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IOWA - Emmet County - Estherville High School Homecoming 1926 - - - - -

From the Estherville Democrat, Estherville, 
Emmet County, Iowa, November 10, 1926:


Over Two Hundred Alumni Were Registered -
Will Be An Annual Affair

  The first homecoming ever staged by the high school 
was a decided success from every angle. To begin with 
the day was ideal and brought a great many visitors 
from neighboring towns to attend this affair.  
Registration of alumni began early Thursday evening 
and continued on throughout Friday.  The pep meeting 
Thursday evening was attened by an unusually large 
crowd and was cleverly carried out.  On Friday morning 
classes were carried on as usual and at noon the parade 
took place.  A number of beautifully decorated floats 
were used as well as several of the more comic features.  
Practically every organization in the high school was 
represented by some sort of a float.  The prize for the 
most artistically decorated float was awarded to the 
Quill and Scroll club.

  In the afternoon the two big football games were 
staged.  An account of these appears elsewhere in the 
paper.  There were two hundred alumni who registered 
for this event.   Several of the classes met together 
and enjoyed informal dinners but there were no class 
reunions held.  It is the aim of the instigators of 
this affair to make the homecoming an annual 
celebration in the Estherville high school.  Work will 
be started early enough next year so that it will be 
possible to hold class reunions and other numbers that 
could not be carried out now because of lack of time.

  The following is a list of alumni members who 
registered at the Homecoming held Friday at the high 

Keith Albertson		 	1926
Barklie Johnston 		1926
Kenneth Kohler			1926
Merwin Brown			1926
Fred Case			1926
William Swift			1926
Arlene Brubaker			1926
Eva Miller			1926
Frank Westbrook			1926
Raymond Igou			1926
Irvin Herbrandson		1925
Wm. Staggs			1926
Warren Barker 			1926
Claude Willey			1925
Luella Smith			1926
Francis Dake			1926
Ione Dawson			1926
Myrtle Anderson			1926
Lehman Rovn			1926
Faith West			1926
Alan Krieger			1926
Floyd Bentley			1926
Vernon Brown			1926	
Russell Graves			1926
Arnold Gaarde			1926
Leroy Vandenburgh		1926
Glen Fothergill			1926
Maurice Baker			1926
Rita Hester			1926
Georgia Lytle			1926
Margaret Peterson		1926
Sylvia Kirk			1926
John Doolittle			1926
Robert J. Olmstead		1926
Ruth Beymer			1926
Magdelene Johnson		1926
Roscoe Olmstead			1926
Marjorie Gardner		1926
Bernice Yeager			1926
Madge Beauman			1926
Katherine Rhodes		1926
Mrs. Edith Mahlum		1898
Albert Mahlum			1897
Vivian Sorenson			1926
Harold C. Fox			1916
Mrs. Harold C. Fox		1919
Dorothy Mahlum			1926
Harold Hippie			1926
Ruth Dayton			1926
Mrs. C. F. Wolden		1915
Miss Rose Dick			1926
Blanche Williams		1925
Ethel Gustafson			1926
Marian L. McAffee		1926
Maxine Polson			1925
Elsie Niemoth			1925
Mrs. Lorenzo Lough		1891
Eugene J. Cox			1924
Altamay Aalborg			1926
Mrs. Wilbur Thorndyke		1918
Herbert K. Allen		1924
Geraldine F. Buckley		1921
Kathryn Manthey			1922
Pearl Sternborg			1926
Lorna Hemmingson		1925
Josephine Waldron		1926
Zetta Staggs			1924
Wylma Staggs			1924
Ruby Hemmingson			1925
Anna Peterson			1919
Weston B. Rogers		1925
Ruth Noe			1924
Corine Noel Peterson		1924
Ralph Robinson			1926
V. W. Morrice			1925
W. F. Roudebush			1925
Frederick Graaf			1919
Oden L. Wee			1922
Ruth B. Tredway			1926
Priscilla Booth			1919
Stella Masters			1926
Gladys Larson			1926
Zella Pullen Albertson		1905
Margaret Neville Morse		1893
Alice Wiegand			1921
Edith George			1926
Mrs. Sargent Bevan		1892
Mrs. John W. Osmundsen		1907
Mary Waldron			1923
Mrs. B. T. Osher		1897
Selma Handeland			1924
Clara Handeland			1925
Manghild Handeland		1923
Emma Obye			1924
Grace King			1911
Henrietta Case			1920
Mrs. Andrew Anderson		1925
L. M. Eldred			1924
Henry W. Mahlum			1897
Mrs. Arthur Fossum		1915
Edwin J. Rhodes			1918
Adelaide Nichols		1908
Mrs. Harold Reed		1922
Monte Miller, Jr.		1925
N. K. Brown			1916
Gayle M. Stanerson		1910
Fern Brockway			1921
Maude Hamilton			1921
Orlando Lough			1891
H. C. Munson			1918
Eva A. Hornby			1923
Edna M. Barker			1891
Mrs. Pearl Lee Peterson		1920
Mr. Verner Peterson		1920
Mrs. Hazel Byfield Soper	1913
Dr. H. G. Johnston		1905
Adolph Egland			1926
Mrs. Lew Wanamaker		1903
Mrs. Lucy Johnson Bale		1897
Lillian Davis			1897
F. J. Kennedy
E. S. Shannon			1925
Dorothy Woodhouse		1917
Mrs. I. J. Robinson		1894
Melvin Reese			1926
Lucille Wylder			1926
Romaine Kately			1925
Zelda Logue			1925
Lucille Lewis			1921
_____ Pullen			1917
Hattie M. Manthey		1920
Jennie Hepp			1926
Irene Heyer			1924
Verna Sondrol			1915
Ora Kint			1917
Mrs. J. H. Cramer		1905
Mrs. Dorothy Morton		1916
Mrs. Lulu Wiess			1910
Mrs. Elmer c. Jackson		1909
Lillian Rhodes			1920
Ruth Heidke			1924
LaVaune Sullivan		1924
Francis Miller			1925
Susan E. White			1922
James S. White			1919

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