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Miscellaneous Champaign County, IL Deaths

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Reported on February 1, 1998

BEST: Margaret Best, 84, Catlin, Saturday.
BIGGS: William "Bill" Henry Biggs, 84, Arcola, Saturday.
BROWN: Blanche Brown, 90, Clinton, Thursday.
BUSH: Dr. Aulden Bush, 81, Roscoe, Saturday.
CHAPIN: Lula May Chapin, 95, Danville, Saturday.
EMMERSON: Jesse H. Emmerson, 85, Farmer City, Friday.
HOFFMAN: Troy Eugene Hoffman, 24, Urbana, Saturday.
KANE: Irene Kane, 94, Urbana, Friday.
McDONNELL: Gloria Zemer McDonnell, 84, Danville, Saturday.
MONTAGUE: Robert Milford Montague, 69, Arcola, Saturday.
RICHMIRE: Mary E. Richmire, 73, Champaign, Saturday.
SEARS: Paul O. Sears, 87, Coal City, Saturday.

Reported on February 2, 1998

BERRY: John William Berry, 67, rural Oakland, Saturday.
BLACK: Olive Joan Black, 72, La Hogue, Saturday.
BUSH: Dr. Aulden Knowlton Bush, 81, Rossville, Saturday.
CLARK: Norma Jean Clark, 87, Urbana, Sunday.
CLARKSON: Elmer Clarkson, 92, Champaign, Sunday.
CUSKADEN: Wanda Leona Cuskaden, 92, Champaign, formerly Arcola, Sunday.
DAVIS: Dr. John W. Davis, 81, Blacksburg, Va., formerly Marion, Sunday.
HAMMEL: Mary Rozella Hammel, 91, Champaign, Sunday.
KREUSER: Mary Ann Farley Kreuser, 69, Clinton, Sunday.
LINDSEY: Eleonore Lindsey, 88, Gifford, formerly Rantoul, Sunday.
NORTON: Ellen J. Norton, 87, Champaign, Sunday.
OLSON: Gilbert R. Olson, 90, Augusta, Ga., formerly Champaign, Sunday.
ORRILL: Patricia Ann Orrill, 70, Champaign, Sunday.
RADER: Betty Jean Rader, 59, Reelsville, Ind., Saturday.
RASCHER: Velma L. Rascher, 84, Danville, Saturday.
RICE: Russell Dean Rice, 60, Clinton, Sunday.
RICKETTS: Harold Ricketts, 71, Covington, Ind., Sunday.
RODGERS: Virginia Rodgers, 86, Urbana, Jan. 25.
ROGERS: Wayne R. Rogers, 78, Tulsa, Okla., formerly Clinton, Jan. 26.
SCHULTZ: Pauline C. Schultz, 96, Urbana, formerly Champaign, Sunday.
SLAYBACK: Violet Moraine Slayback, 78, Heyworth, Sunday.

Reported on February 3, 1998

BELLENGER: Harold E. Bellenger, 87, Urbana, Sunday.
BLESSMAN: Frances Blessman, 94, Champaign, today.
BUTLER: Lyle Dean Butler, 48, Argenta, Monday.
COFFMAN: Carrie Coffman, 98, St. Petersburg, Fla., formerly Champaign, Sunday.
CORBIN: Emma Amanda Corbin, 88, Danville, today.
DAVISSON: Leona C. Davisson, 86, Urbana, today.
FOX: Max W. "Foxie" Fox, 78, Champaign, Monday.
HALL: Dorothy Hall, 86, Urbana, Monday.
HENDERSON: Grace Henderson, 82, Yreka, Calif., formerly Clinton, today.
HOLDRIETH: Marie B. Holdrieth, 90, Danville, Saturday.
TASH: John J. Tash, 65, Urbana, Monday.
WILSON: Joseph Wilson Sr., 68, New York City, Jan. 19, 1998.

Reported on May 28, 1998

CARROLL: Dr. Robert H. Carroll, 58, Charleston, Tuesday.
CLIFTON: William D. Clifton, 67, rural Rankin, Wednesday.
FERGUSON: James Lee 'Sarge' Ferguson, 50, Covington, Ind., formerly Hoopeston, Tuesday.
GRIDER: Jack Eldo Grider, 69, Decatur, Wednesday.
HARRIS: Gerald Harris, 94, Champaign, Wednesday.
LANCASTER: Wilma Lancaster, 84, Savoy, today.
LORENZEN: John T. 'Sonny' Lorenzen, 69, Chrisman, Wednesday.
MANN: Modeen Mann, 75, Rantoul, today.
SELLERS: David Lyle Sellers, 78, Urbana, Wednesday.
SPENGEMAN: Wilma Spengeman, 83, Champaign, formerly Mahomet, Wednesday.
THOMLINSON: Dean Thomlinson, 72, Brocton, Wednesday.
WEAVER: Ruth B. Weaver, 86, Effingham, formerly Champaign, Tuesday.
ZEMAN: Antonia Zeman, 93, Rantoul, Tuesday.

Reported on Jan. 9, 1999

BAYES: Billy L. Bayes, 72, Redmon, Thursday.
COX: Howard F. Cox, 75, Hoopeston, Friday.
DINKINS: Betty R. Dinkins, 76, Danville, Friday.
FLORA: George W. 'Thor' Flora, 45, Westville, Friday.
GILLASPIE: Faye A. Gillaspie, 81, Urbana, Friday.
GRIFFIN: Leta F. Griffin, 87, Clinton, Friday.
HERRENKNECHT: Virginia M. 'Curly' Herrenknecht, 81, Sidney, Friday.
LIVINGSTON: Don H. Livingston, 57, Champaign, Friday.
NIGRA: Paul Nigra, 89, Georgetown, Wednesday.
RAINEY: James A. Rainey, 68, Bedford, Ind., Thursday.
STANGELAND: Arthur Stangeland, 94, Sullivan, Thursday.
TRENKLE: James Charles Trenkle, 78, LeRoy, Friday.
WILLIAMS: O. Ruth Williams, 87, Tilton, Friday.
WISE: Louie D. Wise, 59, Oakwood, Friday.

Reported on Jan. 10, 1999

BOLTON: Lottie Bolton, 79, Toulon, formerly Argenta, Saturday.
CLAYPOOL: Paul Claypool, 87, Danville, Saturday.
CLUVER: Isabelle Cluver, 86, Cissna Park, Saturday.
DAVIS: Wendell Davis, 69, Danville, formerly Hoopeston, Thursday.
FILLENWARTH: Stella Fillenwarth, 92, Mansfield, Saturday.
STOCKER: Earl Stocker, 88, LeRoy, Saturday.
WEEKS: John David Weeks, 57, Champaign, Friday.
WEIDIG: Diane Weidig, 52, Bowling Green, Ky., formerly Westville and Danville, Saturday.
WILES: Robert Wiles, 82, Danville, Saturday.

Reported on Jan. 11, 1999

COOK: Charles R. Cook, 79, Danville, Saturday.
HIXON: Harold O. Hixon, 86, Chrisman, Monday.
HUFFORD: Fleeta P. Hufford, 96, Decatur, formerly Cerro Gordo, Saturday.
KILLION: Wilma J. Killion, 70, Georgetown, Saturday.
KIRBY: William H. Kirby, 57, London, formerly LeRoy and California, Jan. 2.
LEWIS: Jennie Lewis, 100, Urbana, Sunday.
MAXEY: Charles Maxey, 74, Catlin, Saturday.
OYER: Elmer Joseph "Dutch" Oyer, 84, Fisher, Sunday.
PUZEY: Lorena A. Puzey, 75, Fairmount, Sunday.
RUDD: Lydia Rudd, 82, Olivet, Saturday.
SMALLEY: Robert Harold Smalley, 76, Danville, Saturday.
SUTTON: Joe Campbell Sutton, 84, Urbana, Sunday.
WATKINS: Jesse F. Watkins, 97, Arthur, Saturday.
WEED: Mary E. Weed, 77, Urbana, Sunday.

Reported on Jan. 12, 1999

BELANSKY: Joanne M. Belansky, 39, Danville, today.
CARLSON: Florence Carlson, 95, Paxton, Monday.
CASEY: Helen Casey, 80, Savoy, today.
DINKINS: Betty Ruth Dinkins, 76, Danville, Friday.
FAVA: John Fava, Westville, Monday.
LePAGE: Joanne Saikley LePage, 52, Houston, formerly Danville, Thursday.
NEELY: Ruth M. Neely, 101, Savoy, Thursday.
SIMPSON: Lloyd D. Simpson Sr., 71, Hoopeston, Monday.
TECHTOW: Wilbur Paul "Curly" Techtow, 86, Danville, Monday.
TESTER: Neva Jean Tester, 61, Urbana, formerly Homer, Sunday.
WALDROP: Linda Kay Waldrop, 45, Longview, Monday.
WALLACE: Clyde Wallace, 46, Champaign, Monday.
WILLIAMS: Nona Marie Williams, 88, Peoria, formerly LeRoy, Monday.

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