS             24-Jul-1963
BACON             JOSEPH                ANTHONY           08-Oct-1959
BACON             JULIA                 HOLCOMBE          20-Aug-1938
BACON             KATE                  HAWLEY            09-Jun-1963
BACON             KATHERINE                               22-Jul-1994
BACON             LOTTIE                TIFT              07-Feb-1936
BACON             LULA                                    05-Jul-1966
BACON             MILDRED                                 11-Apr-1972
BACON             MILTON                RAYMOND           30-Aug-1931
BACON             R.                    J.                18-Oct-1946
BACON             ROSA                                    12-May-1986
BACON             ROSA                                    03-Nov-1926
BACON             SARA                                    03-Jun-1991
BACON             SARAH                 BERNICE           08-Jan-1988
BACON             WILLIAM               ALEXANDER         17-Jan-1985
BACON, III        ARTHUR                                  20-Dec-1970
BADDERS           CORINNE                                 11-Jan-1985
BADGETT           PAULINE                                 07-Feb-1967
BAER              EUGENE                RICHARD           30-Sep-1999
BAER              LARRY                 EUGENE            18-Jun-1983
BAGARLY           JOSEPH                H.                08-Mar-1944
BAGGARLY          MARY                  L. WIGGINS        06-Apr-1940
BAGGERLEY         LOIS                  ELROD             03-Jan-1964
BAGGETT           ADDIE                 ELIZABETH         09-Dec-1958
BAGGETT           CHARLIE               FREDERICK         04-Jan-1970
BAGGETT           ESTHER                ETTA              14-Sep-2002
BAGGETT           HIRAM                 EUGENE            11-Dec-1960
BAGGETT           KIZZIE                BELL              23-Sep-1978
BAGGETT           L.                    C.                13-Aug-1997
BAGGETT           MARY                  E.                29-Apr-1975
BAGGETT           MARY                  NELL              28-Jun-1984
BAGGETT           MELVIN                HARRISON          05-Feb-2002
BAGGETT           PEGGY                 JEAN              23-Sep-1996
BAGGETT           R                     A.                11-Nov-2003
BAGGETT           ROBERT                JACKSON           26-Apr-1977
BAGGETT           SYLVESTER             JULIUS            03-Jun-1967
BAGGS             ARMAND                LAMAR             09-Oct-1935
BAGGS             JOSEPHINE                               24-May-2001
BAGGS             WALTER                CECIL             29-Apr-1972
BAGLEY            ANNIE                                   22-Mar-1941
BAGLEY            HAZEL                                   09-Jan-1982
BAGLEY            JAMES                                   10-Aug-1997
BAGLEY            LILLIAN                                 31-May-1987
BAGNALL           SYDNEY                BURKES            06-Jun-1995
BAGWELL           ELIZABETH             WILBURN           21-May-1959
BAGWELL           IVAR                                    13-Jan-1966
BAGWELL           J.W.                                    28-Oct-1995
BAGWELL           MITCHELL              CARL              15-Apr-1961
BAGWELL           ORA                   MELVINA           04-Oct-1994
BAILES            ALVA                  BOYCE             20-Feb-1972
BAILES            CARRIBEL                                08-Aug-1988
BAILES            CHARLES               MASON             28-May-1973
BAILES, SR.       CHARLES               E.                29-Sep-1968
BAILEY            ALICE                 WARD              08-Mar-1982
BAILEY            ALMA                  GRAY              19-Aug-1968
BAILEY            ANNIE                 DORIS             16-May-1939
BAILEY            ANNIE                 MAE               27-Jun-1986
BAILEY            AUSTIN                                  21-May-1956
BAILEY            BARBARA                                 11-Apr-1960
BAILEY            BARBARA               ANN               13-Nov-1987
BAILEY            BEATRICE              D.                27-Mar-1999
BAILEY            BESSIE                LENORA            22-Oct-1998
BAILEY            CHARLES               ALVIN             15-Feb-1968
BAILEY            CHARLIE                                 04-Jul-1984
BAILEY            CHARLIE               THOMAS            05-Oct-1989
BAILEY            CORA                                    23-Jun-1951
BAILEY            CORA                  MCLEOD            20-May-1937
BAILEY            CORA                  W.                28-Mar-1978
BAILEY            DAN                                     15-Aug-1955
BAILEY            DANIEL                ISTON             08-Dec-1964
BAILEY            DARRIS                                  23-Mar-2000
BAILEY            DEBORAH               MARIA ANNE        20-Mar-1973
BAILEY            DELZENA                                 11-Aug-1933
BAILEY            DOROTHY               LOUISE            11-May-1995
BAILEY            DUDLEY                ROBERT            16-Jan-1977
BAILEY            EDNA                  ALLENE            11-Sep-1988
BAILEY            ELIZA                                   03-Mar-1952
BAILEY            ERNEST                PORTER            03-Feb-1995
BAILEY            ESSIE                 MAE               01-Jul-1939
BAILEY            EVELYN                LIDDON            02-Feb-1967
BAILEY            FRANKIE               LEE               25-Oct-1988
BAILEY            HALLIE                                  10-Mar-1961
BAILEY            HENRY                                   26-Jan-1963
BAILEY            HENRY                 A.                13-Mar-1977
BAILEY            IDA                   BLOCKER           25-Jun-1960
BAILEY            IRENE                                   09-Jun-1972
BAILEY            ISSAC                 ANDREW            02-Nov-1988
BAILEY            IVA                   BELLE             27-Sep-1997
BAILEY            JACK                  AMOS              16-Aug-2003
BAILEY            JAMES                 BARRY             16-Jun-2003
BAILEY            JAMES                 TEDDER JULIAN     22-May-1983
BAILEY            JOHN                  CLAYTON           18-Mar-1993
BAILEY            JOSEPH                DIXON             11-Jun-1997
BAILEY            KEITH                 DANIEL            22-Jul-1974
BAILEY            LEAH                                    30-Mar-1962
BAILEY            LESTER                                  17-Jul-1985
BAILEY            LILLA                 MAE               30-Mar-1998
BAILEY            LOUELLA                                 16-Jun-1990
BAILEY            LOUISE                                  17-Oct-1983
BAILEY            LOUISE                                  09-Dec-1995
BAILEY            LUCIOUS                                 24-Apr-1993
BAILEY            LULA                  A.                02-Oct-1941
BAILEY            LULA                  BELL              09-Feb-1954
BAILEY            LUVENIA               WILSON            26-Jul-1954
BAILEY            MAGGIE                LEE               17-Oct-1951
BAILEY            MARGARET              YANCEY            17-Oct-1986
BAILEY            MARY                                    18-Jul-1993
BAILEY            MARY                  BETH              12-Oct-1989
BAILEY            MARY                  LOU MILLS         03-May-1953
BAILEY            MARY                  MYRTICE DEAN      08-Sep-1948
BAILEY            MATHEWS               JAMES             24-Sep-1959
BAILEY            MATTIE                LOU               26-Feb-1972
BAILEY            MURRIE                LEE               03-Jan-1972
BAILEY            OLIVER                                  06-Nov-1975
BAILEY            ORA                   JEAN              23-Feb-2000
BAILEY            OZZIE                 BELL              08-Jun-1971
BAILEY            PETER                 D.                25-Mar-1961
BAILEY            PETER                 MICHAEL JOHN      25-Dec-2002
BAILEY            POLLY                                   04-Aug-1976
BAILEY            RACHEL                CAROLINE          07-Aug-1991
BAILEY            ROOSEVELT                               07-Jul-1969
BAILEY            ROSIA                 A.                02-Oct-1995
BAILEY            RUSSELL               LEE               18-Dec-1998
BAILEY            SAMUEL                ALLEN             19-Oct-1946
BAILEY            SANZATHER             JOSE              07-Jan-1963
BAILEY            SARA                  ELIZABETH         05-Jul-2000
BAILEY            SILAS                 WINSTON           25-Jul-1970
BAILEY            SUSIE                                   22-Nov-1979
BAILEY            T. VICKIE             LAVANDA           09-Aug-1968
BAILEY            VIOLET                MABLE             21-Jun-1974
BAILEY            WILEY                 ROGERS            03-Jun-1983
BAILEY            WILLENE                                 27-Nov-1993
BAILEY            WILLIAM               JOSEPH            09-Mar-1996
BAILEY            WILLIAM               MONROE            11-Sep-1990
BAILEY            WILLIE                B.                03-Feb-1943
BAILEY            WILLIE                MAE               07-Jul-2000
BAILEY            WILLIE                S.                15-Oct-1946
BAILEY            WOODROW               WILSON            14-Nov-1974
BAILEY            ZACK                  H.                07-Dec-1975
BAILEY, II        THOMAS                PORTER            19-Feb-1993
BAILEY, JR.       AUSTIN                                  03-Oct-1995
BAILEY, JR.       JAMES                                   20-Jun-1951
BAILEY, JR.       JOHNNY                                  18-Jul-1999
BAILEY, JR.       WILLIAM               HENRY             26-May-1998
BAILEY, SR.       JESSIE                                  26-Feb-1976
BAILEY, SR.       JOHNNIE               LEE               01-Aug-1967
BAILEY, SR.       MAJOR                 J.                04-Oct-1989
BAILEY, SR.       WILLIE                JAMES             27-Jun-1987
BAINTER           JANET                 RAE               02-Jan-1992
BAIRD             CLEM                  COY               06-Apr-1985
BAIRD             GEORGE                ELVIN             12-Sep-1992
BAIRD             TRACY                 LEE               13-Jun-1991
BAISDEN           BERTHA                                  16-Jun-1931
BAISDEN           CLAUDIA               M.                31-Dec-2001
BAISDEN           DAISEY                                  09-Oct-1985
BAISDEN           NEOMA                                   03-Aug-1979
BAISDEN           REUBEN                EDWARD            13-Feb-1961
BAISDEN           WILLIE                LEE               11-Oct-1995
BAKEKR            CARRIE                                  04-Jun-1963
BAKER             ALICE                                   19-Dec-1989
BAKER             ALMON                 TIFT              24-Jun-1968
BAKER             ANGELO                                  17-Apr-1957
BAKER             ANNE                                    03-Aug-2000
BAKER             ANNIE                 LIZA              08-Nov-1971
BAKER             ANNIE                 M.                28-Oct-1986
BAKER             ARTHUR                                  11-Apr-1933
BAKER             ARTHUR                LEE               08-Mar-1999
BAKER             BARBARA                                 05-Nov-1949
BAKER             BEULAH                                  10-Jun-1989
BAKER             BOBBIE                JEAN MINGO        12-Mar-1952
BAKER             BULENA                                  17-Nov-1950
BAKER             CEDRIC                                  18-Mar-1962
BAKER             CELESTE                                 12-Oct-1933
BAKER             CHRISTINE                               26-Jan-2000
BAKER             DEBRA                 ANN               13-Dec-1994
BAKER             DELORIS               VICTORIA          26-Apr-1962
BAKER             DIAMOND                                 14-Aug-1991
BAKER             DILLIE                                  14-Apr-1973
BAKER             EDD                   LEE               14-Feb-1950
BAKER             EDIE                  MAE               02-Aug-1949
BAKER             ELIZABETH             MAE               27-Feb-1995
BAKER             ELLA                  KEEN              11-Jun-1959
BAKER             ELLEN                                   02-Dec-1943
BAKER             ETHEL                 VIDA              27-Jun-1984
BAKER             EUNICE                E.                24-Nov-1966
BAKER             FRANK                                   26-Jan-1972
BAKER             GEORGE                                  15-Mar-1960
BAKER             GEORGIE               RAY               13-Aug-1998
BAKER             GERTRUDE              THELMA            05-Apr-1987
BAKER             GUDRUN                                  23-Jun-1982
BAKER             HARVEY                FELTON            01-Mar-1987
BAKER             HENRY                                   15-Feb-1986
BAKER             HENRY                                   18-Nov-1994
BAKER             HENRY                 BARRETT           06-Jan-1997
BAKER             INF FEMALE                              22-Apr-1970
BAKER             JAMES C IO                              20-Apr-1970
BAKER             JAMES C IO                              22-Apr-1970
BAKER             JEWELL                                  13-May-1970
BAKER             JEWELL                (JULIA)           15-Feb-1970
BAKER             JOHNNY                                  12-Jun-1982
BAKER             JORDAN                MICHAEL           18-Feb-1997
BAKER             JULIA                                   15-Feb-1970
BAKER             LENNIE                OMAR              21-Feb-1978
BAKER             LESLIE                WARD              28-Jul-2002
BAKER             LILLIE                                  17-Jan-1985
BAKER             LUTHER                L.                11-Feb-1997
BAKER             M.                    LEAR              02-Jun-1946
BAKER             MAMIE                                   04-Jul-1981
BAKER             MARK                                    27-Aug-2002
BAKER             MARQUES               TERRELL           01-Oct-1996
BAKER             MARY                  LORETTA           10-Jul-2000
BAKER             MARY (AKA-BERTHA)     T.                25-Jan-1997
BAKER             MICHAEL               RICHARD           22-Sep-1956
BAKER             MINNIE                                  28-Apr-1935
BAKER             MINNIE                LEE               13-May-1956
BAKER             MIZA                                    26-May-1972
BAKER             NANCY                 KYLER             03-Jul-1958
BAKER             OBIE                  LEE               18-Sep-1995
BAKER             REV. HENRY                              28-May-1934
BAKER             RHODA                 LANADA            15-Nov-1994
BAKER             RUBY                                    10-May-1981
BAKER             SAM                                     03-Apr-1940
BAKER             SHIRLEY               RUNELLE           02-May-1959
BAKER             THEODORE              LEON              09-Feb-1973
BAKER             VELNA                                   11-Jun-2001
BAKER             WASHINGTON            HARLOW            01-Nov-1957
BAKER             WILLIAM               HAROLD            02-Sep-1967
BAKER             WILLIE                                  13-Jan-1988
BAKER             WILLIE                                  04-Dec-1944
BAKER             WILSON                N.                12-Mar-1961
BAKER                                                     20-Apr-1970
BAKER                                                     11-May-1953
BAKER, JR.        CARL                  W.                11-Dec-1955
BAKER, JR.        COLUMBUS              WOODSON           27-Aug-1954
BAKER, JR.        ROBERT                L.                20-Dec-1960
BAKER, SR.        BRUCE                 BRYAN             18-Feb-1998
BAKER, SR.        CHARLIE                                 29-Nov-1959
BAKER-MILLER      MURRYEL               FATE              26-Feb-2002
BALAS             STAN                  PAX               13-Sep-1996
BALDEN            STILLBORN                               06-Oct-1930
BALDREE           MADISON               BELL              11-May-1967
BALDREE, JR.      JAMES                 JASPER            24-Feb-1966
BALDWIN           ALICE                 FARNUM            13-Nov-1952
BALDWIN           ANNINIAS              B.                06-Aug-1970
BALDWIN           ARTHUR                WOOTEN            30-Oct-1976
BALDWIN           BENJAMIN                                07-Feb-1974
BALDWIN           BENJAMIN                                09-Nov-1979
BALDWIN           BILL                                    25-Nov-1932
BALDWIN           EARNEST               WAZELL            31-Dec-1972
BALDWIN           ETTIENNE                                20-Apr-1981
BALDWIN           EVELENA               O'NITA            02-Feb-1991
BALDWIN           FANNIE                MAE               01-Jan-1987
BALDWIN           FLORENCE                                01-Oct-1976
BALDWIN           FLORINE                                 16-Jan-1991
BALDWIN           FRED                                    01-Oct-1941
BALDWIN           HERBERT               ROYAL             11-May-1988
BALDWIN           JAMES                 CHARLES           20-Oct-1983
BALDWIN           JAMES                 DUNCAN            05-Nov-1995
BALDWIN           JESSIE                                  20-Nov-1968
BALDWIN           JOHN                  PERSONS           03-Dec-1991
BALDWIN           LELIA                 MAE               07-Apr-1989
BALDWIN           LOUISE                                  25-Mar-1955
BALDWIN           LUCINDA               H.                13-Dec-1965
BALDWIN           MARK                                    08-May-1958
BALDWIN           MEOLA                                   14-May-1996
BALDWIN           MICHAEL               BERNARD           13-Jun-1995
BALDWIN           MINNIE                LEE               24-Nov-1947
BALDWIN           MYRA                  RUSH              03-Aug-1952
BALDWIN           OCIE                                    03-Dec-2001
BALDWIN           ROBERT                EDWARD            25-Jun-1977
BALDWIN           SEDIA                                   13-Nov-1990
BALDWIN           SHARON                MARIE             19-Feb-1972
BALDWIN           SHONDA                ANDRE             01-Jul-1989
BALDWIN           ULYSSES                                 27-Mar-1998
BALDWIN           VIRGINIA                                27-Nov-1984
BALDWIN           WALTER                L.                02-Dec-1978
BALDWIN           WILLIAM               MOSE              19-Jul-1950
BALDWIN           WOODIE                EDNA              27-Jan-2002
BALDWIN, JR.      MAJOR                                   13-Oct-1985
BALES             DOROTHY               JUNE              20-Mar-1940
BALES             LILLIAN                                 15-Sep-1988
BALES, SR.        ALVIN                 SCHUMANN          09-Apr-1983
BALFOUR           LIONEL                                  16-Oct-1973
BALFOUR, JR.      MOSE                                    25-Sep-1997
BALKCOM           FRANCES               CONNOR            12-Jan-1989
BALKCOM           MARY                                    24-May-1976
BALKCOM           WALTER                T.                28-Jun-1993
BALKCOM           WILLIAM K                               20-May-1966
BALKMAN           EMMA                                    18-Jul-1995
BALL              ANGELA                MARIE             21-Jan-1996
BALL              ARTIS                                   10-Nov-1992
BALL              CAROLYN               MAYREESE          11-Apr-1935
BALL              DALLS                 JAMESON           19-Oct-1992
BALL              DASIE                 MAE               15-Apr-1994
BALL              DOSS                                    30-Dec-1967
BALL              EFFIE                 JENNETTER         31-Dec-2001
BALL              ELIZABETH                               02-Oct-1990
BALL              ETHEL                                   08-Oct-1974
BALL              ETHEL                 LEE               05-Jan-1989
BALL              EUGENE                FRANKLIN          09-Feb-1975
BALL              FREDDIE                                 27-Mar-1983
BALL              GEORGE                CORDIA            21-Feb-1985
BALL              HENRY                                   19-Dec-1941
BALL              JIMMY                 LEE               08-Nov-1996
BALL              KEITH                 RANDALL           23-Jun-1984
BALL              LIZZIE                                  02-Dec-1926
BALL              M                                       04-Feb-1988
BALL              MAMIE                 LEE               07-Sep-1966
BALL              MARTHA                EMMA              17-Nov-1985
BALL              RANDALL               NEWTON            28-May-1981
BALL              ROSA                  LOU               16-Oct-1996
BALL              RUBEN                                   29-Sep-1930
BALL              SAMUEL                KEITH             18-Jan-1949
BALL              SOLLIE                                  04-Feb-2003
BALL              TURNER                ISAAC             08-Aug-1975
BALL              WILLIAM               WINSTON           15-Apr-1985
BALL, JR.         DOSS                                    08-Sep-2000
BALLARD           HERBERT               ALEXANDER         05-Aug-1988
BALLARD           JACK                  KENNETH           03-Aug-1976
BALLARD           LAWRENCE              EUGENE            06-Oct-1971
BALLARD           NORRIS                                  28-Oct-1972
BALLEW            HOSIAH                WYATT             22-Mar-1944
BALLEW            MARK                  MCKINLEY          25-Dec-2002
BALLIET           ROBERT                MINEHARD          07-Apr-1975
BALLINGER         RITA                  ELAINE            21-Dec-1972
BALLOU            ANNIE                 MAE               22-Aug-2000
BALTAS            JAMES                                   22-Aug-1972
BALTAS            LILLIAN                                 11-Nov-1975
BALTAS            WILLIAM               VICTOR            27-Sep-2003
BALTENBERGER      MELANIE               ANN               13-Nov-1990
BALTOS            JOHN                                    27-Jun-1973
BALTZELL          EMILY                 JO                16-Jul-2003
BALWIN            ANNIE                 BELLE             22-Mar-1942
BAMFORD           TERRY                 ARTHUR            04-Apr-1975
BAMFORD           WILLIAM               JACOB             14-Oct-1983
BANASZAK          LAVERNE                                 02-Mar-1993
BANGS             FLORENCE              GETTYS            22-Mar-1985
BANISTER          JASON                 ALEXANDER         22-Feb-1969
BANISTER          MILBRIE                                 04-Sep-1982
BANKS             ALICE                 BERTHELIA         16-Apr-1973
BANKS             ALMA                  LEE               07-Jun-1994
BANKS             ANAIAS                                  02-Mar-2001
BANKS             ANDREWS                                 29-Jan-1972
BANKS             ANN                                     05-Oct-1988
BANKS             ANNIE                 DOLLY             19-Dec-1967
BANKS             ANTHONY               RAY               28-Jul-1971
BANKS             BERTHA                MAE               12-Mar-1989
BANKS             BETHANY               KAY               02-Jun-2002
BANKS             BETTY                 JUANITA           25-Aug-1994
BANKS             CEOLA                                   08-Feb-2003
BANKS             CHARLES               LEON              21-May-1974
BANKS             CRAIG                 STEPHEN           04-Oct-1980
BANKS             DAISY                 LEE               25-Feb-1963
BANKS             DOROTHY                                 16-Feb-1964
BANKS             DOROTHY               INEZ              15-Nov-1988
BANKS             EDDIE                 LEE               29-Oct-1986
BANKS             EDNA                  RHYMES            03-May-1973
BANKS             ELIZA                                   25-Jan-1951
BANKS             EMMA                  KEIGLER           14-Sep-1983
BANKS             ERNEST                PATTERSON         11-Nov-1937
BANKS             ETHEL                 MAE               19-Jun-2000
BANKS             EUGENE                                  18-Jan-1998
BANKS             EVA                   JEWEL             09-Nov-1998
BANKS             EVELYN                T.                08-Sep-1948
BANKS             EVIS                                    18-Apr-1988
BANKS             FLOYD                                   05-Dec-1952
BANKS             FONDREN               ODELL             14-Apr-1985
BANKS             GENTLE                WASHINGTON        22-Jul-1950
BANKS             GEORGE                WASHINGTON        07-Dec-1998
BANKS             HENRY                                   17-Mar-1977
BANKS             JAMES                                   19-Sep-1987
BANKS             JAMES                 BENJAMIN          17-Mar-1989
BANKS             JESSIE                EDGAR             27-Apr-1957
BANKS             JESSIE                PEARL             05-Sep-1975
BANKS             JIMMIE                L.                06-Jun-1980
BANKS             JIMMY                 LEE               28-Aug-2003
BANKS             JOHN                                    07-May-1997
BANKS             JOHN                  NORMAN            17-Jan-2002
BANKS             JOHN                  WIMBERLY          14-May-1958
BANKS             JOYCE                                   05-Sep-1985
BANKS             KENNETH               EARL              10-Jul-1984
BANKS             KENTON                                  01-May-1994
BANKS             KIMBERLY              DENISE            07-Jun-1996
BANKS             KWANZA                LASHAY            03-Jul-2001
BANKS             LELLA                 DAVIS             17-Dec-1955
BANKS             LENA                                    04-Mar-1939
BANKS             LEON                  TITUS             21-Mar-1990
BANKS             LEVALLIS                                18-Oct-1990
BANKS             LILLIE                                  06-May-1986
BANKS             LIZZIE                                  17-Jul-1951
BANKS             MABEL                 ELLINGTON         15-Mar-1940
BANKS             MAE                   OLLIE             26-Oct-1935
BANKS             MAGGIE                LEE               24-Oct-1988
BANKS             MARIAH                                  01-Dec-1926
BANKS             MARIE                                   04-Mar-1979
BANKS             MARY                  ANN               26-Jan-1995
BANKS             MATHIS                                  05-Dec-1944
BANKS             MATTIE                MAE               10-Mar-1979
BANKS             MICHAEL               WAYNE             23-Dec-1964
BANKS             MOLLIE                                  08-Dec-1949
BANKS             MYRA                                    14-Aug-1984
BANKS             OLA                                     08-Jun-1953
BANKS             OUIDA                 BELLE             23-May-1988
BANKS             PAULINE                                 19-Sep-1958
BANKS             PEARLIE                                 16-Nov-1937
BANKS             ROYCE                 WAYMON            23-Oct-1998
BANKS             SINGLETON             FRANKLIN          19-Feb-1975
BANKS             STACEY                YOLANDA           10-Nov-1997
BANKS             STEVEN                COLLIER           30-Jul-1971
BANKS             TONYA                 D.                01-Mar-1974
BANKS             VERNA                 RUTH              14-Feb-1997
BANKS             VIOLA                                   28-Feb-1972
BANKS             VONIS                                   12-Jan-1966
BANKS             WASH                                    12-Jul-1957
BANKS             WILL                                    26-Jan-1933
BANKS             WILLIAM                                 19-Jan-1993
BANKS             WILLIAM                                 23-Mar-1932
BANKS             WILLIAM               GEORGE            06-Jul-1951
BANKS             WILLIE                                  12-Dec-1965
BANKS             WILLIE                MAE HEMBREE       15-Mar-1941
BANKS                                                     28-Mar-1959
BANKS, JR.        ANDREW                ANANIAS JAMES     16-Sep-1971
BANKS, JR.        ELZIE                                   01-Jan-1991
BANKS, JR.        EVIS                                    30-Jun-2002
BANKS, SR.        ELZIE                                   24-Jun-1990
BANKS, SR.        JOHN                  LARRY             25-Oct-1996
BANKS, SR.        JUDSON                CHESTER           07-Oct-1983
BANKS, SR.        WILLIAM               LAWRENCE          21-Jan-1994
BANKSTON          EZRA                                    16-Mar-1977
BANKSTON          HIRAM                 FRANKLIN          30-Jan-1989
BANKSTON          JOE                   DAVIS             03-Dec-1979
BANKSTON          KATHRYN               D.                20-Apr-1987
BANKSTON          LLOYD                 VERNON            12-Mar-2003
BANKSTON          MARY                  LYNN              22-Dec-1995
BANKSTON          PINKIE                                  13-Feb-1983
BANKSTON          ROBERT                VERNON            18-Dec-1997
BANNACH           IRA                   LOU               30-Jan-1990
BANNER            MAE                   BRAZELL           02-Aug-1996
BANNER            PAUL                  JAMES             26-Jan-1980
BANNON            ETHEL                 MAXINE            11-Oct-1983
BAPTISTA          MATHEW                BISHOP            07-Dec-1975
BAPTISTE          JEAN                  CHARLES           22-Sep-1998
BARBARA           EDWARD                RANDOLPH          27-Mar-1969
BARBARY           AMBUS                                   11-Dec-1962
BARBARY           BRADFORD              S.                02-Dec-1964
BARBARY           JAMES                                   17-Oct-2001
BARBARY           OSCAR                 (W.R.)            24-May-1969
BARBARY, JR.      WEST                  BELL              18-May-2003
BARBARY, SR.      WEST                  BELL              07-Jan-2003
BARBE             JACK                                    10-Jul-1982
BARBEE            GEORGE                ELZIE             11-Nov-1986
BARBEE            HERMAN                TRACY             02-May-1982
BARBEE            LILLIE                MAI               22-Feb-1949
BARBER            ALBANO                                  01-May-1963
BARBER            ALDONIA                                 05-Jun-1966
BARBER            ANNIE                 BELL              17-Nov-1980
BARBER            ANNIE                 MAE               01-Jun-1996
BARBER            BESSIE                                  30-Nov-1946
BARBER            CARRIE                                  30-May-1980
BARBER            CHARLES               R.                02-May-1941
BARBER            CHARLES               W.                13-Jan-1972
BARBER            CORNELIUS                               13-Nov-1969
BARBER            CRECY                                   15-Jun-1947
BARBER            DEBORAH               JEAN              30-Aug-2001
BARBER            DOROTHY               CREWS             17-May-1967
BARBER            ELLA                  MAE               13-Nov-2003
BARBER            ETRIS                 LEE                  1/02/1386
BARBER            EUGENE                                  02-Jun-1981
BARBER            EVAN                  H.                13-Aug-1957
BARBER            FRANK                                   12-Nov-1958
BARBER            GEORGE                ROY               11-Oct-1960
BARBER            HESTER                                  29-Apr-1949
BARBER            HORACE                                  10-Dec-1981
BARBER            IDA                   BELL              08-Nov-1985
BARBER            J                     B.                05-Nov-1982
BARBER            JACOB                 SILAS             31-Dec-2001
BARBER            JAMES                                   21-May-1987
BARBER            JAMES                 FRANCIS           11-Sep-1986
BARBER            JERRY                                   27-May-1967
BARBER            JESSIE                JAMES             11-Aug-1972
BARBER            JIMMY                                   24-Sep-2002
BARBER            JOE                                     25-Mar-1960
BARBER            JOE                   BEALL             24-Jun-1947
BARBER            JOHN                  LOUIA             25-Feb-1988
BARBER            JOHNNIE               MAE               27-May-1958
BARBER            JOSEPH                H.                16-Jul-1968
BARBER            KARL                  KENNETH           20-Feb-1958
BARBER            L. J.                                   21-Nov-1999
BARBER            LEOLA                                   27-Jan-1978
BARBER            LUIZA                                   19-Aug-1934
BARBER            MARSHALL                                26-Jun-2000
BARBER            MELVIN                JEAN              06-May-1998
BARBER            NEAL                                    13-Nov-1969
BARBER            NED                   STRIBLING         04-May-1990
BARBER            NELLIE                MAE               03-Nov-2002
BARBER            ODIS                  ROSA              28-Feb-1990
BARBER            OLA                   MAE               12-Jan-1971
BARBER            PENOLA                                  06-Dec-1947
BARBER            PRESTON               SIBLEY            23-Sep-1969
BARBER            RAY                                     21-Nov-1982
BARBER            ROBERT                                  30-Nov-1961
BARBER            RUBY                  LEE               18-Dec-1995
BARBER            RUNETTE                                 29-Oct-1959
BARBER            SALLIE                MAE               25-Feb-1991
BARBER            TERRY                 LEE               31-Dec-1970
BARBER            THOMAS                RILEY             20-Feb-2002
BARBER            WALTER                BRAXTON           16-Jan-1967
BARBER            WESLEY                JAMES             13-Sep-1973
BARBER            WILLIAM               PRYOR             05-Feb-1995
BARBER            WILLIE                D.                20-Aug-1969
BARBER            WILLIE                MAE               15-Nov-1987
BARBER                                                    21-Aug-1959
BARBER, JR.       ANTHONY               RAY               07-Jun-1984
BARBER, JR.       ETRIS                                   23-Nov-1954
BARBER, JR.       J.                    L.                05-Aug-1948
BARBER, SR.       JOSEPH                                  27-Oct-1983
BARBER, SR.       ROBERT                LEE               05-Jul-1986
BARBRE            BIRDIE                                  25-Nov-1976
BARBRE            JAMES                 CROMER            30-Jan-1934
BARBRE            JAMES                 CROMER            10-Feb-1999
BARBRE            PRYMUS                JONES             03-Feb-1939
BARBRE            ROBERT                EMMETT            06-Sep-1968
BARBRE            ROBERTA                                 04-Nov-1982
BARBRE            SAMUEL                D.                02-Sep-1969
BARBRE            SARAH                                   26-Sep-1995
BARBRE, II        JOE                   BEALL             29-Nov-1941
BARBREE           DICK                                    19-Mar-1980
BARCLAY           CHARLES               DANIEL            22-Apr-1972
BARCLAY           MAUDE                 VERAL             06-Jun-1968
BARDELEBEN        WILLIAM               ALBERT            09-Jan-1964
BARDEN            JAMES                 WILLIAM           01-Dec-1950
BARDGE            ISAIAH                                  01-Apr-1960
BARDGE            MARY                  LEE               19-Jul-2003
BARDGE            OTIS                  PERRY             09-Aug-1969
BARDGE, SR.       JOHN                  LOVIE             03-Jun-1999
BARDWELL          ETHEL                                   24-Feb-1989
BAREFIELD, JR.    EMORY                 HARRISON          08-Jun-1963
BAREFOOT          BARBARA               HELEN             27-Sep-2000
BAREFOOT          CHARLES               LEON              01-May-1976
BARFIELD          ALICE                 IDA THOMPSON      22-Jul-1951
BARFIELD          ANDREW                JACKSON           08-Mar-1987
BARFIELD          ANN                                     31-Mar-1989
BARFIELD          ANNIE                 RUTH              28-Jan-2003
BARFIELD          ARTHUR                BURDETT           05-Mar-1976
BARFIELD          ARTHUR                LEON              24-Jul-1967
BARFIELD          ARTHUR                WILLIS            23-Feb-1976
BARFIELD          BENNETT               WEEKS             02-Sep-1936
BARFIELD          BESSIE                BELL              16-Jul-1993
BARFIELD          BRENDA                DALE              08-Jan-1998
BARFIELD          CARSON                                  27-Sep-2002
BARFIELD          CHARLES               FRANKLIN          29-Nov-1970
BARFIELD          CHARLIE               VIVIAN            25-Jun-1981
BARFIELD          CHRISTINA             MARIE             04-May-1995
BARFIELD          CLYDE                 ALBERT            27-Jan-1977
BARFIELD          CORA                  DELL              01-May-1985
BARFIELD          DAN                                     15-Nov-1950
BARFIELD          DONALD                GRAY              29-Sep-1974
BARFIELD          EDNA                  GRACE             09-Jun-1998
BARFIELD          ELMA                  LOIS              30-Oct-1997
BARFIELD          EMMA                  WALDEN            01-Feb-1959
BARFIELD          ERNEST                                  17-Mar-1994
BARFIELD          ERNEST                H.                21-Apr-1975
BARFIELD          FELTON                                  19-Mar-1943
BARFIELD          FRANK                                   11-Sep-1963
BARFIELD          GEORGE                LEE               23-Oct-1980
BARFIELD          GEORGE                WASHINGTON        26-Sep-1960
BARFIELD          GLADYS                SHIVER            16-Jan-1935
BARFIELD          GLENN                 EDWARD            17-Sep-1986
BARFIELD          HERSCHEL              MILTON            27-Sep-1984
BARFIELD          INFANT                                  03-Mar-1951
BARFIELD          IVA                   MAE               21-Apr-1983
BARFIELD          JAMES                 EARL                 61/1997
BARFIELD          JAMES                 HENDERSON         11-Jul-1954
BARFIELD          JAMES                 RUFUS             07-Mar-1938
BARFIELD          JAMES                 WALTER            20-Sep-1995
BARFIELD          JANIE                                   14-Jul-1984
BARFIELD          JASPER                HIRAM             07-Jun-1997
BARFIELD          JESSIE                                  29-Oct-2000
BARFIELD          JESSIE                WELDON            21-Aug-1983
BARFIELD          JIMMIE                LEE               06-Sep-1991
BARFIELD          JOHN                  HILL              06-Jan-1956
BARFIELD          JOHNNIE                                 18-Feb-1934
BARFIELD          JOHNNY                EUGENE            20-Oct-1974
BARFIELD          LANIER                T.                10-Jan-1968
BARFIELD          LAURETTE                                10-Aug-1963
BARFIELD          LAURIE                                  05-Apr-1976
BARFIELD          LEONA                                   29-Jul-1991
BARFIELD          LEONARD                                 24-Sep-1974
BARFIELD          LEONARD               B.                30-Aug-1994
BARFIELD          LILIA                 MAE               05-Mar-1993
BARFIELD          LIZZIE                JOHNSON           11-Mar-1960
BARFIELD          LOLA                  LORIECE           14-Aug-1980
BARFIELD          LOUELLA               PEARSON           20-Jun-1952
BARFIELD          LUTHER                COOK              22-Apr-2002
BARFIELD          LUTHER                J.                30-Jan-1980
BARFIELD          MARGARET                                18-Jul-2000
BARFIELD          MARJORIE              CATHERENE         27-Sep-1973
BARFIELD          MARVIN                THOMAS            12-Aug-1999
BARFIELD          MARY                                    03-Apr-1976
BARFIELD          MARY                  IRENE             15-Jun-1985
BARFIELD          MARY                  LOUISE            28-Apr-1990
BARFIELD          MEREDITH              MCCAIN            30-Apr-1988
BARFIELD          MITTIE                RACHEL BAILEY     01-Apr-1954
BARFIELD          OSCAR                 PEAK              15-Nov-1971
BARFIELD          OTIS                                    16-Jun-1991
BARFIELD          ROBERT                BARNEY            30-Jun-1956
BARFIELD          ROBERT                LEE               08-Dec-1963
BARFIELD          ROSA                                    01-Aug-1973
BARFIELD          ROSE                  MARIE             21-Dec-1990
BARFIELD          RUBY                  LUCILLA           13-Jul-1991
BARFIELD          SANDRA                                  29-Jun-2000
BARFIELD          SIDNEY                HELEN             30-Jan-1994
BARFIELD          VIRGIL                RUDOLPH           02-Oct-1992
BARFIELD          WALTER                TERRELL           03-Jan-1931
BARFIELD          WESLEY                LEE               26-Apr-1983
BARFIELD          WIILLIAM              JAMES             04-Jun-1999
BARFIELD          WILLIE                                  24-Mar-1939
BARFIELD          WILLIE                HAYES             11-Feb-1945
BARFIELD          WILMER                DAVID             04-Sep-1989
BARFIELD, II      MARVIN                THOMAS            28-Jul-2001
BARFIELD, JR.     ANDY                  JIM               17-Jan-1999
BARFIELD, SR.     DONNIE                LARRY             19-Sep-2001
BARFIELD, SR.     GEORGE                ANDREW            14-Jun-1989
BARFIELD, SR.     NORRIS                EDWARD            11-Oct-1987
BARFIELD, SR.     RALPH                                   13-May-1990
BARFIELD, SR.     ROY                   LEE               25-May-1983
BARFIELD, SR.     WILLIAM               TOLAND            26-Sep-1962
BARGE             DOROTHY               MAE               29-Dec-2000
BARGE             ELIZABETH             ADAMS             21-Nov-1967
BARGE             VICTORIA                                26-Nov-1942
BARKER            CALEB                 TRAVIS            22-Apr-1985
BARKER            CURLEY                MAE               01-Feb-1955
BARKER            ED                                      18-Dec-1933
BARKER            GEORGE                CYRUS             22-Nov-1980
BARKER            MARION                                  07-Mar-1987
BARKER            MARY                  ANNELLE           09-May-1983
BARKER            MARY                  ELIZABETH         27-Dec-1940
BARKER            MARY                  GERTRUDE          02-Oct-1999
BARKER            MARY                  HENRIETTA         16-Apr-1984
BARKER            VERNON                                  23-Feb-2003
BARKER, SR.       BILLY                 ROGERS            27-Feb-2002
BARKER, SR.       RAYMOND               CARY              09-Oct-1999
BARKER, SR.       WILEY                 RICHARD           26-Jun-1972
BARKHOUSE         JAMES R                                 24-Dec-1970
BARKHOUSE         MARY                  ELIZABETH         24-Dec-1970
BARKLEY           MARY                  LACEY             06-Nov-1989
BARKLEY           PHIL                                    30-Dec-1926
BARKLEY           WILLIAM               EDWARD            23-Jul-1959
BARKSDALE         ANGELINE                                17-Feb-1998
BARKSDALE         ILA                   LEE               08-Jan-1987
BARKSDALE         MARY                  DELIAH            22-Jun-1953
BARKSDALE         PEARL                                   06-Nov-1975
BARKSDALE         THOMAS                R.                13-Apr-1996
BARKSDALE         WILLIAM               MARCINE           24-Jan-1979
BARLOW            AGNES                                   01-May-1999
BARLOW            ALBERTA                                 08-Mar-1930
BARLOW            ANDREW                MICHAEL           27-Jan-1995
BARLOW            ANNIE                 MAE               07-Dec-1974
BARLOW            CHAD                                    27-May-1970
BARLOW            CHARLES                                 01-Aug-1938
BARLOW            DAVID                                   23-Apr-1982
BARLOW            DEMPSEY                                 11-Jan-1927
BARLOW            ESTELLA               K.                19-Sep-1978
BARLOW            GLADYS                                  03-Jun-1984
BARLOW            IDA                                     24-Oct-1961
BARLOW            JAMES                 AREDES            03-Apr-1999
BARLOW            JERRY                 DAVID             18-Mar-1972
BARLOW            MARIETTA                                23-Nov-1930
BARLOW            OLA                                     07-Oct-1963
BARLOW            OLIVIA                LAVERNE           28-Aug-2003
BARLOW            PETER                                   01-Jul-1968
BARLOW            SALLIE                                  31-Aug-1937
BARLOW            SAM                                     28-Aug-1940
BARLOW, SR.       IRBY                  THOMAS            29-Nov-1997
BARNARD           BILLY                 LEE               26-Feb-1989
BARNARD           DORA                  PHILLIPS          10-Jun-1953
BARNARD           JAMES                 LEONARD           30-Aug-1947
BARNARD           MARJORIE              HELEN             22-Aug-1966
BARNARD           THEODOSIA                               07-Jun-1972
BARNER            DORA                  HATTIE            04-Sep-1975
BARNER            FANNIE                                  06-Jul-1980
BARNES            ADELAIDE                                13-Apr-1984
BARNES            ALBERTA                                 29-May-1994
BARNES            ALTON                 HOLLIS            20-Jan-1963
BARNES            AMBER                 MARIE             17-Feb-1981
BARNES            ARTHUR                                  15-Nov-1949
BARNES            ARTHUR                JAMES             25-Mar-1993
BARNES            ARTHUR                LEE               15-Mar-1958
BARNES            BABY                                    09-May-1937
BARNES            BESSIE                MAE               21-Jan-1976
BARNES            BONNIE                CORENE            27-Apr-1954
BARNES            CEOLA                                   16-May-1944
BARNES            CHARLES               HENRY             26-Dec-1994
BARNES            CHLOE                 VERSALINE         26-Apr-1993
BARNES            DANIEL                WILLIAM           29-Dec-1962
BARNES            DAVE                                    01-Apr-1944
BARNES            DAVE                                    07-Apr-1968
BARNES            DAVID                                   06-Oct-1962
BARNES            DEBBIE                ANN               22-Jan-1956
BARNES            DEBORAH               LYNN              24-Nov-1966
BARNES            DENNIS                                  16-Jan-1986
BARNES            DNALD                 LEE               27-Dec-2002
BARNES            DONOVAN               JOEL              02-Sep-2003
BARNES            DORETHA                                 04-Jan-2001
BARNES            EDNA                                    30-Aug-1990
BARNES            ELIZABETH             BELLE             26-May-1971
BARNES            EMMA                                    30-Dec-1993
BARNES            EVA                                     11-Mar-1976
BARNES            EWILLOW               MAE               09-Sep-1974
BARNES            FANNIE                                  03-Mar-1981
BARNES            FLORA                                   08-Dec-1978
BARNES            GEORGE                                  07-Jan-2002
BARNES            GOLDEN                RANDALL           12-Oct-2001
BARNES            HARRIET                                 15-Aug-1948
BARNES            HAYES                                   01-Nov-1937
BARNES            IDA                   ESTHER MORRIS     16-Mar-1952
BARNES            INFANT                                  07-May-1932
BARNES            IVY                   JOYCE             17-Feb-1981
BARNES            JAMES                 LEE               24-Sep-1990
BARNES            JAMES                 P.                14-Mar-1965
BARNES            JESSIE                                  28-Jun-1999
BARNES            JOSEPH                                  20-Oct-1981
BARNES            JOSEPH                PERRY             06-Aug-1971
BARNES            JULIA                 BELL              10-May-1985
BARNES            JULIAN                                  11-Jan-1949
BARNES            LARRY                                   01-Feb-1997
BARNES            LEROY                                   01-Nov-1987
BARNES            LEWIS                                   03-Sep-1981
BARNES            LUCILLE                                 02-Nov-1990
BARNES            LUCY                  B.                01-May-1988
BARNES            LULA                                    03-Apr-1976
BARNES            MAE                   LILLIAN           20-Dec-1994
BARNES            MARTHA                                  09-Nov-1946
BARNES            MARTHA                ANNE              09-Mar-1965
BARNES            MARTHA                JEAN              06-Jul-1998
BARNES            MARY                  ANN               02-Nov-1952
BARNES            MRS. ROY              L.                12-Jan-1940
BARNES            NATHANIEL                               14-Feb-1958
BARNES            OCTAVIUS                                03-Dec-1992
BARNES            OSCAR                 FRANKLIN          07-Nov-1950
BARNES            PAUL                  LAMAR             06-Jan-1979
BARNES            PHILLIP               COWART            13-Nov-1977
BARNES            RICHARD               ADAM              16-Jan-1996
BARNES            ROBERT                                  02-Jan-1994
BARNES            ROBERT                BRYAN             03-Nov-1995
BARNES            ROBERTA                                 16-Apr-1953
BARNES            ROOSEVELT                               01-Sep-2001
BARNES            ROOSEVELT             DANNY             25-Apr-1975
BARNES            ROY                   LEE               25-Nov-1962
BARNES            RUPERT                EARL              24-Feb-1983
BARNES            SARAH                 BLANCH            26-Oct-1930
BARNES            STEPHANIE             RENEE             17-Feb-1981
BARNES            TERETHA                                 10-May-1961
BARNES            THOMAS                KING              22-Nov-1935
BARNES            TILDA                                   12-Jun-1998
BARNES            TILLIE                                  30-Jun-1974
BARNES            TOMMIE                JAMES             16-May-1945
BARNES            VERA                                    09-Jul-1975
BARNES            VIRGINIA                                02-Dec-1942
BARNES            WEEDA                                   19-Mar-1996
BARNES            WILL                                    26-Sep-1902
BARNES            WILLIAM                                 27-Feb-1970
BARNES            WILLIAM               TELLEY            09-Dec-1995
BARNES            WILLIE                                  08-Mar-1987
BARNES            WILLIE                ALBERT            03-Dec-2001
BARNES            WILLIE                B.                22-Apr-1971
BARNES, JR.       JAMES                 ERNEST            21-Mar-1976
BARNES, JR.       JOHN                  WAYNE             26-May-1990
BARNES, JR.       WILLIAM                                 05-Feb-1979
BARNES, SR.       CLEVELAND                               26-Aug-1999
BARNES, SR.       JOHN                  ROSS              17-Jan-2002
BARNES, SR.       JOHNNY                                  09-Apr-1997
BARNES, SR.       THOMAS                                  13-Sep-1998
BARNES, SR.       WILLIAM                                 29-Sep-1970
BARNES, SR.       WILLIE                                  10-Apr-1976
BARNETT           CHARLIE               FRANKLIN          08-Jul-1942
BARNETT           CHRISTAL              CLOVIS            04-Apr-1999
BARNETT           DORA                  BELL              21-Aug-2003
BARNETT           GLADYS                MARSHALL          03-Dec-1977
BARNETT           HAROLD                J.                23-Nov-1939
BARNETT           JAMES                 MILLER            12-Sep-1951
BARNETT           JESSIE                                  28-Jun-1973
BARNETT           JOE                   BOB               08-May-1990
BARNETT           JOHN                  LECKEY            20-May-1978
BARNETT           JULIA                 CASANOVA          09-Jul-1968
BARNETT           LADD                                    12-Jul-1948
BARNETT           LULA                  MAE ELLIS         15-Sep-1958
BARNETT           MARY                  WILLIE            03-Feb-1989
BARNETT           MELVIN                                  26-Jun-1990
BARNETT           ORALINE                                 28-Oct-1980
BARNETT           R.                    L.                10-Nov-1956
BARNETT           STANFORD                                21-Oct-1993
BARNETT           THELMA                                  16-Jul-1984
BARNETT           WILLIAM               WILFORD           22-Feb-2002
BARNETT, JR.      JAMES                 MILLER            28-Jun-1998
BARNETT, SR.      JAMES                 THOMAS            28-Mar-1991
BARNETTE          ELMER                 EUGENE            14-Sep-1984
BARNETTE          ERASTUS               GERALD            10-Nov-2002
BARNETTE          MARY                  LULA              31-Dec-1980
BARNEY            ANNIE                                   20-Jan-1979
BARNEY            ANNIE                 MAE               04-Mar-2000
BARNEY            ANNISE                                  05-Aug-1965
BARNEY            DEBORAH               ANN               17-Feb-1953
BARNEY            DENNIS                JAMES             26-Jun-1981
BARNEY            EMMA                                    15-Dec-1946
BARNEY            FAYE                                    27-Mar-1959
BARNEY            HATTIE                                  23-Oct-1979
BARNEY            JACKIE                                  29-Jul-1954
BARNEY            JANNIE                PEARL             18-Dec-1968
BARNEY            JOHN                  HENRY             09-Feb-1998
BARNEY            LEE                                     24-Jun-1943
BARNEY            LOUELLA                                 31-Jan-1990
BARNEY            MAMIE                 ADKINS            21-Jul-1958
BARNEY            MELVIN                                  17-Mar-1999
BARNEY            SHERAL                                  05-Oct-1960
BARNEY, JR.       LEE                                     08-Jan-1980
BARNHART          EVELYN                ALFREDA           24-Jan-1996
BARNHILL          ELEXIE                J.                15-Sep-1998
BARNHILL          LAURA                                   08-May-1988
BARNHILL          WHITCOMB              RICHARD           03-Apr-1966
BARNHILL, JR.     JAMES                 WILFORD           14-Jan-1989
BARNHOUSE         HORACE                EUGENE            28-Aug-1973
BARNMER           GALE                                    25-Sep-1956
BARNS             CHARLOTTE                               13-May-1935
BARNS             DAVE                                    01-Jan-1934
BARNUM            CLAIRE                                  21-Sep-1989
BARR              ALLEEN                                  10-Feb-1989
BARR              ANGUS                 SANFORD           18-Sep-1975
BARR              ANNIE                 CORNELIA          20-Oct-1977
BARR              JOSEPH                ALONZA            01-Nov-1947
BARR              LEWIS                 LEROY             02-Aug-1971
BARR              MATTIE                LOIS              03-Sep-1983
BARR              RODERICK              SEALS             18-May-1968
BARR              WILLIAM               T. A.             12-Sep-1959
BARR, JR.         ANGUS                 SANFORD           10-Apr-1949
BARR, JR.         JACK                  WILLIAM           04-Aug-1972
BARRANCE          ANNIE                                   06-Jan-1952
BARRANCE          DAN                                     02-Apr-1947
BARRANCE          HOLICIA               LYNN              23-Jul-1967
BARRANCE          JOE                                     28-Sep-1975
BARRANCE          JOHN                  HENRY             24-Jun-1974
BARRANCE          ROBERTA                                 12-Feb-1986
BARRELL           ROBERT                LEE               29-Jul-1937
BARRENTINE        RUBY                  KATHLEEN          03-Apr-1970
BARRETT           ADA                                     10-Aug-1959
BARRETT           ALVA                  WALLACE           05-Nov-1956
BARRETT           ANITA                                   08-Jan-1998
BARRETT           BETTY                 JO                11-Aug-1995
BARRETT           BLANCHE               EFFIE             18-May-1978
BARRETT           CHARLIE                                 05-Mar-1933
BARRETT           CHARLIE               LEE               20-Feb-1994
BARRETT           DEBORAH               ANN               15-Jul-1998
BARRETT           DORETHEA              JEAN              06-Apr-1999
BARRETT           E.                    W.                28-Feb-1927
BARRETT           ELIJAH                                  18-Mar-1975
BARRETT           FLOYD                 CECIL             01-May-1976
BARRETT           GEORGIA               LUCILE            12-Sep-1976
BARRETT           GLADYS                EVELYN            28-Nov-1993
BARRETT           HARVEY                WELLS             13-Apr-1963
BARRETT           HOKE                  SMITH             02-Oct-1986
BARRETT           HUBERT                THOMAS            08-Jun-1987
BARRETT           JAMES                 FRANKLIN          03-Mar-1976
BARRETT           JAMES                 SAMUEL            05-Jun-1988
BARRETT           JULIA                 HARRIET           04-Feb-1970
BARRETT           L.C.                                    25-Aug-1986
BARRETT           L.D.S.                                  26-Jan-1990
BARRETT           LIZZIE                                  25-Jun-1973
BARRETT           LONNIE                MONROE            14-Apr-1975
BARRETT           MARGARET              SCHOMBURG         06-Jun-1968
BARRETT           MARILU                                  31-Dec-1979
BARRETT           MARTHA                ELEASE            14-Jul-2003
BARRETT           MATTIE                FAYE              03-Jan-1982
BARRETT           MOLLIE                                  28-Nov-1980
BARRETT           ROY                   L.                24-Jan-1972
BARRETT           ROY                   L.                24-Jan-1973
BARRETT           THELMA                P.                03-Jun-1996
BARRETT           WILLIAM               CUTHBERT          30-Jun-1963
BARRETT           WILLIAM               THOMAS            19-Oct-1942
BARRETT, JR.      ALVA                  WALLACE           04-Sep-1978
BARRETT, JR.      WILLIAM               CUTHBERT          27-Apr-1987
BARRICKLOW        MARY                  LUCILLE           08-Feb-2000
BARRINGTON        BESSIE                MARY              30-Sep-1972
BARRINGTON        EDDIE                 EUGENE            28-Jan-1972
BARRISH           F.                    P.                29-Jan-1940
BARRON            CLINTON               HIRAM             14-Nov-1943
BARRON            JAMES                 CLIFFORD          02-Feb-1953
BARRON            JOHN                  EDGAR             07-Apr-1995
BARRON            LEILA                                   03-Feb-1960
BARRON            PAUL                                    01-Jan-2002
BARRON            WILLIE                                  07-Sep-1958
BARRON            WILLIE                MAE               06-Dec-1987
BARRON, SR.       MONROE                WILEY             10-Feb-1990
BARRONTON         AARON                 REESE             08-Nov-1973
BARRONTON         GREER                 HAROLD            28-Jan-1998
BARRONTON         OPHELIA                                 05-Nov-1926
BARRONTON         ROBERT                DALE              18-Dec-1986
BARRONTON         SELMA                 IRENE             30-May-1995
BARROW            FRANK                 AMOS              12-Jun-1971
BARROW            GEORGIA               OPHELIA           09-Jan-1959
BARROW            HELEN                                   15-Sep-1992
BARROW            JANIE                 MAE SHURLEY       16-Aug-1956
BARROW, SR.       THOMAS                LAWSON            11-Oct-2000
BARRY             BRONNIE               JEAN              29-Dec-2002
BARRY             CLIFTON               ALLISON           29-Aug-1978
BARRY             EVELYN                                  07-Oct-1994
BARRY             GRAVE                 EVELYN            24-Mar-1999
BARRY             MARY                  LEE               10-Jan-1994
BARRY             NANNIE                MAE               13-Aug-1955
BARRY             ORIS                  JEFFERSON         06-Jan-1985
BARRY             RUFUS                 HOWARD            01-Sep-1984
BARRY             WILLIAM               HOWARD            19-Jul-1984
BARTHEL           JOHN                                    02-Apr-1970
BARTHEL           TRAVIS                                  09-Jan-1990
BARTHELEMY        DAPHNE                ANN               21-Jan-1965
BARTHELEMY        INEZ                  LELA              07-Jul-1998
BARTHELEMY        RONALD                PAYNE             13-Dec-1997
BARTHELL          GWENDOLYN                               06-Jun-2000
BARTHLETT, JR.    ELLIS                 LEE               04-Aug-1991
BARTHOLOMEW       ARLINE                                  19-Oct-1978
BARTHWELL         JOSEPHINE                               19-Oct-1985
BARTHWELL         SAM                                     18-May-1968
BARTLETT          ANNIE                 STROUD            02-Feb-1966
BARTLETT          ARTHUR                EDWARD            27-Jun-1984
BARTLETT          CARL                  R.                30-Jun-1971
BARTLETT          EDWARD                                  27-Apr-1934
BARTLETT          GRACE                                   20-Oct-2001
BARTLETT          HOMER                 CLYDE             10-May-1981
BARTLETT          ISABEL                ELLIE             13-Dec-1991
BARTLETT          JEANETTE                                03-May-1996
BARTLETT          RACHEL                RUTH              16-Oct-1978
BARTLETT          RICHARD               MORROW            07-Mar-1999
BARTLETT          RONALD                GLENN             01-Apr-1986
BARTLETT, SR.     ARTHUR                JUEL              10-Feb-1986
BARTLETT, SR.     FRED                  EUGENE            25-Mar-1986
BARTLEY           NANCY                 GAIL              06-Jan-1995
BARTLEY, JR.      JAMES                 SIMPSON           19-May-1953
BARTLOW           FRANK                 EARL              19-Dec-1963
BARTON            ALLIE                                   11-May-1972
BARTON            DORRIS                JAMES             14-Jan-1992
BARTON            IMOGENE               WHITLEY           18-Mar-2002
BARTON            JOE                   FRANK             21-Aug-1980
BARTON            MATTIE                                  28-Jun-1991
BARTON            NELLIE                MAE               06-Apr-1990
BARTON            ROBERT E                                06-May-1966
BARTON            ROSS                  ANTHONY           30-Apr-1989
BARTON, SR.       HEYWARD               HUBERT            17-Apr-2000
BARUNER           BIRDIE                MAE               20-Apr-1983
BARUTIO           EVELYN                CHARLOTTE         27-Nov-1996
BARWICK           BARBARA               JEAN              05-Jun-1998
BARWICK           BYRON                                   26-Nov-1974
BARWICK           FOY                   LEE               25-Dec-2001
BARWICK           JESSIE                LELAND            06-Feb-1965
BARWICK           RUSSELL               HARVEY            26-Jan-1990
BARWICK           SIMMIE                DEE               18-May-1967
BASHLINE          HARRY                 VIRGIL            29-Aug-1989
BASHLINE          MARGARET              L.                05-Oct-1989
BASINET           GRETHA                ANN               23-Sep-2001
BASKIN            JIM                                     16-May-1942
BASKIN            RUBY                  DUNLAP            19-Mar-1966
BASKO             JESSIE                CAROLYN           25-Apr-2001
BASKO             STEPHEN               THOMAS            14-Feb-1998
BASS              ALICE                                   25-Nov-1936
BASS              ANNA P                                  16-Aug-1966
BASS              BEULAH                                  25-Apr-1979
BASS              BLOOMER               BROWNE            29-Dec-1978
BASS              BOBBIE                                  12-Sep-1988
BASS              BYRON                 CLEVELAND         21-Oct-1961
BASS              CARRIE                ELIZABETH         01-Apr-1974
BASS              CARSON                CLEVELAND         13-May-1937
BASS              CHARLIE               HANSELL           29-May-1969
BASS              CHLOE                 EULALA            06-Aug-1999
BASS              CORALEE                                 07-Sep-1986
BASS              DONALD                CRAWFORD          28-May-1963
BASS              ESTELLA                                 06-Apr-1930
BASS              EUGENE                EVERITT           20-Feb-1963
BASS              EVA                   ANDERSON          26-Feb-1959
BASS              FANNIE                PAUL              20-Mar-1938
BASS              FLORA                 LORETTA           25-Nov-1933
BASS              FLORA                 MAE               19-May-1991
BASS              GEORGE                EMORY             22-Dec-1985
BASS              GLADYS                                  29-Apr-1994
BASS              INA                   LOU               15-Dec-1989
BASS              IONE                  HALL              02-May-1962
BASS              JAMES                 DANIEL            05-Mar-1994
BASS              JAMES                 EDWARD            09-Jan-2001
BASS              JAMES                 EDWARD            24-Dec-1969
BASS              JAMES                 TYLE              04-Jan-1997
BASS              JANIE                 LEE               15-Sep-1933
BASS              JERE                  LOUISE            14-Aug-1985
BASS              JIMMY                 LYLE              04-Jan-1997
BASS              JOHN                                    05-Mar-1958
BASS              JOHN                  TAYLOR            29-May-1986
BASS              JOHN                  WILLIAM           10-Sep-1986
BASS              JOSEPH                FRANK             19-Mar-1975
BASS              JULIA                 B.                02-Feb-1987
BASS              JUNIOR                                  18-Oct-1996
BASS              LANETTE                                 16-Dec-1994
BASS              LEWIS                 DARWIN            11-May-1989
BASS              LILLIE                MAE               16-Jun-2000
BASS              LOULIE                ANN               12-Jun-1941
BASS              MABEL                 HOLMES            22-Nov-1981
BASS              MABLE                                   17-Oct-2001
BASS              MAMIE                 LEE               25-Aug-2002
BASS              MARGARET                                01-Nov-1996
BASS              MARION                MARCELLUS         29-Dec-1957
BASS              MARY                                    04-Apr-2001
BASS              MARY                  GRACE             08-Mar-2002
BASS              MATTIE                ILEEN             25-Mar-2003
BASS              MILDRED               BELL              10-Oct-1991
BASS              MONSELLE              EVERETTE          03-Sep-1970
BASS              MURRAY                LEE               13-Jan-1956
BASS              NANCY                 ADELINE           16-Mar-1930
BASS              NELLIE                                  06-Jun-1978
BASS              NETTIE                MAE               14-Apr-1985
BASS              RALPH                 THEODORE          27-Jan-1963
BASS              RANDAL                SHENNARD          04-Feb-1984
BASS              RANDY                 THOMAS            26-Feb-1985
BASS              RUSSELL               LEON              13-Jan-1981
BASS              VERNON                ELDRED            25-Jun-1997
BASS              VONNIE                O'QUINN           26-Sep-1982
BASS              WILLIAM               DOLPHIN           18-Nov-1932
BASS              WILLIAM               MITCHELL          31-May-1980
BASS              WILLIAM               RONNIE            03-Dec-1967
BASS              WILLIE                                  31-Jul-1970
BASS              ZACK                  FLOYD             01-Jun-1942
BASS              ZONA                  BROWN             01-Jun-1994
BASS, JR.         S.T.                                    08-Jun-1986
BASSETT           HELEN                                   15-Aug-1999
BASSETT           MARY                                    31-Mar-1977
BASSETT           OLAN                  HERBERT           14-May-1968
BASSETT           WILLIAM               FLEETWOOD         06-Dec-1987
BASSETT, SR.      LAWTON                EUGENE            05-Sep-1987
BASTIAN           SAMUEL                ALFRED            10-Dec-1987
BASU              SAMARENDRA                              14-Sep-2001
BATCHELOR         CHARLES               RAY               21-Dec-1994
BATCHELOR         ELIZABETH             SHARBER           15-Jul-1961
BATCHELOR         EVA                                     01-Mar-1993
BATCHELOR         GEORGE                ERVEN             01-Oct-1979
BATCHELOR         JAMES                 ALFRED            06-Oct-1992
BATCHELOR         LEONA                 INEZ              26-Mar-1971
BATCHELOR         RAYMOND               EARL              06-Jun-1958
BATCHELOR         ROBIN                 DALE              07-Aug-1961
BATCHELOR         RODOLPH                                 08-Jun-1974
BATEM             W.                    R.                20-Nov-1933
BATEMAN           ADDINE                VIRGINIA          29-Jan-1991
BATEMAN           BABY                                    21-Aug-1936
BATEMAN           BENJAMINE             LAURENCE          04-Aug-1985
BATEMAN           BRYSON                REVELL            23-Feb-1994
BATEMAN           EDWIN                 NEAL              22-Oct-2000
BATEMAN           GRAHAM                                  21-Aug-1936
BATEMAN           JOE                   WILLIAM           27-May-1962
BATEMAN           JOHN                  DANIEL            17-Aug-1998
BATEMAN           LEE                   HARRIMAN          09-Jul-1982
BATEMAN           REGINALD                                16-Mar-1993
BATEMAN           ROBEANA                                 11-Oct-1977
BATEMAN           WILLIAM                                 12-Sep-1951
BATEMAN           WILLIAM               RAY               13-Sep-1991
BATES             ALEX                  LESLIE            03-Jun-1996
BATES             CHARLES               STEVEN            19-Jun-1956
BATES             ELIZABETH             RUNELLE           28-Jan-2003
BATES             FANNIE                                  10-May-1957
BATES             FARR                  HUMPHRY           23-Feb-1927
BATES             HARVEY                DOLPHUS           14-Dec-1980
BATES             HENRY                 ROY               18-Feb-1973
BATES             JAMES                 LATTIE            10-Jan-1975
BATES             JOHN                  B.                01-Oct-1982
BATES             LAURIE                NELL              24-Jan-1974
BATES             LESLIE                SHELTON           14-Jun-1971
BATES             MARION                RANDALL           19-Nov-1979
BATES             OLLIE                                   25-Jan-1986
BATES             RALPH                 CHARLIE           18-Oct-1983
BATES             RICHARD               DALE              30-Oct-1963
BATES             RUBY                  JEWEL             12-Mar-1992
BATES             WALLACE                                 09-Feb-1942
BATES             WALSTINE                                21-Jan-1993
BATES             WILLIAM               HOWARD            08-Oct-1998
BATES             WILLIAM               OTIS              15-Jun-1991
BATES             WILLIAM               WALLACE           16-Jul-1972
BATES             WILLIE                B.                01-Feb-1988
BATES             WILLIE                IRVIN             01-May-1981
BATES             WINSTON               ALVERSON          16-Apr-1938
BATES, JR.        HAROLD                BRENNAN           08-May-1997
BATES, JR.        JAMES                 LATTIE            01-Feb-1957
BATES, SR.        HAROLD                BRENNAN           05-Nov-1987
BATEY             CHARLES               MARTIN            15-Apr-1959
BATEY             HOYT                                    01-Jun-1989
BATEY             MINNIE                EMMA              07-Mar-1971
BATEY             SARAH                                   17-Aug-1976
BATIKIOTIS        CONSTANT                                02-Aug-1945
BATION            CARRIE                K.                16-Sep-1961
BATTEN            ANNIE                 B.                05-Jul-1995
BATTEN            BOOKER                T.                13-May-1970
BATTEN            DARRELL               WADE              10-Jul-1995
BATTEN            DOCK                                    02-May-1996
BATTEN            JAMES C                                 22-Jun-1964
BATTEN            LILLIE                RETHA             09-Feb-1999
BATTEN            MARY                  LEE               30-Mar-1990
BATTEN            PEARLIE               MAE               08-May-1987
BATTEN            ROSA                  LEE               17-Jan-1973
BATTEN            SAMMIE                                  20-Nov-1965
BATTERBEE         BESSIE                MAE               22-May-1990
BATTERBEE         JOHN                  ROBERT            31-Aug-1972
BATTEY            FRANCES                                 13-Jun-1973
BATTEY            FRANCES               STEWART           19-Jul-1940
BATTEY, JR.       JIMMIE                LEE               29-Jan-1950
BATTLE            ALFRED                                  29-Jun-1959
BATTLE            ANDREW                                  29-Jul-1968
BATTLE            ANDREW                                  11-Dec-1960
BATTLE            CALVIN                LEON              05-Oct-1997
BATTLE            CHARLES               MELVIN            13-Dec-1968
BATTLE            CHARLIE                                 18-Mar-1940
BATTLE            CHARLIE                                 29-Aug-1984
BATTLE            CORA                                    19-Sep-1974
BATTLE            CORA                  L.                06-Nov-1971
BATTLE            DAVID                 LEE               04-Jul-1972
BATTLE            EDWARD                BRUCE             21-Sep-1963
BATTLE            ETHERINE                                04-Feb-1999
BATTLE            FANNIE                KATE              04-Apr-1966
BATTLE            FREDDIE                                 28-Apr-1986
BATTLE            GEORGIA                                 13-Jan-1974
BATTLE            HERBERT               LEE               11-Oct-1970
BATTLE            IDA                                     05-Nov-1926
BATTLE            JIM                                     20-Oct-1955
BATTLE            JOHNNIE                                 17-Dec-1954
BATTLE            LAURA                                   13-May-1968
BATTLE            LAVONA                                  30-Dec-1948
BATTLE            LOTTIE                MAE               23-Sep-1995
BATTLE            LULA                  B.                17-Dec-1926
BATTLE            MALENDA                                 23-Aug-1955
BATTLE            MAMIE                                   29-Apr-1974
BATTLE            MARY                  W.                27-May-1985
BATTLE            NATHANIEL                               05-Sep-1936
BATTLE            O.                    B.                23-Aug-1939
BATTLE            RUBY                                    04-Aug-2001
BATTLE            RUSHIE                BELL              07-Apr-1940
BATTLE            SCHACK                                  25-Nov-1945
BATTLE            SOLOMON                                 27-May-1978
BATTLE            THEODORE                                12-Oct-1982
BATTLE            WILLIE                GEORGE            18-Mar-2002
BATTLE            WILLIE                LOFTEN            04-Jan-1975
BATTLE, JR.       BENJAMIN                                05-May-1985
BATTLE, SR.       RUFUS                                   09-Sep-1998
BATTLER           JANIE                                   12-Oct-1943
BATTLES           ELISE                 BENJAMIN          10-Jun-1972
BATTLES           JAMES                                   09-Aug-1960
BATTON            SOPHIA                MAE               09-Dec-2002
BATTON            STACEY                COLLEEN           16-Oct-1984
BATTS             ETHEL                                   21-Jan-1997
BATTS             NATHANIEL                               07-Jun-1943
BATTS             W.                    N.                25-Feb-1932
BAUER             BONNIE                SUE               11-Feb-1965
BAUGH             EARL                  E.                11-Apr-1970
BAUGH             EMIL                  LEE               02-Oct-2002
BAUGH             VALERIE                                 07-Mar-1976
BAUGHMAN          JOHN                  HARVEY            13-Dec-1996
BAUGHMAN          OLIVE                 IRENE             05-Dec-2002
BAUGHMAN, JR.     CHARLES               ALBERT            28-Sep-1938
BAUGUS            HENRY                 EUGENE            29-Aug-1967
BAUMAN            NELLIE                ELBERTA           23-Mar-1984
BAUMGAERTNER      LOUISE                A.                19-Feb-1962
BAUTISTA          FRANCES               MELINDA           22-Nov-1996
BAXLEY            ADA                                     12-Apr-1983
BAXLEY            ALLIE                 LOUISE            24-Aug-1996
BAXLEY            AUDREY                DIXON             04-Dec-1961
BAXLEY            CARY                  MADISON           11-Nov-2000
BAXLEY            CLEMMIE                                 01-Mar-1992
BAXLEY            CLIFTON               MARTIN            01-Sep-1999
BAXLEY            ELZIE                 PETE              16-Apr-1997
BAXLEY            EULA                  BELLE             17-Dec-2000
BAXLEY            HARVEY                HOBSON            17-Dec-1969
BAXLEY            JAMES                 CECIL             18-Jul-1979
BAXLEY            JERRY                 VAN               27-Jan-1997
BAXLEY            MURIEL                MARIE             03-Mar-2000
BAXLEY            NATHANIEL             JAMES             08-Feb-1998
BAXLEY            ROBERT                LEE               08-Apr-1973
BAXLEY            VERA                  VIRGINIA          08-Apr-1973
BAXLEY            WILLIAM               JOHNSTON          17-Sep-1980
BAXTER            A. Z.                                   01-Jun-1973
BAXTER            DOROTHY               LEE               20-Jan-1990
BAXTER            ELZIE                 ALBERT            26-Jun-1961
BAXTER            ELZIE                 L.                18-Feb-1979
BAXTER            ESSIE                 B.                02-Jan-1977
BAXTER            FOY                   L.                28-Nov-1963
BAXTER            FREDDIE               ORAN              18-Oct-1989
BAXTER            GREGORY               SCOTT             11-Feb-1957
BAXTER            JO ANNE                                 18-Oct-2003
BAXTER            KATHERINE                               03-Sep-1977
BAXTER            LEILA                                   02-Oct-1992
BAXTER            LUCILLE                                 26-Dec-1977
BAXTER            LUCILLE               HICKS             11-May-1967
BAXTER            SARAH                                   15-Mar-1982
BAXTER            WILHELMENA            CEKESTINE         13-Jun-2001
BAXTER, JR.       HENRY                 EDGAR             02-Sep-1970
BAXTER, SR.       WILLIS                ROBERT            23-Dec-1949
BAYNE, JR.        REMBERT               DUDLEY            20-Oct-1995
BAYS              EMMA                  HAZEL             23-Apr-1995
BAYS              VIRGINIA              OTHELLA           19-Dec-1982

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