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Dated August 29, 1929 - - - -


From the Sheboygan Press, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Friday, August 30, 1929:

"It was at 11:59 o'clock last night that the San Juan, en
route from San Francisco to Los Angeles, collided with the
S. C. T. Dodd an oil tanker. Five minutes later then San Juan
went to the bottom, spilling into the sea the 65 passengers and
crew of 45..."

From the Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada
Saturday, August 31, 1929:

The following is the revised list of
survivors oĢ the San Juan disaster
brought to San Francisco today by
the Standard Oil tanker S. C. T.

C. J. Tullee, first mate; 
A. Olson, second mate; 
R. Papenfuss, third mate; 
Clifford Paulson, first wireless;
Paul Hillsman, second wireless, San Francisco; 
W. Gainley, winch driver; 
Charles Lane, chief pantryman; 
C. G. Haines, waiter, San Francisco; 
Lawrence Roberts, fireman, San Francisco; 
James Naughton, oiler, San Francisco; 
J. A. McDonald, oiler; 
Raymond Alkofer, waiter; 
H. Steffanson, winch driver, San Francisco; 
Julius Sepp, seaman, San Francisco; 
Jens Mehanner, seaman, San Francisco;
Anest Zoarifaki, seaman; 
Caesar Ceballos, oiler, San Francisco; 
John MacCarthy, third engineer, San Francisco;

Harry H. Kidder, San Francisco;
Martin Hanson; 
Mrs. M. Dansby, 8823 Beach street, Los Angeles; 
S. Karanky, 909 Temple street, Los Angeles; 
John Aley, Anaheim, Cal.;
Roy Eades, Los Angeles; 
John Garcia, Santa Barbara; 
J. H. Houghton, 822 Thirty-fifth avenue, San Francisco;
Hollis Pifer, 6 years old, San Francisco; 
Henry Holgate, a negro;
L. B. Heasley, Manila.

Eleven survivors of the shipwreck
near here today, all of them passengers,
or members of the crew of the San Juan, 
which sank, were brought here tonight by 
the U. S. coast guard cutter Shawnee. Four
of the more seriously injured were
taken to Harbor emergency hospital.

Those taken to the Harbor emergency
hospital were:
Mrs. William Fellows, Los Angeles, bruised about the 
  body and legs, not serious; 
Miss Rosa P. Rulfo, San Francisco, 113S Turk street, 
  badly bruised about the head and body; 
James Gallagher, Los Angeles, bruised and suffering 
  from exposure
Luther Leathers, San Pedro, steersman of the San Juan,
  bruised about the face and back, not serious."

Cutter Shawnee Has Four Survivors

- The U.S.S. Shawnee, coast guard
cutter which took 11 survivors of
the S. C. T. Dodd-San Juan crash
aboard today, docked here at 8:30
o'clock tonight. Four of the survivors,
a Mrs. Fellows, Rosa Perez Ruflo, 
A. Garcia and J. K. Hamilton,
were being treated for injuries."


Names of those missing in the San
Juan wreck as compiled tonight by
the Associated Press from all able
sources, with home towns where
that information was available,

P. M. Mosses; 
Mrs. Marjorie Pifer, Los Angeles; 
M. Mathew; 
R. R. Menner; 
A. D. Hillbrand; 
R. A. Davis; 
Leslie Seabury; 
Julias More; 
E. D. Marshall; 
Fred E. Glund; 
James Dougherty; 
G. Navarro;
S. Fisher; 
Jose Cazares; 
J. Sanchez; 
____ Colvin (man); 
Mrs. John Ealey; 
Mrs. Brown; 
Mrs. Josephine Foley; 
Paul Wagner, Stanford university; 
R. O. Gorman; 
Mrs. Sheppard; 
Miss Sheppard; 
A. P. MacNeill; 
Mrs. L. H. Kendall; 
Mrs. L. H. Mohler; 
Mrs. Martin Hanson;
Maud Ganzby; 
Mrs. H. L. Field;
Mrs. E. Fraser; 
Mrs. Theodore Grandstedt, Mountain View, Calif.;
John Olson, San Jose, Calif.; 
Mrs. John Olson, San Jose, Calif.; 
Mrs. Bettie Simons; 
Max Wilkes; 
Vera Bell; 
W. Fuchs; 
Mrs. P. Seitz,
_____ Hill (man);
J. Rulfo; 
Louis Curris; 
J. O. Edeler, Marysville, Calif.

Crew (contains names not in other lists)

Captain A. F. Asplund, San Francisco;
Jack Cleveland, purser and chief steward; 
M. Apple, first assistant engineer; 
John Lewis, Second assistant engineer;
William Gainey, seaman; 
George Constantine, seaman; 
P. A. Lier, seaman;
A. von Bank, seaman; 
Pete Knutson, seaman; 
J. Kromann, seaman;
Ernest Lang, seaman; 
E. E. Lynn, seaman; 
P. Murphy, seaman;
George Watts, seaman; 
George Whitcomb, seaman; 
Albert Astrada, seaman; 
Jack Doyle, seaman; 
B. Giles, seaman; 
Ernest Knight, seaman;
L. Beardsley, seaman; 
A. Gonzales, seaman; 
J. Gonzales, seaman;
John Henderson, seaman; 
B. Bohan, seaman; 
J. Dougherty, seaman;
Pete Hawley, seaman."

From the Ogden Standard-Examiner, Ogden City, UT
Saturday, August 31, 1929:

No Mountain States Names
Appear On Roster of Drowned

The following persons, believed to
have been on the San Juan, still are
unaccounted for and believed to
have perished:

Barton, Willis, Los Angeles; 
Bell, Vera, no address; 
Brown, Mrs. U. S., Oakland;
Burris, Louis, no address;
Cazares, Jose, no address; 
Colvin, Harry, Portland, Ore.; 
Davis, R. A., no. address; 
Edeler, J. O., Marysville;
Eley, Mrs. John, Anaheim; her husband was saved; 
Englund, Fred, no address; 
Field, Mrs. H. L., no address;
Fisher, S., no address; 
Foley, Mrs. Josephine, no address; 
Fuchs, W., San Francisco; 
Goldin, Mr., no address; 
Grandstedt, Mrs. Theodore, Mountain View; 
Hansen, O. O., no address; 
Hanson, Mrs. Martin, San Francisco, 
Hanson, Eric;, 4, her son; 
Hill, Mr., no address; 
Hillbrand, A. T,, no address; 
Kendall, Mrs. Lili, San Francisco; 
MacNeill, A. P., no address; 
Marshall, E. D., Los Angeles, retired 
  vice-president of Theobald Oppenheim 
  Cigar company, Philadelphia; 
Mason, Martha, 7, her daughter; 
Matthews, M., no address; 
Menner, R. R., no.address;
Mohler, Mrs. L. H., no address;
More, Julius, no address; 
Moses, F. M., San Francisco; 
Novarro, George, Los Angeles; 
Olson, John, San Jose;
Olson, Miss Helen, daughter; 
Pifer, Mrs. Marjorie, Los Angeles;
Ruflo, J.. Mexico City; 
Sanchez; J. B., no address; 
Seabury, Leslie, no address;
Seitz, Mrs. P., no address;
Shepard, Mrs. Clara. S., San Francisco;
Simons, Miss Betty, San Francisco;
Slater, Miss M. E., San Francisco;
Wagner, Paul, Los Angeles, a Stanford 
  university student;
Wilkes, Max, no-address;

Apple, M., assistant engineer, no, address;
Asplund Captain A. F., commander, San Francisco; 
Beardsley, H., seaman;
Behan, B., seaman; 
Cleveland, Jack, purser and chief steward, San Francisco;
Constantine, George; seaman;
Dawes H., radio operator; 
Dougherty, James, seaman; 
Doyle, Jack, seaman;
Estrada, Albert, seaman;
Giles, Donald, 28, seaman; 
Gonzales J., seaman; 
Hawley, Pete; seaman;
Henderson, John, seaman; 
Knight Ernest, seaman;
Knudson, Pete, seaman; 
Kromann, Jr., seaman;
Land (Lang?), Ernest, seaman; 
Lewis, John, assistant engineer; 
Lier, F. A., seaman;
Lynn, E. E., seaman; 
Murphy, P., seaman;
Haughton, James, oiler and cousin of his namesake, 
  the San Juan's chief engineer who was rescued;
Watts, George, seaman; 
Whitcomb, George, seaman."


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