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This is part of a complete list of American military casualties in Vietnam, released by the defense department and dated from June 30, 1961, thru July 26, 1965. To see the remainder of the list go to the index. Below the service man's name is the next of kin and address listed by the service man when he entered the Vietnam theater. The address given could be that of a camp where the next of kin lived, the service man's home town, of the home town of the next of kin. The Defense Department report lists deaths resulting from action by hostile forces, deaths not resulting from action by hostile forces, persons missing due to hostile action, persons missing not due to hostile action, and persons detained in Vietnam, for all four military branches. - - -

Name, Rank, Date of Death, Next of Kin, Relationship, Address
Albrecht, George h. Capt. Nov. 19, 1964, Jo Anne Albrecht, wife, 357 
  Watson av., Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
Armstrong, Robert G. 1st Lt. Oct. 24, 1964, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. 
  Armstrong, parents, 6138 Tyndall av., Bronx, N. Y.
Bakely, Roy J. Capt. July 22, 1965, Mrs. Johnnye L. Bakely, wife, 
  Victorville, Cal.
Bartley, John Peter Capt. Feb. 3, 1963, Mrs. Betty Jane Bartley, 
  wife, c/o John Cameron, 2817 Guadalupe, San Angelo, Tex.
Bedal, Arthur Eugene 1st Lt. Aug. 16, 1963, Mrs. Susan Etta Bedal, 
  wife, 924 N. Keystone, Burbank, Cal.
Bennett, Frank Everett Maj. April 4, 1965, Mrs. Dorothy K. Bennett, 
  wife, 1418 Community dr., Derby, Kas.
Bennett, Robert David Capt. Nov. 5, 1962, Mrs. Nettie Jane Bennett, 
  wife, 604 Maurice st., Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
Bitton, Gary W. Capt. Dec. 6, 1963, Mrs. Joyce Leah Bitton, wife, 
  10532 Bronwood way, Rancho Cordoya, Cal.
Booth, Herbert W. Jr. Capt. Oct. 15, 1962, Mrs. Nancy Jean Booth, 
  wife, 1016 Crescent st., Sarasota, Fla.
Bourque, Valmore W. Capt. Oct. 24, 1964, Mrs. Linda Lou Bourque, 
  wife, 1424 Cheyenne blvd., Colorado Springs.
Brown, Gordon Richard Capt. Oct. 24, 1963, Mrs. Joan Brown, wife, 
  4627 Glenmere, North Little Rock, Ark.
Brumet, Robert Newton Capt. April 9, 1964, Mrs. Lee W. Brumet, wife, 
  9211 Shelton st., Bethesda, Md.
Campaigne, Jerry Alan Capt. April 8, 1963, Mrs. Donna Mae Campaigne, 
  wife, c/o George Bayless, 1005 South st., Redding, Cal.
Campbell, William H. Capt. March 21, 1965, Mrs. Joyce E. Campbell, 
  wife, 4116 Holly lane, Panama City, Fla.
Chambers, S. P. III Capt. June 29, 1965, Mr. Samuel P. Chambers II, 
  father, 66 Toma Vista dr., Burlingame, Cal.
Chase, Oliver C., Jr. Capt. July 22, 1965, Mrs. Luellyn Rae Chase, 
  wife, Miami.
Cody, Howard Rudolph Capt. Nov. 24, 1963, Mrs. Myrna Louise Cody, 
  wife, 40 Loizos dr., Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
Coghill, Milo Bruce S Sgt. Feb. 2, 1962, Mrs. Gwendolyn Coghill, 
  wife, 1902 Hurst dr., Hampton, Va.
Cruz, Raphael S Sgt. Sept. 3, 1964, Mrs. Raquel J. Cruz, wife, 7 
  Wright av., Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
Davison, Norman Ray Capt. Dec. 6, 1963, Mrs. Sarah Ann Davison, wife, 
  6 Donna av., Hamilton, O.
D'Orsay, Douglas H. M/Sgt. June 25, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. 
  D'Orsay, parents, Hammon rd., Hopedale, Mass.
Downey, Earl G. A/1c June 28, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Archie S. Downey, 
  parents, 2212 W. Glendale av., Phoenix, Ariz.
Draeger, Walter F. Jr. Capt. April 4, 1965, Mrs. and Mrs. Walter F. 
  Draeger Sr., parents, Deerfield, Wis.
Dyer, Glenn Charles 1st Lt. Oct. 26, 1964, Mrs. Julia S. Dyer, wife, 
  522 Maupin av., Salisbury, N. C.
Eason, Edwin R. Capt. Nov. 19, 1964, Mrs. Anna M. Eason, mother, P.O. 
  B. 505, Blythe, Cal.
Ellis, James Alvin T/Sgt. May 10, 1963, Mrs. Lillian Ellis, wife, 
  25130 Filaree st., Sunnymead, Cal.
Fahey, Joseph M. Jr. Capt. Feb. 11, 1962, Mrs. Shirley Anne Fahey, 
  wife, Bell hotel, Claire, West Suffolk, England.
Fitzgerald, Woodrow M. Capt. Oct. 24, 1963, Mrs. Constance Claire 
  Fitzgerlad, wife, 372 Dayton st., Aurora, Colo.
Foxx, Richard L. T/Sgt. Oct. 15, 1962, Mrs. Mary JoAnn Foxx, wife, 
  530 Bryn Mawr blvd., Mary Esther, Fla.
Frazier, Floyd Milton T Sgt. Feb. 11, 1962, Mrs. Doris B. Frazier, 
  wife, Box 463, Waynesville, N. C.
Geiger, Francis E. Capt. July 23, 1965, Mrs. Joan Marie Geiger, Wife, 
  Enid, Okla.
Gordon, Otis Jr. Maj. Nov. 19, 1964, Laura Gordon, wife, 102 Destine 
  dr., Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
Gorton, Thomas F. Capt. Dec. 6, 1963, Mrs. Dorothy Theresa Gorton, 
  wife, 4503 Duquesne dr., San Antonio.
Goss, Richard Dean Capt. Aug. 29, 1964, Mrs. Karen Arlene Goss, wife,
  10040 36th av., N. E., Seattle.
Groves, Fergus C. II Capt. Feb. 2, 1962, Mrs. Moneta M. Groves, wife,
  c/o Herrick, 228 E. 84th st., Apt. 1-d, New York City.
Halvorson, Ernest J. S/Sgt. Oct. 24, 1964, Mrs. June H. Halvorson, 
  wife, 10280 Saratoga, Montclair, Cal.
Hartson, Stanley Gerald 1st Lt. Feb. 11, 1962, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley 
  W. Hartson, parents, Winter Park, Fla.
Hawkins, Jerry Pavey Capt. March 21, 1965, Mrs. Joan B. Hawkins, wife, 
  6 Bluebell ct., Fort Fairfield, Me.
Henneberry, James A 1c June 30, 1965, Mrs. Marguerite A. Buquette, 
  sister, 42 Grove st., Pittsfield, Mass.
Hergert, Thomas M. Col. March 8, 1964, Mrs. Lorraine Mae Hergert, 
  wife, c o Water C. Priebe, 2534 N. Prospect av., Apt. F, Milwaukee.
Hickman, Vincent J. Capt. Jan. 14, 1964, Mrs. Anna Maria Hickman, 
  wife, 56 Pageant lane, Levittown, N. J.
Hill, Richard Dale A/2c Dec. 6, 1964, Leon F. Hill Jr., father, c/o 
  Mrs. Yvonne Grace Hill, mother, 1014 Aubert st., Houston, Tex.
Hudson, Leonard P. 1st Lt. Nov. 19, 1964, Alfred Hudson, father, 
  2396 Ralston rd., Sacramento, Cal.
Jackson, Carl E. Capt. June 27, 1965, Mrs. Billye J. Jackson, wife,
  2648 Barksdale blvd., Bossier City, La.
Jensen, Terance K. S Sgt. July 1, 1965, Mrs. Anne Jensen, wife, 
  N street, West Detroit Lakes, Minn.
Kissam, Edward K. Jr. Capt. Feb. 11, 1962, Mrs. and Mrs. Edward K. 
  Kissam Sr., parents, 1149 W. 8th st., Plainfield, N. J.
Krukowski, Edward S. Capt. Oct. 24, 1964, Mrs. Marie A. Krukowski, 
  wife, 11 Bragg st., Bangor, Me.
Landringham, R. G. 1st Lt. June 29, 1965, Mrs. Caroline E. Fuess, 
  mother, Madison, N. Y.
Lankford, Charles B. S/Sgt. Oct. 24, 1963, Mrs. Deanna Helen 
  Lankford, wife, 812 W. Clay st., Collinsville, Ill.
Larson, Robert Darrel Capt. Feb. 2, 1962, Mrs. Frances Faye Larson, 
  wife, 1826 Wendover dr., Fayetteville, N. C.
Le Tourneau, Jack D. 1st Lt. Feb. 11, 1962, Mrs. Nancy Ann 
  Le Tourneau, wife, P. O. B. 107, Hughson, Cal.
Leilmanis, Atis Karlis 1st Lt. Nov. 24, 1963, Mr. and Mrs. Karlis R. 
  Leilmanis, parents, 908-920 East Jersey rd., Elizabeth, N. J.
Lewis, Don Robert Capt. Feb. 9, 1965, Mrs. Mary P. Lewis, wife, 21 
  Temple ter., Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
Lukasik, Bernard F. Capt. Feb. 19, 1964, Mrs. Joan T. Lukasik, wife, 
  39 Birch ct., Eglin air force auxiliary field 9, Fla.
Mattis, William Carroll Capt. March 11, 1965, Mrs. Lucy R. Mattis, 
  wife, 709 W. Coleman, Iowa Park, Tex.
McAllister, William W. Maj. April 22, 1965, Mrs. Gail G. McAllister, 
  wife, 16229 Encina st., Victorville, Cal.
McClean, John Howard Capt. Aug. 16, 1962, Mrs. Freda Alice McClean, 
  wife, 6 Camellia dr., Mary Esther, Fla.
McIntyre, Homer C. Jr. Capt. July 28, 1964, Mrs. Daphne Fay McIntyre, 
  wife, 6718 Cavalier rd., Jacksonville, Fla.
McKinney, Neil Bernard 1st Lt. Sept. 3, 1964, Mrs. Barbara A. 
  McKinney, wife, Box 323, Akron, Ind.
Mitchell, Andrew C. III Capt. April 8, 1963, Mrs. Mary Jean Mitchell, 
  wife, 1407 Cater circle, Perry, Ga.
Mitchell, Carl Berg Maj. Jan. 14, 1964, Mrs. Colleen H. Mitchell, 
  wife, 8514 Beauregard, Dallas.
Morris, Walter Kenneth S/Sgt. Oct. 24, 1963, Mrs. Gloria Marina 
  Morris, wife, 1939 Brent st., Paris, Ky.
Neura, Ted Peter Jr. Capt. Dec. 12, 1963, Mrs. Emma Jean Neura, wife, 
  101 4th av., Oneonta, Ala.
O'Neill, James R. Maj. Feb. 6, 1963, Mrs. Caroline Veronica O'Neill, 
  mother, Twin Oaks Apartments, Apt. 7, York dr., Huntington Station, 
  Long Island, N. Y.
Phillips, Theodore Bert S/Sgt. Oct. 24, 1964, Mrs. Anna Ruth Phillips,
  wife, 4805 Beatty dr., Riverside, Cal.
Purcell, Howard Philip Capt. Sept. 3, 1964, Mrs. Alyce Jean Purcell, 
  wife, 115 Priscilla dr., Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
Richardson, Eugene A 1c Oct. 24, 1964, Mrs. JoAnn Joyce Richardson, 
  wife, Apt. 6, 3132 3d av., Sacramento, Cal.
Roth, Billie L. S/Sgt. June 27, 1965, Mrs. Sarah L. Roth, wife, 3772 
  War Memorial dr., Peoria.
Scobel, Uwe-Thorsten 1st Lt. March 11, 1964, Erich Max Richard 
  Scobel, father, Bross Strasse 5, 6 Frankfurt-Main, Germany, Mrs. 
  Margaretha Louise Maria Hardin, mother, Atkinson Towers, Apt. 906, 
  419-A Atkinson dr., Honolulu.
Shank, Edwin G. Jr. Capt. March 24, 1964, Mrs. Connie A. Shank, wife,
  419 W. Jefferson st., Winamac, Ind.
Shaughnessy, J. F. Jr. Capt. Feb. 3, 1963, Mrs. Sandra D. Shaughnessy,
  wife, 8012 Howard dr., Houston.
Simpson, Robert Lewis Capt. Aug. 28, 1962, Mrs. Margaret Anntoinette 
  Simpson, wife, 5 Magnolia dr., Mary Esther, Fla.
Smith, Robert J. A/1c June 25, 1965, Mrs. Helen E. Smith, wife, Maple
  av., Scanborough, Me.
Taylor, Robert Lyman S Sgt. Feb. 1, 1964, Mrs. Barbara Ann Taylor, 
  wife, 4342 Taney av., Alexandria, Va.
Terry, Condon Hunter Capt. June 27, 1963, Mrs. Audrey Ethel Terry, 
  wife, 1902-B, Tarrant, Dallas.
Tully, William Boyd 1st Lt. Nov. 5, 1962, Mr. and Mrs. William B. 
  Tully, parents, 535 Chinoe rd., Lexington, Ky.
Wadsworth, Dean A. Capt. Oct. 8, 1964, Mrs. Barbara Maxine Wadsworth, 
  wife, Box 207, Cotulla, Tex.
Walker, Kenneth Earl Capt. Oct. 2, 1964, Mrs. Theo Ruth Walker, wife, 
  4501 Alpha st., Lansing, Mich.
Westfall, Robert Lee A 1c Feb. 11, 1962, Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. 
  Westfall, parents, 283 Walnut st., Meadville, Pa.
Wheeler, James Atlee Capt. April 18, 1965, Mrs. Senorah D. Wheeler, 
  wife, 2826 E. 10th st., Tucson, Ariz.
Whitesides, Richard L. Capt. March 27, 1965, John A. Whitesides, son,
  c/o Mrs. Judith P. Lindeman, 891 Fifth av., Sacramento, Cal.
Widener, Michael E. A/1c June 25, 1965, Mrs. Anna M. Adener, mother, 
  140 S. Pittsburgh st., Connellsville, Pa.
Windle, Paul R. Capt. June 30, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Windle, 
  parents, Route 2, Greensburg, Kas.
Woodworth, Samuel A. Capt. April 17, 1965, Mrs. Nellie J. Woodworth, 
  wife, 169 Sunset, Haysville, Kas.

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