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Early Essex Co., Massachusetts Marriages 1651-1722

Obtained From Early Town and Church Records - Ipswich, Essex, and Hamilton, Massachusetts: Town Histories

DATE             GROOM                                          BRIDE
==============   =====================================          =================================
1651, Oct.       The Rev. Samuel Phillips of Rowley             Sarah Appleton
1672             Nathaniel Wade                                 Mercy, dau. of Governor Bradstreet
1675             John Cogswell                                  dau. of Dr. John Gifford of Lynn
1693, May 1      Daniel Eppes of Salem                          widow Hannah Wainwright
1694, June 20    Mr. Nathaniel Thomas                           Mrs. Mary Appleton
1696, April 15   Mr. Benjamin Marston of Salem                  Mrs. Margaret Appleton
1698, Nov. 10    Mr. Addington Davenport of Boston              Mrs. Elizabeth Wainwright
1699, Nov. 13    Mr. Samuel Ward                                Mrs. Sarah Tuttle
1700, Nov. 7     Mr. Adam Winthrop of Boston                    Mrs. Anne Wainwright
1703, May 5      Mr. Nathaniel Shepherd of Lynn                 Mrs. Elizabeth Wade
1703, June 9     Rev. John White of Gloucester                  Lucy Wise
1703, Sept. 15   Paul Dudley, Esq. of Boston                    Mrs. Lucy Wainwright
1704, Aug. 10    Mr. Nathaniel Downing                          Mrs. Margaret Pynchon
1705, Oct. 11    Mr. William Clark of Boston                    Mrs. Hannah Appleton
1708, June 5     Mr. Joshua Bill of Boston                      Sarah Burnam
1722             Rev. Robert Ward of Wenham                     Mrs. Priscilla Appleton
1724, Oct. 22    Rev. Nathaniel Leonard of Plymouth             Mrs. Priscilla Rogers
1725, August 15  Rev. Edward Holyoke of Marblehead              Margaret Appleton
1726, Sept. 10   Rev. Edward Payson of Rowley                   Mrs. Elizabeth Appleton
1728, Sept. 17   Rev. Joshua Freeman of Plymouth                Mrs. Patience Rogers
1729, Jan. 28    Mr. Thomas Norton, Jr.                         Mrs. Mary Perkins
1731, March 11   Dr. Francis Holmes                             Mary Gibson
1736             Rev. Ames Cheever of Manchester                Sarah Choate
1739, Dec. 11    Rev. Edward Cheever                            Martha Wigglesworth
1742, March 17   Rev. Edward Holyoke, Pres. of Harvard College  widow Mary Epes
1761, June 22    Dr. Benjamin Foster of Boxford                 Sarah Low
1770, Jan. 8     Mr. Edward Wigglesworth                        Bridget Cogswell
1770, Feb. 6     Mr. William Wigglesworth                       Deborah Adams
1772, Nov. 26    Rev. Paul Park of Preston, Connecticut         widow Mary Rust
1779, Feb. 9     Dr. Josiah Smith                               Margaret Staniford
1786, Dec.       Mr. William Burley of Boston                   Susan Farley
1787, Oct. 6     Dr. Nehemiah Cleaveland of Topsfield           Lucy Manning
1789, June 29    Dr. Samuel Adams                               Abigail Dodge
1791, Dec. 28    Dr. John Scolly Osborn of Epsom, N. H.         Abigail Hodgkins
1793, Oct. 13    Dr. Joseph Manning, now of South Carolina      Elizabeth Pickard
1799, Sept. 1    Rev. Joseph McKean of Milton                   Amy Swasey
1802, Feb. 16    Dr. James Goss of Gloucester                   Hannah Smith
1808, June 14    Rev. Ebenezer Hubbard                          Charlotte Swasey
1809, Feb. 28    Rev. Joshua Dodge of Haverhill                 Mary Shatswell
1813, Nov. 28    Dr. Thomas Sewall , now of Washington, D. C.   Mary Choate
1813, May        Rev. Edward Richmond of Stoughton              Sarah Manning
1815, Dec. 28    Sidney Willard, Professor of Harvard College   Elizabeth A. Andrews
1819, Jan. 26    Sidney Willard, Professor of Harvard College   Hannah S. Heard
1830, Oct. 28    Rev. Lyman Matthews of Braintree               Rachel D. How
1832, Jan. 25    Rev. Edwin Jennison of Walpole, New Hampshire  Mary B. Shannon
1702, April 20   Mr. William Hassey of Rumney Marsh             Mrs. Elizabeth Brown
1703, March 20   Rev. Richard Brown of Newbury                  Martha Whipple
1708, April 5    Rev. Theophilus Cotton                         Mrs. Elizabeth Diamond
1710, Sept. 16   Mr. Stephen Minot of Boston                    Mrs. Sarah Wainwright
1713, Sept. 12   Col. Zacheus Mayhew of Chilmark                Mrs. Susannah Wade
1715, Feb. 10    Mr. John Wettson of Plymouth                   Sarah Rogers
1719, Nov. 21    Mr. Peleg Wiswall of Boston                    Elizabeth Rogers
1722, June 9th   Mr. Samuel Waldo of Boston                     Mrs. Lucy Wainwright

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