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Hawaii Genealogy Queries

To see results from your Hawaii genealogy queries, you can use a wide variety of resources. There are plenty of ways to search online, as well as request and, in some cases, even access the records you are going to need for your genealogy records compiling. Of course, you will want and need to do some of it in person as well. You can begin your search online though, and also use the internet to track down any addresses you may need for places you will have to visit in person.

Your Hawaii Genealogy Queries

One good thing about conducting your Hawaii genealogy queries is that this state has a fairly extensive records collection. While some states do not have records prior to even 1900, Hawaii has marriage, death and birth records from 1853 on. It's the divorce records that do not begin until 1951. Of course, you can also obtain certain details by using the census, which starts back in 1790.

How to Obtain These Records

Much of how you obtain records for your Hawaii genealogy queries depends on the source you use. So, for instance, some agencies allow people to call, fax or email requests, yet the State Department of Health for Hawaii only allows requests in person or by mail.

You may want to work with someone who can obtain information for you. There are online services that can get some of the data you want for your Hawaii genealogy queries. These are going to involve higher fees than simply getting the documentation yourself, but may be well worth it, in the long run.

The Value of Vital Records

Generally, you can use libraries, courthouses and health departments to find vital records for your Hawaii genealogy queries. Vital records are documentation of monumental moments in a person's life. Generally, Hawaii vital records include birth records, marriage certificates and death records.

What you can gain as data from these documents includes details such as the full legal name of the person, dates, locations and, often times, the names of other relatives. Hawaii birth records, for example, may include the full legal names of both birth parents and, in some cases, even the maiden name of the mother.

Other Considerations

Some people even use land documents to find information. For Hawaii, this is often done through the Bureau of Conveyances. For others, there is often great success for Hawaii genealogy queries when using other resources, such as cemetery records or military records. Keep in mind, even if you do the records search on your own instead of hiring an organization, you will still be faced with some fees.

Often these costs are minimal, though. They cover expenses such as retrieving documentation, printing, shipping and handling. Find out if you can save money by going “paperless.” In other words, some agencies waive certain fees if you are not ordering a printed version and can view it and print it from your own computer. All of these things should help your Hawaii genealogy queries that much easier.

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