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Miscellaneous Champaign County, IL Deaths

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Reported on December 18, 1998

BROOKS: Angalene Brooks, 83, Hume, Thursday.
CAGLE: Betty E. Cagle, 74, Champaign, Wednesday.
DUMIRE: Robert K. Dumire, 34, Clinton, Thursday.
FLEMING: Joyce E. Fleming, 77, Humboldt, Thursday.
GROVE: Mardell Grove, 90, Monticello, today.
KEAL: Robert 'Bob' Keal, 71, Armstrong, Thursday.
MYERS: Jan H. Myers, Danville, Thursday.

Reported on December 24, 1998

BLISS: Ruth I. Bliss, 88, Oblong, Wednesday, Robinson.
COBB: Veta May Cobb, 89, Winchester, Va., formerly Clinton, Wednesday.
NORFLEET: Austin B. Norfleet, 89, Cisco, Wednesday.
REYGAERT: Barbara Reygaert, 56, Osceola, Ind., Wednesday.
WHITE: Jane White, 69, Flora, Monday.
WHITE: Ada Mary Monical White, 88, Champaign, Wednesday.
WILSON: Paul Wilson, Newport Beach, Calif., formerly Champaign, Sunday.

Reported on December 28, 1998

ANDERSON: Donald W. Anderson, 58, Argenta, Saturday.
BECKER: Leonard O. Becker, 94, Sibley, Sunday.
BOND: Helen L. Bond, 75, Gibson City, Saturday.
DOYLE: John C. Doyle, 82, Clinton, Sunday.
EISENMANN: Raymond H. Eisenmann, 83, Cissna Park, Sunday.
GOECKNER-MANZANO: Brenda Ann Goeckner-Manzano, 39, Urbana, formerly Teutopolis, Sunday.
GOLDSBY: Helen Goldsby, 86, Savoy, formerly Champaign, today.
HART: Helma Hart, 90, Longview, Friday.
HINNERS: Helen Dorothea Hinners, 84, Philo, Saturday.
JORDAN: Hugh E. Jordan, 81, Covington, Ind., Saturday.
McBROOM: Shirley McBroom, 87, Danville, today.
McPEAK: Dorothy McPeak, 87, Danville, Saturday.
MILLS: Mabel Mills, 98, Cisco, Sunday.
REIFSTECK: Virgie Ellen Reifsteck, 90, Champaign, formerly Sidney, Saturday.
SCHULTZ: Henry Walter Schultz, 81, Champaign, Sunday.
SOELDNER: Emma F. Soeldner, 79, Farmer City, Sunday.
WISDOM: Wilma L. Wisdom, 76, Lincoln, Friday.
WOODARD: Charles J. Woodard, 89, Kenney, Sunday.

Reported on December 29, 1998

CARSWELL: Ruth J. Carswell, 76, Tuscola, formerly Urbana, Monday.
COX: Robert L. Cox, 74, Urbana, today.
GAFFNEY: Earl R. Gaffney, 92, Hoopeston, Sunday.
GOSS: John Sherman Goss, 79, Rossville, Monday.
HACKER: Jerry Hacker, 54, Danville, Sunday.
McNUSSEN: Hettie Jane McNussen, 71, Wayne City, Dec. 19.
OSTREGA: Helen Ostrega, 76, Urbana, Monday.
ROEDELL: Donna Roedell, 81, Gibson City, formerly Champaign, Monday.
SAGER: Warren Sager, 83, Danville, Monday.
SARAPUKA: Peter Sarapuka, 81, Champaign, Monday.
SCOUFFAS: Timothy L. Scouffas, 43, Urbana, Monday.

Reported on December 30, 1998

ANDERSON: Earl Wayne Anderson, 78, Urbana, Tuesday.
BEARD: Margaret M. Beard, 81, Mansfield, Wednesday.
DeATLEY: Garry DeAtley, 55, Loda, today.
DEMLOW: Edward John Demlow, 77, Dowagiac, Mich., Tuesday.
HACKER: Jerry "Hoppy" Hacker, 54, Danville, Sunday.
KNOLL: Donald Wayne Knoll, 62, Las Vegas, formerly Hoopeston, Monday.
McDONNELL: Josephine Quinlan McDonnell, 104, Savoy, Tuesday.
PARMENTIER: Maxine E. Parmentier, 79, Westville, Tuesday.
PEDIGO: Nellie D. Pedigo, 78, Urbana, Tuesday.
SCHABLE: M. Elizabeth Schable, 84, Atwood, Monday.
SMITH: Louie S. "Sonny" Smith, 65, St. Anne, Monday.
STEPHENSON: Mary Kay Stephenson, 43, Camargo, Tuesday.
TOLBERT: Dale K. Tolbert, 85, Danville, Tuesday.

Reported on December 31, 1998

DENNY: Katherine Denny, 87, rural Mahomet, today.
DRELL: Morris Drell, 74, Arcola, Sunday.
EATON: Helen Pauline Eaton, 81, Henderson, Texas, formerly Maroa, Wednesday.
FORSHEE: Francis C. "Frank" Forshee, 82, Paxton, Wednesday.
LAWSON: Ethel H. Lawson, 89, Paxton, today.
MATTINGLY: Blanche Mattingly, 99, Arcola, Wednesday.
McMAHON: Mary McMahon, 74, Danville, Wednesday.
NORMAN: Ann Norman, 82, Urbana, Friday.
PEACOCK: Vera L. Peacock, 70, Champaign, today.
POYNTER: Clara I. Poynter, 97, Bismarck, Tuesday.
REEVES: Louise Reeves, 94, formerly Potomac, Tuesday.
SEYMOUR: Evelyn F. Seymour, 80, Onarga, Tuesday.
SIMS: Etta Arlene Sims, 86, Lodge, today.
SPRAU: Carol Sprau, 67, Decatur, formerly Farmer City and Bellflower, Wednesday.
TRINKLE: Harley W. Trinkle, 90, Paxton, formerly Rantoul and Gibson City, Wednesday.
WEBER: Carl W. Weber, 90, Hoopeston, Wednesday.
WOOLARD: Peggy Woolard, 57, Arcola, Wednesday.

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