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Bagley, Weber County, Utah

Dated December 31, 1944 - - - -


Ogden Standard-Examiner, Ogden, Utah - Monday, January 1, 1945

Photo Caption:
"ONE OF WEST'S WORST RAIL ACCIDENTS . . . Some 50 persons died 
and 80 others were injured in the Sunday crash of a speeding 
southern Pacific mail-express and a slowly-moving passenger train  
both westbound  on a fog-shrouded causeway near Bagley, in shallow 
waters of Great Salt Lake, 17 miles west of Ogden. The locomotive 
of the second section bored into the rear Pullman of the passenger 
unit (see upper left photo). Force of the impact sent another 
sleeping car smashing through the dining car and farther ahead 
slammed one coach into the wooden coach ahead of it.  Cars of the 
express section piled up crossways of the track behind the engine, 
some of them sliding down the causeway embankment into water.  
Most of the dead were taken from the rear Pullman car and from the 
telescoped coach.  At least 28 were military service men.  The train 
had left Chicago at ten a.m. Friday, bound for San Francisco."

Pacific Limited Crash Claims 48 Lives

Southern Pacific Trains Collide; 79 Reported Hurt

Casualty Lists of S. P. Wreck Still Incomplete

Weary railroad officials and army and navy authorities today 
continued to add to the still incomplete list of casualties 
in the tragic wreck of the Pacific Limited early yesterday, 
as grim rescue squads hacked and burned their way through the 
twisted scrap to find possible new victims.

A Southern. Pacific representative said that most of the civilian 
dead were still unidentified, early today, according to the United 
Press Names of most of the military and naval dead were withheld 
pending notification of next of kind.
The list of dead and wounded, gathered from various sources, follows:

Dead, civilian:

James McDonald, engineer of the second section, Ogden.
W. S. Duerdon, brakeman, Ogden.
Leroy Porter, S. P. brakeman, his wife, Mrs. Margaret Porter and 
 their daughters, Peggy, 14, and Mary, 8, all of Sparks, Nev.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Francis, brother and sister-in-law of Mrs. Porter, 
 Carlin, Nev., and Morgan, Utah.
Pablo Fronseca, Stockton, Cal., and Rexburg, Ida.
Louis Hawkins, S. P. waiter, Oakland, Cal.
Harry Madden, S. P. cook, Oakland, Cal.
Melvin Jackson, S. P. waiter, Oakland, Cal,
A. E. P. Albert, 48, S. P. porter, San Francisco.
John Bolkius, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Dead, Service Personnel

CM1/C Gordon N. Roland, Bayport, Minn.
WT1/C Wilford Smith, Jolo, W.Va.
Sl/C Grant F. Smith, Barbourville, Ky.
STM 2/C Joseph J. Zernley, Rt. 2, Long Prairie, Minn.
 (Salt Lake Tribune shows "Zehnle")
Sl/C William S. Robbins, 17 Locust, Westville, N. J.
Pvt. Cecil G. Luttell, 17 Clark St., San Rafael, Cal.
Pvt. Walter Bernstein, 1506 4th Ave., Oakland, Cal.
Fl/C George S. Scott, 339 Howerton Ave., San Francisco, Cal. '
Pvt. Robert E. Wieland, Lakeview, Ia.
Cpl. Israel Rand, 91 Central Park West, New York.
Sgt. Anton P. Druskis, 5306  S. 3rd St., Omaha, Neb.
Pvt. Glenn E. Youmans, Kinsett, Ia.

Injured, Civilians
D. E. Altman, S. P. brakeman, minor injuries.
Mrs. Andrew Butti, no home address, Elko hospital, serious injuries.
Pryor Bradford, Oakland, Calif., S. P. employe, burns.
Victor Brown, Oakland, Calif., S. P. waiter, back injury.
Vera Bearfield, Warren, Pa., leg injuries.
Mrs. Edwin O. Byrne, Alameda, Calif., leg injuries.
Peter Byrne, son of Mrs. Byrne leg injuries. '
James Barrow, S. P. brakeman, minor injuries.
L. E. Campbell, S. P. fireman, minor injuries.
Mrs. Anna Edvaldson, Ogden, leg and back injuries.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Edwards, Rt 3, Carterville, Ga., leg injuries.
Mrs. Perry F. Eason, Redwood City, Calif., leg injury not determined.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Ferris, Cherokee, Ia., leg injuries.
D. R, Green, San Francisco, Calif., Pullman conductor, serious burns.
Clarence Heberer, S. P. steward, Alameda, Calif., head lacerations 
 and possible internal injuries.
James E. Harding, Oakland, Calif., S. P. waiter, back and head injuries.
Andrew Hill, S. P. waiter, Oakland, Calif., minor injuries.
Ruth Hoover, 21, address unknown, fractured leg.
Louis A. King, Berkeley, Calif., waiter, back and leg injuries.
Mrs. Frank Meighan, Sacramento, Cal., head and leg injuries.
Mrs. Clifford Moss, Ogden, shock.
Mrs. Frank Miligan, Sacramento, Cal., head and leg injuries.
O. C. Merriott, Millbrae, Cal., ankle injuries.
Phyllis Mattson, Martin Grove, Ill, back injuries.
Saul Phillips, 833 Second Street, Oakland, Cal., internal injuries.
Mrs. M. J. Kalaske, San Leandro, Cal., serious injuries.
C. A. Russell, brakeman, Ogden, minor injuries.
Mrs. B. J. Smith, Berkeley, Cal., injuries unknown.
Lorene Schweinfort, Lindall, S. D., leg fractures.
Mrs. William "Willie" Seaman, Salt Lake City, burns.
W. C. Stark, San Francisco, back and leg injuries.
Arthur Seemlick, Milwaukee, Wis., leg injuries.
Mrs. Ruth B. Thomas, Berkeley, Cal., ankle fracture.
Otis M. Tindall, student stewart, face, arm and chest injuries.
Mrs. George A. Walker, Sparks, Nev., fractured spine.
George A. Walker, Sparks, Nev., leg injuries.
Charles A. Walker, Sparks, Nev., injuries undetermined.
Carmen Walker, Sparks, Nev., injuries undetermined.

Injured service personnel:
S 1/C Ralph E. Ridlehoover, Plum Branch, S.C., leg fractures.
S 2/C Charles J. Hartwig, Route 5, Monroe, Wis., leg fracture.
FC 3/C William E. Albrecht, 3012 Forrest avenue, Lyndhurst, N.J.

Six Soldiers

Public relations officers at Bushnell General hospital, Brigham City, 
Utah, said today that the names of six soldiers killed in the crash 
had been referred to the adjutant general in Washington, D.C., for 
notification of next of kin and release as wreck casualties.
Twefth naval district headquarters in San Francisco was expected to 
announce the names of the additional navy dead, after next of kin 
have been notified.

Ogden Standard-Examiner, Ogden, Utah - Tuesday, January 02, 1945

Train Victims Listed By U.S. Army, Navy Aides

Names of 29 service personnel killed in the Southern Pacific train 
wreck west of here Sunday were listed today by army and navy 
authorities, as follows:

Pvt. Steven W. Soltis, Lakewood, Ohio.
Walter A. Clement, Jr., Belfast, Maine.
William J. Grabriel, Chicago.
Theodore Golembiewski, Cleveland.
Pvt. Cecil G. Luttrell, San Rafael, Calif.
Pvt. Walter Bernstein, Oakland, Calif.
Pvt. Robert E. Wieland, Lake View, Iowa.
Sgt. Anton P. Druskis, Omaha.
Pvt. Glenn E. Youmans, Kensett, Iowa.
Pfc. Earl Madsen, San Luis Obispo, Calif.
Corp. Israel Rand, Reno army airbase.

Maritime Service:
Joseph J. Zehnley, steward's mate second class, Long Prairie, Minn.
Marine S/Sgt. Thomas L. Dowling, son of Thomas L. Dowling, Sr., 
 San Jose, Calif.
Coast Guard Seaman 2/c Robert H. Pigel, Detroit.

Wilford Smith II, water tender, Portland, Maine.
Grant F. Smith, seaman, Middlesboro, Ky.
George B. Scott, fireman, Catasauqua, Pa.
Ernest L. Boumont, aviation cadet, Wahpeton, North Dakota.
Frank W. ZiOlowski, seaman, Natrona, Pa.
Ralph E. Zima, seaman, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Gordon N. Roland, carpenter's mate, Bayport, Minn.
Harley A. Thomson, fireman, Milwaukee, Wis.
George E. Amlot, boatswain's mate, Wyandotte, Mich.
Earl Dillehay, Jr., fireman, Greenville, Mich.
Fred L. Peavy, boatswain's mate, Scotland, Ga.
Leo B. Marvin, seaman, Franklin, Mich.
William B. Bobbins, seaman, Balboa, Canal Zone.
John R. Johnson, Sr., electrician's mate, Quakertown, Pa,
Sidney J. Chambers, shipfitter, Minden, W. Va.

Names of three, injured servicemen, who were taken to an army 
hospital at Auburn, Calif., were also released. They are:
Pvt. G. J. Prescott, lacerated left foot.
G. E. Fisher, rank not reported, military policeman, knee and back 
Pfc. Louis Lynch, hip and pelvis injuries.

From the Salt Lake Tribune, January 1, 1945:

"Mr. McDonald, engineer on the mail and express train, was drooped 
over his throttle. His body was not mutilated, but he had been 
scalded and burned by escaping steam. His fireman, M. E. Hardman, 
3825 Ogden ave., Ogden, escaped with only minor injuries.
Other members of this train crew were: Conductor, J. W. Welch, 
brother of City Commr. Harold R. Welch; brakemen, Rale E. Altman 
and Clarence Russell, all of Ogden. None of these was seriously 
injured.  The crew of the passenger train were: Engineer, 
W. B. Ware - fireman, Louis E. Campbell; conductor, Victor W. Kovarik; 
brakeman, James E. Barrow, all of Ogden. They likewise escaped injury."


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