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Miscellaneous Champaign County, IL Deaths

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Reported on Saturday, June 21, 1997

AGEE: Josephine Agee, 86, Hoopeston, Thursday.
ANDERSON: James H. Anderson, 78, Danville, Friday.
ATKINS: Jane Ingham Atkins, 84, Phoenix, Ariz., formerly Clinton, Monday.
COLE: Donald Merle Cole, 58, Columbia City, Ind., Thursday.
ETCHASON: Beulah Etchason, 72, Urbana, Thursday.
FOSTER: George Henry Foster, 61, Clinton, Friday.
GASTINEAU: Marjorie A. Gastineau, 72, Sun City, Fla., formerly Danville, Friday.
JACKSON: Penola Jackson, 69, Champaign, Wednesday.
MILLER: Daniel Miller, 87, rural Arcola, Friday.
MOSELEY: Sue A. Moseley, 49, Atwood, Thursday.
SINER: Wayne Loyd "Snorky" Siner, 84, Danville, Friday.
SUTTON: Frances Millie Natho Sutton, 90, Danville, Friday.
WITHROW: Nancy Ellen Withrow, 52, Overland Park, Kan., Tuesday.

Reported on Monday, June 23, 1997

ASHWILL: Lloyd W. Ashwill, 70, rural Tuscola, Sunday.
BURGESS: James R. Burgess, 81, Champaign, Sunday.
CARSON: Luella Mae Carson, 73, Eau Claire, Wis., formerly Gibson City, Saturday.
COON: Evelyn M. Coon, 59, Danville, Friday.
DUNN: Eleanor R. Dunn, 94, Rantoul, formerly Champaign, Saturday.
GASTINEAU: Marjorie Gastineau, 72, Sun City, Fla., formerly Danville, Friday.
KRALL: Constance 'Connie' Krall, 74, Cerro Gordo, Friday.
LONG: Mabel R. Long, 96, Danville, Saturday.
NETTLETON: James Benny Nettleton, 47, Foosland, Saturday.
ROBERTS: Eleanor Roberts, 102, Fairbury, Saturday.
SCHROCK: Gertie A. Schrock, 60, Arthur, Sunday.
STANIS: Ned Stanis, 93, Westville, Sunday.
WELLER: Leona M. Weller, 95, Bismarck, Sunday.

Reported on Wednesday, June 25, 1997

BARDOLPH: Martha Lou Bothwell Bardolph, 81, Alton, formerly Urbana, May 8, 1997.
BERG: Caroline Louise Berg, 84, Danville, Tuesday.
COSPER: Rhodeva Wilhelmina Cosper, 80, Urbana, Monday.
DANISON: Ruth Danison, Weldon, today.
FANCHER: Emma L. Fancher, 71, Champaign, Tuesday.
GOOD: Garnet J. Good, 90, Danville, Monday.
GREGORY: Lillian Gregory, 82, Champaign, Tuesday.
MOORHOUS: Julia Moorhous, 91, St. Joseph, Tuesday.
OCHS: Joseph Anthony 'Joe' Ochs, 85, Charles City, Iowa, June 18, 1997.
PEABODY: Harold W. Peabody, 73, Champaign, Tuesday.
YOHO: Leo Lewis Yoho, 70, Danville, Monday.

Reported on Thursday, June 26, 1997

FECHER: Robert Fecher, 63, Pana, formerly Bement, Wednesday.
FOLLIS: Edward Allen Follis, 58, Farmer City, Wednesday.
GORMAN: Helen Gorman, 88, Plantation, Fla., Wednesday.
HUNT: Maxwell L. Hunt, 77, St. Joseph, Wednesday.
JONES: Merle R. Jones, 87, Farmer City, today.
KNAPP: Elizabeth S. Knapp, 93, Eureka, Wednesday.
KRUMM: Edna S. Krumm, 76, Sidney, today.
MALSBURY: Corrine "Kaye" Franzen Malsbury, 53, Lawrenceville, Ga., formerly Rantoul, Tuesday.
McNUSSEN: Harold Dale McNussen, 69, Philo, Wednesday.
MILLER: Evelyn Lucille Miller, 85, Clinton, Wednesday.
MORROW: Ruth Morrow, 92, Champaign, Wednesday.
PARK: Mabel M. Park, 92, Danville, Tuesday.
ROBBINS: Phillip D. Robbins, 64, Saybrook, Wednesday.
SCOTT: Kenneth H. Scott, 68, Champaign, Wednesday.
LEROY: Olie Sergent, 88, LeRoy, Wednesday.
SHOEMAKER: Corrine Shoemaker, 65, Roberts, Wednesday.
TERRELL: Dr. Woodrow L. Terrell, 84, New Braunfels, Texas, formerly Maroa, today.
THOMPSON: Jackie D. Thompson Jr., 31, Mahomet, Wednesday.
WOODRUM: Viola V. Woodrum, 71, Wapella, today.

Reported on Friday, June 27, 1997

CLEMENS: Marianne Clemens, 68, Rantoul and Boynton Beach, Fla., June 10, 1997.
COOK: Gene M. Cook, 63, Bondville, Thursday.
DeFORE: Olive DeFore, 95, Urbana, Thursday.
INGLES: James Edward Ingles, 67, Champaign, Thursday.
McKEEHAN: Charles Vernon McKeehan, 71, Cincinnati, Ohio, formerly Urbana, Tuesday.
SERGENT: Olie Edward Sergent, 88, LeRoy, Wednesday.
WOODRUM: Vola V. Woodrum, 71, Wapella, Thursday.

Reported on Saturday, June 28, 1997

DeFORE: Olive DeFore, 95, Urbana, Thursday.
FURTNEY: Mary Ellen Furtney, 101, Farmer City, Friday.
GOULDING: Carl Goulding Jr., 64, Oakwood, Thursday.
GRAHAM: Esther Berniece Graham, 75, Ridge Farm, Friday.
GREEN: Lydia Elizabeth Green, 70, Ridge Farm, Thursday.
INGLES: James Edward Ingles, 67, Champaign, Thursday.
STRAKO: Steve James Strako, 75, Westville, Friday.
TERRELL: Dr. Woodrow L. Terrell, 84, McQueeney, Texas, formerly Maroa, Thursday.
WILSON: Harold Eugene Wilson, 72, Paul, Thursday.

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