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Nantucket, Massachusetts

Dated August 16, 1958 - - - -


Excerpted from Fitchburg Sentinel, Saturday, August 16, 1958:

Plane Crash Kills 22

12 Occupants Escape Death; Aircraft Hits Treetops in Fog

NANTUCKET, Aug. 16 [1958] - A Northeast Airline plane from New York crashed and disintegrated 
near Nantucket Airport late last night taking the lives of 22 of its 31 occupants...
The three-person crew of the two-engine Convair - pilot, co-pilot and stewardess - perished...


NANTUCKET, Aug. 16 [1958] - The list of casualties in last night's Northeast Airlines plane crash, as 
compiled from various sources:

The dead:

William Hinckley, 10 E. 76th St., New York
Mrs. Jacqueline Young, Nantucket
Mrs. I. Wright, 59 E. 72nd St., New York
Mr. L. Foster, 601 W. 155th St., New York
Mr. F. Kilberg, 395 Riverside Drive, New York City
Gordon Dean, 953 5th Ave., New York (former chairman of Atomic Energy Commission)
John Pearson, 17 W. 15th St., New York
John Burnham, Marshfield, pilot
David Carey, Nantucket, co-pilot
Arlene Dabek, Manchester, N.H., stewardess
Dr. Eric Bannister, 134 Brooklyn Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Harvey Schwamm, 4650 Fieldston St., Riverdale, N.Y.
Barbara Dasch, New York City
Miss Jewell Shabell, 147-16 77th Rd., Flushing, N.Y.
Mr. D. Trauth, 100 Jefferson Ave., Maplewood, N.J.
Miss P. Haken, 90-11 149th Jamaica, Queens
Mr. S. Rubenfeld, no address
Mr. J. C. Wehmann, 185 E. Madison Ave., Florham Park, N.J.
Miss H. Hereford, New York City
Miss Virginia Marsh, 6809 Booth St., Forest Hills, N.Y.
Miss J. Cavin, Goshen Rd., Malverne, Pa.
Miss B. Gillen, 2150 Crescent ave., The Bronx, N.Y.

Miss Barbara Feinerman, 305 E. 34th St., Brooklyn, N.Y., critical
Cindy Lou Young, Nantucket, good
Mrs. Lillian Schwamm, Harvey's wife, same address, critical
Miss Marguerita Boos, 4303 Church Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., critical
Miss Lita Levine, 621 Rulland Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y., critical
Miss Joyce Bell, 708 Lexington Ave., New York, fair
John P. O'Dell, Elgin, Ill., critical
John Shea, 34, New York, fair
Edward H. Fennell, Nantucket and Morris Plains, N.J., critical
Paul Kozinn, 615 Lefferts Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., fair
Don Brestwick, Manhattan, N.Y., on danger list
Mrs. John Pearson, 17 W. 15th St., New York, on danger list


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