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Miscellaneous Worcester, Worcester Co., MA Births 1880

These births are taken from Worcester Co. probate records. To see scans of the original documents with parental info, click here:

NAME                      BIRTH DATE
====                      ==========
Sullivan, Nellie          April (blank) 
Hines, Harry              Apr 1 
Hanratty, Alice           Apr 1 
Metvia, Maggi L.          Apr 2
Oliver, Ida               Apr 2
Whitney, Harrison I or J. Apr 2
Salgstrom, Mary E.        Apr 3
Osterberg, Martina        Apr 4
Sullivan, Thomas          Apr 5
Payrow, Mary              Apr 5
Ouve or Oune, Julia A.    Apr 6
Drisko, Theodore          Apr 7
Kane, Thomas              Apr 7
Bird, John                Apr 8
McDonagh, Hugh            Apr 8
Gilchrist, Katie          Apr 8
Pierce, Walter E.         Apr 8
Holmes, Charles E.        Apr 8
Huotte, Hendrick          Apr 9
Buck, Alice               Apr 9
Jones, Harry E.           Apr 11
Courtney, Annie G.        Apr 11
Taylor, Clarence A.       Apr 12
Mountain, Elizabeth       Apr 12
Healy, Cornelius          Apr 13
Lebarge, Flora            Apr 14
Mahony, Mary E.           Apr 14
Woodward, Daisy F.        Apr 14
Gaffney, Lizzie           Apr 14
Maloney, John P.          Apr 15
Kenney, Charles E.        Apr 16
Barrows, Leroy            Apr 16
Hearon, Thomas F.         Apr 17
Johnson, Eva N.           Apr 20
McQuade, Maggie           Apr 21

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