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Passengers on the Ship: City of Washington
From Liverpool to New York
Published on August 25, 1857 - - -


In steamship City of Washington, from Liverpool

Published in the New York Times on August 25, 1857

Mr. Murdoch (tragedian)
Mrs. Murdoch
J. S. Fisher
Wm. Hincks
Miss E. Partridge
Mrs. J. Barton
S. M. Carlisle
A. Bell
H. White
Rev. Dr. Stevens
W. White and lady
Mrs. Spinge and child
T. Wilson
Rev. P. Barker
Mr. Chalmers
Geo. Boyde
A. Macruin, lady, and 4 children
W. Johnson
P. Droyn
R. Reily
Mr. Elias
S. S. Spencer
John Horne
Mr. Sport
E. Muir and lady
J. Pierson and lady
S. B. Harrison
Mr. Downham
Mrs. Dickinson
Mrs. J. Fenton and child
Mrs. J. M. Sewell
G. Heywood and lady
Mrs. Thomas
Miss Beckwith
Dr. Wray and daughter
J. Wild, lady and servant
H. B. Griffith
Miss Ball
Mrs. Ball
A. B. Dolmage
J. A. Neil
M. A. Carr
S. Spier, lady and daughter
W. F. Foster
A. Foster
S. H. Foster
A. H. Foster
G. H. Foster
Miss Spark
Miss Nixon
Mrs. E. Groves and child
Miss Groves
B. McEldornes, lady and 3 children
Capt. Loring and lady
S. Schlesinger and lady
Mr. Newell, lady and infant
Mrs. Charles
Mr. Hill and lady
Mr. Steinback
F. Spaw
Geo. Reading
W. A. Withnell
E. W. Briggs
Ch. Thune
H. Wexel
Mrs. Leighton and infant
G. B. Dolphin
Miss Dolphin
Rev. H. Metcalf and lady
Miss Baylis
Mrs. Neill
John Weaver
J. Carter
Miss Coskson
Mrs. M. Rowly
Mr. Diamond, lady and child
J. Dray
W. Culverwell
Rev. F. A. Wood
J. McMaster
B. F. Bowen
J. Brodie
S. de Groot
M. De Groot
Mr. Higginbottom and brother, Ruby
J. Ritchie
G. Stothardt
Jas. Dixon
H. M. Jones
Dr. O. D. Wilcox
J. H. Heall
J. Durgin
E. Gascoigne
A. P. J. Powell
H. Mills
D. McCaw
M. Skelton
L. G. C. Helderbrar


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