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Hurricane Victims
Near Miami, Florida

Dated September 22, 1926 - - - -


From The Bee, Danville, Virginia, Wednesday, September 22, 1926:

[Following a hurricane which hit the Gulf Coast]

Official List Of Worst Hurt

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 22. (AP)  An official list containing more 
than 1,000 names of persons in hospitals both permanent and temporary in 
Miami, was made public today by authorities.  The list contains the name 
of every person in the hospitals and includes children lost from their 
parents and a number of homeless persons not considered seriously hurt.

Among those on the list are a large number who stuck nails in their feet 
during the hurricane or immediately afterward.  The more seriously injured 
follow, those having no address following them being from Miami:

L. M. Beall, fractured arm.
William Bernard, fractured shoulder.
Nettie Bishop, Hollywood, fractured leg.
J. J. Blake, fractured leg.
D. Carter, exhaustion.
Mrs. Frances Carter, abdominal injuries.
Charlotte Casse, arm and leg broken.
Richard Chinn, right shoulder fractured.
F. H. Abbott, exhaustion.
J. F. Allen, fractured rib.
Mrs. Phyllis Austin, Hialeah, seriously injured.
C. W. Austin, Hialeah, ribs fractured.
R. C. Brian, Coral Gables, kidney injuries.
Robert Brown, right leg fractured.
Alberta Brusson, nail in knee.
C. W. Brugess, Hollywood, left arm broken.
Wellma Brandley, severed tendon left heel.
Anne Bynum, fractured skull.
John J. Bradford, fractured ribs.
Fannie Bauer, fractured shoulder.
Albert Brown, elbows fractured.
Marion Anderson, Lemon City, shock.
Herbert Clark, abdominal injury.
Clyatt Taylor, shoulder dislocated.
Mrs. Cobleigh, Coconut Grove, both legs and shoulder fractured.
Bert Cobleigh, Cocoanut Grove, internal injuries.
John Coleman, eyes, body and arm hurt.
W. L. Collins, Miami Beach, shock.
Ray Clint, fractured leg.
Margaret Conners, Cocoanut Grove, fractured ribs.
Mrs. W. Cox and child, exposure.
H. W. Crawford, fractured arm.
Raymond Irulman, chest and head injuries.
Floyd Delaney, Hialeah, paralyzed.
Jack Dolan, broken leg.
Phyllis Dolan, broken leg.
H. L. Dozier, Hialeah, fractured ribs.
Mrs. John Enright, Hialeah, left foot lacerated.
Mary Josephine Erick, Hialeah, nail in leg.
Mrs. Al Fountain, face cuts, fractured leg, internal injuries.
Paul Garrison, Hialeah, arm fractured.
E. C. Gentry, broken finger and thumb.
Miss Gill, eye injured.
H. J. Gillespie, glass through hand.
Mrs. J. M. Goodson, chest injured.
Mrs. Mary Goodson, Lemon City, fractured ribs.
Frances Greeb, leg fractured, internal injuries.
S. David Goodman, fractured shoulder.
Miss Iva Gerber, fractured right arm.
J. P. Gufford, fractured knee.
Miss Lillie Herring, Hialeah, laceration of scalp, possible fractured skull.
Aaron Homer, back injury.
Joseph Ropper, Hialeah, internal injuries.
William Howardston, fractured skull.
Tom Hagood, back injured.
Mrs. T. C. Harless and four children, back injuries.
Mrs. Thelma Harless, internal injuries.
Mrs. Effie Hayes, exhaustion.
Floyd Hazel Baker, Hialeah, lacerated head.
C. W. Henry, Hialeah, lacerated foot, fractured ribs.
Earl Hudson, rib injury.
Miss Helen Jones, fractured nose.
Mrs. Agnes Johnson, seriously injured.
Mrs. Frank C. Jones, Hialeah, pneumonia.
Charles Kirby, broken leg.
L. C. Kirkland, possible fractured skull.
John V. Kloeber, 83, Silver Bluff, internal injuries.
W. L. Larson, fractured leg.
Russell Laviolette, Hialeah, fractured knee.
Miss Florence Lawrence, fractured back.
Miss Edith Lowell, fractured skull.
Mrs. Don Lawrence, Hialeah, fractured spine.
A. M. Murray, Hialeah, internal injuries.
Raffael Mays, fractured ankle.
Mrs. D. C. Martin, extent of injuries unknown.
Mrs. C. D. Harris, exposure.
James J. Martin, pneumonia.
Henry Mason, Richmond, Va., fractured arms.
Frank Miller, leg broken.
William Miller, fractured leg and knee.
Arthur Mooney, fractured arm.
W. G. Moore, Dania, fractured rib.
Henry McKennel, fractured shoulder.
Dr. C. H. McLaughlin, fractured ankle.
Alvin L. McNally, glass driven into ankle bone.
Mrs. Elizabeth Olson, seriously injured.
Albert Pufford, left leg fractured.
William Parnell, back injured.
John Peters, internal injuries.
Anthony Palombo, fractured skull.
Mrs. R. J. Battee, rheumatism, and infected hands and feet.
R. E. Payne, lacerations of skull and left side.
John E. Phillips, fractured right arm.
Mrs. Roy Prince, Little River, possible foot fracture.
Preem Riley, leg fracture.
Miss Genevieve Roqquemore, possible fractured skull.
Charles Reese, Hialeah, broken ribs.
Mise Ethel Rosehill, Hialeah tourist camp, fractured leg.
Louis Ronch, fractured ribs, lacerations.
Ezra P. Schine, injured spine.
Mrs. Ezra P. Schine, spine and back injuries.
Miss Tessie Schurn, Hialeah, lacerated
scalp and fractured right shoulder.
Muse Skitemore, fractured knee.
Mrs. Frank Shaulder, fracture and skull lacerations.
Charles Grill, leg possibly fractured.
Mrs. Skinner, internal injuries.
Mrs. T. E. Smith, Pulford, fractured arms, ankle sprained.
Mrs. T. E. Smith, Fulford, back injured.
Mrs. Julia Stearns, fractured shoulder.
Lila Mae Stevens, possible internal injuries.
Male Lou Terrell, pneumonia.
Shirley Thone, injured back.
Mrs. H. D. Thomas, fractured thigh.
K. Thorsteinsson, fractured pelvis.
C. Tong, internal injuries.
Unidentified infant, fractured skull.
Miss Lucy Nell Warrick, injured back.
_. _. Warren, mute and paralyzed.
Mrs. D. Wilkes, fractured leg, scalp cut.
Hilmer Obery, foot amputated.


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