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From the Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, September 23, 1919:


19 Alumni Are Married

Also Nine Former Attendants Of College Promise To "Love and Obey"

  Little old Daniel Cupid, that busiest of all matrimonial bees has 
been unusually active among former students and alumni of Coe College 
during the summer according to figures of the Coe library.

  Nineteen alumni have promised to "love, honor and obey" while nine 
former students decided that the summer months were the most fitting 
in which to start out on the matrimonial sea.

  The completed list follows:

Alumni - 

Harriette Sessions, '07, and Earl Andrews, Sept. 31 (sp.)
Marie Stark, '17, and James Killian, July 2
Marion Shepard, '17, and Lieut. A. Dean Douglas, July 18
LeRoy Weeber, '17, and Barbara Blinks, ex'19, Aug. 9
Donald Graham, '16, and Zoe Juanita Fisher, Sept. 2
Ivan Gritman, '19, and Philathea Dart, ex'19, Sept. 15
Leslie Fishwild, '14, and Elma Heasty
Ciella Pfaff, '19, and Blake Seidel, Aug. 18
Flossie Roe, '15, and Horace R. Wiggins, ex'15, Sept. 10
Ralph Keller, '19, and Florence Hess, July 18
Grace Sailor, '14, and Allan Hamblin, '16, Sept. 18
Matthew Spinka, '18, and Zdenka Dvorak, June 25
Dr. Ben L. Knight, '14, and Florence McCollister, July 8
John S. Skien, '16, and Fern DeFoe, '16, July 10
John Walter Garrett, '15, and Evelyn L. Dunlop, June 25
Harold S. Foster, '14, and Gladys Richards, Sept. 3
Lawrence Bolenbaugh, '17, and Hazel Berg, '18, July 19
Beulah Wenger, '11, and Alfred Walton, June 7
Harold Durycka, '17, and Leah Hubbard, '17, June 18

The ex-student list includes:

Dorothy Robinson, ex'20, and Cecil Maudsley, June 1
Leota Streeter, ex'18, and Harry W. Reed, July 18
Helen Smith, ex'20, and Clarence W. Irwin, Aug. 27
Pauline Perkins, ex'21, and Lynn Woulton, June 19
Helen Davis, ex'15, and Daniel M. Torrance, July 23
Eva McCredle, ex'12, and Robert W. Henderson, Aug. 28
Dorothy Cann, ex'21, and Willard Kettering, Aug. 27
Orvie Nabholz, ex'15, and Miss Svec
Evalyn Geddes, ex'20 and Vincent Ridge, ex'20

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