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Dougherty County, Georgia Death Index
From the Albany, Georgia Clerk of Court Records


=========           ==========        ===========     ==========
YACCARINO           ANNA              MARIA           23-Jan-1980
YANCEY              BENNIE                            06-Oct-1975
YANCEY              BURL                              06-Feb-1976
YANCEY              CLARENCE                          13-Mar-1991
YANCEY              CORNELIA                          22-Feb-1932
YANCEY              FAYE              RUTH            16-Apr-2001
YANCEY              GRACEY                            18-Dec-1973
YANCEY              GRADY                             28-Apr-1999
YANCEY              LONZO             LEE             15-Sep-1991
YANCEY              LOUIS                             04-Oct-1960
YANCEY              LOUIS             DEUPREE         04-Oct-1960
YANCEY              RENA                              13-Nov-1987
YANCEY              TROY              LEE             24-Feb-1981
YANCEY, JR.         COLLIE                            01-Jan-1987
YANCEY, SR.         BYRON             TAYLOR          03-Jul-1996
YANCEY, SR.         JOE               LEE             01-Sep-1984
YANCY               JIMMY             LEE             31-May-1951
YANCY               KITTIE            B.              08-Dec-1939
YANCY               MALINDIA                          27-Dec-1962
YANCY               MATTIE            MAE             10-Jun-1940
YANCY               NELLIE            CONDE           01-Mar-1943
YANCY               ROSA              BELL            19-Oct-1939
YANCY               THOMAS                            11-May-1949
YANCY               WESS                              17-Mar-1939
YANCY               WILLIE            B.              13-Sep-1939
YANKE               VALERIE           JO              07-Nov-2002
YAO                 HU-YING                           15-Jan-1985
YARBOROUGH          BETTY             JANE            01-Dec-1997
YARBOROUGH          CHARLIE           W.              31-May-1947
YARBOROUGH          ROBERT            SAMUEL          25-Jan-1949
YARBOROUGH          SUE                               20-Mar-1996
YARBOROUGH          WALTER            MAGNUS          06-Jan-1938
YARBOUGH            TONI              LEVELLE         12-May-1963
YARBROUGH           BETTY             JEAN            29-Apr-1982
YARBROUGH           BLANCHE                           22-Dec-1967
YARBROUGH           CHARLIE           VERA            18-Oct-1965
YARBROUGH           CLYDE             LAMAR           20-Jul-2001
YARBROUGH           ERMA              JEAN            05-Aug-1994
YARBROUGH           ETHEL                             28-Oct-1997
YARBROUGH           HALLIE                            23-Dec-1996
YARBROUGH           HUGH              MONROE          12-Jan-1970
YARBROUGH           MARY                              02-Sep-1985
YARBROUGH           OLA               MAE             21-May-1996
YARBROUGH           ROBERT            NEAL            22-May-1985
YARBROUGH           SARAH             S.              02-May-1964
YARBROUGH           WALTER            LEE             25-Aug-1983
YARBROUGH, JR.      CHARLES           ROBERT          05-Nov-1984
YARBROUGH, JR.      EDGAR                             24-Feb-1993
YATER               JOSEPH            CICERO          14-Dec-1998
YATES               CHARLES           RUSSELL         19-May-1994
YATES               CLAUDE            EUGENE          25-Jul-1997
YATES               EDNA                              27-May-1976
YATES               EVELYN                            31-Oct-1993
YATES, SR.          CURTIS            VEO             02-Jan-1993
YAW                 ANNIE                             04-Nov-1996
YAW                 BETTYE            JEAN            20-Oct-1997
YAW                 WILLIAM           JACKSON         18-Aug-2003
YAWN                ANNIE             LOU             08-Jan-1935
YAWN                BETTY                             27-Mar-1977
YAWN                CALVIN            ASHFORD         06-Oct-2001
YAWN                JAMES             MICHAEL         25-Jan-1972
YAWN                JAMES             SYLVESTER       10-Jul-1997
YAWN                LEWIS             JOE             07-Mar-1968
YAWN                MARY              ANN             23-Aug-1992
YBARRA              DANIEL                            25-Aug-1968
YEAGER              JEWEL                             26-Dec-2002
YEAGER              MICHAEL           ROBERT          13-Aug-1999
YEARTA              JAMES             TRACY           19-Sep-1997
YEATER              JACK              WADE            03-Mar-1985
YEATTES             RUTH              MALISSA         22-Sep-1967
YEATTS              AMY               LOU             26-May-2001
YEE                 LORRAINE          EDNA            01-Feb-2001
YEISER              BILL              ROY             30-Dec-1973
YELTON              RONALD            KEITH           24-Mar-1956
YELVERTON           CHARLIE           DOUGLAS         01-Oct-2000
YELVERTON           JAMES             NOEL            30-Jun-1990
YELVERTON           JEWELL            WYNETTE         18-Oct-1998
YELVERTON           JOSEPH            HOWARD          12-Oct-1987
YELVERTON           MAMIE             LOIS            17-Jun-1982
YENNI               ALDA              LISETTA         17-Dec-2001
YEO                 CLYDE             HENRY           19-Sep-1989
YEOMAN              CARRIE            GAY BUNKLEY     21-Jun-1954
YEOMAN              GOODE             B.              30-Oct-1954
YEOMAN              SOLOMON J                         07-May-1966
YEOMAN              WILLIAM           RANDALL         25-Nov-1981
YEOMANS             CLYDE                             22-Aug-1986
YEOMANS             COY                               20-Dec-1947
YEOMANS             VAN               ALLEN           28-Nov-1960
YEOMANS             VERA              Y.              13-May-1975
YESBIK              EDWIN             SMITTY          13-May-1959
YESBIK              JOSEPH            THOMAS          20-Dec-1939
YESBIK              MARY              HANNAH          28-Apr-1965
YESBIK              MARY              MARTHA          09-Aug-1950
YESBIK              MICHAEL           THOMAS          22-Feb-1975
YESBIK              NICHOLAS                          29-Mar-1948
YESBIK              ROSE              MARY            20-May-1949
YETMAN              ROBERT                            04-Mar-1994
YI                  BABY BOY                          20-Jan-2003
YIELDING            KATHLEEN          HONCHELL        07-Nov-1976
YIELDING            NELLIE            OLMA            21-Jun-1976
YIELDING            ROBERT            EARL            01-May-1968
YIELDING, JR.       WALTER            LAVANDA         27-May-1999
YODER               JESSIE                            20-Jan-1978
YOM                 TAE               HEE             15-Dec-1995
YOQUELET            RAY               ARTHUR          20-Oct-1991
YORK                BESSIE            CARROLL         14-Oct-1953
YORK                CLARENCE          EDWARD          04-Sep-1959
YORK                DELORES           LAVERNE         23-Jul-1980
YORK                HARRY H                           25-May-1966
YORK                IRENE             PEARL           26-Jun-1998
YORK                LELETHA           ELIZABETH       29-Nov-1949
YORK                LEONARD           HILBURN         08-Sep-1991
YORK                NETTIE            JANE            05-Aug-1989
YORK                OCIE              JAMES           28-Jul-1948
YORK                P. L.                             29-Jun-1971
YORK                PATRICIA          A.              28-Jul-1995
YORK                RANDOLPH          WOODROW         05-May-1974
YORK                SOPHIA            JEWELL          28-Oct-1982
YORK                THOMAS            B.              30-Dec-1960
YORK                WILLIAM           ABLE            22-Mar-1944
YORK                WILLIAM           NEWELL          17-Nov-1981
YORK, JR.           HENRY             FLETCHER        30-Mar-1978
YORK, JR.           JAMES             ERVIN           26-Oct-1961
YORK, SR.           JAMES             OMAR            05-Jan-1993
YOUMAN              SAM                               05-Oct-1993
YOUMANS             ALLENE            PERRY           11-Feb-1943
YOUMANS             BENJAMIN          FRANKLIN        11-Feb-1980
YOUMANS             DAISEY            LEE             14-Oct-1978
YOUMANS             JULIA             GRACE           06-Jun-1993
YOUMANS             LUCILE                            11-Oct-1997
YOUMANS             VERDIE            MAE             19-Feb-1992
YOUNG               ADELINE                           06-Sep-1927
YOUNG               ANDREA            NICOLE          21-Mar-1989
YOUNG               ANNIE                             24-Mar-1998
YOUNG               ANNIE                             08-Oct-1962
YOUNG               ANNIE             MAE             11-Feb-1999
YOUNG               ANNIE             MILDRED         29-Mar-1961
YOUNG               BEATRICE                          25-Mar-1971
YOUNG               BEN A                             28-Jun-1964
YOUNG               BERNICE                           22-Nov-1984
YOUNG               CAMILLA                           13-Jun-1955
YOUNG               CAPONIA                           15-Mar-1956
YOUNG               CATHERINE                         20-May-2002
YOUNG               CATHERINE         BAILEY          08-Mar-1957
YOUNG               CATHRINE                          01-May-1962
YOUNG               CHARLIE           ARTHUR          05-Mar-1977
YOUNG               CLAUDIA           BROWN           01-May-1982
YOUNG               DAISY             MAE             18-Apr-1967
YOUNG               DANNY             RAY             22-Sep-1984
YOUNG               DARRELL           RAYMOND         22-Sep-1984
YOUNG               DAVE                              25-Jan-1994
YOUNG               DELIA                             24-Dec-1932
YOUNG               EDDIE             DANIEL          05-Jan-1964
YOUNG               EDNA              ETHELENE        09-Feb-1996
YOUNG               EDWARD            BALDWIN         20-Sep-1958
YOUNG               EDWARD            BILLUPS         16-Feb-1927
YOUNG               ELIZA             THOMAS          25-Sep-1942
YOUNG               ELIZABETH                         25-Feb-1999
YOUNG               ELLEN                             02-May-1987
YOUNG               EMMETT                            22-Mar-1999
YOUNG               EMMETT            PRIMUS          12-Mar-1976
YOUNG               ETHEL             MAE             07-Nov-1976
YOUNG               EVELYN                            08-Nov-1976
YOUNG               EVERLINE                          17-Dec-1979
YOUNG               FRANK             LEE             23-Aug-1943
YOUNG               FREDERICK         JACKSON         06-Apr-1994
YOUNG               FREDERICK         JACKSON         16-Apr-1994
YOUNG               GEORGE                            18-Oct-1941
YOUNG               GEORGE            CLARENCE        16-Dec-1969
YOUNG               GEORGE            SOLOMON         19-Feb-1977
YOUNG               GINGER            GAIL            23-Jul-2003
YOUNG               GOLIE             JULIAN          05-Mar-1958
YOUNG               GORDON            ELIAS           15-Mar-1988
YOUNG               HAL               ADRIAN          11-Jun-1968
YOUNG               HERBERT           WADE            26-Oct-1990
YOUNG               HOMER             LONNIE          03-Sep-1974
YOUNG               HYRAM             BASCUM          13-Mar-1983
YOUNG               ILA               MAE             06-Nov-1985
YOUNG               INEZ                              29-May-1991
YOUNG               IVA               GRACE           29-Jul-1982
YOUNG               JACOB             JOSEPH          05-Aug-1969
YOUNG               JAMES                             31-Dec-1932
YOUNG               JAMES             QUAOU           08-Jul-2000
YOUNG               JAMES             THOMAS          16-Feb-1983
YOUNG               JANNIE M                          26-Jan-1971
YOUNG               JESSE             LEE             15-Jun-2001
YOUNG               JOANNA                            04-Apr-1997
YOUNG               JOEL              BENSON          11-Jun-2003
YOUNG               JOHNNY                            04-Apr-1984
YOUNG               JOHNNY            LEE             18-Mar-1991
YOUNG               JOSEPH            NICK            23-Feb-2003
YOUNG               JULIA                             24-Nov-2001
YOUNG               JULIAN            LEE             01-May-1995
YOUNG               JUNIOR            HENRY           10-Mar-1981
YOUNG               KAREN             LAVONNE         27-Jan-1998
YOUNG               LALIE             EVELYN          24-Dec-2000
YOUNG               LEROY                             03-Mar-1984
YOUNG               LILLIE            MAE             17-May-1962
YOUNG               LINDA             DIANE           30-Nov-1998
YOUNG               LOLLIE            RENE            23-Jun-1999
YOUNG               LOUISE            ANGELA          18-May-1995
YOUNG               LOYD              W.              09-Jan-1972
YOUNG               LUCIOUS           FRANKLIN        24-Apr-1961
YOUNG               LUCIUS            GORDON          12-Dec-1988
YOUNG               LULA                              04-Jul-1927
YOUNG               LULA              BELL            31-Oct-1988
YOUNG               LULA              ETHEL           10-Dec-1984
YOUNG               LULA              SATYRA          19-Jun-1979
YOUNG               MADGE                             05-May-1972
YOUNG               MAE               FRANCIS         27-Aug-2000
YOUNG               MAGGIE                            07-Jul-1982
YOUNG               MALCOLM           JEFFERSON       22-Sep-1991
YOUNG               MARIAH                            17-Oct-1940
YOUNG               MARJORIE          CHRISTINE       08-Jan-1996
YOUNG               MARJORY           VIOLET          09-May-1980
YOUNG               MARY              ALICE           28-Jul-1992
YOUNG               MARY              ELIZABETH       28-Jul-2001
YOUNG               META              BALDWIN         29-Nov-1967
YOUNG               NORA                              08-Aug-1956
YOUNG               ODIE                              22-May-1991
YOUNG               OLA                               02-May-1949
YOUNG               ORBIE             AGNES           19-Feb-1994
YOUNG               OSCAR                             20-Jan-1970
YOUNG               PATRICIA          LADEAN          14-Oct-1997
YOUNG               PATSIE                            11-Feb-1930
YOUNG               PEARLIE           MAE             26-May-1973
YOUNG               RACHEL            M.              03-Dec-1967
YOUNG               RAYMOND                           20-Sep-1947
YOUNG               ROBERT            RICHARD         28-Feb-2003
YOUNG               ROBERT            RUFUS           18-Dec-1994
YOUNG               ROBIN             SUZANNE         05-Jul-1997
YOUNG               ROGER             ALFRED          18-Jan-1975
YOUNG               ROSA              LEE             15-Apr-1997
YOUNG               SAMUEL                            10-May-1939
YOUNG               SHAFTER           WILSON          05-Apr-1970
YOUNG               SKYNETHA          DEAYERS         31-Dec-1992
YOUNG               THELMA                            31-Jan-1990
YOUNG               THOMAS            EVANS           01-Mar-1987
YOUNG               THOMAS            JEFFERSON       28-Mar-1946
YOUNG               THOMAS            RANDOLPH        20-Jun-1974
YOUNG               TOMMY             FREDRICK        05-Dec-1959
YOUNG               ULYSSEES                          01-Feb-1975
YOUNG               VIRGINIA          LEE             09-Feb-1996
YOUNG               WALTER            TAYLOR          08-May-1989
YOUNG               WILL                              22-Jan-1974
YOUNG               WILLIE                            22-Feb-1952
YOUNG               ZED               JACKSON         02-Sep-1985
YOUNG, JR.          JAMES             ROY             07-Jan-2000
YOUNG, SR.          JAMES             GRIGGS          24-Feb-1987
YOUNG, SR.          JOHN              CLARENCE        06-Nov-1998
YOUNG, SR.          LESTER                            02-Jan-1990
YOUNG, SR.          WILLIE                            09-Feb-2000
YOUNG, SR.          ZEDDOCK           JACKSON         04-Feb-1972
YOUNGBLOOD          ANNICE            MARIE           25-Mar-1987
YOUNGBLOOD          BABY                              27-Oct-1941
YOUNGBLOOD          CECIL             WASTEEN         06-Mar-1996
YOUNGBLOOD          FLORINE           FURNEY          28-Mar-1983
YOUNGBLOOD          GEORGE            ROBERT          21-Sep-1966
YOUNGBLOOD          GLADYS                            19-Jan-1999
YOUNGBLOOD          JOHN              BUNYAN          17-Dec-1990
YOUNGBLOOD          JOHNISE           MARIE           25-Mar-1997
YOUNGBLOOD          LEON              HANNON          27-Jan-1985
YOUNGBLOOD          LULA              LOIS            26-Nov-1986
YOUNGBLOOD          MABLE                             14-Aug-1949
YOUNGBLOOD          MARGARET          EMILY           17-May-1956
YOUNGBLOOD          MARIE             DAVIS           23-Jul-1985
YOUNGBLOOD          RUSSELL           WALTER          17-Aug-1977
YOUNGBLOOD          THOMAS            ALONZO          01-Jun-1949
YOUNGBLOOD, SR.     JULIAN            THOMAS          11-Mar-1984
YOUNGER             INEZ              HALL            28-Oct-1990
YOUNGER             SAMUEL            BRANSFORD       08-Feb-1968
YOWE                BABY BOY                          06-Mar-1980
ZABKA               EDYTH                             12-Apr-2002
ZACHARY             BRUCE             GERALD          06-Oct-1990
ZACHERY             LAURA             LEE             18-May-1985
ZACK                ANNIE             BELL            27-Jul-1931
ZACK                DAVE                              20-Jul-1985
ZACKARY             LAURA                             01-Jul-1993
ZACKARY             MANDA                             20-Nov-1988
ZACKERY             AMELIA                            27-May-1970
ZACKERY             BEULAH                            16-Oct-1995
ZACKERY             DEBRA             ANN             11-May-1989
ZACKERY             EARNEST                           03-Jan-1978
ZACKERY             EMMA              D.              01-Mar-1983
ZACKERY             FREDDY            DEAN            27-Oct-1982
ZACKERY             JIMMY             DEAN            24-Apr-1993
ZACKERY             JOHN              ALBERT          06-Apr-2000
ZACKERY             LORENZA                           22-May-1952
ZACKERY             LULA                              03-Mar-1981
ZACKERY             MAMIE             LEE             28-May-1952
ZACKERY             PATRICIA                          19-Sep-1983
ZACKERY             RUTH                              23-Oct-1966
ZACKERY             SONJA             FAYE            13-Aug-1975
ZACKERY             VILLIE                            14-Jan-1965
ZACKERY             WYLENE                            13-Aug-1997
ZACKERY, JR.        CHARLES                           08-Mar-1984
ZAGARA              JOSEPH                            27-Feb-1942
ZAHACY              JEANNE            ELLEN           22-Sep-1999
ZALDIVAR            FRANCISCO                         06-Dec-1998
ZANDERS             ANNIE             LEE             17-Feb-1997
ZANDERS             MARY                              16-Nov-1931
ZANK                SHIRLEY           LORRAINE        24-Sep-2003
ZAUNDERS            JOHN                              01-Dec-1932
ZEAGLER             HUGHLAND          ALAN            25-May-1969
ZEESE               AMALIA            HOFMANN         16-Mar-1965
ZEESE               GORDON                            09-May-1970
ZEIGLER             EARL                              12-Aug-1996
ZEIGLER             ED                                18-Apr-1936
ZEIGLER             EMMA              HARBEN          27-Mar-2003
ZEIGLER             HATTIE                            01-Mar-1939
ZEIGLER             HATTIE                            06-Jul-1933
ZEIGLER             JIM                               24-Jan-1965
ZEIGLER             JOE                               19-May-1978
ZEIGLER             MATTIE            MAE             21-Jul-1995
ZEIGLER             ROSA              LEE             03-Sep-2000
ZEIGLER             THOMAS            JAMES           14-Oct-1937
ZELASKOWSKI         HENRY             STANLEY         20-Sep-1969
ZELLARS             DARRYL            KENNETH         14-Jul-1981
ZELLARS             JOHN              HENRY           29-Dec-1990
ZELLARS             SALLY             MAE             24-Mar-2000
ZIEGLER             ELMER             LAWERENCE       27-Jan-1969
ZIEGLER             MARY              THELMA          22-May-1981
ZIEGLER             OPHELIA                           10-Dec-1960
ZIEGLER             RUFUS                             03-Mar-1937
ZIMMER              P.                P. M.           25-Oct-1950
ZIMMERMAN           ERNEST            ALBERT          02-Aug-1989
ZIMMERMAN           LILLIAN           KANE            27-Mar-1965
ZIMMERMAN           WALTER            ROBERT          02-May-1968
ZIMNOCH, JR.        JOHN              ALOYSIUS        19-Dec-1985
ZIRKELBACH          CLYDIA            ELLEN           19-Mar-1999
ZIRKELBACH          LEONARD           FRANCES         03-May-1984
ZIRKELBACH          REBECCA           ANN             22-Aug-1995
ZOELLICK            ROBERT            LEE             13-Nov-2001
ZOELLNER            DOROTHY           MAE SOPHIA      28-Jul-2003
ZOLOMY              LYNDA                             05-May-2002
ZONELLA             WILLIAM           CHARD           13-Apr-1947
ZORN                ADA               LOU             03-Dec-1966
ZORN                ADOLPHUS          HARRISON        17-Apr-1954
ZORN                DELMUS            WILLIE          01-Jun-1987
ZORN                HUBBARD           EUDON           22-Mar-1968
ZORN                IRENE                             04-Apr-1996
ZORN                MATTIE                            10-Jun-1975
ZORN                MERES             OLIN            08-Jul-1952
ZORN                WHITFIELD                         17-Apr-1984
ZUCKER              ESTELLA           WOLFF           05-Mar-1951
ZUNICK              VEDA              B.              30-Nov-2000
ZUNZUNEGUI          JODI JACQUELYN    STEEDLEY        09-Apr-1993

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