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This is part of a complete list of American military casualties in Vietnam, released by the defense department and dated from June 30, 1961, thru July 26, 1965. To see the remainder of the list go to the index. Below the service man's name is the next of kin and address listed by the service man when he entered the Vietnam theater. The address given could be that of a camp where the next of kin lived, the service man's home town, of the home town of the next of kin. The Defense Department report lists deaths resulting from action by hostile forces, deaths not resulting from action by hostile forces, persons missing due to hostile action, persons missing not due to hostile action, and persons detained in Vietnam, for all four military branches. - - -

Name, Rank, Date of Death, Next of Kin, Relationship, Address
Adamson, Frank L. Pfc. June 24, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. 
  Adamson, parents, 423 4th av., Dayton, Ky.
Almanzar, Ignacio Jr. L. Cpl. July 9, 1965, Mrs. Ramona Madrid 
  Almanzar, mother, P. O. Box 243, San Elizanio, El Paso, Tex.
Anderson, Mitchell L. Cpl. July 20, 1965, [next of kin and home town 
Bell, Elias Jr. Cpl. July 13, 1965, Mrs. Lorraine Bell, wife, 12040 
  Yosemita, Detroit.
Bierman, Carroll M. Cpl. June 4, 1965, Mrs. Hope J. Beeler, mother, 
  11061 Cynthia circle, Garden Grove, Cal.
Burns, John P. Pfc. July 7, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. John K. Burns, 
  parents, 1610 Avenida Sirio, Tucson, Ariz.
Campbell, Randall K. L/Cpl. April 25, 1965, Mrs. Margaret Moore, 
  mother, 4151 N. Cliffee av., Montreal.
Chamberlin, G. E. Jr. Lt. Col. May 5, 1964, Mrs. Jane L. Chamberlin, 
  wife, Box 264, West Chester, Pa.
Crabtree, James O. Cpl. June 7, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. James W. Crabtree, 
  parents, Route 3, Bethany, Mo.
Davidson, Donald F. L Cpl. Oct. 8, 1963, Mrs. Emma O. Davidson, 
  mother, 3337 Frederick st., Shreveport, La.
Eliason, Wendell T. 1st Lt. March 31, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Alfons E. 
  Eliason, parents, 1415 James st., Escalon, Cal.
Fernandez, Robert S. Pfc. May 20, 1965, Mrs. Margaret Fernandez, 
  mother, 1689 E. 111th st., Stockton, Cal.
Fowler, William E. L Cpl. July 9, 1965, Mr. William Dale Fowler, 
  father, 344 N. Cincinnati av., Los Angeles.
Frye, Alfred A. Sgt. Jan. 27, 1965, Mrs. Loretta F. Frye, wife, 
  11362 Earlham st., Orange, Cal.
Gamble, Harry P. Pfc. June 7, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Gamble, 
  parents, 134 Miramar av., San Francisco.
Gauthier, Brian J. Cpl. July 11, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Guy P. Gauthier, 
  Box 206, Masura, La.
Grove, Robert W. Gy/Sgt. Feb. 18, 1965, Mrs. Vera M. Grove, wife, 
  116 May st., Barstow, Cal.
Harris, William T. Capt. Oct. 8, 1963, Mrs. Jane W. Harris, wife, 
  554 Parkhurst dr., Dallas.
Holder, Randolph C. L/Cpl. May 28, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. William C. 
  Holder Jr., parents, Valley Trailer court, 2155 Central blvd., 
  Brownsville, Tex.
Holman, Marshall D. Pfc. July 8, 1965, Mrs. Margaret Holman, mother, 
  2225 W. Blaine, Apt. 2B, Detroit.
Jameson, Larry D. Sgt. Oct. 8, 1963, Mrs. Mamie E. Jameson, wife, 
  102 Borden av., Wilmington, N. C.
Jordan, Lawrence W. Capt. Feb. 21, 1965, Mrs. Jo Anne Jordan, wife, 
  c/o Gerald V. Jordan, Chillicothe, Mo.
Kearney, Charles D. L Cpl. July 8, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. 
  Kearney, parents, 250 Montecito st., Oakland, Cal.
Knight, Albert S. III L Cpl. June 24, 1965, Mr. Albert O. Knight Jr.,
  father, 3694 West Lake rd., Canandaigua, N. Y.
Koehler, Nicholas R. L/Cpl. May 8, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. 
  Koehler, parents, 1431 N. Monroe st., Mason City, Ia.
Koelper, Donald E. Maj. Feb. 16, 1964, Mrs. Nancy C. Koelper, wife, 
  1855 E. Mountain st., Pasadena, Cal.
Lee, Nathanael Pfc. June 29, 1965, Mrs. Alberta Johns, mother, 1711 
  Walnut st., Austin, Tex.
Lessig, Daniel K. 1st Lt. Oct. 8, 1963, Mrs. Brittania W. Lessig, 
  wife, 16141/2 Greenfield, West Los Angeles, Cal.
Magel, James E. 1st Lt. March 31, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Magel, 
  parents, 823 Virgo lane, St. Louis.
McKenzie, David D. L/Cpl. July 12, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Dayle McKenzie, 
  parents, 2402 Darrow av., Ann Arbor, Mich.
McNees, Ronald H. Pfc June 5, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. McNees, 
  parents, 8939 Oswego st., Sunland, Cal.
Merrell, Lowell H. April 23, 1965, Mrs. Alice J. Merrell, mother, 
  Box 37, Faxon, Tenn.
Mougier, John E. Jr. S Sgt. June 22, 1965, Mrs. Ester Lazcano Mougier,
  wife, 1622 Higgins st., Oceanside, Cal.
Murphy, Roy L. L/Cpl. May 29, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Murphy, 
  parents, Route 4, Moultrie, Ga.
Parker, Kenneth W. L Cpl. June 21, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Parker, 
  parents, 905 North Sassafras st., Dexter, Mo.
Pelikan, Roger L Cpl. July 17, 1965, Albert Holada, stepfather, 3146 
  Lawndale av., Chicago
Penny, James M. Pfc. July 15, 1965, James M Penny, father, Covington, 
Price, Jhue F. Pfc. May 11, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Price, parents, 
  P. O. B. 621, Granger, Tex.
Reasoner, Frank S. 1st Lt. July 12, 1965, Mrs. Sally J. Reasoner, 
  wife, 1735 Lawrence rd., Navy 990, c o FPO, San Francisco.
Remmers, Kenneth L. Cpl. July 12, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Remmers, 
  Route 2, Box 9, Karnes City, Tex.
Reynolds, William D. Capt. March 28, 1965, Mrs. Helen Reynolds, wife, 
  2724 North Bristol, Santa Ana, Cal.
Richardson, Arthur G. 1st Lt. Oct. 8, 1963, Mrs. Victory A. 
  Richardson, wife, 833 Kishwaukee st., Rockford, Ill.
Ritchey, Luther E. Jr. L Cpl. Oct. 8, 1963, Mr. and Mrs. Luther E. 
  Ritchey Sr., parents, 168 Arthur av., Mansfield, O.
Roberts, Clifford A. Sgt. July 9, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Alton C. 
  Roberts, parents, 400 S. 4th st., Pacific, Mo.
Rose, David L. L Cpl. July 17, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rose, 
  Santa Clara, Cal.
Salinas, Joe M. Pfc. July 20, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Salinas, 
  Norwalk, Cal.
Seisser, Kenneth A. L Cpl. July 11, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Seisser, 
  Box 36, Gilberts, Ill.
Skoviak, Ronald F. Cpl. Oct. 8, 1963, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Skoviak, 
  parents, 24645 Bolam, Warren, Mich.
Smith, Ivan R. Pfc. May 13, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Smith, 
  parents, Spencer, Ind.
Stephen, Virgil L. L Cpl. July 17, 1965, Virgil E. Stephen, father, 
  Altus, Okla.
Stirling, Elgin L. Pfc. July 12, 1965, Mrs. Hazel Neola Stirling, 
  mother, 5372 Chiquita lane, San Bernardino, Cal.
Stokes, Roy E. L Cpl. June 4, 1965, Mrs. Pauline O. Stokes, mother, 
  1198 E. Lorado, Flint, Mich.
Sullivan, Hugh J. Sgt. June 5, 1965, Mrs. Sandra A. Sullivan, wife, 
  24 Gordon st., Charleston, S. C.
Suthons, Melvin H. Pfc. June 18, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Suthons,
  parents, Box 156, Lorimer st., Fonthill, Ont.
Tate, Anthony G. Pfc. June 29, 1965, Andrew Stewart Tate, father, Box 
  1438, George _____
Turner, Bernard E. Pfc. June 30, 1965, Thomas Turner, father, Route 
  2, Box 30R, Greenwood, La.
Tuthill, Charles P. Cpl. Oct. 8, 1963, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. 
  Tuthill, parents, 576 Southern Park way, Uniondale, N. Y.
Tyrone, Willie D. S/Sgt. May 30, 1965, Mrs. Joan W. Tyrone, wife, 
  1712 S. 17th st., Abilene, Tex.
Van Gundy, Nelson E. Cpl. June 8, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. William A. 
  Van Gundy, parents, Loxt, Mattoon, Ill.
Wauchope, Douglas 1st Lt. June 29, 1965, Mrs. Helen Joyce Wauchope, 
  mother, Lloyd Harbor, N. Y.
Wenzel, Carl R. Pfc. April 25, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wenzel 
  Sr., parents, 4 E. Union st., Allegany, N. Y.
Western, Aaron H. Pfc. June 16, 1965, Mrs. Clara M. Watkins, mother, 
  1648 E. 118th st., Los Angeles.
Whitehead, C. F. Jr. WO Oct. 8, 1963, Mrs. Dorothy R. Whitehead, 
  wife, 711 Eastside av., Santa Ana, Cal.
Williams, Dempsy H. 1st Lt. March 9, 1965, Mrs. Judy S. Williams, 
  wife, 5305 Tippett av., Baltimore.
Wynn, Joseph R. Jr. L/Cpl. May 14, 1965, Mrs. Lucy C. Fletcher, 
  mother, P. O. B. 16, Chula, Ga.
Zichek, Richard L. L Cpl. July 15, 1965, Mr. and Mrs. George Wertz,
  aunt and uncle, 128 K st., Lincoln, Neb.

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