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This is part of a complete list of American military casualties in Vietnam, released by the defense department and dated from June 30, 1961, thru July 26, 1965. To see the remainder of the list go to the index. Below the service man's name is the next of kin and address listed by the service man when he entered the Vietnam theater. The address given could be that of a camp where the next of kin lived, the service man's home town, of the home town of the next of kin. The Defense Department report lists deaths resulting from action by hostile forces, deaths not resulting from action by hostile forces, persons missing due to hostile action, persons missing not due to hostile action, and persons detained in Vietnam, for all four military branches. - - -

Name, Rank, Date of Death, Next of Kin, Relationship, Address
Acosta, Jesse Rodriguez S/Sgt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Trinidad Acosta, 
  wife, 507 South Elmendorf, San Antonio.
Adams, Hughie Darell Maj. Jan. 7, 1964, Mrs. Lucille E. Adams, wife,
  203 Whitecliff dr., San Antonio.
Albrecht, George Henry Capt. Nov. 19, 1964, Mrs. Jo Ann Albrecht, 
  wife, 357 Watson av., Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
Armond, Robert L. Capt. June 18, 1965, Emily M. Armond, wife, 3507 
  Eisenhower dr., Sacramento, Cal.
Beckner, James M. A/1C Oct. 16, 1964, Mrs. Donna S. Beckner, wife, 
  P. O. B. 651, Florence, Ariz.
Bell, Robert Graham Maj. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Jacquelyn R. Bell, wife,
  2461 Murray Ridge rd., San Diego, Cal.
Blake, Edward Aloysius Capt. Oct. 29, 1964, Mrs. Sharon L. Blake, 
  wife, 5252 Enyart st., Houston
Bowen, Archie Sherrod A/2C Aug. 30, 1963, Mrs. Sara Elena Bowen, 
  wife, Box 730, Avon Park, Fla.
Brown, Brian Dale S/Sgt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Glenna B. Brown, wife, 
  P. O. B. 233, Alvord, Tex.
Bunch, Claude Marvin T/Sgt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Virginia P. Bunch, 
  wife 2715 Lionheart rd., Winter Park, Fla.
Bunker, William R., III Capt. July 16, 1962, Mrs. Barbara Ann Bunker,
  wife, Box 275, Bartlett, Tex.
Cale, James Martin S/Sgt. May 16, 1965, James W. Cale, son, c/o 
  Sandara S. Shelton, 4629 Harford st., Dallas.
Clark, Robert Lewis S/Sgt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Dola A. Clark, wife, 
  189 Fitima, Angeles City, P. I.
Coley, Billy John 1st Lt. Dec. 20, 1963, Mrs. Daisy Ruth Coley, wife,
  5001 Shoal Creek blvd., Austin, Tex.
Coy, James Anthony A/1C June 11, 1965, Mrs. Grace R. Daniel, mother, 
  3840 Pitman rd., Route 1, College Park, Ga.
Crawford, William T. A/C May 16, 1965, Mrs. Suzanne Crawford, wife, 
  408 E. Colorado st., Windsor, Mo.
Cutrer, Fred Clay Jr. Capt. Aug. 6, 1964, Mrs. Shirley A. Cutrer, 
  wife, 817 Michigan av., Youngstown, O.
Dawson, Paul Glen S/Sgt. June 11, 1965, Mrs. Eveda M. Dawson, wife, 
  Azalea Trailer park, Box 117, Biloxi, Miss.
Dimond, Alvin James Capt. June 11, 1965, Mrs. LaVonne A. Dimond, 
  wife, 5312 W. 61st st., Minneapolis, Minn.
Doerrman, Charles E. T/Sgt. May 28, 1963, Mrs. Mary E. Doerrman, 
  wife, 3551 Flannery lane, Baltimore, Md.
Donaghy, Edgar Stoms S/Sgt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Beatriz Donaghy, 
  wife, 2605 Price st., Chester, Pa.
Doss, Robert William A1C April 27, 1965, Mrs. Louise M. Doss, wife, 
  3106 Dumbarton rd., Richmond, Va.
Eason, Edwin Raymond Capt. Nov. 19, 1964, Mrs. Anna Myrtle Dawn 
  Eason, mother, P. O. B. 505, Blythe, Cal.
Engel, Terence Dean A/1C May 16, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace L. 
  Engel, parents, Route 4, Longbeach Glenwood, Minn.
Estes, Merle Edward S/Sgt. June 11, 1965, Mrs. Bonnie J. Estes, wife, 
  129 Kentucky st., Winchester, Ky.
Fidiam, Aaron G., Jr. T/Sgt. May 16, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron G. 
  Fidiam Sr., parents, 110 Adams av., Endicott, N. Y.
Fox, Charles Nathan Capt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Phyllis J. Fox, wife, 
  Metamora, Ind.
Fulton, Charles Edward A/1C Jan. 2, 1965, Mrs. Mae C. Fulton, mother,
  412 Holly st., Elizabethton, Tenn.
Gallup, Robert Daryl Capt. June 16, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne H. 
  Gallup, parents, Fayette, O.
Ganci, Samuel Joseph Maj. June 11, 1965, Mrs. Freda R. Ganci, wife, 
  206 Seymour dr., Indianola, Miss.
Gareiss, Kurt William Capt. Feb. 24, 1965, Mrs. Laurae Gareiss
Gehrig, James M., Jr. Maj. June 18, 1965, Georgiene S. Gehrig, wife, 
  117 Schwartz dr., Mather air force base, Sacramento, Cal.
Gordon, Cleveland W. Maj. Jan. 7, 1964, Mrs. Henrietta W. Gordon, 
  wife, 7617 Ridge rd., Largo, Fla.
Gordon, Otis Jr. Maj. Nov. 19, 1964, Mrs. Laura Lewis Gordon, wife, 
  102 Destin dr., Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
Gorham, Walter P. Maj. March 16, 1963, Mrs. Ruth Bertha Gorham, wife,
  404 S. Laburnum av., Richmond, Va.
Harris, Mathew N. Jr. M/Sgt. May 28, 1965, Mrs. Ine M. Harris, wife, 
  1720 12th av., Apartment 213, Oakland, Cal.
Haynes, Vernon Lee Capt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Maxine A. Haynes, wife, 
  68 Will pl., Walker air force base, N. Mex.
Hicks, William Donald SM/Sgt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Ethel L. Hicks, 
  wife, 602 W. 44th st., Savannah, Ga.
Howell, Percy Wray Lt. Col. June 18, 1963, Mrs. Betty W. Howell, 
  wife, c/o Paul F. Williams, 214 W. 5th st., Breckenridge, TX
Hubbard, David Lee, Jr. S/Sgt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Glenda M. Hubbard, 
  wife, 807 S. Cherry, Chelsea, Okla.
Hudson, Leonard Paul 1st Lt. Nov. 19, 1964, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. 
  Hudson, parents, 2396 Ralston rd., Sacramento, Cal.
Hurd, Samuel Eugene A/3C Jan. 3, 1964, Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Hurd, 
  parents, 21137 Dopfer st., Warren, Mich.
Jepson, Arthur C., Jr. Capt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Alice A. Jepson, 
  wife, 424 Luneta av., San Luis Obispo, Cal.
Kaster, Leonard Lee 1st Lt. Aug. 6, 1964, Ernest L. Kaster, father, 
  Moravia, Ia., Mrs. Regina Yvonne Shea, mother, 7 Sylvia lane, 
  Holyoke, Mass.
Kea, Andrew Millard Capt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Marian Kea, wife, c/o 
  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kea, 736 Fern st., Akron, O.
Kirby, George H. S/Sgt. April 27, 1965, Mrs. Betty I. Kirby, wife, 
  1125 Second st., Fairfield, Cal.
Knaggs, John C. Maj. Oct. 29, 1964, Mrs. Mary Eleanor Knaggs, wife,
  123 N. Plank rd., Newburgh, N. Y.
Krauss, Ronald Irwin A/2C May 22, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Al Krauss, 
  parents, 47-28 215th pl., Bayside, N. Y.
Lowry, Tyrrell G. Capt. June 18, 1965, Joanna F. Lowry, wife, 2633 
  Benny way, Rancho Cordova, Cal.
Marshall, James A. 1st Lt. June 18, 1965, Nancy P. Marshall, wife, 
  2413 El Mairdo Court, Rancho Cordova, Cal.
McEwen, Thomas C. Capt. Feb. 24, 1965, Mrs. Johnnie W. McEwen, mother,
  326 Lynwood blvd., Nashville, Tenn.
McFeron, Ernest Capt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Mary D. McFeron, wife, 245 
  Mary Louise dr., San Antonio.
McLaughlin, John B. Capt. Aug. 27, 1964, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth 
  McLaughlin, wife, 77 Esquire motel, 1096 Fall River av., Seekonk, 
McNally, James William T/Sgt. Oct. 23, 1963, Mrs. Betty J. McNally, 
  wife, 6120 West Rose lane, Glendale, Ariz.
Mollicone, Donald Allan 1st Lt. Dec. 20, 1963, Mrs. Rosemarie 
  Mollicone, wife, 39 Primrose lane, Closter, N. J.
Neville, William E. T/Sgt. June 18, 1965, Lauren K. Neville, daughter,
  c/o Mrs. Helen F. Waddington, 1348 Naranca st., El Cajon, Cal.
Norman, Arthur Eugene A/2C Jan. 16, 1965, Homer E. Norman, father, 
  Central State hospital, Nashville, Mrs. Flora H. Norman, mother, 
  3012 West av., Chattanooga, TN
Onohan, Louis George A/2C April 24, 1964, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Onohan, 
  parents, 4120 Homerlee av., East Chicago, Ind.
Rachal, Charles William T/Sgt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Jeanne V. Rachal, 
  wife, 9-16B Orosa Diamond Subdivision, Angeles, Pampanga, P. I.
Raulerson, C. H., Jr. A/1C May 16, 1965, Charles H. Raulerson, son 
  c/o Mrs. Bill Porter, rt. 1, Box 224, Rosewell, NM
Roberts, Harold J., Jr. M/Sgt. June 18, 1965, Vivian V. Roberts, 
  wife, 9016 Fashion dr., Sacramento, Cal.
Sanders, Thomas A. 1st Lt. July 7, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Chester S. 
  Sanders, parents, 2 Club dr., Massapequa, N. Y.
Seaman, Donald Joseph T/Sgt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Mary C. Seaman, wife, 
  608 Holly lane, Mount Holly, N. J.
Shannon, Billy Eugene Capt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Doris C. Shannon, wife,
  9804 Aztec dr., Northeast, Albuquerque, NM
Synder, Gerald Allison T/Sgt. May 16, 1965, Lorraine E. Pitzer, 
  sister, Biglerville, Pa.
Titus, Terrence Richard Capt. June 11, 1965, Mrs. Anna J. Titus, 
  wife, P. O. B. 147 Main st., Tontogany, O.
Underwood, James E. Maj. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Sakae T. Underwood, 
  wife, 26-21 Catlea, Diamond Subdivision, Pampanga, Angeles City, 
  P. I.
Vaden, Woodrow Wilson Maj. Dec. 10, 1964, Mrs. Frances S. Vaden, 
  wife, 224 Cherokee trail, Clarksville, Tenn.
Vlisides, George F. Maj. Jan. 27, 1965, Mrs. Elena C. Vlisides, 
  mother, 2111 Brockman blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich.
Wagner, Lee Celin, Jr. 1st Lt. May 16, 1965, Mrs. Jean A. Wagner, 
  wife 546 East 450 South, Apartment J, Clearfield, Utah.
Watson, Frank P. Capt. June 18, 1965, Geraldine M. Watson, wife, 
  3422 Virgo st., Sacramento, Cal.
Weaver, Hayden E. A/1C May 16, 1965, Mrs. Erlinda C. Weaver, wife, 
  108B Rosario st., Old Balibago, Angeles, P. I.
Whitlock, Ivan Preston T/Sgt. April 2, 1962, Mrs. Agnes Whitlock, 
  wife, 789 E. Main st., Niceville, Fla.
Williams, Norman C. S/Sgt. June 11, 1965, Mrs. Mary E McDonald, 
  mother, 2321 Mary lane, Killeen, Tex.

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