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Miscellaneous Champaign County, IL Deaths

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Reported on January 20, 1998

CHITTICK: Larry E. Chittick, 45, rural Mahomet, Monday.
CULBERT: Alice V. Culbert, 84, Clinton, today
EDELMAN: John Edelman, 10, rural Onarga, Monday.
GAUF: Robert Eugene Gauf, 50, Danville, Saturday.
GOIN: Archie O. Goin, 81, Danville, formerly Cissna Park and Rankin, Monday.
GOSS: Stephen A. Goss, 48, Champaign, Monday.
GRIEB: Edith Grieb, 61, Champaign, Monday.
HUNTER: William "Bill" Hunter, 67, Palestine, Sunday.
JOHNSON: Robert E. Johnson, 77, Springfield, formerly Danville, Sunday.
LEHMAN: Floyd L. Lehman, 77, rural Buckley, today.
LEMAIRE: Dorothy E. LeMaire, 95, Danville, today.
MERRIFIELD: Daniel Merrifield, 91, Champaign, Monday.
NIXON: Catherine Nixon, 64, Rantoul,Jan. 14, 1998.
SCHREIBER: Clara Schreiber, 89, Onarga, Monday.
VICKERS: Elsie P. Vickers, 82, Champaign, Monday.
WILCOXEN: Mildred Wilcoxen, 85, Atwood, Monday.

Reported on January 21, 1998

AGAN: Alberta W. Agan, 85, Danville, Tuesday.
BROWN: Martha H. Brown, 79, Tuscola, Jan. 4, 1998.
FAAS: C. Gene "Fuzzy" Faas, 72, Danville, today.
GALINDO: Evaristo "Tony" Galindo, 96, Rantoul, Tuesday.
HENSON: Paul Cleon Henson, 87, Ridge Farm, Monday.
HINCHMAN: David L. Hinchman, 39, Danville, Monday.
HOPKINS: Treala Sill Hopkins, 84, Champaign, Tuesday.
HUCHEL: Jimmy Lee Huchel, 50, rural Mansfield, Tuesday.
SUN JIN KIM: Sun Jin Kim, 88, Champaign, Wednesday.
NICHOLS: Mae I. Nichols, 104, Seymour, Tuesday.
SCHACKOW: Evelyn Smith Schackow, 83, Champaign, formerly Broadlands, Tuesday.
SMITH: Allan Lucas Smith, 36, Pickens, S.C., Thursday.
TOLER: Beulah Toler, 79, Champaign, Tuesday.
YOU: A Chi Lan You, 90, Hoopeston, Tuesday.

Reported on January 22, 1998

BENNINGER: Marilyn T. Benninger, 65, Champaign, Wednesday.
BLANK: Velma Caroline Pruter Blank, 86, Natoma, Kan., Jan. 13, 1998.
CARTER: Edith Mae Carter, 82, Gilman, today.
CLARK: Louise A. DeWolfe Clark, 79, Sullivan, Mo., formerly Urbana, Tuesday.
COLLINGS: Lillie Malinda Collings, 90, Gibson City, Wednesday.
FULLER: Donald Joe "Butch" Fuller, 54, Danville, Wednesday.
HARRIS: Otis Kelly Harris, 84, Gibson City, Wednesday.
HEIPLE: Charles W. Heiple, 93, Bement, today.
HOPKINS: Treala Sill Hopkins, 84, Champaign, Tuesday.
MAYNARD: Frank R. Maynard, 67, Danville, Wednesday.
McDANIEL: Columbus McDaniel, 73, Urbana, today.
PARIS: Carole A. Paris, 55, Monticello, Wednesday.
RIES: Clifford B. Ries, 91, Tuscola, Wednesday.
ROTH: Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Roth, 56, Decatur, Monday.
WHITE: Madge Geraldine White, 80, Brocton, Sunday.

Reported on January 23, 1998

BLACK: John L. Black, 81, Savoy, today.
BRANDON: Mary Helen Brandon, 81, Colfax, formerly Bellflower, Thursday.
COTTINGHAM: Juanita M. Cottingham, 80, Altamonte Springs, Fla., Tuesday.
CURTIS: Mildred L. Curtis, 68, Potomac, Wednesday.
HANKINSON: Oliver I. "Hank" Hankinson, 79, Mansfield, Wednesday.
HITES: Warren "Buck" Hites, 76, Champaign, Thursday.
KIEBACK: Clara Bertha Kieback, 99, Tempe, Ariz., formerly Champaign, Sunday.
KOSIBA: Geneva Rebecca Kosiba, 93, Georgetown, Tuesday.
PETERS: Howard J. Peters, 78, Gibson City, Wednesday.
PRIBBLE: David Gene Pribble, 38, Everett, Wash., Tuesday.
REYNOLDS: Fern V. Reynolds, 92, Clinton, Thursday.
RICHARDSON: Esther W. Richardson, 78, Urbana, Thursday.
SPOMER: Wilma Spomer, 57, Urbana, today.

Reported on January 24, 1998

BAILEY: Dale O. Bailey, 67, Hoopeston, Thursday.
BLACK: John L. Black, 81, Savoy, Friday.
ECKERT: Florence Lesiak Eckert, 69, Bayonne, N.J., Wednesday.
GRENKO: Tony Michael Grenko, 41, Urbana, Thursday.
PETTINGA: Pauline Wager Pettinga, 88, Urbana, Thursday.
SHROYER: Alberta N. Shroyer, 81, Altamont, formerly Mason and Rantoul, Thursday.
STUCKEY: Dorothy Stuckey, 86, Clinton, Friday.
VOGEL: Earl R. Vogel, 79, Rankin, Thursday.
ZYBELL: Mary Louise Zybell, 94, Champaign, formerly Monticello, Thursday.

Reported on January 25, 1998

BRIDGES: Frank A. Bridges, 60, Hindsboro, Saturday.
DANCY: Alta Dancy, 93, Bismarck, Saturday.
HANDLER: Paul Handler, 68, Urbana, Saturday.
JOHNSON: Harry B. Johnson, 70, Wooster, Ohio, Thursday.
McDANIEL: Columbus McDaniel Sr., 73, Urbana, Thursday.
MEEKER: Grace Meeker, 96, Danville, Saturday.
OAKS: Frances Oaks, 86, Danville, Saturday.
ROSTEK: Ronald Dale 'Ron' Rostek, 33, Bement, Saturday.
ROWELL: Alizza C. Rowell, infant daughter of Tanya R. Patton and Jerome Rowell, Danville, Saturday.
WELTY: Dr. Greg Welty, 40, Sullivan, Saturday.
WHEELER: Ialeen Wheeler, 89, Decatur, formerly Clinton, Saturday.
WILLIAMS: Annie Williams, 75, Danville, Saturday.

Reported on January 26, 1998

BECK: Granville R. Beck, 83, Clinton, Sunday.
BOCK: Faye V. Bock, 99, LeRoy, today.
DILLMAN: Bonnie June Dillman, 73, Urbana, Saturday.
DOTY: Earl Doty, 60, Eddyville, Ky., formerly Tuscola, Saturday.
DUKER: Guy M. Duker, 81, Champaign, Sunday.
DUNCAN: Gregory C. Duncan, 45, Danville, Saturday.
ELLIS: George Ellis, 83, Danville, Sunday.
FORESTNER: Frances Forestner, 89, Champaign, Sunday.
GAMMONS: Mattie Gammons, 90, Champaign, Sunday.
GLOUSER: Morris Glouser, 76, Danville, Saturday.
HAFLEY: Flora Hafley, 92, Bloomington, formerly LeRoy, Saturday.
HAMILTON: James G. Hamilton, 23, Mahomet, Sunday.
HAMILTON: Inis Hamilton, 79, Farmer City, Sunday.
JONES: Jarett Daniel Jones, infant, Wednesday.
LANE: Eldon W. "Lefty" Lane, 68, Danville, Friday.
LITAK: Edward Litak, 80, Los Altos, Calif., formerly Danville, Friday.
LOVETT: George Otis Lovett Jr., 77, Urbana, Sunday.
MALONEY: Edward "Bud" Maloney, 75, Heyworth, Sunday.
POINDEXTER: Carl "Curly" Poindexter, 85, Urbana, Sunday.
RINEY: Barbara A. Riney, 71, Liberal, Kan., Saturday.
SPODEN: Mary Ann Spoden, 79, Danville, Saturday.
STRICKLER: Ruth E. Strickler, 99, Sheldon, Friday.

Reported on January 27, 1998

BEEBE: Susan Beebe, 52, Champaign, Monday.
BRETZ: Ruby I. Bretz, 75, Villa Grove, Monday.
GERNON: Miriam Cavanaugh Gernon, 91, Urbana, formerly Champaign, Monday.
HAMMAN: Lola A. Hamman, 76, Decatur, formerly Bement, Monday.
HOLT: Joe W. Holt, 76, Clinton, today.
KEITH: Mary E. Keith, 79, Hoopeston, Monday.
MASSIE: Nancy Jane Massie, 82, Tuscola, Monday.
REED: Charles "Jimmie" Reed, 58, St. Joseph, Monday.
RODGERS: Virginia Rodgers, 86, Urbana, Sunday.
SHEPHERD: James T. Shepherd, 44, Urbana, Monday.
SMITH: Alvin A. "Al" Smith, 83, Weslaco, Texas, formerly Bartonville, Saturday.
WESCH: Martha R. Wesch, 76, Charleston, Sunday.
WILSON: Harold Wilson, 78, Champaign, Monday.
WOODARD: Lena R. Woodard, 95, Georgetown, Monday.

Reported on January 28, 1998

ALBERY: Alta Mae Albery, 83, Danville, Monday.
FRAHM: Owen M. "Hunky" Frahm, 82, Oakland, Monday.
GRIFFIN: Otha Griffin, 74, Champaign, Tuesday.
KINNEY: Marie M. Kinney, 84, Mesa, Ariz., formerly Danville, Jan. 12, 1998.
KLAMAN: Anna Klaman, 96, Danville, Tuesday.
MILLER: Audrey Faye Miller, 68, Olney, Monday.

Reported on January 29, 1998

BARR: Mary Lillian Barr, 81, Oakwood, Tuesday.
BRYANT: Floyd Alvin Bryant, 62, Benton, Mo., formerly Champaign, Tuesday.
BYRD: M. Wesley Byrd, 62, Farmer City, Wednesday.
CLUVER: Norbert Cluver, 71, Cissna Park, Wednesday.
DAVIS: Sheila A. Davis, 33, Champaign, Wednesday.
DETTMAN: Eloise Ellen Dettman, 89, Lees Summit, Mo., formerly Danville, Tuesday.
HOLT: Joe W. Holt, 76, Clinton, Tuesday.
INGRAM: Richard W. Ingram, 68, Chrisman, Wednesday.
JAMES: Fonetella Maurine James, 94, Peoria Heights, formerly Danville, today.
McDANNELL: Edward Earl McDannell, 88, Savoy, Wednesday.
PEEVLER: Bernice Peevler, 92, Bismarck, Tuesday.
ROGERS: Wayne Rogers, 78, Tulsa, Okla., formerly Clinton, Monday.
SCHAFER: Ronald F. Schafer, 51, Brussels, Belgium, formerly Paxton, Wednesday.
SCHLINKER: Lera Schlinker, 82, Hoopeston, Wednesday.
SHEPHERD: James Thomas Shepherd, 44, Urbana, Monday.
VRIEND: Luetta B. Vriend, 69, Palm Desert, Calif., formerly Seymour, Tuesday.
WERLING: Viola C. Werling, 90, Mattoon, Tuesday.
WILSON: Edwin E. "Chub" Wilson, 84, La Jolla, Calif., formerly Piper City, Saturday.

Reported on January 30, 1998

BROWN: Blanche M. Brown, 90, Clinton, Thursday. 
DAVIS: Hortense E. Davis, 86, Newman, Thursday. 
HARVEY: Noel E. Harvey, 63, Amo, Ind., Wednesday. 
HURSEY: Towona Hursey, 49, Los Angeles, formerly Danville, Jan. 22. 
JONES: Emma Mae Jones, 74, Georgetown, Wednesday. 
KURTZ: Margaret Pearl Kurtz, 78, Danville, Thursday. 
LAMB: Marceline M. Lamb, 96, Bement, today. 
MCCARTHY: Pauline McCarthy, 83, LeRoy, Thursday. 
MORRIS: Mary Louise Morris, 65, Gibson City, Thursday. 
O'CONNOR: John O'Connor, 90, Champaign, today. 
OWENS: Ruth A. Owens, 75, Clinton, Thursday. 
OYER: Ida Jane Oyer, 83, Fisher, Thursday. 
SCHULTZ: Sarah C. Schultz, 84, Monticello, Thursday. 
WESTON: Kenneth Earl Weston, 71, Georgetown, Wednesday. 
WIEGEL: Floyd Wiegel, 74, Arcola, Thursday. 
WILLSKEY: Dorothy G. Willskey, 83, Champaign, Thursday. 

Reported on January 31, 1998

BAXTER: Novie L. Baxter, 91, Paducah, Ky., formerly St. Joseph, Thursday.
DAVIS: Hortense E. Davis, 86, Newman, Thursday.
DUNCAN: Ethel May Duncan, 79, Charleston, formerly of Westfield, Friday.
GOULD: Orrin Gould, 72, Bellingham, Wash., Jan. 19.
HART: Jennie I. Hart, 89, Fithian, Thursday.
MYERS: Francis William "Lefty" Myers, 84, Danville, Friday.
O'CONNOR: John D. O'Connor, 90, Champaign, Friday.
RAY: Pearl Louise Ray, 84, Roswell, N.M., formerly Rossville, Jan. 24.
SIMPSON: Samuel H. "Bert" Simpson, 85, Hoopeston, Friday.
UNAKIS: Michael Albert Unakis, 53, Westville, Wednesday.
WEGHORST: Lela I. Weghorst, 89, Pekin, Jan. 24.
WILLSKEY: Dorothy G. Willskey, 83, Champaign, Thursday.

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