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Miscellaneous Early Marriages
Dorchester County, Maryland

Extracted from:


                                 Elias Jones

                   Williams and Wilkins Company Press, 1902

Mary Airey, who married Thomas Martin, of Talbot County in 1772.
Elizabeth Airey, married Geo.Gale, of Somerset County.
Sarah Airey, married Capt. William Haskins, of Dorchester County, 
  in 1759.
Frances Airey, married Thos. Ennalls.
Leah Airey, married Andrew Skinner Ennalls, son of Thomas and 
  Ann Skinner, his wife.
John Airey, married Elizabeth Edmondson.
Louisa Airey, married Robert Gilmore, of Baltimore, Md.
Thos. Hill Airey, married Mary Harris, of Queen Anne’s County, 
  daughter of Thomas Harris and his wife, who was a Miss Edmondson.
Milcah Airey, married, 1, Robert Pitt, of Virginia; 1, Thos. Firmin 
  Eccleston in 1782; 3, Thomas Martin, of Talbot County, in 1788.
Robert and Milcah Pitt left one son, Samuel Wilson Pitt, who married 
  Mary Scott in 1793. Their children were:
Charles Pitt, married Rosanna Colston.
Matilda Pitt, married George Winthrop.
Eliza Pitt, married Wm. Hooper.
Leah Pitt, married Govert Haskins.
Thos. I.H. Pitt, married Sarah Ennalls Hooper.
Mary Brooke, married Joseph Ennalls.
Sarah Stevens, married Thomas Woolford.
Anne Brooke, daughter of Dr. John and Katherine, his first 
  wife, married, first, Thomas Cooke, second, John Stevens.
James Carroll, of St. Mary’s County, Md., married Araminta 
  Thompson in 1745.
Col. Henry James Carroll married Elizabeth Barnes King, 
  daughter and heiress of Thomas King, of Kingston Hall, 
  Somerset County.
Thomas King married Margaret Handy Carroll.
Henrietta Stevenson married Dr. John Chew Gibson, of Talbot County.
Ada _____ married Dr. Wm. J. Bowdle, of Dorcester County.
Sallie _____ married Thomas Cradock, of Baltimore County.
Susanna Denwood, married Thos. Browne.
Mary Denwood, married Roger Woolford.
Elizabeth Denwood, married, 4th July, 1669, Henry Hooper.
Rebecca Denwood, married, 15th November, 1679, Neh. Covington.
Sarah Denwood, married ____ Hicks.
Arthur Denwood, died before 1723; married Esther _____.
Elizabeth Denwood, born 7th May, 1674; died, 1736; married George Gale.
Mary Denwood, born 2d May, 1676; died, 9th December, 1735; married, 
  16th November, 1697, Henry Hill.
Shepherd Drain was born in Sussex County, Del., in 1806, married 
  Miss Mary A. Creighton, daughter of Vernon Creighton, April 
  24, 1835, and died November 12, 1844, at Greensborough, Caroline 
  County, Md.
Wm. F. Drain married Miss Maria Louise Creighton, daughter of 
  John R. Creighton, October 28, 1875.
John Eccleston, who married Mary Skinner, of Talbot County.
Hugh Eccleston, who married Elizabeth Ennalls.
Thomas Firmin Eccleston, who married Milcah Pitt, née Airey, daughter of 
  Rev. Thomas Airey and Milcah Gale, née Hill, his wife.
Dorthea Eccleston, married Joseph Richardson.
Dr. John Eccleston, married, 1, Miss Gale, of Somerset County; 2, 
  Miss Sulivane, of East New Market.
James Eccleston, married Henrietta Maria Martin, daughter of Judge 
  Martin and his wife, a Miss Nichols.
Elizabeth Eccleston, married Thomas Anderson, of Cambridge.
Leah Eccleston, married Govert Haskins in 1800; died September 29, 1803.
Thomas John Hugh Eccleston, married Sarah Ennalls Hooper, May 16, 1806, 
  daughter of Major John Hooper and Elizabeth Ennalls Scott, his wife.
Thomas Haskins, who married Mary Lockerman, granddaughter of Govert 
  Lockerman, who came from the town of Amsterdam, now New York, in 
Thomas Firmin Eccleston, born in 1812; died in 1846; married Dorthea 
  Keene in 1838.
Elizabeth Anne Eccleston, born in 1815; married John Leeds Nesbit Kerr.
Sarah Hooper Eccleston, born October 26, 1822; died December 31, 1894; 
  married, in 1843, Edward John Stevens, son of Ex- Gov. Samuel 
  Stevens, of "Compton," Talbot ‘County.
Thomas Muse, of Westmoreland County, Va., married Anne Ennalls, about 
  the year 1760, daughter of Joseph Ennalls.
Margaret Muse married, in 1790, Dr. Wm. Worthington Davis.
Joseph Ennalls Muse married Sophia Kerr, daughter of David Kerr 
  and Rachel Leeds (Bozman) Edmondson.
Thomas Ennalls, who married in 1718, Elizabeth Richardson; died 
  without issue.
William Ennalls, married Anne Warren.
Joseph Ennalls, married Mary Brooke, of Calvert County, daughter of John and 
  Judith Brooke.
John Ennalls, married Elinor Daffin.
Henry Ennalls, married, in 1695, Mary Hooper.
Elizabeth Ennalls, married Roger Woolford, of Somerset County.
Mary Ennalls, married John Foster.
William Ennalls, who married Annie Smith in 1716; died in 1731.
Bartholomew Ennalls, married Mary Smith in 1725 and Elizabeth 
  Trippe in 1734; died in 1783.
Joseph Ennalls, born in 1702; married Mary Ennalls; died in 1759.
Thomas Ennalls, married, 1, the widow Smart; 2, Annie Heyward.
Henry Ennalls, married Elinor Bostworth.
Elizabeth Ennalls, married Chas. Goldsborough in 1730.
Mary Ennalls, married Col. Henry Hooper, of Warwick.
Mary Ennalls, married Ennalls Hooper.
Ann Ennalls, married Gen. Henry Hooper.
Bartholomew Ennalls, born in 1746; married, 1, Sally Hooper; 
  2, Nancy Keene.
Elizabeth Ennalls, married Greenbury Goldsborough in 1754.
Elinor Ennalls, married Joseph Daffin, who died in 1796.
Anne Ennalls, born 1750; died in 1803; married Thomas Muse. 
Col. Thomas Ennalls, son of Joseph and Mary Brooke Ennalls, 
  his wife, married a second wife, Mary Anne Hayward
Sarah Ennalls, married Henry Waggaman.
Thomas E. Waggaman married Martha Jefferson Tyler, sister 
  of President Tyler.
Rebecca Ennalls married John Caile.
Margaret Caile, married Richard Sprigg.
Margaret Caile, sister of John Caile and daughter of Hall Caile and 
  Elizabeth Haskins, his wife, married Gustavus Scott.

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