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Dougherty County, Georgia Death Index
From the Albany, Georgia Clerk of Court Records


=========          ==========      ===========        ==========
BEACH              CHARLIE                            03-Feb-1949
BEACH              ELLA                               19-Oct-1926
BEACH              ESSIE           PEARL              28-Jul-1981
BEACH              EVA             MAE                23-Dec-1995
BEACH              FRANKLIN        MARCELLOUS         10-Feb-1983
BEACH              JARO                               26-Jun-1974
BEACH              JERO            ORTAGO             28-Apr-1996
BEACH              MAE                                07-Oct-1984
BEACH              MARION          O'NEAL             14-Nov-1966
BEACH              MILDRED                            16-Apr-1991
BEACH              NATHANIEL       F.                 05-Apr-1969
BEACH              NATHANIEL       F.                 12-Sep-1976
BEACH              OUIDA           L.                 23-May-1983
BEACH              PEARL                              07-Feb-1982
BEACH              RODGERS                            27-Feb-1958
BEACH              THOMAS          JAMES              10-Feb-1984
BEACH              WILLIE                             29-Oct-1926
BEACHEM            ANDREW                             18-Jul-1972
BEADLEY            JOHN                               31-Jul-1972
BEAL               DAN                                08-Dec-1984
BEAL               GEARLENE                           21-Jul-1996
BEALE              ANNIE           MAE                23-Jul-1974
BEALE              CHARLIE         W.                 28-Mar-1996
BEALE              JOHNNIE                            27-Jul-1996
BEALL              ANNIE                              17-Dec-1972
BEALL              CLORA                              02-Jun-1973
BEALL              EDITH                              10-Jan-2002
BEALL              JESSIE          SANFORD            17-Oct-1929
BEALL              LERA            MARIE              24-Sep-1991
BEALL              MARGARET                           27-Apr-1971
BEALL              MILTON                             27-Jan-1996
BEALL              WALTER          MURRAY             13-Aug-1999
BEALL              WINIFRED                           15-Nov-1982
BEALS              HILMA                              26-Feb-1987
BEALS              KENNETH J                          18-May-1966
BEAM               WILLIAM         DANIEL             15-Nov-1997
BEAMAN             JAMES                              02-Feb-1940
BEAMON             CHARLIE                            09-Aug-1933
BEAN               ELESTER                            01-Feb-1993
BEAN               EMMA            BAYLOR             13-Oct-1982
BEAN               MARVIN          P. J.              11-Mar-1985
BEAN               PATRICIA                           10-Jan-1998
BEARANCE           HATTIE                             27-Dec-1939
BEARD              BENSON                             21-Apr-1979
BEARD              CHARLES         WILLIAM            07-Feb-2000
BEARD              DONALD          ROBERT             17-Jun-2003
BEARD              IRENE                              08-Dec-1981
BEARD              JACK            DEMPSEY            01-Aug-1992
BEARD              JIMMIE          REBA               09-Feb-1992
BEARD              LILLIE          PAUL               25-Feb-1992
BEARD              LOLLYE                             26-Jan-1977
BEARD              MARILYN         JOYCE              20-Jan-1994
BEARD              MAUDE                              22-Apr-2003
BEARD              MYRTIS          IRENE              24-Jun-1977
BEARD              ORA             ESTELLE            15-Jul-1987
BEARD              ROY             WILCOX             28-Aug-1995
BEARD              WALLACE         ALFRED             07-Oct-1982
BEARDEN                                               20-Feb-1940
BEARDEN            DAISY                              18-Feb-1974
BEARDEN            GLENN           ROBERT             05-Nov-1994
BEARDEN            MARY            LEE                03-Apr-1977
BEARDEN            MINER           EARLY              15-Sep-1989
BEARDEN            NELL                               03-Jan-1976
BEARDEN            PHILLIP         WAYNE              19-Jul-1978
BEARDEN            RAYMOND         B.                 11-Sep-1971
BEARDEN, JR.       JOHN            OLEN               30-Dec-1979
BEARRY             MARGARETTE                         21-Jun-1980
BEARRY             OSCAR           HOLSON             07-Jul-1994
BEASLEY            ALMA            BEATRICE           24-Jul-1986
BEASLEY            BERTHA B                           30-Jul-1966
BEASLEY            BRENT           THOMAS             30-Mar-1998
BEASLEY            BRUCE                              24-May-2000
BEASLEY            CHARLES         DAVID              21-Jan-1988
BEASLEY            EDWARD          RUSSELL            03-Feb-1990
BEASLEY            ELIJAH                             20-Sep-1983
BEASLEY            ELLA            JEAN               01-Apr-2002
BEASLEY            FREDDIE         MAE                23-Nov-2001
BEASLEY            HENRY           WARD               04-Sep-1972
BEASLEY            HILDA           PATTERSON          31-Jul-1967
BEASLEY            HOLLIS          THURMAN            10-Dec-1959
BEASLEY            J.              B.                 27-Oct-1926
BEASLEY            JAMES           RICHARD            08-Apr-1959
BEASLEY            JANELLE                            27-Feb-1971
BEASLEY            JEWELL                             20-Oct-2000
BEASLEY            JOHN                               19-May-1991
BEASLEY            JOHN            DANIEL             13-Jul-1986
BEASLEY            JOHN            EZRA               05-Nov-1986
BEASLEY            JOHN            HENRY              21-Mar-1997
BEASLEY            JOHN            R.                 22-May-1975
BEASLEY            L.              M.                 23-Nov-1983
BEASLEY            LELIA                              20-Jul-1944
BEASLEY            LEROY                              10-Apr-1949
BEASLEY            LINDA           SUE                18-Nov-1976
BEASLEY            MACKLIN         LEON               30-Jan-1962
BEASLEY            MARGARET                           02-Jul-2003
BEASLEY            MARSHALL        EDWARD             12-Jan-1994
BEASLEY            MARTHA          REBECCA CORLEY     13-Oct-1946
BEASLEY            MARY            L.                 14-Dec-1967
BEASLEY            NEELEY                             18-Apr-1941
BEASLEY            NELLIE K                           16-Aug-1964
BEASLEY            NORA            LEILA              03-Nov-1997
BEASLEY            OSCAR                              22-Apr-1955
BEASLEY            REBECCA         MELVINA            17-Apr-1951
BEASLEY            RUBY            DELL               09-Feb-1996
BEASLEY            THOMAS          RAY                22-Apr-1999
BEASLEY            VERA            MAE                01-Mar-1996
BEASLEY, JR.       JAMES                              31-Jan-1989
BEASLEY, JR.       ROBERT          ISAIAH             25-Nov-1984
BEASON             LEILA           MARY               20-Dec-1990
BEATIE             DAVID
LEFTWICH                  6/20/1945
BEATON             ARTHUR                             04-Feb-1958
BEATON             EARNEST         MAYNOR             22-May-1967
BEATON             JOHN            FRED               01-Jul-1996
BEATTY             JAMES           EDWARD             21-Jan-1986
BEATTY             THELMA          LUCILLE            10-Mar-1991
BEATTY             W.               J.                16-Aug-1979
BEATY              BETTY                              15-Apr-1999
BEATY              HANNAH          LOU                14-Sep-2001
BEATY              HERBERT         LAMAR              28-Jan-2003
BEATY              JEWELL                             25-Dec-1991
BEATY              ROSCOE          DANIEL             04-Mar-1961
BEATY              VIRGINIA        ELOISE             08-Nov-1998
BEATY, JR.         THOMAS          DAVE               27-Jun-1982
BEAUCHAMP          GILBERT         DEWARD             05-Dec-1991
BEAUCHAMP          JOHN            MASON              07-May-1997
BEAUFORD           JAMES                              30-Jun-1994
BEAUFORD           WILLIAM         B.                 26-Nov-1958
BEAUMONT           WILLIAM         JOSEPH             16-Feb-1972
BEAVER             DANIEL          LEE                25-Sep-1983
BEAVER             EDWARD          MILES              15-Apr-1985
BEAVER             FRANK           HUBERT             15-Apr-1981
BEAVER             JOHN            LESTER             05-Apr-2003
BEAVER             JOHN            LESTER             31-May-1981
BECK               ALTIMON         DOY                06-Mar-1984
BECK               CHARLES         FRANKLIN           21-Feb-1973
BECK               DAVID                              13-Feb-1982
BECK               DAVID           DEWAYNE            19-Apr-1998
BECK               DOLLIE                             03-Dec-1992
BECK               DORCAS          NEOMA              16-Dec-1944
BECK               EDWARD                             09-Dec-1984
BECK               EMMA            GLADYS             21-Mar-2000
BECK               GALE                               09-Jul-1977
BECK               GLENDA          FAY                08-Aug-1955
BECK               JESSE           HILL               06-Oct-1931
BECK               JOSEPH          MATTHEW            15-Mar-1988
BECK               MACK            TOMMY              02-Jul-1975
BECK               MARY            ELIZABETH          27-Aug-1988
BECK               MATTIE          DRUE               02-Feb-1968
BECK               NELLIE          RUBY LEE           17-Apr-1969
BECK               OLLIE           MAY                07-Jan-1972
BECK               OPAL            LEE                17-Mar-1985
BECK               ROBERT          LEE                12-Feb-1959
BECK               WALLACE         BENJAMIN           05-Feb-1994
BECK               WALTER          CYRIL              29-Apr-1997
BECK               WILLIAM         THOMAS             31-Jul-1961
BECK               WINGLA          RHODES             20-Sep-1962
BECK, JR.          HENRY           SANFORD            30-Oct-1988
BECK, SR.          HENRY           JEFFERSON          19-Nov-1975
BECK, SR.          JOHN            JACQUES            28-Nov-1992
BECKANSTIN         HARRY           HYMAN              26-May-1972
BECKANSTIN         SARAH           ELIZABETH          28-Jul-1994
BECKER             ROBERT          HERBERT            29-Apr-1972
BECKHAM            CLARA                              13-Jul-1973
BECKHAM            ELBERT                             21-Aug-1962
BECKHAM            ENZOR           LEROY              01-Oct-2002
BECKHAM            JULIA           SNOW               29-May-1990
BECKHAM            LEROY           LEWIS              06-Dec-1992
BECKHAM            MARY            LOU                16-Dec-1943
BECKHAM            PERRY           R.                 15-Feb-1950
BECKOM             CLYDE                              16-Sep-1996
BECKOM             JOHN                               04-Feb-1990
BECKUM             MARTHA          VIOLA              19-Jun-1992
BECKWITH           ALVIE           RUE                21-Nov-1983
BECKWITH           FLOSSIE         B.                 31-Jan-1947
BECKWITH           JOHN            HARRY              22-Mar-1955
BECNEL             JAMES           MOFFET             23-May-2002
BECTON, SR.        RICHARD         A.                 08-Aug-1987
BEDDINGFIELD,JR    EDWARD          LEE                15-May-1996
BEDELL             WILLIAM         CHARLES            13-Nov-2003
BEDENBAUGH         ALBERT          WILSON             08-Jul-1948
BEDENBAUGH         DAVID           ALLEN              17-Jan-1972
BEDENBAUGH         HOWARD          ELMORE             18-Mar-1970
BEDENBAUGH         JAMES           HENRY              19-Jun-1995
BEDENBAUGH         JUNE            CLAIRE             25-Mar-1990
BEDENBAUGH         JUNE            WILHELMINA         18-Nov-2003
BEDENBAUGH         MARY            ELIZABETH          22-Apr-1964
BEDENBAUGH         OTHELLA                            30-Nov-1992
BEDENBAUGH         PAULINE                            26-Oct-1978
BEDENBAUGH         VIRGINIA                           01-Mar-1989
BEDENBAUGH         WILBUR          CHESLEY            17-Feb-1995
BEDENBAUGH         WILLIAM         OSCAR              31-Dec-1982
BEDFORD            CHARLES         FLOYD              17-Jun-1991
BEDGOOD            JOHN            HENRY              20-Mar-1978
BEDGOOD            NARCISSA        ROYAL              04-Oct-1956
BEDGOOD            RICHMOND        ROYAL              10-Sep-1955
BEDSOLE            JOSEPH          CHARLES            10-Aug-1967
BEE                BOBBY           LEE                20-Feb-1994
BEE                NATHANIEL                          17-Mar-1993
BEE                STELLA          H.                 29-Sep-1933
BEEBE              DONALD          L.                 20-May-1992
BEECH              SHIRLEY         ANN                28-Sep-1960
BEECHER            ELMIRA                             23-Jun-1931
BEECHER            JEAN                               03-May-1970
BEECROFT           MARGARET        HELEN              06-Oct-1986
BEECROFT           NELSON          EDWIN              10-Dec-1996
BEEGHLY            RICHARD         FRANCIS            03-Dec-1996
BEEGLE             SAMUEL                             01-Jun-1987
BEEKS              LIZZIE          P.                 25-May-1982
BEESON             MARGARET                           18-Jun-1983
BEHRINGER          ALLEN           SOLT               04-Mar-1976
BEHRINGER          ANNA            LOUISE             16-Jul-1987
BEIST              ROBERT          BERTRAM            10-Dec-1992
BEKCER             CALISTA         GRACE              16-Jul-2002
BELCHER            ALTON           ROGER              18-Jul-1977
BELCHER            ANNIE           LAURA              03-Oct-1973
BELCHER            BEATRICE                           13-Oct-1978
BELCHER            BELLE           EUNICE             01-Jul-1998
BELCHER            BOBBY           ROY                09-Nov-1996
BELCHER            BRYANT                             14-Apr-1973
BELCHER            CECELIA         ELIZABETH          26-Feb-1977
BELCHER            CLAUDE          C.                 23-Dec-1951
BELCHER            FLORENCE        EVA CORBIN         03-Apr-1960
BELCHER            GEORGE          TALMADGE           28-Mar-1990
BELCHER            GEORGE          WASHINGTON         25-Dec-1971
BELCHER            GLADYS          LUCILLE            19-Mar-1997
BELCHER            HATTIE                             29-Nov-1968
BELCHER            JACKO                              26-Nov-1942
BELCHER            JANET                              16-Apr-1975
BELCHER            JOSEPH          JEFFERSON          11-Aug-1977
BELCHER            MAYNARD                            15-Mar-1985
BELCHER            MYRA            LOUISE             26-Mar-2000
BELCHER            OLLIE           HAMMACK            13-Dec-1958
BELCHER            OSCAR           EUGENE             15-Dec-1957
BELCHER            ROBERT          AUGUSTUS           09-Feb-1982
BELCHER            ROBERT          WAYNE              28-Apr-1993
BELCHER            THOMAS          LAMAR              23-Oct-1999
BELCHER            WAVER           GLADYS             25-Nov-2000
BELCHER            WILLIE                             26-Dec-1973
BELCHER            WILLIE          D.                 12-Jun-1967
BELCHER, JR.       JAMES           RUSSELL            15-Sep-2000
BELFLOWER          BARBARA         ANN                18-Jun-1990
BELFLOWER          JACK            ESTOL              12-May-1960
BELFLOWER          WILLIAM         TALMADGE           28-Sep-2002
BELFLOWER          Y. T.                              20-Jun-2001
BELGER             JAMES           EDWARD             04-Nov-1972
BELIEAU            RICHARD         ANDREW             30-Jan-1961
BELK               MATHIS          RAY                16-May-1999
BELL                                                  26-Sep-1961
BELL               ALBERTA                            26-Apr-1964
BELL               ALBERTA                            28-Nov-1972
BELL               ALICE                              22-Feb-1959
BELL               ALICE                              06-Oct-1943
BELL               ALICE           MAE                04-Aug-1984
BELL               ALLEN                              25-Sep-1961
BELL               AMBUS                              15-Dec-1988
BELL               AMELIA          FLORIDE            10-May-1991
BELL               ANDREW          JACKSON            12-May-1974
BELL               ANNAH                              26-Oct-1937
BELL               ANNIE                              28-Jan-1946
BELL               ANNIE           B.                 22-Dec-1999
BELL               ANNIE           CLAIRE             30-Oct-1948
BELL               ANNIE           MAE                14-Apr-1985
BELL               ANNIE           MAE                26-Oct-1972
BELL               ANNIE           SARAH              27-Feb-1980
BELL               ANTHONY         DESHUN             04-Jun-1985
BELL               BABY                               17-Nov-1934
BELL               BELLE                              27-Sep-1947
BELL               BENJAMIN        HAROLD             01-Dec-1996
BELL               BENNIE                             29-Dec-1955
BELL               BERTHA                             31-Mar-1998
BELL               BERTHA                             30-Aug-1943
BELL               BESSIE          MAE                22-Sep-1972
BELL               BESSIE          MAE                09-Oct-1978
BELL               BETTY           JANE               20-Jul-1927
BELL               BIRDIE          MAY                02-Apr-1927
BELL               BROWN                              16-Mar-1967
BELL               CALVIN          LEON               29-Nov-2002
BELL               CALVIN          PRINCE             10-Jan-2002
BELL               CARRIE                             26-Jun-1942
BELL               CARRIE                             24-Jul-1957
BELL               CARRIE          MAE                29-Dec-1971
BELL               CHARITY         MAE                22-Mar-2000
BELL               CHARLIE                            18-Feb-1979
BELL               CHARLIE                            08-Mar-1938
BELL               CHARLIE                            15-Jul-1947
BELL               CHAROLTTE                          11-Aug-1999
BELL               CLARA           MAE                07-Jul-1968
BELL               CLOTIE                             22-Oct-1942
BELL               COMER           C.                 06-Oct-1977
BELL               CORA            MAE                14-Oct-1957
BELL               CORINE                             09-Apr-1968
BELL               CORNELIUS       LEARY              16-Sep-1995
BELL               DAISY           L.                 16-Jun-1984
BELL               DAVE                               27-Nov-1939
BELL               DAVID                              26-Jun-2002
BELL               DAVID           LEE                27-Dec-1988
BELL               DIANE                              14-Sep-1970
BELL               DOLLY           PEARL              19-Dec-1963
BELL               DONOVAN                            25-Apr-1995
BELL               DORETHA                            04-Dec-1964
BELL               DOROTHY         ELIZABETH          15-Nov-2002
BELL               ECTRUS                             31-Aug-1969
BELL               EDITH           GERTRUDE           22-Nov-1993
BELL               EGUTHER                            05-Jan-1984
BELL               ELIZABETH                          14-Jan-1940
BELL               EMMA                               24-Nov-1996
BELL               EMOGENE         KEGLER             24-Jun-1953
BELL               ESSIE           MAE                17-Jul-1995
BELL               ETTA                               31-May-1976
BELL               EVA             MARIE              30-Jun-1991
BELL               FANNIE                             11-Apr-1955
BELL               FLOZATINE                          13-Jan-1943
BELL               FRANK                              07-Jul-1980
BELL               FREDDIA         D.                 23-Feb-1972
BELL               GEORGE                             13-Mar-1976
BELL               GEORGE          EVERETT            28-Jul-1993
BELL               GERALDINE                          26-Sep-1929
BELL               GILBERT         LEE                18-May-1989
BELL               GLADYS                             01-Oct-1959
BELL               GUSSIE          DAVENPORT          12-Aug-1973
BELL               HALCYON                            21-Feb-1996
BELL               HARRY           TYSON              16-Dec-1988
BELL               HATTIE                             24-Mar-1953
BELL               HENNIE          MAE                04-May-1947
BELL               HENRY                              05-Apr-1953
BELL               HENRY           DEARBORN           23-Feb-1953
BELL               HENRY           M.                 19-Oct-1995
BELL               HETTIE          HAMILTON           12-Feb-1960
BELL               IDA                                11-Oct-1971
BELL               IDIE                               27-Nov-1984
BELL               INFANT                             05-Apr-1951
BELL               IRA                                16-Feb-1968
BELL               JACK                               16-Oct-2003
BELL               JAKE            B.                 30-Jul-1979
BELL               JAMES                              26-Sep-2002
BELL               JAMES           DANIEL             12-Dec-1976
BELL               JAMES           EARL               22-Aug-1972
BELL               JAMES           TRACY              03-Feb-1991
BELL               JESSIE                             01-Oct-1976
BELL               JIM                                17-Sep-1947
BELL               JIM                                12-Oct-1947
BELL               JIM             T.                 12-Jan-1988
BELL               JIMMIE          MARTIN             03-May-1997
BELL               JOE                                23-Nov-1943
BELL               JOEY            LANE               02-Aug-1974
BELL               JOHN                               28-Jul-1962
BELL               JOHN                               06-Dec-1953
BELL               JOHN            METRIS             20-May-1981
BELL               JOHN            R.                 15-Sep-1992
BELL               JOHNNIE         LEE                13-Nov-1926
BELL               JULIA           C.                 07-Jun-1958
BELL               JULIUS                             07-Sep-1991
BELL               JUNIOR                             16-Jan-1940
BELL               K C                                14-Jul-1964
BELL               LENA            GAINES             14-Apr-1953
BELL               LEOLA                              30-Aug-1948
BELL               LETTIE          GAINES             26-Sep-1982
BELL               LINNIE                             14-Mar-1956
BELL               LITTLE MAMIE                       12-Jan-1957
BELL               LONNIE                             15-Feb-1973
BELL               LOUISE                             05-Jan-2001
BELL               LUCY            MAE                02-Sep-1994
BELL               MAGGIE          E.                 23-Feb-1985
BELL               MAGGIE          ELIZABETH          14-Aug-1988
BELL               MAJOR                              20-May-1981
BELL               MARIE                              18-Jan-1993
BELL               MARION                             07-Mar-1948
BELL               MARYIN          DERYL              17-Dec-1993
BELL               MATILDA         A.                 20-Feb-2002
BELL               MATTIE                             03-Apr-1948
BELL               MATTIE          SHEPHERD           14-Jul-2002
BELL               MELVIN          EUGENE             08-Aug-1986
BELL               MILLIE                             19-Mar-1961
BELL               MINNIE          MAE                24-Feb-1996
BELL               MINNIE          MAUDE              08-Mar-1977
BELL               NANCY           ANNE               10-Dec-1995
BELL               NANIE           COLLIER            11-Apr-1952
BELL               NELLIE          L.                 24-Dec-1947
BELL               NETTIE          ELIZABETH          21-Dec-1983
BELL               NOLA            MAE                14-Oct-1997
BELL               OSSIE           MAE                06-Jan-1996
BELL               PEARL           DEAL               06-Dec-1944
BELL               PEARLINE                           13-Oct-1992
BELL               PETER                              10-Jan-1944
BELL               RALPH                              08-Jan-1975
BELL               RAYMOND                            28-May-2001
BELL               REBECCA                            22-Apr-1981
BELL               ROBERT          WARD               04-Mar-1964
BELL               ROCHELLE        C.                 12-Dec-2002
BELL               SALLIE                             20-Mar-1959
BELL               SAMUEL                             31-Jan-1975
BELL               SHABREKA        SHONTAY            14-Jun-1992
BELL               STELLA          WEBB               06-Aug-1953
BELL               STEPHANIE       RENE               22-May-1995
BELL               SUSIE           JOHNSON            23-Sep-1996
BELL               TERA                               20-Aug-1976
BELL               THELMA          MARION             12-Aug-1984
BELL               THOMAS          BURRELL            20-Oct-1995
BELL               TOBE                               12-Oct-1932
BELL               TORRANCE                           22-Mar-1997
BELL               VIRGIE                             19-Mar-1938
BELL               VIRGINIA                           19-Nov-1930
BELL               W.              A.                 12-Jun-1935
BELL               WALTER          H.                 12-Feb-1939
BELL               WILLA           C.                 29-Nov-1997
BELL               WILLIAM                            26-Jun-1931
BELL               WILLIAM         THOMAS             11-Sep-1940
BELL               WILLIE                             28-Oct-1963
BELL               WILLIE                             23-Nov-2001
BELL               WILLIE                             25-Nov-1984
BELL               WILLIE          C.                 09-Mar-1983
BELL               WILLIE          D.                 01-Mar-1984
BELL               WILLIE          D.                 25-May-1994
BELL               WILLIE          FRANK              21-Jan-1995
BELL               ZANNA           HEVERLY            23-Oct-1969
BELL, II           MAJOR           LEE                02-Dec-2002
BELL, JR.          DICK            BUCK               16-Jan-1988
BELL, JR.          JIM             THOMAS             13-Aug-1989
BELL, JR.          LONZIE                             31-Jul-1993
BELL, JR.          MARION                             01-May-1935
BELL, JR.          SAMUEL          WALTON             04-Mar-1998
BELL, JR.          TRACY                              09-Jun-1933
BELL, SR.          ARTHUR          LEE                15-Jan-1999
BELL, SR.          CLEVELAND                          15-Jun-1990
BELL, SR.          HENRY                              15-Mar-1934
BELL, SR.          JOHN            ALLEN              09-May-1980
BELL, SR.          LONZIE                             13-Jun-1997
BELL, SR.          WILLIAM         CLEVELAND          06-Dec-1975
BELLAMY            FANNIE                             03-Dec-1988
BELLAMY            GEORGE          FRED               19-Nov-1987
BELLE              EMMA                               21-Oct-1929
BELLE              OLLIE                              25-Nov-1948
BELLE              WILLIE          COOK WOODS         26-Dec-1938
BELLEW             LEVI            DELL               05-Jun-1988
BELLMAN            IDA             BELL               01-Nov-1973
BELLMAN            JOSEPHINE                          15-Oct-1970
BELLMON                                               27-Sep-1990
BELLMON            HOMER                              02-Feb-1961
BELLMON            R.T.                               12-Feb-1978
BELLMONT           LEMON                              18-Sep-1972
BELLROSE           EMMA            JANE               28-Nov-1980
BELLS, SR.         WILLIAM                            03-Mar-1990
BELOTE             LEON            ADAIR              21-Apr-1990
BELOTE             MASSIE          MALVIN             08-Feb-1967
BELOTE             STELLA          FRANCES            06-May-1996
BELOTE             VIRGINIA        ELIZABETH          26-Dec-1977
BELT               DONALD          RAY                11-May-2001
BELTON, JR.        ARTHUR          REGINALD           05-Dec-1994
BEN                C.              SEIFSTIEN          22-Mar-1946
BENCE              LOIS                               24-Jan-1975
BENCE              NORMAN          GENE               03-Apr-1959
BENCE              RHUBEN          ROSS               31-Mar-1979
BENCE, SR.         DONALD          EDWARD             22-Jul-1991
BENDER             LAMOND          DERRICK            18-Apr-2000
BENDER             LILLIAN         MARGARET           28-Jul-1988
BENDER             RICHARD                            30-Dec-2001
BENDER             SAM                                06-Mar-1963
BENEDICK                                              10-Jul-1944
BENEDIKT           ADELGUNDA                          26-Oct-1987
BENFORD            JAMES           ELVIN              17-Oct-2002
BENFORD            JAMES           TIMOTHY            20-Jan-1963
BENFORD            JEAN            MARION             15-May-1999
BENFORD            JOHN            RAYMOND            28-Oct-1966
BENFORD, JR.       JOHN            RAYMOND            06-May-2003
BENFORD, SR.       GRADY           CALVIN             25-Apr-1986
BENGIS             HELMUTH         HENRY              24-Nov-1985
BENJAMIN           ALBERT                             29-Dec-1972
BENJAMIN           DOCK                               23-Mar-2003
BENJAMIN           ELDER                              02-Oct-1937
BENJAMIN           ERNEST                             04-Nov-1986
BENJAMIN           EVELYN                             04-Apr-2001
BENJAMIN           FRANCIS                            12-Nov-1938
BENJAMIN           GLADYS                             10-Oct-2003
BENJAMIN           JOSEPH          RODNEY             28-Sep-1951
BENJAMIN           MARTHA                             15-Dec-1999
BENJAMIN           MAYBELLE                           15-May-1996
BENJAMIN           WILLIE                             08-Aug-1997
BENJAMIN, JR.      ALBERT                             01-Feb-1986
BENJAMIN, JR.      BISHOP                             27-May-1981
BENKOSKI           STANLEY         JOSEPH             24-Aug-1996
BENN               ANNA            ULRICH             22-Apr-1967
BENN               ARTHUR                             25-Jan-1964
BENN               JAMES                              06-Jul-1967
BENNETT                                               15-Jun-1956
BENNETT            ALBERT                             31-Mar-1968
BENNETT            ANNIE                              20-Nov-1936
BENNETT            ASA             SAMUEL             08-Aug-1979
BENNETT            AUDREY                             05-Dec-1981
BENNETT            BABY                               09-Jan-1944
BENNETT            BABY            GIRL               15-Feb-2001
BENNETT            BEULAH                             03-Mar-1982
BENNETT            BILLIE          DOYLE              05-Jun-1942
BENNETT            BISHOP                             04-Jul-1986
BENNETT            C.              A.                 28-Sep-1939
BENNETT            CAROLYN         JEANETTE           27-Jan-1993
BENNETT            CARRIE          WILLIAMS           06-May-1950
BENNETT            CHARLES         GREEN              13-Jan-1968
BENNETT            CHARLES         S.                 27-Oct-1944
BENNETT            CLARA                              07-Oct-1984
BENNETT            CLOTHEILE                          08-May-2000
BENNETT            CORNELIA        W.                 18-May-1960
BENNETT            DAISY                              21-Nov-1985
BENNETT            DASHANTA        NICOLE             06-Jan-1983
BENNETT            DONALD          CHARLES            25-Nov-1985
BENNETT            DORETHA                            05-Feb-1949
BENNETT            EDITH           GENEVEVE           04-Apr-1993
BENNETT            ELMA            LEE                15-Mar-1981
BENNETT            ETHEL           MARIE              23-Nov-1973
BENNETT            FLOSSIE         MAE                23-Mar-1958
BENNETT            HARVEY          LEE                19-Mar-1997
BENNETT            HELEN                              08-Jun-1976
BENNETT            INDIA           TURNER             28-Apr-1960
BENNETT            JAMES           NORMAN             13-Aug-1996
BENNETT            JERMAINE                           09-Jun-1997
BENNETT            JERRY           ALLEN              29-May-1994
BENNETT            JERRY           D.                 23-Jul-1977
BENNETT            JOHN                               05-Aug-1991
BENNETT            JOHN                               27-Nov-1934
BENNETT            JOHNNY                             14-May-1973
BENNETT            JONAS           CLISBY             02-Jan-1975
BENNETT            LEE             VERNON             07-Oct-1973
BENNETT            LEROY                              12-Jan-1993
BENNETT            LILLIAN                            13-Oct-1979
BENNETT            LONNIE          C.                 24-Jun-1996
BENNETT            LOUISE          BARBER             22-Jun-1944
BENNETT            LULA            MAE                19-Jun-1965
BENNETT            LUTILVA                            20-Jun-1935
BENNETT            MAMIE           LEE                16-Jun-1982
BENNETT            MARGARET        ELFREDA            21-Sep-1977
BENNETT            MARY                               26-Jul-1976
BENNETT            MARY                               29-Sep-1940
BENNETT            MARY            JANE               17-Apr-1946
BENNETT            MARY            LESSIE             27-Apr-1932
BENNETT            MELBA                              23-Feb-1997
BENNETT            MICHAEL         OLRANDO            21-Apr-2001
BENNETT            MYRTLE                             07-May-1988
BENNETT            MYRTLE          ANN                26-Aug-1985
BENNETT            NANCY           LEE                05-May-1992
BENNETT            PAULINE         GENEVA             25-Oct-2000
BENNETT            RACHAEL         JANE ROMELLE       31-Dec-2000
BENNETT            RALPH           ARUTHER            04-Jan-1991
BENNETT            RICHARD                            23-Jan-1985
BENNETT            ROSS            ALLEN              26-Oct-1999
BENNETT            STANLEY         FRANCIS            14-Oct-1993
BENNETT            UNNAMED                            07-Sep-1934
BENNETT            WILLIAM         ADAMS              28-May-1949
BENNETT            WILLIAM         MERRITT            21-Jul-1943
BENNETT            WINIFRED                           13-Apr-1991
BENNETT, JR.       ALBERT                             31-Mar-1996
BENNETT, JR.       CLARENCE                           29-Jan-2000
BENNETT, JR.       WARREN          WARTHEN            21-Dec-1982
BENNETT, SR.       CLARENCE                           31-May-1976
BENNETT, SR.       WARREN          W.                 25-Oct-1975
BENNING            ERIC            LORENZO            07-Apr-1991
BENNING            RICHARD                            01-Aug-1995
BENOIT             FRANK           J.                 05-Sep-1970
BENSON             ANNIE           BELL GILBERT       02-Feb-1990
BENSON             BRYSON          FLOYD              15-May-2003
BENSON             COLEN           WILLIAM            23-Oct-1988
BENSON             ELLA                               25-Feb-1994
BENSON             EUEL            FRANKLIN           19-Apr-1996
BENSON             HOWARD          WINFIELD           20-Nov-1996
BENSON             JAMES           EDWARD             11-Aug-1967
BENSON             JENNIE          LEE                11-Oct-1984
BENSON             JESSIE          BUTTS              27-Oct-1938
BENSON             JEWEL           MONROE             30-Oct-1973
BENSON             LINDA                              03-Dec-1952
BENSON             MILDRED         LOIS               12-May-1985
BENSON             MINNIE                             07-Dec-1971
BENSON             NORMAN          EUDOX              04-Jul-1933
BENSON             ROBERT          MCLANE             03-Mar-1964
BENSON             THELMA          EMILY              18-Mar-1980
BENSON             TURNER                             24-Aug-1937
BENSON, JR.        JACK                               11-Mar-1971
BENSON, JR.        WINFRED         LEE                20-Oct-1983
BENTLEY                                               27-May-1935
BENTLEY            AMANDA                             19-Oct-1928
BENTLEY            ARELIA          COLLINS            17-Dec-1945
BENTLEY            EDGAR           E.                 08-Aug-2000
BENTLEY            FRANCES                            27-Jun-1991
BENTLEY            HERBERT                            21-Oct-1959
BENTLEY            HUBERT                             21-Oct-1959
BENTLEY            JAMES           FRED               10-Nov-1991
BENTLEY            JAMES           ROBERT             18-Feb-1992
BENTLEY            JANICE                             09-Mar-1959
BENTLEY            JEANNE                             09-Mar-1959
BENTLEY            MADGE           HARRIS             11-Jul-1969
BENTLEY            MARGIE          ATKISSON           25-Jun-1958
BENTLEY            MARY            FRANCES            18-Jul-2003
BENTLEY            NINA            MAE                29-Jun-1998
BENTLEY            SAMUEL          SHERROD            22-Feb-1986
BENTLEY            VIDALIA                            23-Jun-1999
BENTLEY            WILLIAM         EARL               17-Aug-1948
BENTLEY            WILLIAM         JACK               26-Oct-1985
BENTLEY            WILLIAM         PERRY              08-Dec-1993
BENTLEY            WILLIE                             21-Jun-1993
BENTLEY, JR.       THOMAS          CECIL              03-Feb-2000
BENTLEY, SR.       THOMAS          CECIL              11-Apr-1994
BENTLEY, SR.       WILLIAM         JACKSON            25-May-1934
BENTON             ADA                                01-Dec-1977
BENTON             ALBERT          E.                 21-Jun-1981
BENTON             BARBARA         DIANE              22-Apr-1969
BENTON             DILLARD         L.                 03-Feb-1942
BENTON             DORA                               26-Oct-1996
BENTON             EVA             MAE                11-Jan-1979
BENTON             FRANKIE                            24-Jul-2000
BENTON             FREDRICK        WALTER             03-Sep-1983
BENTON             JAMES           ANDREW             18-Feb-1949
BENTON             JOSEPHINE                          13-Oct-1941
BENTON             JOSIE           LEE                16-Mar-1999
BENTON             MARY                               11-Jan-1989
BENTON             MELLISA                            03-Dec-1983
BENTON             RALPH                              15-Aug-1984
BENTON             SALLIE          L.                 11-Mar-1975
BENTON             SIG             R.                 30-Jan-2001
BENTON             WILLIAM         BLACKSTONE         29-Dec-1999
BENTON             WILLIAM         KENNETH            08-Aug-2003
BENTON, JR.        WILLIAM         BLACKSTON          23-Apr-1959
BENY               HENRY                              09-Sep-1937
BENYARD            CORENE                             18-Dec-1973
BENYARD            DAVID                              23-May-1980
BENYARD            DOROTHY         LORENE             07-Feb-1962
BENYARD            ELMA                               06-Oct-1988
BENYARD            ERNESTINE                          13-Aug-1991
BENYARD            JAMES                              27-May-1995
BENYARD            JOHNNY          LEWIS              03-Mar-2002
BENYARD            KING            DAVID              16-Apr-1967
BENYARD            LITTLE          ELERY              05-Nov-1956
BENYARD            MARY            A.                 15-Sep-1961
BENYARD            RICHARD         CHARLES            02-Jul-2000
BERALL             LILA                               20-Feb-1993
BERARD             LEO             H.                 22-Aug-1986
BERBRE             DICK                               29-Dec-1930
BERDELL            LUCILLE                            13-Sep-1989
BERGERON           FREDERICK       JOSEPH             09-Jan-2001
BERGGREN           MILDRED         HOBGOOD            22-Jan-1990
BERISFORD          CLARA           VENDETTA           19-Oct-1978
BERKMAN            MAMIE                              24-Feb-1960
BERMAN             LOUIS                              26-Apr-1949
BERNDT             JAMES           S.                 01-May-1983
BERNHART           CLARENCE                           21-Jun-2002
BERNHEIM           REGINA          DREYTUS            02-Aug-1946
BERNIER            GERALD          FREDERICK          27-Nov-1974
BERRETT            J.              D.                 20-Jan-1950
BERREY             RUTH                               23-Jul-1973
BERRIAN            BILL                               13-Jul-1997
BERRIAN            GENEVA                             22-Oct-1988
BERRIAN            PATRICIA        ANN                08-Aug-2001
BERRIOS            ALICE           JANE               17-Oct-1989
BERRY              AARON           SAMUEL             26-Mar-1992
BERRY              ALFRED                             08-Jul-1936
BERRY              ALLEN           BELILN             21-May-1965
BERRY              AMOS            NELSON             28-Jan-1972
BERRY              ANNIE                              17-Dec-1987
BERRY              ANNIE           LEE                08-Jun-1980
BERRY              ASA             ARTHUR             14-Feb-1985
BERRY              CECELIA                            19-Dec-1999
BERRY              CHEVENS                            21-Apr-1952
BERRY              CURTIS          LINCOLN            09-Jan-1993
BERRY              ED                                 28-Dec-1962
BERRY              EDITH                              20-Aug-1992
BERRY              ELIZA                              16-May-1945
BERRY              EMANUEL         H.                 12-Mar-1994
BERRY              FRANCES                            28-Sep-1981
BERRY              GOLDEN                             30-May-1941
BERRY              HARRY           C                  04-Oct-1982
BERRY              HAZEL                              30-Dec-1932
BERRY              ILA                                19-Jan-1983
BERRY              INFANT                             23-Nov-1947
BERRY              IRVING                             27-Apr-1988
BERRY              JACK                               07-Aug-2003
BERRY              JAMES           AUGUSTUS           26-Nov-1948
BERRY              JANET                              04-Apr-1983
BERRY              JOHN            HENRY              27-Jan-1992
BERRY              LEAVIE          VIVIAN             16-Mar-2000
BERRY              LOUCRESIA                          19-Jul-1959
BERRY              LOUISE                             18-Jan-2002
BERRY              MELVIN          CALVIN             23-May-1996
BERRY              OZELLE          MARIE              27-Jan-1998
BERRY              ROBERT                             25-Mar-1995
BERRY              S.              L.                 19-Mar-1996
BERRY              SALLIE          RUTH               08-Mar-1964
BERRY              SARA            ELIZABETH          25-Feb-1995
BERRY              SARAH                              27-Dec-1938
BERRY              SAVANNAH                           06-Mar-1941
BERRY              SENYANG         SERINA SELING      06-May-1974
BERRY              SOLOMON         W.                 14-Mar-1970
BERRY              TARA            CHRISTINA          13-Feb-1981
BERRY              TOM                                26-Mar-1933
BERRY              TOM                                04-Aug-1962
BERRY              WALTER                             21-Aug-1984
BERRY              WILL                               27-Sep-1950
BERRY              WILLIE          B.                 09-Mar-1978
BERRY              WILLIE          MAE                11-Mar-1979
BERRY, II          SOLOMON         WILSON             08-Apr-1987
BERRY, JR          WILLIAM         THOMAS             07-May-1995
BERRY, JR.         ERNEST          STEVENSON          01-Sep-2003
BERRY, JR.         ROBERT                             06-Mar-1941
BERRY, SR.         EARNEST                            13-Jun-1983
BERRYHILL          ALBERTA                            21-May-1987
BERRYHILL          CORA            LEE                25-Dec-2000
BERRYHILL          EDDIE                              15-Mar-1960
BERRYHILL          ESTHER                             28-Feb-1993
BERRYHILL          ETHEL           L.                 04-Mar-1987
BERRYHILL          LULA                               05-Jul-1970
BERRYHILL          MARY                               21-Jul-1982
BESS               AMBROSE                            26-Feb-1972
BESS               ANNIE           BELL               18-Apr-1964
BESS               FLOWERS                            13-Mar-1934
BESS               HOWELL          O'NEAL             06-Jun-1978
BESS               IKE                                20-Nov-1935
BESS               LEANOR          BEE                16-Dec-1990
BESS               LUDIE                              11-Nov-1970
BESS               MOLLIE                             03-Jan-1930
BESS               MOSE                               25-Mar-1967
BESS               NETTIE          CATHERINE          26-Dec-1995
BESS               ROSA            LEE                21-Oct-1972
BESS               TIARA           LATRICE            03-Jul-1993
BESS, JR.          ANDREW                             03-Oct-1937
BESSENT            PEARL                              05-Feb-1970
BESSMER            JOHN            JOSEPH             30-Oct-1926
BEST               BABY                               22-Mar-1940
BEST               BABY                               20-Apr-1940
BEST               EMMETT          AUGUSTA            01-Nov-1967
BEST               JONIE           JANE               17-Apr-1963
BEST               LONIE           JANE               17-Apr-1963
BETHA              NATHANIEL                          07-Apr-1987
BETHEA                                                23-Jul-1944
BETHEA             CLEMENTINE                         26-Mar-1986
BETHEA             LAURANCE                           17-Dec-1953
BETHEA             WILLIAM         MCLAURIN           19-Apr-1982
BETHEA             WILLIE          F.                 19-Dec-1957
BETHEA, III        JOHN            LOUIS              24-Nov-1985
BETHEA, JR.        ERMOGENE        WILSON             07-Jan-1986
BETHEL             STANLEY         BURKE              09-Aug-1980
BETHUNE            LIZZIE          CARTER STEWART     26-Apr-1949
BETHUNE            QUESSIE                            24-Aug-1963
BETTISON           EVA             CORRINE            02-Mar-1981
BETTISON           FLOYD                              06-Nov-1962
BETTISON           IRA             LEWIS              17-Apr-1956
BETTON             ANNIE           KATHREN            10-Dec-1999
BETTON             MARY            FRANCES            25-Jun-1931
BETTON, SR.        JAMES           HENRY              10-Jun-1997
BETTS, JR.         ROBERT          BARKLEY            22-Apr-2001
BETZ               ALBERT          LESLIE             25-Jun-2002
BEVAN              ALICE                              21-Dec-1960
BEVAN              JEAN                               21-Dec-1960
BEVERLY            MARY            LEE                05-Apr-1995
BEVERLY            ZORO                               12-Nov-1982
BEVIS, JR.         BYRON           CONLEY             09-May-2000
BEYER              HATTIE                             23-Jul-1982

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