Compiled by Gail Simpson
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SURNAME         FIRST/MIDDLE     FROM              BIRTH INFORMATION             DEATH      SPOUSE                             PARENTS INFORMATION
=======         ============     ====              =================             =====      ======                             ===================
ABBOTT          Lillian A.       Leland IL         11/7/1902 Omaha NE            7/20/1999  Lysle                              Augustus and Alma (Lillian ) Anderson
ABBOTT          PhilliLysle      Montgomery IL     3/15/1936 Sandwich IL         5/22/1999  Judith Tellefson                   Lysle and d Lilllian d  (Anderson) Abbott
AGEMA           Bryan Scott      Oswego IL         about 1981                    June 1999                                     James A. and Sandra J. (Herrsema) Agema
ALLEN           Evelyn (Hanks)   Punta Gorda FL                                  8/8/1999   Theron Allen
ANDERSON        Beryl A.         Lake Geneva WI    8/2/1914                      5/14/1999  Elmer                              John and Bess (Stewart) Ball
ANDERSON        Doris Mae        Malta IL          3/12/1924 Earlville IL        5/14/1999  Andrew                             Herbert and Gladys (Mirely) Buckardt
ANDERSON        Frances R.       Aurora IL         11/15/1908 Paterson NJ        6/23/1999  Charles Anderson                   Charles and Wilhelmina Rinne
ANDERSON        Patricia A.      Vandalia OH       abt 1927                      8/20/1999  Arthur Anderson
ANDERSON        Yvonne M.        West Chicago IL   5/15/1936 Clare MI            8/7/1999   Arthur Anderson                    Harold and Sadie Penrose Clute
ANDRAS          Betty I.         Aurora IL         9/1/1924 Reading PA           5/21/1999  Stephen J. Andras                  Charles N. and Anna Jones
ARBEITER        Lois B.          Aurora IL         12/22/1912 Mokena IL          7/31/1999  George C. Arbeiter                 John and Delia (Weitendorf) Baumgartner
ARCUS           Robert G. Sr.    Geneva IL         10/13/1914 Chicago IL         4/26/1999
ARELLANO        Maria Anna (Reina)                 10/15/1929 Brundage TX        6/1/1999   Esteban R. Arellano                Antonio and Simona (Martinez) Rodriguez
ARMBRUST        Raymond J.       Vulcan MI         3/2/1919 Geneva IL            7/12/1999  Martha Stevens                     Mathias and Susan  (Hoffman ) Armbrust
ARMINTROUT      Shirley L.       St Charles IL     10/22/1930 Elgin IL           4/25/1999  Dwight Armintrout                  Herman  O. and Mary L. (Garvin) Johnson
ARTERBURN       Norma Lee (Nelso Monroeville PA    3/3/1921 Bristol IL           5/3/1999   James Arterburn                    Theodore N. and Mary (Windett) Nelson
ASSELBORN       Mary Ellen       Aurora IL         2/8/1932 Aurora IL            6/11/1999  Robert J.                          Ellis Frank and Nola Mae Burgner
ASSELL          Virginia H.      Aurora IL         11/15/1925 Aurora IL          7/9/1999   BernarJ. Assell                    Fred A. and Mildred (Eipers) Gengler
ATHERTON        MildreI.         Plano IL          3/1/1914 Elgin IL             8/18/1999  Paul J. Atherton                   Albert S. and Margaret (Perkins) Marshall
BABBITT         Nicholas         Yorkville IL      8/30/1910 Aurora IL           6/12/1999  Margaret                           Harry and Susan  (Schmidt) Babbitt
BABCOCK         Dorothy J.       Aurora IL         12/14/1913 Aurora IL          5/10/1999  Berwyn Babcock                     Matthew and Alberta (Nation) Loomis
BAHL            EdmunH.          Hinckley IL       10/23/1906 Hayes KS           8/21/1999  Velma French                       Adam and Dora (Bissing) Kahl
BAILEY          Deborah          Sandwich IL       5/11/1955 Chicago IL          7/4/1999   Robert L. Bailey                   James R. and Louise (Pauer) Dieden
BALDER          Marvin R.        Sublette IL       7/18/1930 Lansing IL          8/16/1999  Delores McCroskey                  Albert and Delia (Bonnell) Balder
BANK            Betty J.                           4/20/1943 Aurora IL           6/29/1999  Robert Bank                        Raymond Reed Marian Reed Ellis
BARCLAY         Pearl Roselle    Aurora IL         9/19/1910 Kimball SD          7/1/1999   Robert Barclay                     Elmer and Anna (Lofgren) Peterson
BARNES          Donald Allen (Ba Montgomery IL     11/12/1944 Grove City PA      7/20/1999  Anne Berenyi                       Harold James Barnes and Lola (Henderson) and Arthur Weiler
BARON           Daniel E.        Montgomery IL     2/26/1948 Cook Co. IL         7/11/1999
BATES           Donna Kirshtner  Beaver Dam KY     abt 1951 Aurora IL            5/2/1999   Curtis Bates                       Walter and Eleanor Kirshtner
BEATUS          Larry D.         Wildomar CA       about 1948                    5/20/1999  Lee Ann (Hix)                      Ralph and Mary Beatus
BECKER          Paul E.          Plainfield IL     7/18/1916 near Fancy Prairie  4/25/1999  Georgia Parnell Becker             Abram E. and Hazel King Becker
BEE             Daniel James     Montgomery IL     4/26/1999 Aurora IL           7/20/1999                                     Jeremy J. and Karen J. (Nanninga) Bee
BEHL            Grace M. (Huss)  Costa Mesa CA     3/28/1917 Union IL            5/12/1999  1) John Huss  2) Lee Behl          Amanda (Kiodz) and Walter Probst
BEHR            David            Aurora IL         7/12/1944 Meilwaukee WI       5/29/1999
BEHRENS         John Frederick   Beloit WI         about 1919 Kendall Co IL      8/12/1999  Berniece Devick                    Herman  and Helen (Rabe) Behrens
BELKE           Steven K.        Elburn IL         5/18/1962 Elmhurst IL         8/14/1999  Georgiana McKamey                  Ronald Helen (Carlson) Belke
BENEFIEL        Nellie M.        Plano IL          2/14/1922 Caruthersville MO   8/17/1999  Virgil                             Willie and Lula Taylor
BENEWICH        Geneieve F.      Aurora IL         10/12/1918 Mattoon IL         7/17/1999  William B. Benewich                Herman  and Elizabeth Miller
BENNETT         Brett            Mendota IL        5/27/1983 Mendota IL          8/20/1999                                     Tom and Charlene (Doan ) Bennett
BERGER          Donald Milton    Somonauk IL       2/6/1924 Naperville IL        5/29/1999  Ruth (Osterland) Berger            D. Moody and Marian  (Rickert) Berger
BERGER          Gloria           Aurora IL         5/20/1923 Aurora IL           8/22/1999  Bill                               George and Kathryn White
BERRY           Rex Carlton      Aurora IL         7/15/1915 Binghamton NY       7/23/1999                                     Zen and Hazel (McCabe) Berry
BICKFORD        Oma Faylene      Villa Park IL     abt 1918                      8/8/1999   John F.
BIGHAM          Evelyn R.        Sandwich IL       10/4/1916 Red Cloud NE        7/27/1999  Marrion N. Bigham                  Ernest and Alice Cusic
BLAINE          Karen L.         Amboy IL          12/29/1938 Aurora IL          5/26/1999  Stephen Blaine                     Ry and Violet (Tabor) Caponash
BLEVINS         Margaret E. (Hae Mendota IL        11/2/1914 Chicago IL          d. 5/24/19 Gilbert N. Blevins                 John and Margaret Haen
BOOTH           Frieda A.        Sylvester GA      12/4/1906 Princeton IL        7/28/1999  James Booth                        Ronald and Katie (Spake) Gilchrist
BORUCKI         Elizabeth        Aurora IL         10/8/1918 Aurora IL           6/7/1999   Sylvester                          Peter and Susan  (Gasper) Kleren
BOSTON          Gloria "Sis"     Aurora IL         2/7/1921 DuQuoin IL           7/22/1999  Jelene Paul Boston                 Horace and Ethel Woods
BOWEN           Sandy L.         Montgomery IL     4/2/1950 Aurora IL            8/22/1999                                     Walter and Doris Klepper
BOWGREN         Grace J.         LaFox IL          5/10/1909 Blackberry Township 5/10/1999  Verner Bowgren                     Clifford and Helena (Berg) Patterson
BOWMAN          Robert Clyde     Hendersonville NC about 1937                    6/25/1999  Laura Halfvarson Bowman            Rev. Clyde Isaac and Blanche Johnson Bowman
BOYLE           Gerald J.        Oswego IL         1/14/1946 Lafayette IN        8/20/1999  Gayle                              Thomas and Margaret (Zwald) Boyle
BRADY           Kenneth Joseph   Bristol IL        9/5/1913 Hartford CT          5/24/1999  Mary Woo
BRENNAN         John "Jack"      St. Charles IL    12/31/1922 St. Charles IL     5/9/1999   Patricia                           James F. and Marie (Kohler) Brennan
BREYNE          LeonarR.         Rutland IL        4/16/1927 Aurora IL           6/8/1999   Anita Gualandi                     Jules and Mary Pleshe Breyne
BRIDGES         Ian Matthew      St. Charles IL    7/15/1999 Park Ridge IL       7/16/1999                                     Daniel and Jill (Potrykus) Bridges
BRIMHALL        Chester          Neponset IL       2/4/1941 Wedron IL            4/21/1999  Helen K. Jackson                   Chester L. and Vera (Matson) Brimhall
BRISTOL         Charles K.       Virgil IL         11/11/1917 Muskegon MI        7/5/1999   Dorothy Anne Bertrand              William Wilcox and Mina (Kaminski) Bristol
BRISTOL         Ethel (Lohmann)  Hemet CA          5/31/1909 Aurora IL           5/7/1999   Lorin W. Bristol
BROOKS          Austin           Aurora IL         10/30/1937 Holly Springs MO   7/27/1999                                     Willie and Nellie Brooks
BROWN           Helen (Rudow)    Ogden UT          9/24/1949 Morris IL           5/17/1999  George Brown                       John and Wilma Rudow
BRUMMEL         Mary L.          Wheaton IL        about 1907                    8/2/1999   Joseph William Brummel
BULLARD         Edward E.        Hinckley IL       7/9/1937 Amboy IL             6/21/1999  Mary Schwamberger                  Gale and Margaret (Lupton) Bullar
BURTHOLD        Herbert C.       Wheaton IL        1/5/1905 Aurora IL            6/13/1999  Ruth (Goode) Berthold              Charles Berthol
CALTON          Agnes C.         Oswego IL         2/16/1909 Glendive MT         6/17/1999  J. Robert Calton                   Olaf and Ingeborg Bratager
CAMM            Florence         Aurora IL         10/5/1899 Aurora IL           8/16/1999  Roy Camm                           Charles and Amelia (Dittman ) Rohde
CANTRALL        Raymond L.       Aurora IL         7/11/1915 Springfield IL      7/15/1999  Marian                             Raymond and Maude Cantrall
CAREY           William G.       Aurora IL         12/12/1925 Milwaukee WI       6/8/1999   Mary L.
CARLOCK         H. Dale          St. Charles IL    12/15/1925 Taylor Springs IL  8/13/1999  Ruth                               Louie and Clara Carlock
CARROLL         Keith F.         Bradenton FL      abt 1954 Sandwich IL          8/10/1999  Deborah R.                         mother Wilma
CASTILLO          Roberto Sr.    Aurora IL         10/26/1959 Aurora IL          5/18/1999  Elvira (Cruz) Castill              Amadeo Castillo Sr. and Maria Eva (Guerrero) Castillo
CASTILLO        Vincent Dario    Aurora IL         10/1/1997 Aurora IL           6/4/1999                                      Rachel A. Bullard and Darryl L. Castillo
CASTNER         Catherine        West Plains MO    abt 1913                      7/27/1999
CATHER          Gerald L.        Oswego IL         8/30/1914 LaHarpe IL          6/11/1999  Beatrice W. (Langston) Cather      Henry and Fannie (Link) Cather
CHANDLER        Jeanne S.        Aurora IL         3/21/1935 Gardner MA          6/26/1999                                     Kyne and Virginia (Chandler) Starsja
CHERBO          Melvin June (nee Los Angeles CA                                  8/10/1999
CHIONE          Ann S.           Aurora IL         5/10/1910 Aurora IL           5/27/1999  Joseph                             John and Anna Chayka

CHRISTENSEN     Doris J.         Aurora IL         6/20/1934 Dewey IL            7/22/1999  Robert Sr.                         Orval and Dorothy (Siela) Quinn
CHURNEY         Virginia E.      Sandwich IL       4/30/1913 Streator IL         5/11/1999  George Churney                     Frank and Catherine (Igel) Lurz
CLARK           Betty J.         Aurora IL         7/17/1927 Aurora IL           6/3/1999   William V. Clark                   Daniel F. and Jean Dolan
CLARK           James William    Cedar City UT     5/14/1999 Cedar City UT       5/23/1999                                     David Aaron and Dawn Marie (nee Wills) Clark
CLARK           Shirley E.       Sandwich IL       10/2/1919                     6/3/1999   George Clark                       Joseph and Elsie (Groth) Seanor
CLAYPOOL        Gary N.          Grayslake IL      5/12/1913 Davenport IA        4/30/1999  Doris J. Abens Claypool            A. Newton and Elvira Johnson Claypool
CLEMEN          Adam J. "Ed"     Aurora IL         12/28/1909 Aurora IL          6/23/1999  Clara                              Henry and Katherine (Komes) Clemen
CLUCAS          Margie K.        Aurora IL         12/6/1921 Shelby Co. IL       7/30/1999  William Clucas                     Louis and Ruth (Clarke) Kay
COLLINS         Holly Marie      Mattoon IL        11/6/1979 Mattoon             6/13/1999                                     Brian  Collins and Lisa McBride
COLLINS         Mariah           Aurora IL         2/4/1918 Crystal Springs MS   6/11/1999  Isaiah Collins                     John and Dora Ervin
COLLINS         Pauline          North Aurora IL   4/16/1917 Troy OH             5/29/1999  Jack A. Collins                    Robert and Lucy Burton
CONVILLE        Paula            Orient OH         8/5/1940 Fort Lauderdale FL   4/26/1999  David
COSTELLO        William M. Jr.   Naperville IL     8/30/1932 Aurora IL           5/28/1999  Mary (Nee Spinner) Costello        William and Mary Costello
COUGHLIN        Mary R.          Largo, FL         about 1915 Aurora IL          5/19/1999  John
COVERT          Herbert C. Sr.   Lancaster CA      7/28/1922 Des Moines IA       abt June 1 Elaine Heyl
COWHERD         Obelia           Campbellsville KY 4/6/1915 Green County KY      8/19/1999  Churchill Cowhert                  Jannie Compton and Mamon Shirley
COX              Wm. Verne       LaFox IL          12/8/1911 Pearl IL            5/10/1999  Naomi                              Will and Ina (Foreman) Cox
CRANE           Robert A.        Aurora IL         7/21/1906 Aurora IL           6/5/1999   Julia                              Frank and Ella Crane
CRAWFORD        Jean Lee         Yorkville IL      10/29/1927 Chicago IL         6/25/1999  Arthur Daniel Crawford             James and Edith (Cantamessa) Van Wie
CREAGER         William Douglas  Aurora IL         10/10/1944 Kendall County IL  6/26/1999  Connie McFall                      Charles LaVerne and Anna Marie (Goben) Creager
CROYL           Shirley A.       Pawhuska OK       6/3/1946 Cisne IL             4/28/1999  Thomas Croyl                       Roy Ivan  Jones and Evelyn Margaret White
CSENDES         Bela             Aurora IL        6/14/1918 Nyul Hungary         6/19/1999  Jolan                              Maria and Albert Csendes
CULLINAN        Patricia Ann (Eg Eau Claire WI                                   6/3/1999   John P. Cullinan MD                John and Helen (McCurry) Egan
CULVER          Gordon Stanley   Aurora IL         6/7/1909 Chicago IL           7/13/1999  Helen Frances Fitch                Gordon M. and Louise (Lau) Culver
CUMMINGS        Marian           Yorkville IL      12/16/1912 Peoria IL          6/2/1999
CZOPEK          Christopher      Aurora IL         10/28/1958 Chicago IL         5/19/1999                                     Joseph and Rosemary Czopek
DAHL            Richard Lynn     Millington IL     5/13/1955 Sandwich IL         5/19/1999                                     Gerald Dahl and Evelyn Jensen
DALY            Josephine L.     St. Charles IL    12/11/1905 Chicago IL         6/21/1999  John                               Antonio and Concetta (Pichiotti) Leonardi
DAVIES          Cora Lorene      Doerun GA         12/17/1916 Mineola MO         8/10/1999  Harold Emerson Davies              Oscar Lee Tate and Onie Palmer
DAVIS           Lawrence C. Jr.  Homosassa FL                                    6/18/1999  Mary Davis                         mother Madeline Davis
DAVIS           Willie Lee       Aurora IL         4/2/1940 New Albany MS        5/16/1999                                     Robert Lee and Icelena Davis Sr.
DAY             Dorothy (Ames)   Sandwich IL       1/26/1907 Putman CT           5/5/1999   Clayton Day                        Warren and Bessie (Thurber) Ames
DeBRUYCKER      Joseph B.        St. Charles IL    1/14/1918 St. Charles IL      7/30/1999  Margaret L. Becker                 Remi and Mary (Van DerHagen) DeBruycker
DEDRICK         Lucille V.       Aurora IL         5/16/1914                     7/14/1999  Earl W. Dedrick                    Benjamin and Virginia Miller
DeJONGHE        Alyce R.         Sandwich IL       4/4/1919 Thorp WI             7/5/1999   EdmunF. DeJonghe                   Joseph and Rose (Graikowski) Krzanski
DEMIAN          Marion J.        Montgomery IL     9/8/1932 Chicago IL           4/30/1999  Albert Demian                      Joseph and Marie Shipka
DEMIEN          Forrest C.       Alta Loma CA      abt 1918                      8/8/1999   Virginia Brewbaker
DENNISON        Dorothy L.       Montgomery IL     1/7/1917 Tovey IL             6/17/1999  1) Frank Clauser  2) Jim Dennison  Jake and Octavia Bellante
DESHAZER        Geneva Ann       Freeman MO        10/22/1933 Harrison MO        6/15/1999  Carl Deshazer                      Elmer and Gladys (Palmer) York
DIDIER          Joseph C.        Sugar Grove IL    8/17/1915 Mendota IL          7/1/1999   Irene Spohn                        Emil and Emily (Lachet) Didier
DIEDRICK        Raymond C.       Aurora IL         9/18/1931 Belvidere IL        6/15/1999                                     Clarence F. and Alma (Sandman) Diedrick
DIEHL           William J.       Aurora IL         8/17/1918                    8/17/1999   Evelyn A. Behrens                  Jacob J. and Clara I. (Ernst) Diehl
DILLARD         Priscilla Marie                    4/24/1999 Aurora IL           5/6/1999                                      Mark Marillo and Sue Ann Dillar
DOYENS          Margaret E.      Aurora IL         2/10/1909 Escanaba MI         6/11/1999  Jack                               Magnus and Alma (Sandbolm) Nelson
DREIER          Ruth Meredith    North Aurora IL   4/8/1918 Denver CO            5/26/1999  Douglas E. Dreier                  Rice E. Hall I and Mary (Reed) Hall
DREYMILLER      William V.                         8/8/1918 Rockford IL          7/8/1999   Maxine Anderson                    William and Allie (Vincent) Dreymiller
DUNN            Dow E. "Beno"    Aurora IL         9/15/1942 Pinckneyville IL    6/14/1999  Linda
DURHAM          John G.          Aurora IL         8/12/1896 Burdick KY          8/15/1999  Vera                               Thomas F. and Mary E. Durham
EADE            Ada I.           Chicago IL        12/29/1910 Aurora IL          5/13/1999                                     Septimus and Caroline Eade
EBERLY          Grace Mac "Toots Hinckley IL       8/15/1904 Hinckley IL         6/24/1999                                     Roy and Louise (Leifheit) Eberly
ECKLES          Kline            Oswego IL         12/16/1913 Green City MO      5/12/1999  Billie Mae Eckles                  William F. and Mattie (Pratt) Eckles
EDWARDS         Bradley Keith    Naperville IL     2/6/1965 Harvey IL            7/19/1999  Mary                               Bob and Ruth Edwards
EDWARDS         Marie Ann                          8/17/1918                     6/12/1999  Stanley I. Edwards                 John and Catherine Lambert
EDWARDS         Owen O.          Sandwich IL       abt 1962                      8/14/1999                                     Mae and Louis Monroe Edwards
EHRHART         Harry "Hap"                        1/16/1906 Naperville IL       7/27/1999  Christine Risvold                  William and Elizabeth Krenwinkle Ehrhart
ELLISON         Norman J.        Aurora IL         1/31/1935 Chicago IL          5/21/1999  Patricia Ellison                   Harold and Clara (Davidsen) Ellison
EMERSON         Madeline B.      St. Joseph MO     11/20/1911                    6/8/1999   Earl Emerson
ESPINOZA        Maria R.         Aurora IL         1/22/1908 Mexico              5/28/1999  Cipriano Espinoza
EVANS           Mark Pritchard   Hamilton MT       7/10/1917 Big Rock IL         6/13/1999                                     John F. and R. Edna Pritchard Evans
FABINI          Linda Marie      North Aurora IL   12/27/1981 Melrose Park IL    8/22/1999                                     Steve and Barbara (Christian) Fabini
FANELLI         Geraldine Geneva Aurora IL         12/10/1916 Harriman TN        7/9/1999                                      Harry and Della Duff
FAY             Walter F.        Castaic CA.                                     4/10/1999  Carmela
FEECE           Ruth E.          Elburn IL         2/3/1911 LaPorte IN           7/29/1999  Donald Feece                       Andrew and Elsie (Webster) Hutton
FEIZA           LeonarF.         Virgil Twp IL     5/9/1919                      8/20/1999  Eleanor J. Shidlo                  Anton and Anna (Sapit) Feiza
FEZEKAS         John             Dyer IN           12/15/1911 Aurora IL          7/1/1999   Anne                               John and Mary Fezekas
FIEDEN          Melida Rose Joni Springfield IL    3/8/1982 Springfield IL       6/23/1999                                     Joseph D. Feiden and Carol S. Lasley
FLEMING         Marshall A. "Mar Montgomery IL     b. 9/24/1922 Aurora IL        8/11/1999  Joan S.                            Allen and Vera Fleming
FLETCHER        Delores G.       Aurora IL         1/29/1923 Batavia IL          8/22/1999  Billy Fletcher                     Matthew R. and Alberta E. Loomis
FLETCHER        Patricia E.      Aurora IL         10/24/1948 Aurora IL          8/19/1999  Jay                                Everett and Eileen White
FLETT           Loretta J.       Sycamore IL       6/24/1921 Highland KS         5/26/1999                                     George and Beulah (Dutton) Gilmore
FORTMAN         Margaret "Peggy"                   7/24/1938 St Louis MO         8/17/1999                                     mother Ida B. Hinkle
FOSGETT         Rachael          Oswego IL         1/9/1906 Oswego IL            5/31/1999  Wayne Fosgett                      Allen and Sophia (Parkhurst) Woolley
FOSTER          James            Palm Bay FL       2/21/1927 Chicago IL          6/4/1999   Mickey
FOWLER          Clinton Eugene   Plano IL          4/25/1922 Chancellor SD       6/20/1999  Mavis D. Vietor                    Rupert Earl and Blanche (Levis) Fowler
FREDERICKSON    Elmer H.         North Aurora IL   12/7/1899 Lockport IL         8/22/1999  Dagmar Naomi Johnson               Jules G. and Johanna (Hammerbach) Fredrickson
FRENCH          Evelyn Jean      Sandwich IL       12/18/1925 Little Rock IL     6/19/1999  Clyde French                       Edward James and Bessie K. (Shults) Schumaker
FRENCH          Raymond C.       Sandwich IL       7/5/1922 Bucknell IA          7/2/1999   Lela Livingston                    N. F. and Maude (Christie) French
FREY            Christine B.     Laguna Hills CA   10/19/1914 Aurora IL          7/8/1999   Sylvester                          Lewis and Vera Banks
FREY            Dr. George W.    Yorkville IL      3/17/1913 Penns Creek PA      7/10/1999  Romaine E. Rohrbaugh               Rev. George W. and Mayne E. (Roser) Frey Sr.
FULLER          Ardythe          Aurora IL         1/9/1915 DeKalb IL            5/25/1999  Rodney Fuller                      Robert A. and Carrie (Tweed) Powell
GABOS           Julia Ann        Aurora IL         2/9/1916 Aurora IL            5/17/1999                                     Matthew and Anna (Kiss) Gabos
GARLING         Luella (Liakakos Yorkville IL      4/24/1906 Arlington SD        5/16/1999                                     Herbert Garling
GARMAN          G. Floyd         Aurora IL         6/6/1924 Waverly IL           5/29/1999  Marietta Garman                    Elzie and Olga Garman
GARRISON        TeEugene         Paris TN          7/6/1948 Council Bluffs IA    5/18/1999  Wendy Swift                        Harold and Rosemary Garrison
GATES           Henry D.         Montgomery IL     10/7/1912 Yorkville IL        7/25/1999  Mary E. Price                      Fred and Blanche (Chappell) Gates
GATES           Herbert L.       Yorkville/Aurora  7/19/1910 Brookfield MO       6/2/1999   Dorothy Aucutt Gates
GATES           Irene A.         Yorkville IL      1/22/1918                     7/27/1999  Lewis E. Gates                     Fred and Lillian  (Hage) Metge
GAUMER          Francis E.       Montgomery IL     11/21/1949 Oak Park IL        6/11/1999  Sandra L. (Stoudt) Gaumer          Francis E. and Martha Gaumer Sr.
GEE             RonalA.          Aurora IL         1/28/1957 Elmhurst IL         5/16/1999                                     Doris and William Gee
GERBER          Helen M.         Aurora IL         7/8/1921 Mattoon IL           6/2/1999   John J. Gerber
GIBSON          Elvira Almina "T Carmi IL                                        5/13/1999
GONZALES        Isabel           Aurora IL         11/19/1920 Harlingen TX       6/4/1999   Francisco Gonzales                 Trinidad and Natalia Gonzales
GONZALEZ        Eladio           Aurora IL         8/13/1923 Yabucoa  Puerto Ric 7/7/1999   Madea                              Jud and  and Noberta (Aponte) Gonzalez
GORZNEY         Vincent C.       Plano IL          4/24/1917 Morrison IL         5/3/1999   Myrtle Gorzney                     Thomas and Frances (Reinhart) Gorzney
GOVI            Joseph           Montgomery IL     7/12/1906 Hungary             8/1/1999   Julia Govi                         Matthew and Elizabeth (Bogar) Govi
GRAMME          Mary E.          Aurora IL         9/26/1908 Scalp Level PA      7/6/1999   George Gramme                      John and Anna (Winkler) Ember
GREER           William F.       Aurora IL         3/9/1953 Germany              5/24/1999                                     mother Kathrina Greer
GREGG           William J. Jr.   Aurora IL         10/27/1923 Elgin IL           5/29/1999                                     William and Ida (Van Duser) Gregg Sr.
GURUSINGHE      LeonarS.         Aurora IL         12/17/1923 Galle Sri Lanka    5/24/1999  Grace                              John and Florence (Desiliva) Gurusinghe
GUTIERREZ       Joseph Santos    Aurora IL         11/6/1942 Aurora IL           5/7/1999                                      Joe and Josephine Gutierrez
HABERLE         Paul H.          Aurora IL         4/22/1908 Stuttgart Germany   5/21/1999  Holly
HAGGERTY        Vivian           Aurora IL         4/8/1918 Aurora IL            5/31/1999  Daniel J. Haggerty Sr.             Lewis and Fannie (Ravatt) Pistick
HAGLER          Ollie M.         Aurora IL         1/10/1924 Philadelphia PA     6/10/1999  Edward Willis Hagler               William and Zettie Weston
HAISH           Calvin "Kelly" R Hinckley IL       6/13/1925 Pierce Twp DeKalb C 8/9/1999   Louise E. Wickman                  Louis Franklin and Martha J. (Baie) Haish
HALBESMA        Charles W. Sr.   Yorkville IL      11/24/1925 Kendall Co. IL     7/12/1999  Lois Vergene Johnson               Herman Sr. and Edna (Wright) Halbesma
HALL            Jack LeRoy       Montgomery IL     about 1939                    6/7/1999   Dianne                             Harold and Elsbeth Hall
HALMAGYI        Lucille E.       Montgomery IL     3/25/1922 Crockett VA         7/27/1999  John                               Herman and Mary Williams
HANKES          Gertrude D. (Gro Aurora IL         3/10/1911 Aurora IL           6/7/1999   Herman P. Hankes                   Nicholas and Christine (Frieders) Grommes
HANKES          John Roland      Ft. Lauderdale FL 7/3/1946 Aurora IL            7/31/1999  Brenda Strohecker                  Bob and Marie Hankes
HANNA           Lefa             Hemet CA          2/11/1895 Spencer WI          6/13/1999  J. R. Hanna                        Henry and Bertha (Jennett) Reas
HANSEN          Glenn B.         Yorkville IL      8/3/1926 Kendall Co. IL       6/6/1999   Juanita Nichols                    Hans T. and Martha (Anderson) Hensen
HANSON          James D.                           about 1956                    6/24/1999  Lee                                Glenn and Janet
HARE            Frank Jr.        Zephyrhills IL    10/18/1929 Delair NJ          6/11/1999  Dorothy
HARMON          Richard "Salty"  Leland IL         3/1/1928 Wayne OH             5/5/1999   Rosabelle D. Guard                 Walter and Dorothy (Dawsey) Harmon
HARZ            Annette M.       Blue Springs MO   3/22/1909 Chicago IL          5/17/1999  Fred                               Edward and Hattie (nee Nagl) Bergener
HATCHETT        William Jr.                                                      6/19/1999  Helen Schofield Hatchett
HAWKINSON       Helen            Aurora IL         Aurora IL                     4/29/1999  John Hawkinson                     Neil C. and Catherine (Wagner) Walsh
HAYDEN          Evangelist Franc Aurora IL         7/16/1945 Vicksburg MS        5/27/1999  Clifford Hayden                    mother Sara Elizabeth Hughes
HAYDEN          Laurence (Laurie Sandwich IL       12/25/1954 Rosendale France   5/29/1999                                     Edmond and Jacqueline (Hannebique) Hayden
HEAP            David C.         Missouri City TX  11/12/1937 Aurora IL          about 8/19 Peggy Sue Heap                     Clifford W. and Evelyn (Cherry) Heap
HEINEKAMP       Beth Ann         Aurora IL         7/21/1951 Chicago IL          5/26/1999                                     Allen and Nina Heinekam
HEINEMEIER      Charles          Hinckley IL       7/17/1926 Waterman IL         6/18/1999  Delia Thompson                     Roy and Elsie (Price) Heinemeier
HENRICKSEN      Adelaide A.      St. Charles IL    3/11/1917 Berwyn IL           6/15/1999  Richard                            George and Louise Wimmer
HENRY           Lynn             Montgomery IL     6/23/1932 Perks IL            5/26/1999  Iona Henry                         Willie and Grace Henry
HERGENHAHN      Bernice M.       Aurora IL         11/19/1911 Van Home IA        4/22/1999  LeRoy Hergenhahn                   Arthur and Cora (Pohlman) Katz
HETTINGER       Helen M.         Aurora IL         9/24/1916 Aurora IL           5/4/1999   (1) Alois J. Franzen  (2) Francis  Susan\ (Lies) and Peter Zettinger
HILDEBRAND      Edward G.        Aurora IL         7/27/1919 Rosamond IL         7/8/1999   Marion                             Gustave A. and Mary Hildebrand
HILDEBRAND      Marion M. (Suey) Aurora IL         1/29/1926 Detroit MI          6/23/1999  Edward Hildebrand                  William and Juanita Suey
HINTON          Dennis R.        Sandwich IL       3/9/1957 Peoria IL            8/1/1999   Sue Miskiewicz                     Earl and Emma Hinton
HIPPE           Paul Richard (Di Scottsdale AZ     about 1918 Aurora IL          4/29/1999  Betty Olive Barker Hippe           Grace and Paul M. Hippe
HOAG            Charles P.       Batavia IL        7/12/1902                     7/30/1999  Ida G. Trapp                       John and Alice Hoag
HOFFMAN         Anna C.          Hinckley IL       9/23/1918 St. Cloud MN        5/16/1999  Lawrence F. Hoffman                Philip and Margaret (Fortman) Modaff
HOLLINGSWORTH   Hazel            Urbana IL         10/17/1911 Broughton IL       5/23/1999  Frank G. Hollingsworth             Alvin and Mary Ellen Cox Hardesty
HOLMGREN        Robert P.        Yorkville IL      abt 1926                      8/2/1999
HOWARD          Richey Lynn      Swifton AR        7/14/1964 Walnut Ridge AR     6/12/1999                                     Clifton R. and Melba (Cook) Howard
HUGHES          Helen L.         Aurora IL         6/29/1919 Sheridan IL         7/21/1999  Harold                             Gustav and Emma (Leonard) Hausler
HUSTON          David R. "Butch" Yorkville IL      11/14/1950 Conneaut OH        7/26/1999                                     Cecil D. and Helen (Wright) Huston
HUTCHINGS       Thomas A.        Aurora IL         2/18/1962 Sterling IL         8/16/1999                                     John E. and Rosemary K. Hutchings
HUTCHINSON      Donald           Boca Raton FL     11/6/1913 Aurora IL           5/31/1999  Florence (Hard) Hutchinson         LeRoy and Lottie (Page) Hutchinson
ILSEMAN         Norma            Aurora IL         9/23/1910 Danville IL         5/13/1999  Charles A. Ilseman                 Henry (Theresa) Anders Voigt
JACKSON         Walter E.        Montgomery IL     7/18/1954 Chicago IL          8/18/1999  Katie Pryor                        William and Tommie Love
JACOBSEN        Terri Lynne      Aurora IL         6/15/1966 Elmhurst IL         6/21/1999  Terry A. Jacobsen                  mother Patricia Pitcha
JAKUBOWSKI      Hillard S. "Jake Geneva IL         10/24/1927 Chicago IL         6/27/1999  Betty Dean                        Stanley and Antonette (Piech) Jakubowski
JANDT           Jean             Gainesville FL    abt 1923  Aurora IL           7/25/1999  Jerry
JENKINS         Jerome Fa'zon    Aurora IL         3/31/1997 Aurora IL           4/20/1999                                     Charity Jenkins and Jerome Powell
JENSEN          Christopher M.   Madison IN        3/29/1970 Sandwich IL         7/9/1999   Doris Ann Heber                    Lawrence L. and Judith A. (Mock) Jensen
JENSEN          Roland W.        Montgomery IL     3/15/1914                     6/15/1999  Nadine Jensen                      Leo and Mae Jensen
JIMINEZ         Armandina        St. Charles IL    10/29/1942 San Antonio TX     6/15/1999  James                              Enrique and Eulalia Rodriguez
JOHNS           Arthur Lawrence  Earlville IL      12/3/1937 Plano IL            7/18/1999  Barbara Carp                       Henry and Bessie (Groom) Johns
JOHNSON         Philip           Columbus WI       4/7/1924 Chicago IL           7/28/1999  Shirley Henderson                  Philip Victor and Anna (Jacobson) Johnson
JOHNSON         Rev. Richard H.  Aurora IL         5/9/1925 Aurora IL            8/19/1999
JONES           Leroy Floyd      Oswego IL         11/11/1933 Taylorville IL                Anna May Veech                     Floyd L. and Marie Jones
JONES           Preston          Aurora IL         2/12/1921 Courtlan AL         7/4/1999   Zella L. Jones                     John W. and Letha Jones
JONES           Robert L.        Batavia IL        8/6/1928 Oak Park IL          5/31/1999                                     David B. and Cordelia B. Jones
JONES           Robert L.        Naperville IL     9/12/1935 Aurora IL           6/17/1999  Eleanor                            Paul and Florence Jones
JOUANNET        Richard Francis  Lillian AL        8/2/1920 Boston MA            5/5/1999   Doris E. Jouannet
KAAD            Annette T.                         11/5/1909 Chicago IL          8/11/1999  Russell C. Kaad                    Bruno and Clara (Wloch) Jagla
KACZOROWSKI     Florian Phillip  Yorkville IL      abt 1940                      8/11/1999
KAIN            Eleanor Joyce    Aurora IL         1/11/1919 Aurora IL           6/27/1999  Arthur E. Kain                     Harvey and Mary Banbury
KANNING         Donald Charles   Wildomar CA       9/23/1914 Chicago IL          6/28/1999  June Schlapp                       Henry and Agnes Kanning
KARP            Kenneth Peter    Yorkville IL      8/15/1926 Aurora IL           5/23/1999  Sylvia "Pat"                       Peter and Anna (Bauer) Karp
KEGEL           Lucile M. "Lu"   Sandwich IL       6/7/1908 Earlville IL         5/20/1999  Herbert F. Kegel                   Clyde and Tillie (Thorson) Harger
KENSEL          Mary Kaye        Sandwich IL       12/26/1939 Mt. Vernon IL      6/19/1999  David J. Kensel                    Cloyd Arthur and Olive (Sanders) Reed
KENT            Edmund B.        Aurora IL         6/8/1921 Cedar Rapids IA      5/17/1999  Opal                               Charles and Myrtle (nee Nye) Kent
KERRY           Lorena                             9/17/1917 DuBois IL           5/11/1999
KETTLEY         Evelyn F.        Aurora IL         6/20/1910 Aurora IL           7/5/1999   Lyle E. Kettley                    William and Mable (McGoon) Kiesel
KIDD            Mary Lucille "Lo Oglesby IL        6/5/1913 Salumet MI           8/16/1999  Robert Kidd
KIENLEN         Wilbur A. "Bill" Effingham IL                                    8/1/1999   Carrie A. Kienlen
KIFOWIT         Rose M.          Boca Raton FL     11/13/1900 Aurora IL          8/10/1999  1)Clarence Henricks  2) Edward Kif Mary and John Pillatsch
KILLIAN         Melvin F. "Boots Yorkville IL      3/14/1913 Aurora Twp. IL      7/23/1999  Elsie                              Wayne C. and Clara (Frost) Killian
KING            Julius Edward    Geneva IL         6/6/1939 Charleston TN        5/3/1999   Christine (nee Vincent)            Julius and Josephine (nee Castelo) King
KITTLESON       Paul H.          Ottawa IL         11/10/1932 Earl Twp.  Leland  6/15/1999                                     Kinney and Mable (Sampson) Kittleson
KLEINEMEIER     Sadie            Aurora IL         6/14/1908 Janesville WI       8/17/1999  Joseph H. Kleinemeier              William and Minnie Lindemann
KLEINFELDT      John H.          Montgomery IL     8/15/1922 Aurora IL           5/5/1999   Vurla M. (Fischer) Kleinfeldt      Irene and Clarence V. Kleinfeldt
KLEINFELDT      Ralph A.         Aurora IL         8/5/1926 Aurora IL            7/11/1999  Romona                             Ralph A. and Jennie (Bell) Kleinfeldt
KNAPP           Harold "Hal" P.  Wheaton IL        2/28/1919 North Freedom WI     6/22/1999 Doris L. (Hitzner) Knapp           Arthur and Mathilda (Risteau) Knapp
KOESTER         Eleanor L.       Aurora IL         10/20/1916 Pierce Township IL 5/25/1999  Gerhardt A. Koester                August and Molly Papenberg
KOGER           Johanna "Joanie"                                                 abt 7/1999 1) Arthur Lowy  2) Frank Koger
KOMADINA        Hazel M.         Urbana IL         2/25/1908 Champaign IL        6/6/1999   Leonard                            David and Martha Henderson
KOVAL           Gerald Frederick Mundelein IL                                    7/3/1999   Rosemarie
KRANTZ          Joel Herman      Yorkville IL      3/16/1979                     8/16/1999                                     James Herman  and Bonnie Jane (DeKeyser) Krantz
KREMINSKI       Joseph           Aurora IL         12/8/1928 Aurora IL           7/24/1999  June                               Adam and Teofila Kreminski
KRESS           Lorraine         Aurora IL         9/17/1921 Dubuque IA          8/1/1999                                      Hubert and Mary (Kline) Kress
KRUEGER         Ken              Plano IL          abt 1921                      7/23/1999  Alice
KRUG            Roy H.           Oswego IL         11/9/1913 Yorkville IL        5/31/1999  Ollye V. (Wooley) Krug            Theodore and Clara (Dhuse) Krug
KUEHL           Linda M.         Aurora IL         9/13/1951 Oak Park IL         7/12/1999                                    Robert C. and Louise F. Webb
KUKLOK          Germain "Jack" S Millington IL     7/28/1914 Opole MN            5/7/1999   Edith Sivard                       Martin and Albina (Symalla) Kuklok
KUNSCH          Jane             Naperville IL     7/24/1914 Lake Geneva WI      5/7/1999   L. J. Kunsch                       William and Lucy (nee Hickey) McNeeney
KURTH           Brian D.                           abt 1941                      7/10/1999  Judy
KYSER           Shirley J. (Pick North Aurora IL   10/15/1924 LaSalle County IL  6/29/1999  1) Clarence Picket and 2) Edward K Obert and Susie (Monson) Howe
LAUREANO        Veronica Lee "Ro Chicago IL        12/6/1961 Saginaw MI          7/31/1999                                     mother Arlene Geyer
LAYDEN          Donald           Leesburg FL       2/17/1930 Aurora IL           5/31/1999  Edna Rickman                       Wendell and Gladys Clouse Layden
LEDEN           Adolf Joseph     Sugar Grove IL    6/17/1922 Austria             7/23/1999  Josephine                          Otto and Johanna Leden
LEE             Charles W.       Riverton IL       6/15/1935 Decatur IL          8/21/1999                                     James P. and Lora R. Register Lee
LEECH           Rose M.          Aurora IL         12/5/1911 LelanTwp. IL        7/27/1999  Joseph                             Joseph and Lillie Jacobson
LEIGH           Dorothy R.       Fort Wayne IN     5/17/1910 Aurora IL           7/15/1999  Stanley W. Leigh
LEKOVICH        Louis John       Indianapolis IN                                            Jeanne (Sperry)
LEWIS           Harold W.        Geneva IL         4/25/1907 Villa Grove IL      6/27/1999  Elwanda J. (Wilkerson) Lewis       Carl and Jerusha (Harris) Lewis
LINDBLOM        Ruth A.          Fox Lake IL       2/2/1917 Rockford IL          8/16/1999  Robert G. Lindblom                 Maurice and Anna Miller
LINDLEY         Oneal            West Memphis AR                                 5/30/1999  Hazel
LINDOW          Joanne M.        West Plains MO    about 1939                    8/9/1999
LITTLEJOHN      Eliza A.         Antwerp OH        8/22/1906 Cecil OH            5/26/1999  Henry "Peck" Littlejohn            James and Elizabeth (Hitt) Coon
LOESCHER        Donna            Dixon IL          10/18/1926 Sugar Grove IL     4/21/1999  Edgar Loescher                     Ralph Henry and Mildred (Pontius) Hartman
LOMAS           Eloisa B.        Aurora IL         11/22/1912 Roma TX            4/26/1999                                     Nicolas and Santos (Gonzalez) Benavidez
LONG            Lonnie H. Sr.    Aurora IL         8/19/1939 Dant VA             5/28/1999                                     Carter and Janice (McCoy) Long
LOOS            John C. Jr.      St. Germain WI    3/3/1924 Green Bay WI         6/21/1999  Pauline Rolstad                    John C. Loos Sr. and Freida Martens
LUBSHINA        Eveline          Ottawa IL         3/26/1914 Toronta Canada      7/28/1999  1) Michael Flashing  2) Joseph Lub Joseph and Lillian May (Simmons) Tansley
LUNACEK         Otto J.          Batavia IL        11/27/1934 Chicago IL         6/8/1999   Marlowe A. (Zanders) Lunacek       Adolph and Amelia Lunacek
LYNCH           William T.       Aurora IL         5/9/1915 Monessen PA          5/10/1999  Carle (Check) Lynch                Samuel and Susan (Foster) Lynch
LYNN            Anna L.          Aurora IL         4/23/1930 Harriman TN         8/18/1999  Herman Lynn Sr.                    Frank and Maggie (Mullins) Simpson
MABREY          Gerald B.        Sandwich IL       about 1942                    4/14/1999  Professor Ruth I. Kalamarides     Clarence "Babe" and Virginia Alger Mabrey
MACK            Marjorie Mae     DeKalb IL         1/1/1911 Pierce Twp. IL       6/14/1999
MADISON         Edward A.        Sugar Grove IL                                  4/29/1999  Mary R. Madison
MALL            Harry A.         Montgomery IL     3/28/1907 Chicago IL          7/13/1999  Bernice Mall
MALL            Jeffrey Lee      Montgomery IL     8/23/1948 Aurora IL           7/6/1999                                      John "Jake" and Catherine Mall
MALL-OLSON      Luella J.        Sandwich IL       1/11/1917 Hinckley IL         7/28/1999  1)Charles W. (Cub) Mall  2) Kennet Roy and Minnie (Heyer) Baie
MALMGREN        Marshall August                    9/17/1914                     6/18/1999  Mary Timok                         August and Laura Malmgren
MANKUS          Antoinette       Sandwich IL       3/4/1909 Collinsville IL      5/31/1999  Klemas Mankus                      Anthony and Josephina (Paulauskuite) Povilaitis
MARCLEY         Edith M.         Aurora IL         7/16/1907                     6/2/1999   Eugene C. Marcley
MARKLEIN        Herbert G.       Yorkville IL      9/9/1931 Yorkville IL         8/7/1999                                      Fred and Mabel (Dhuse) Marklein
MARSHALL        Alice Aion       Somonauk IL       4/18/1910 Pierre SD           8/19/1999  Louis Fallinske                    David and Edith (Marsh) Bonner
MARSHALL        Roscoe           Aurora IL         12/28/1937 Vicksburg MS       5/21/1999  Rosa Watson                        George and Elizabeth Marshall
MARTENS         Elly A.          Sandwich IL       12/12/1912 Aurora IL          7/13/1999  George                             John and Aleida (Johnson) Carlson
MARTIN          Leslie L.        Oswego IL         10/21/1907 Beardstown IL      6/12/1999  1)Mable Martin  2) Erma Dauberman  William and Lucy Martin
MASSIE          Steve Sr.        Aurora IL         3/28/1947 Denmark TN          7/26/1999  Julia M. Massie                    John and Martha (Tubbs) Massie
MATTISON        Leroy            Elburn IL         1/6/1929 Aurora IL            7/20/1999  Isabel A. Probst                   George E. and Elsie (Reingardt) Mattison
MAY             Leona R.         Plainfield IL     9/6/1921 Plymouth IN          5/7/1999   Victor                             Charles and Anna Eberhard
McALLISTER      Anieal           Aurora IL         8/14/1913 Aberdeen MS         6/15/1999  Cloyce "Mr. Mac" H. McAllister     Joseph and Dthula Love
McCLUER         Jarvis "Jerry"                     12/22/1912 Dayton OH          7/20/1999  1) Mary Jane  2) Elizabeth
McCONKEY        William B.       Batavia IL         10/16/1915 Broughton PA      5/23/1999  Esther E. Smith                    William B. and Mary (nee Roach) McConkey
McCORMICK       Ethel M.         Aurora IL         9/11/1917 Providence KY       5/8/1999   Charles J. McCormick               George and Lula Mae Coker
McGREGOR        Herbert R.       St Charles        6/11/1921 Chicago IL          5/20/1999  Joyce E. McGregor                  Norman and Gertrude (Waterworth) McGregor
McKINNEY        James Robert     North Aurora IL   4/11/1923 Lincoln NE          6/28/1999  Bernadine  companion Betty K. Gile Walter G. and Nelle McKinney
MEDERNACH       Helen            Virgil IL         9/21/1921 Sycamore IL         6/20/1999  William H. Medernach               Anton and Jessie (Anderson) Bliefuss
MEIER           Richard H.       Sandwich IL       7/1/1926 Chicago IL           5/16/1999  Ann                                Charles and Lena (Spiess) Meier
MEISTER         Bernice M.       Largo FL          10/3/1919 Minneapolis MN      7/7/1999   Arnold Meister                     Harold and Selma Melby
MELOEN          RonalD.          Aurora IL         about 1938 Kewanee IL         6/8/1999   Betty Meloen
MEYER           Sue S.           Aurora IL         11/25/1916 Aurora IL          7/26/1999  Eugene                             Peter and Mary Sherpitis
MICHAEL         Stella I.        Aurora IL         1/3/1915 Millington IL        4/26/1999  Richard D. Michael                 Sievert and Isabelle Stenson
MICK            E. Neil          Littleton CO      9/8/1927                      4/12/1999  Jane O. Mick                       Everett and Vera Mick
MIDDLETON       Frank Scotty     Batavia IL        9/10/1919 Glasgow Scotland    5/20/1999                                     Frank and Jessie Middleton
MILLEN          Raymond John     Tuscon AZ         8/7/1920                      8/11/1999                                     John Millen and Catherine Reding
MILLER          Adolph "Bud"     Montgomery IL     11/25/1918 Aurora IL          6/22/1999  Madeline Stiles                    Adolph and Margaret Miller
MILLER          Arthur Fred      St. Charles IL    12/17/1911 Batavia IL         5/25/1999
MILLER          Eugene F.        Pico Rivera CA.   4/11/1923 Aurora IL           5/9/1999   FreanElla (Glouer) Miller
MILLER          Lucile S.        Batavia IL        7/23/1917 Batavia IL          7/20/1999  1) Rodrick Wiggins  2) Robert A. MWalter and Sophia (Stephanowitz) Malenski
MINARD          Douglas J.       Montgomery IL     6/18/1929 Aurora IL           6/19/1999  Phyllis Putman Rutsay             Orin and Alice (Long) Minard
MITCHELL        Violet           Aurora IL         8/19/1917 Chicago IL          6/9/1999   Mark Mitchell                     Oscar and Ruth (Dies) Pedersen
MOCTEZUMA       Marisol          Aurora IL         12/15/1970 Aurora IL          8/16/1999                                    Raul Moctezuma and Maria (Ruben) Arroyo
MOLINE          Harvey E.        Auorra IL                                       8/16/1999
MONTES          Amanda           Aurora IL         9/1/1942 Durango Mexico       7/25/1999                                     Rufo and Catarina Montes
MOORE           Carl J.          Aurora IL         7/20/1923 Chariton IA         7/15/1999  Phyllis Dolan                      Everett and Velma Moore
MORIN           Hazel M. (Cottin Aurora IL         11/9/1912 London KY           5/3/1999   Emile F. Morin Sr.                 James and Helen (George) Cottingim
MORSE           Marvin           Aurora IL         11/1/1927 Keswicki IA         7/23/1999                                     Lewis and Wanda Fisch Morse
MRAZEK          Gary R.          Aurora IL         7/27/1947 Chicago IL          6/24/1999  Lee Mrazek                         Dorothy (Regula) and Edward Mrazek
NEAL            Edward Richard   Aurora IL         6/10/1921 Aurora IL           6/27/1999                                     Richard Edward and Bertha Mae (Maclin) Neal
NEEDHAM         Donald C. "Jug"                    2/22/1933 DeKalb IL           5/29/1999  Joan Fritsch                       Frederick Benton and Blance (Larson) Needham
NEILL           Esther M.        Aurora IL         12/27/1904 Aurora IL          5/10/1999  Earl Neill                         Oscar and Issabella (Nolen) Utterback
NELSON          Gunhil(Gunny)    Aurora IL         4/2/1908 HillerstorSweden     4/27/1999  Oscar Nelson
NELSON          Rev. J. Edward   Topeka KS         1/24/1917 Aurora IL           6/28/1999  Dorothy A. Peterson               John and Minnie Holm Nelson
NELSON          WilfreV.         Batavia IL        12/26/1902 Chicago IL         8/20/1999  Helen C. Nelson                    Victor and Mabel (Becker) Nelson
NICKELS         Virgil N.        Montgomery IL     11/27/1913 Aurora IL          6/10/1999  1) Dorothy (Reuland)  2) Vernice ( Mathias W. and Dorothea F. (Kartheiser) Nickels
NICKLAS         Angela Nicole Su St Charles IL     8/8/1991 Elmhurst IL          5/16/1999                                     mother Angela (Robert) Hooker
NILES           Violet T.        Aurora IL         9/30/1938 Hinsdale IL         4/26/1999  Kenneth Niles                      Nicholas and Rose (Baladon) Doseff
NOBAYASHI       Michael "Mick"   Lily Lake IL      11/8/1954 Chicago IL          4/8/1997                                      Frank and Ita (Murphy) Nobayashi
NOBIS           Arthur J.        Aurora IL         1/13/1936 Oak Park IL         6/27/1999  Dorothy Nobis                     Albert and Adeline Nobis
NOLAN           Mary M.          Aurora IL         4/24/1905 Superior WI         5/9/1999   Clarence Nolan                    Joseph and Mary M. Chisholm
NUNEZ           Celso Jr.        Aurora IL         11/13/1975 Venustiano Carranz 6/22/1999  Jacqueline (Rauscher) Nunez        Celso and Guadalupe Nunez Sr.
O'CONNOR        Georgiana E.     Aurora IL         3/25/1911 Saunemin IL         7/24/1999  Charles                            George and Kate (Braun) Mies
O'CONNOR        Joanne L.        St. Charles IL    12/29/1936 Elgin IL           5/16/1999  Roderick
ODEGARD         Imogene K.       Aurora IL         12/19/1926 Aurora IL          5/17/1999  Newman Odegard                     William and Catherine Kelleher
OLESON          James Harlan     Grand Rapids MI   3/23/1942 Aurora IL           7/12/1999  Norma Hammond                      Harold and Mildred Oleson
ORTA            Hipolito (Polo)  Aurora IL         8/13/1911 Casas Grandes Chihu 7/8/1999   Esther (Frausto) Orta              Rafael and Susan (Landeros) Orta
OSTERGREN       Thorsten Oskar D Lombard IL        6/14/1910 Skallinge Sweden    5/12/1999  Emma Sorensen                      Gustav and Emma (Gustaffson) Ostergren
PALMER          Michael P.       Geneva IL         5/8/1973 Chicago Heights IL   5/19/1999                                     Michael and Susan Palmer; biological father Michael Alberson
PAUL            William N.       Grand Junction CO5/24/1926 Cicero IL            4/28/1999  Alverta M. Town                   William W. and Marie P. Paul
PAULSON         Marion K.        Aurora IL         1/5/1913 Elburn IL            6/26/1999  Ture Paulson                       John and Margaret (Galliart) Kiefer
PEARL           Earl E.          Big Rock IL       9/4/1923 Harlan County KY     4/30/1999  Jolene                             A.F. "Todd" and Myrtle (Jeffries) Pearl
PEDERSON        Victoria "Vickie Somonauk IL       Raymond WA                    6/13/1999  1) Vince Scarpino  2) Art Pederson Edward and Stella Bogdan
PENMAN          Robert W.        DeKalb IL         2/10/1923 Yorkville IL        5/22/1999  Constance Penman                   Thomas and Carrie (Cawood) Penman
PENN            Milton           Oswego IL         4/23/1913 Mattoon IL          7/12/1999  Evelyn Edith Holzhueter            George and Betty (Spannagel) Penn
PENNOCK         Maurice W.       St. James City FL 12/13/1921 Battle Creek  MI   5/5/1999   Elaine
PEREZ           Oscar E. Sr.     Aurora IL         9/10/1949 Rio Piedras Puerto  6/10/1999  Aida Medero                        Eufemio Perez and Tita Bosque
PESCH           William M.       Montgomery IL     abt 1927                      8/6/1999   Gerrie
PETERSON        Arline E.        St. Charles IL    2/26/1909 St. Charles IL      5/25/1999  Luther E. Peterson
PETERSON        Britta "Bert"    Aurora IL         1/17/1920 Sweden              8/23/1999  Robert R. Peterson                 Carl Edwin and Nellie (Johnson) Peterson
PETERSON        Harold J.        St. Charles IL    about 1905
PETITJEAN       Raymond Matthew                    abt 1977                      8/15/1999                                     Raymond A. and Judy Colye Petitjean
PETREE          John C.          Aurora IL         8/25/1926 Aurora IL           7/12/1999  Shirley Petree                     Clarence and Germaine Petree
PETRITSCH       Genevieve M.     Aurora IL         2/10/1909 Chicago Heights IL  6/30/1999  Joseph T. Petritsch                Agatha and Joseph Serafin
PHILLIPS        Eula J.          Hinckley IL       9/4/1899 DeKalb Co. IL        7/16/1999  Harry E. Phillips                  John and Rachel (Biedel) Morsch
PIGG            Marie Zimmerman  Aurora IL         10/23/1903 Sandwich IL        8/23/1999  1) Cecil E. Pigg 2) Walden Ray Zim  Robert N. and Nina (Neff) Schulz
PIKE            Bonnie Jewel     Compton IL        8/24/1934 Casey Creek KY      4/28/1999  Carlos Franklin Pike               James Blain and Flora Gertrude (Pike) Hovious
PILLATCH        Charlotte "Sherr Plano IL          5/5/1950 Wyoming IL           6/12/1999  David                              Robert and Wanda
PITZ            Robert P.        Batavia IL        9/19/1921 Batavia IL          6/9/1999   Irene M. Beck                      Wendell and Ann (Grennan) Pitz
PLASCH          William J.       Aurora IL         12/18/1937 St. Paul MN        8/20/1999  Cyndi Plasch                       Frank and Bertha Plasch
PROPERNICK      Robert R.        Aurora IL         3/23/1918 Aurora IL           4/24/1999  June                               Frank and Anna Propernick
PRYOR           Ella Nunnally    Aurora IL         11/10/1963 Holly Springs MS   8/10/1999  Calvin                             Phillip Nunnally Jr. and Clara Nunnally
PRZYSIECKI      Theodore I.      Aurora IL         7/31/1903 Chicago IL          6/25/1999  Lillian                            Agnes (Holipski) Przysiecki
PUGH            Russell G. "Curl Hordinville IL    8/24/1923 Cisne IL            5/4/1999   Lois J. Domanius                   Russell Standford Pugh and Elsie J. (Shelby) Pugh
PUKLIN          Robert Paul      Aurora IL         8/6/1935 Aurora IL            7/11/1999                                     Arthur and Dorothy (Loewenthal) Puklin
RAUCH           Carl E.(Charlie) Yorkville IL      12/9/1963 Aurora IL           6/12/1999  Jan                                John and Carol (Brower) Rauch
RAYMER          William G.       Aurora IL         11/17/1920 Saline County IL   5/4/1999   Dorothy Raymer                     William R. and Anna B. Colbert
REAMS           John Leslie                        5/22/1904 Fayette County in E 12/18/1998 Irene Metz                         Alvin and Dora (Comstock) Reams
REES            Dorothy Emeline  Sandwich IL       3/28/1912 Ransom IL           7/12/1999  Roy Rees                           Fred and Bertha (Newman) Benckendorf
REIN            Robert           Bristol IL
REYES           Alicia           Sandwich IL       abt 1954                      abt 7/1999                                    Mauricio and Antonia Reyes
RICHTER         Ron              British Columbia  9/22/1938 St. Charles IL      6/29/1999  Lynette                            Charles and Ann Richter
RIEDEL          Richard A.       Sandwich IL                                     abt 8/1999 Betty Dranias
ROBINSON        Betty Ann        Naperville IL     9/17/1955 Aurora IL           4/23/1999                                     G. Alan  and Betty Lou (Tranter) Diehl
ROBOTHAM        Charles F.       San Antonio TX    11/14/1927 Aurora IL          5/15/1999  Faye                               Fred and Josephine Robotham
ROSA            Angel M.         Aurora IL         about 1930                    4/24/1999
RUCH            Thomas H.        Kansas City MO    12/1/1937 Aurora IL           8/19/1999                                    Cedric and Kathryn (Hankes) Ruch
RUMBAUGH        Wilma F.         Danville IL       6/17/1929 St. Louis MO        8/14/1999  Earl Rumbaugh                     Thomas and Freda Reyland Maher
RUSS            Mary             Aurora IL         4/7/1915 Aurora IL            5/16/1999  Louis                              George and Flora Soos
SALINAS         Angelita                           7/3/1945 Pharr TX             7/2/1999   B. Antonio Salinas                 Jose Trinidad Soila Gonzalez
SANCHEZ         Linda            Batavia IL        12/30/1961 Geneva IL          6/22/1999                                     Joseph and Benita Sanchez Sr.
SANDBERG        Clarence W.      Carrollton KY     4/20/1921 Warrenville IL      6/23/1999  Myrtle Vogel                       Charles and Anna (Beidron) Sandberg
SCANLON         John E. "Jay" Jr Aurora IL         4/1/1961                      5/11/1999
SCHAAK          Helen M.         Sugar Grove IL    12/25/1910 Yorkville IL       5/18/1999  Nick Schaak                        Fred and Grace (English) Moenkemeier
SCHEETS         James N.         Aurora IL         11/23/1928 Aurora IL          7/8/1999   Marilyn Scheets                   James and Esther Scheets
SCHILLER        Richard D.       Aurora IL         5/27/1934 Aurora IL           5/20/1999                                     Emil J. and Valentina (Propernick) Schiller
SCHLADWEILER    Shirley A.       Aurora IL         10/24/1925 Chicago IL         5/13/1999  Clarence
SCHLAPP         Joyce            Yorkville IL      10/4/1920 Kentland IL         7/31/1999  Jewell Dean Schlapp               Joseph Carl and Frances (Wright) Reinboldt
SCHMEISER       William R.       New Port Richey F abt 1918                      7/13/1999  Carol                             Albert Edward and Leila (Monahan) Schmeiser
SCHMIDT         Eugene D.        Plano IL          10/9/1930 Montgomery IL       7/24/1999                                     Harry and Florence (Cox) Schmidt
SCHNEIDER       John P.          Aurora IL         6/27/1909 Aurora IL           8/11/1999  Anna Marie Schoper                John and Catherine (Johannesson) Schneider
SCHNEIDER       Violet           Aurora IL         2/1/1922 Fremont OH           4/25/1999  Vincent Schneider                 John and Mary Cominski
SCHULMEISTER    Marguerite F.    Atlanta GA        4/1/1935 Springfield IL       8/17/1999  RonalV. Schulmeister               William Gilbert and Marie (DuPont) Mefford
SCHULTZ         Donald A.        Sycamore IL       6/28/1929 Somonauk IL         6/7/1999   Katherine R. Miller               Arthur and Hazel (Dannewitz) Schultz
SCHWERTFEGER    Laura Ann        Oswego IL         8/31/1959 Chicago IL          7/13/1999  Paul Schwertfeger                  Mike and Astrid (Ratasepp) Morando
SEARS           Nellie B.        Savanna IL        about 1912                    7/8/1999
SEATON          Jesse D.         Plano IL          1/17/1925 Plano IL            7/26/1999  Marilyn Colby                      Frank G. and Cornelia (Cleveland) Seaton
SELF            Darlene B.       Ft. Myers FL      4/26/1925 Galesburg IL        8/11/1999  Clarence E. Self                   Earl R. and Lucille (Slater) Bushong
SELLEN          Catherine "Katie Aurora IL         3/28/1924 Aurora IL           8/16/1999  Jack Sellen                        Anna and Carl Reuland
SEPPELFRICK     Katharine Irene  Yorkville IL      7/29/1999 Aurora IL           7/29/1999                                     Donald and Amy (Stallmann) Seppelfrick
SEVERSON        Helen Beryl      Newark IL         11/18/1908 Wayne County MI    5/14/1999  Joseph C. Severson                 John and Mabel (Ilett) Sage
SHELTON         Leo              Aurora IL         9/9/1915 Lucas County IA      5/3/1999   Juanita V. Shelton                 James and Dora (Clause) Shelton
SHEPARD         David W.         Aurora IL         7/10/1911 Yorkville IL        6/12/1999                                     Edward and Ruth (Healy) Shepard
SHRIBER         Kevin James      Aurora IL         1/26/1972 Aurora IL           5/23/1999  Jenny (Vardell) Shriber            Jim and Candy (Gill) Shriber
SHUGRUE         Leon Michael     Naperville IL     about 1973                    5/2/1999                                      Neal and Mary (Ginn) Shugrue
SHURLOW         Gerald M. "Benny Earlville IL      4/13/1914 Earlville IL        6/5/1999   Viola Rhodes                       George and Alma (Carter) Shurlow
SIBENALLER      Walter L.        Roswell GA        12/21/1925 Aurora IL          7/25/1999  Mary                               Peter and Helen (Besch) Sibenaller
SIDMORE         Irene            Aurora IL         1/7/1909 Shabbona IL          7/26/1999  Howard Sidmore                     Edward and Sara (Duffy) McCormick
SIEGMUND        Iva U.           St. Charles IL    7/25/1897 Saranac NY          7/21/1999  Charles B. Siegmund                Ira and Amanda (Stevens) Collins
SIEKMAN         Shirley May Mose Fairfax CA        about 1923                    6/18/1999
SINGER          Marcella E.      Aurora IL         10/1/1918 Effingham County IL 4/30/1999  Alfred Singer                      John and Joyce Dobbins
SIPPLE          Kenneth G.       North Aurora IL   9/2/1929 Aurora IL            5/12/1999                                     Gottlob and Katherine Sipple
SKINNER         Robert           Anaheim CA        abt 1924                      8/7/1999   Vivian L. McGee
SMITH           Clifford         Aurora IL         8/18/1926 Aurora IL           5/29/1999  Betty                              Clifford T. Smith and Frieda Barnes
SMITH           Grady Lee Sr     Aurora IL         7/4/1931 MS                   7/4/1999   Willie Mae Swanson                 Wood Smith and Catherine Stovall Johnson
SMITH           Julia L.         Pinehurst NC      1/21/1910 Madison WI          7/16/1999  James F. Smith
SMITH           Mae R.           Aurora IL         8/19/1909 Hinckley IL         7/13/1999  Walter Smith                       Herry and Friederike (Hempfling) King
SMITH           Marian Helen     Gilbert AZ        7/18/1915 Aurora IL           3/12/1999  Hubert Smith                       John and Minnie Russ
SMITH           PhiliL.          Aurora IL         11/17/1921 Aurora IL          8/9/1999   Betty Lou Smith                    Paul and Irene (Fleck) Smith
SMITH           Rosalie          Batavia IL        9/28/1940 Aurora IL           6/2/1999   John L. Smith Sr.                  Harry and Mary Elizabeth Henley
SMITH           Stacy Rena                         6/9/1969 Aurora IL            6/27/1999                                     Kelsie and Ruth E. Smith
SMITH           Vera G.          Oswego IL         4/27/1912 Sumner IL           7/27/1999  Murl Lee Smith                     George Vere and Glenna M. (Buchanand ) Griggs
SMITH           Zella M. Stanfor Aurora IL         2/2/1916 Berwick IL           5/14/1999  Arthur L. Smith                    David and Ethel (Ray) Stanforth
SMUKLER         Annalea Meyer                      abt 1913                      7/24/1999  Edward
SPANG           Thomas L.        Batavia IL        9/25/1932 Aurora IL           5/11/1999  Joan F. (nee Feuerborn) Spang      John and Hildegard (nee Stull) Spang
SPENCER         Bess A.          St. Charles IL    8/16/1908 Cicero IL           7/16/1999  Roy
SPINNER         Irene J.         Naperville IL     2/29/1908 Naperville IL       6/8/1999   George A. Spinner                  Samuel and Julia (Smith) Yingling
SPONHOLTZ       Ruth C.          West Chicago IL   2/10/1916 Chicago IL          8/14/1999  Keith
STAFNEY         Lydia Jeane      Batavia IL        4/19/1917 Byron IL            5/15/1999                                     Edwin and Leota Stafney
STARK           Clara B.         Aurora IL         6/7/1904 Will County IL       6/15/1999  Allen E. Stark                     Charles and Sophia (Flugge) Schrader
STEDRY          Debra L. (Lally) Naperville IL     10/13/1951 Geneva IL          5/16/1999                                    John and Lee Lally
STEELE          Tommy "Mickey"   Aurora IL         9/6/1951 Vicksburg MS         6/26/1999  Vivian                            Charles and Ledora Steele Sr.
STEGMAN         Wanda A.         Two Rivers WI     abt 1898                      8/9/1999   Walter F. Stegeman                George and Louisa Luebke Heller
STERRETT        Theodore Renwick Aurora IL         6/12/1938 Muncie IN           7/11/1999                                     Walter Renwich Sterrett and Jaynette Anna Vroom
STEVENS         Joseph Jr.       Aurora IL         5/30/1917 Montgomery IL       5/15/1999  Dorothy (Jensen) Stevens           Joseph and Cecelia Stevens
STEVENS         Maybelle         South Elgin IL    5/2/1920 South Haven MI       8/15/1999                                     William and Marie (Lampman) Stevens
STEVENS         Paul N.          North Aurora IL   3/3/1909 Elgin IL             6/30/1999  Mary                               Perry and Marion Stevens
STODDARD        Marjorie H.      Aurora IL         12/24/1917 Aurora IL          8/17/1999  Clayton L. Stoddard                Harry and Anna Blanford
STOLL           Austin           Chicago IL        abt 1933                      7/1/1999   companion Constance Brooks         Harold M. and Edith N. Stoll
STORCH          Kate E.          Aurora IL         10/13/1904 Germany            5/3/1999   Ottmar Storch
STOUTEMIRE      Carolyn          Elgin IL                                        6/23/1999  James P. Stoutemire
STRAN           Genevieve E.     Batavia IL        2/26/1906 Batavia IL          6/13/1999  George L. Stran                   John and Betsy (Anderson) Freedlund
SUGGS           Lestine Michelle Aurora IL         8/6/1999 Aurora IL            8/6/1999                                     Leslie Suggs and Reginald Autman
SULLIVAN        John A.          Aurora IL         12/29/1912 Aurora IL          7/5/1999   1) Carolyn Sullivan  2) Dorothy SuJoseph Michael and Julie (Albert) Sullivan
SVOB            John C.          Oswego IL         1/2/1919 Farmington IL        7/1/1999   Violet                            John and Mary (Vrubel) Svo
TEACHMAN        George H.        Montgomery IL     12/28/1917 Chicago IL         6/27/1999  Lucille M. Teachman               George Teachman  and Christine Lamb
THANEPOHN       Kathleen Nina                      11/9/1928 Bristol Township IL 5/27/1999  Robert Thanepohn                  Herman and Hattie (Schur) Cornils
THOMAS          Cecile Bell      Aurora IL         2/28/1913 Naperville IL       8/15/1999  FreC. Thomas                      Frank and LuLu Simkins
THOMAS          Lois I.          Batavia IL        12/18/1929                    7/9/1999   Robert W. Thomas                  Gustav and Marie (Johnson) Carlson
THOMAS          Stanley          Batavia IL        8/22/1939 Aurora IL           7/27/1999                                    Gordon and Verna (Moenkemier) Thomas
THOMPSON        Stephen P.       Aurora IL         2/6/1966 Houston TX           5/31/1999                                    William A. Thompson Sr. and Doris Probst
THRALL          MildreE. (Keasle Cannon Falls MN                                 12/14/1998
THUROW          Neva M.          Aurora IL         11/14/1919 Marion County IL   5/20/1999  Kenneth Thurow                    Benjamin and Salina (Harrison) Millican
TITUS           Warren Alfred    Oswego IL         3/13/1920 Greenup IL          7/15/1999  Lucia Joy Clayton                 Walter A. and Sylvia (Bowman) Titus
TOWNSEND        Dorothy          Aurora IL         7/7/1912 Milwaukee WI         8/10/1999                                    Frank and Maude Maas
TREJO           Ricardo          San Antonio TX    b. 12/21/1918 Mexico          7/8/1999   1) Georgianna Trejo  2) Carmen TreGuadalupe and Maria Trejo
TURNER          Marion "Satch" J Aurora IL         11/27/1930 Vicksburg MS       8/10/1999  Louise                            Marion and Flora (Beard) Turner Sr.
TURNER          Wayne A.         Hinckley IL       6/7/1916 Aurora IL            7/20/1999  Emily                             John and Catherine (Young) Turner
VANBOGAERT      Louise M.        Sugar Grove IL    9/23/1920 St. Charles IL      5/7/1999   Frank                             Theophil and Mary Rotheir Baert
VASQUEZ         William          Naperville IL     about 1951                    6/20/1999  Eileen Vasquez
VENECIA         Cindy            North Aurora IL   8/8/1960 Danville IL          5/29/1999                                    Donato and Eva (Rivera) Venecia
VERA            Guadalupe T.     Henderson NV      11/3/1931 Mexico              7/9/1999   Antiono Torres                    Jose and Soledad Segura
VERMELAND       Byron O.         Sandwich IL       5/8/1914 Leland IL            7/15/1999  Vivian Fike                       Otto and Matilda (Anderson) Vermelan
VOELTZ          Myrlyn "Sparks"  Aurora IL         8/3/1929 Forest Township WI   4/28/1999  Jean Jones                        William and Hilda (Holdorf) Voeltz
VOGA            Arnold Everett   Sandwich IL       5/28/1915 Newark IL           6/29/1999  Della Bernice Wold                Otto B. and Edna G. (Vermeland) Voga
VULLO           Frankie          Somonauk IL       6/28/1984 Lagrange IL         8/15/1999                                    Joseph and Sue Vullo
WADE            Mary Kathryn     Plano IL          5/20/1928 Nevis MN            6/24/1999  John Wade                         Leonard and Helen (Chase) Mundwiler
WADKINS         Hortense         Aurora IL         4/5/1909 Aurora IL            7/6/1999   Dr. Joseph E. Wadkins             John A. and Eva (Jones) Armbruster
WAKE            Barbara (Bobbie) Geneva IL         4/25/1927 Utica NY            7/30/1999  William S. Wake                   Henrietta and John R. Gray
WALD            Charles Emery    Plano IL          6/23/1930 Beloit Twp WI       6/6/1999   Mary Spech                        William and Willetta (Johns) Wald
WALKER          Kim              Tennyson IN       about 1957                    6/13/1999  Steven Walker                     Harod land Ida White
WALUSH          Frank Steven Jr. Acworth GA        about 1909                    4/27/1999
WASILKOWSKI     Roy              Aurora IL         4/27/1944                     6/1/1999                                      Frances and Tanya Wasilkowski
WATGEN          Laura J.                           1/12/1955 LaSalle IL          5/28/1999                                     James O. and Elva Judd
WEAVER          William J.       Aurora IL         12/13/1905 Ford City IL       6/28/1999  Bernice Weaver                     John and Rachael (Boland ) Weaver
WEBB            Mary             Kewanee IL        8/15/1916 Kewanee IL          6/29/1999  John F. Webb                       Stanley and Sophie (Lampowski) Pilarski
WEBER           Ralph A.         Aurora IL         1/13/1922 Aurora IL           7/23/1999  Leonora "Lee" Weber                Fred and Catherine Weber
WEGMAN          Robert "Bob"     Aurora IL         5/1/1941 Brooklyn NY          5/7/1999   Patricia                           Jacob and Beatrice Wegman
WEIDERT         Albert A.        Aurora IL         11/28/1905 Aurora IL          8/17/1999  Goldie (Amdal) Weidert             Jacob and Elizabeth Weidert
WENDT           Herman S.        Socorro NM        7/8/1914 Aurora IL            8/15/1999  Ella M. Wendt                      Herman and Ellen (Hammes) Wendt
WERTEPNY        Mary Viola       Franklin TN       2/29/1924 Aurora IL           5/20/1999  Richard Wertepny                   Leon and Grace (Germano) Viola
WHITE           Ita C.           St. Charles Twp.  1/8/1929 Dublin Ireland       6/6/1999   Paul White                         Francis and Bridgette Ryan Murphy
WILLIAMS        Mary (Lazar)     San Carlos CA     about 1913                    6/2/1999   Alton (Jim) Williams
WILLIAMS        Melvin C.        Friendship WI     3/5/1934 Aurora IL            7/29/1999  Evalyn Davis                       Merle and Annabelle (Van Pelt) Williams
WILLIAMS        Sister Augusta   Aurora IL         abt 1909 Mobile AL            5/4/1999   Leroy                              Gussie and Georgia
WILLIAMSON      William H.       Aurora IL         12/7/1934 Oakdale SC          5/6/1999   Carolyn Williamson                 Samuel and Anna (Bryant) Williamson
WILLMAN         Arthur R.        Yorkville IL      2/11/1927 Illinois            7/13/1999  Marolyn
WILSON          Alvis H.                           abt 1907 Chester County IA    7/16/1999  Erda Butler                        Nancy and P.L. Wilson
WINEMILLER      Carol Sue (Gilbe Plano IL          12/9/1935 Kendall Co. IL      7/25/1999  Charles
WORTHLEY        Elizabeth J.     St. Charles IL    7/2/1916 St. Charles IL       7/2/1999   George                             Carl and Elin Soderquist
WORZAL          Elaine I.        Aurora IL         6/8/1935                      7/29/1999  John Worzal                        Aaron and Margaret Hornback
WRIGHT          Joseph A. Jr.    Joliet IL         abt 1924                      8/17/1999  Betty J. (Schmidt) Wright          Joseph A. and Catherine (Roettiger) Wright
WURTZ           Everett C.       Algonquin IL      1/16/1918 West Chicago IL     8/16/1999  Florence E. Klein                  William and Gertrude (Schacht) Wurtz
YORK            David A.         West Frankfort IL 10/31/1937 Louisburg KS       5/7/1999                                      Farlow and Beverly York
YOUNG           Dennis T. Jr.    Aurora IL         5/16/1969 Aurora IL           6/25/1999                                     Dennis T. and Betty J. Young
YUNKHERR        Carl H.          Aurora IL         10/27/1911 Merrill WI         8/10/1999  Edna A.                            Otto and Meta Yunkherr
ZACK            Peter C.         Aurora IL         12/7/1904 Aurora IL           8/5/1999
ZAHN            Melvin E.        West Chicago IL   10/21/1923 Geneva IL          6/11/1999  Bonnie
ZIEGLE          Robert M.        Johnson City TN   about 1912                    5/7/1999   Caroline O'Connor Ziegle          Louis Ziegle and Katherine Badry Ziegle
ZILLY           Ralph            Tiverton RI       about 1921                    7/8/1999   Dorothy B. (Davenport)            John Sam and Sophie (Krieg) Zilly

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