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Kokomo High School Class 1935

The Kokomo Tribune
Kokomo, Indiana
Wednesday, March 27, 1935


Tentative List of Graduates Announced by Principal Hinshaw Wednesday.


List of 290 Includes 35 Who Qualified for Diplomas at January Term.

Kokomo high school will again graduate this spring a class of
seniors which breaks all existing records for numbers. No less than
290 names are now on the tentative list for diplomas, and even
with the expected fifteen or twenty deletions from the roster as of
present date, the class will be well ahead of the 1934 class of 252,
which set a record last year.

Present List Tentative.

The names of the prospective graduates were announced by
Principal Hinshaw Wednesday morning. He pointed out that the
roster contains the names of a number of seniors who will be deleted
from the list In case their grades are below passing at the end of the
twelfth week of the present semester.

In such cases parents will be notified of the delinquency of
their children in order that the grades may be recovered if possible
during the final six-weeks' period. It is not the intention to
carry delinquent pupils on the graduating roster into the final
grading period.

The list of 290 names also includes 35 pupils who were qualified
for graduation at the close of the first term, but who will receive
their diplomas at the spring exercises.
The group is by far the largest ever to qualify here at the

The number of boys and girls in the class are almost evenly divided,
with 143 girls and 147 boys.

Already Qualified.

The pupils who have already qualified for diplomas and who
will receive them at the commencement exercises on the night of May
29 are as follows:

Girls: Marjorie Brandt, Pearl Clark, Delores Coughlin, Gwendolyn
Coy, Josephine Cross, Elizabeth Dunn, Catherine Flynn, Rena Fording,
Marion Graff, Dorothy Greene, Elizabeth Guire, Octavia Hardimon,
Leota Harris, Lois Hinds, Betty Jane Messersmith, Mary Jo
Pickering, Frances Rollins, Wilma Spurgeon, Mildred Swisher and
Martha Turley.

Boys: Warren DeLaughter, James Duke, Donald Elliott, Merle Godlove,
Lloyd Groves, LeVaughn Hawkins, Med Heinemann, Harold
Jarvis, Woodrow Keith, Irvin Nelson, Max Shirley, Oliver Shufflebotham,
William Smith, James Spradling and Charles Westfall.

Spring: Commencement List

The tentative list of seniors to qualify for graduation at the end
of the present term is as follows:


Margaret Aerne.

Rosemary Baker, Marie Bayer, Esther Black, Betty Bock, Helen
Bola, Lois Buckner, Betty Buhrman, Joan Burgin, Louise Byers.

Ruth Cherry, Lois Chesterton, Imogene Christie, Rosemary Clapper,
Eunice Coates, Janet Cohen, Beatrice Currens.

Jean Ann Dane, Charlene Davis, Alice DeLon, Irene Dietzen, Grace
Druecker, Delores Dudley, Mary Duncan, Mary Jane Eikenberry.

Joy Fleming, Betty Lou Fraling.

Mary Margaret Gerrard, Theda Gifford, Margaret Gideon, Patricia
Grace, Mary Catherine Gullion, Norma Gunning.

Vera Hale, Jean Hammond, Charlene Harlan, Betty Jane Harness,
Mary Catherine Hauber, Winifred Hodson, Helen Holman.

Violet Irick.

Helen Jackson, Mildred Jackson, Betty Jeter, Eleanor Johnson, 
Geneva Johnson, Mary Joyce.

Dolores Keene, Martha Kinney, Dorothea Kirby, Josephine Kirk,
Marybelle Klingerman, Isabel Knight.

Jo Ann Lantz, Ramona Leap, Doris Levenduski, Frances Linkskey, 
Juanita Little, Thelma Long, Margaret Lutsch.

Rosemary McClure, Dorothy McDonald, Valeria McDonald, Betty
Jane McDowell, Laura McGrew, Mary Ellen McHale, Thelma McLaughlin, 
Barbara Marshall, Helen Miller, Jane Miller, Virginia Milner,
Martha Moffitt, Gene Montz, Wilma Moore, Maltha Moorman,
Mollylea Moos, Agnes Moser.

Madeline Newman, Ruth Newton.

Anne O'Vadka.

Ella Mae Page, Helen Parsons, Betty Patoux, Rebecca Peck, Marion
Peele, Helen Percival, Betty Jean Pierce.

Mary Agnes Quinn.

Frieda Renfro, Virginia Rennaker, Mary Reynolds, Helen Rezo,
Mary Joan Rhodes, Elizabeth Rockwell, Marjorie Rody, Jeanette
Ronk, Louvina Ronk, Lucille Rose, Irene Rusk.

Mary Hannah Sailors, Betty Schrader, June Ann Schrader, Julia
Schraeder. Mary Margaret Scott, Dorotha Sharp, Janis Sizelove, Julia
Ann Smith, Leveda Strain, Millie Strapulos, Virginia Summers.
Pauline Thomas, Ardys Tinkler, Wanda Tochterman.

Bernice Underwood.

Rosemary Vint.

Josephine Wermes, Kathryn Whitacre, Lillian White, Lucille
Williams, Nellie Wood.

Mildred Yenna, Mary Jo Young, Marian Zehring.


Wilbur Albright, Robert Anderson.

Eugene Bahr, William Baker, William Barker, Albert Barthelmy,
Paul Bennett, Thomas Bennett, Ralph Bishop, James Black, Robert
Blakely, John Bone, Raymond Bostic, Bob Boughman, Charles Bridegroom,
William Brown, John Brummit.

Ray Cameron, Elwood Campbell, Wilbur Carnes, Ernest Carroll,
Robert Carson, Howard Cast, Wayne Chambers, James Colter,
Ambrose Colvin, Francis Cook, Junior Crim, Clarence Cross, Henry
Cross, Vassil Cross, Jesse Custer.

Chalmer Denny, Robert Densborn, Jack Dewberry, William DuBois, 
Oneil Duggins.

Fred Elliott, Richard Engle.

Eugene Feightner, Edward Ford, William Frank.

Joe Galloway, Jon Gaskill.

Ned Hall, Robert Hall, Paul Harris, Robert Heflin, Richard Heflin,
Harry Henry, Robert Hogan, Robert Hollingsworth, Kevney Hooley,
Paul Hysong.

Ward Ingels.

Dennis Johnson, Paul Jones.

Otha Keira, John Keith, Robert Kellar, Joe Kendall, Lloyd Kenworthy,
George Kohls.

John LaDow, Harold LaFollette, Harry Lanning, William Laverty,
Robert Leffert, John Life, Albert Long, Max Loop, Robert Lucas,
Forest Lytle.

Wilson McDowell, John McGaffney, Clifford McKinstry, Carl McMullen, 
Omer Main, Gerald Maroney, George Martin, William Mayse, Don Medley, 
Paul Miles, William Miles, Richard Milet, Jack Milner, Robert Moffitt, 
Frank Mozzone, George Myers.

Fred Nygren.

Rex Oyler.

Harry Palmer, Charles Parker, Norman Pearson, Burnell Perkins,
Max Phillips, Edward Poppas.

Floyd Quinlan.

Roy Randall. James Rhodes, Fred Risher, Clarence Rodefeld, Harold Roe.

Earl Samuels, Ralph Sandifur, Verlin Saul, Francis Sears, David
Settle, Thomas Settle, Maurice Sherman, Robert Shilling, Francis
Shoaf, John Sholty, Merrill Shrock, Ivan Simpson, Robert Springer,
Dustin Starbuck, Robert Stine, Dale Storms, Christ Strapolus, Robert
Strode, Marcellus Timme, Albert Tucker.
Robert Vandenbosch.

Moine Waggaman, Robert Williams, Eugene Wilson, Gene Wininger,
Edwin Winslow, Thomas Wood, Richard Worland, Phillip Wright.

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