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Texas County, Missouri Deaths

Mrs. Thos. Miller (age not given), died 25 July 1883, md; born Jefferson Co, Mo

Mary Loney, age By, died 15 Aug 1883; born near Plato, Texas Co.

W. Bridges, Jr., age 15y 3m9 died 15 Aug 1883, born U.S.

Lorenzo McKinney, age 32y Em, died 17 Aug 1883, farmer, born Texas Co.

Bruce McKinney, age 4y 22d, died 13 Sept 1883; born Texas Co

Rebecca Ann McGowen, age l9y 5m 4d, died 13 Aug 1883, single, born Texas Co., Mo

Men Colley, age 64y, died 25 Sept 1883, farmer, md; born Ire.

Alice Steely, age l5y 3m 21d, died 18 July 1883, student, single, born Upton Twp Texas Co.

George Wesley Brown, age 63y 4m 17d, died 1 Aug 1883, farmer, widower, born Md; in Mo. 36 yrs.

Mary Jane Grissom, age By tom 15d, died 7 Sept 1883, born Texas County

James Y. Lane, age 31y 7m led, died 18 Sept 1883, laborer, single; born Shannon Co., Mo.

Margaret C. Hicks, age 13y 9m 9d, died 6 Oct 1883, single; born Douglas Co, Mo.

Mary Jane Dye, age 26y llm lad, died 4 July 1883, md; born Burdine Twp., Texas Co.

S. Furgerson, age 53y, died 4 Oct 1883, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 2 years.

Charles Bach, age 66y, died 14 July 1883, farmer, md; born Ill; in Mo 6 months.

Ames Bell, age 9y 5m, died 28 Oct 1883; born Missouri

Henry Murr, age 56y, died 30 Sept 1883, md; born Tenn; in Mo 14 years.

lary Groves, age 46y, died 25 Nov 1883, farmer's wife, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 15 years.

William H. Sherill, age 28y 7m 12d, died 23 Oct 1883, md; b. Mo.

William E. Cavaness, age 20y 5m 7d, died 26 Nov 1883, single; born Mo.

____ B. Westerman, age 62y lm ad, died 14 Dec 1883, md; b Tenn.

Joel Pitman, age 23y, died 5 Dec 1883, farmer, md; born Mo

John Row, age 58y, died 27 Nov 1883, md; born Mo.

Russell Sugg, age 9y 3m 21d, died 14 Nov 1883; born Mo.

Alice M. Smith, age 35y llm 29d, died 15 Sept 1883, single; born Ill; in Mo 18 yrs

WO C. Maples, age 29y 2m 20d, died 20 Dec 1883, farmer, single; born Mo.

Susan Souders, age 60y lm 3d, died 24 Dec 1883, farmer's wife, md; born Ala; in Mo. 10 yrs.

Wesley Wadley, age 61y, died 25 Dec 1883, farmer, md; born Mo

William Young, age 60y, died 5 Jan 1884, miller, md; born Mo

Scott T. Bridges, age 40y 7m 13d, died 29 Dec 1883, farmer, widower; born Tenn; in Mo 23 yrs

Martha Elmore, age 87y died 3 Jan 1884, born Mo

Gideon Rufus West, age 63y 2m 9d, died 22 Nov 1883, farmer, widower; born Tenn; in Mo. 40 yrs

James Monroe Cox, age 16y 10m l9d, died 19 Jan 1884, born Mo

Rosa Southworth, age 5y 6d, died 4 Feb 1884; born Mo

Amanda Boster, age 6y, died 26 Feb 1884, born Mo.

William West, age 68y, died 30 Jan 1884, farmer, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 27 yrs.

Adina J. Hill, age 22y 7m 24d, died 5 Feb 1884, single; born ' Miss; in Mo. 5 most

Mary Smith, age 27y 9m 4d, died 8 Jan 1884, single; born Ky; in Mo 14 yrs

Rebecca Reaves, age 39y 2m 7d, died 6 Feb 1884, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 29 yrs

John Bascomb Hill, age 48y 10m 18d, died 11 Jan 1884, insurance agent, widower; born Miss; in Mo. 4 yrs.

Amos Westfall, age 38y, died 28 Feb 1884, farmer, md; born Ohio; in Mo 2 mos

Martha Ann Amburn, age 34y 7m 13d, died 17 Feb 1884, md; born Ala; in Mo. 30 yrs.

James C Hamby, age 72y 8m 25d, died 31 Jan 1884, md; born N.C.; in Mo. 40 yrs

John Wesley Hutchison, age 6y 4m 15d, died 19 Mar 1884, single; born Missouri

Mary Jane Ragsdale, age 18y, died 2 Mar 1884, single; born Tenn: in Mo 11 yrs

William Buckner Garrison, age 29y, died 12 Mar 1884, farmer, md; born Mo.

Delia Heavin?, age 83y Sm. died 13 Mar 1884, widow; born Va; in Mo 33 yrs

Lavine Wilson, age 56y, died 23 Mar 1884, widow; born Miss; in Mo 14 yrs

Polly Thomas, age 64y, died 30 Mar 1884, single; doesn't say where born except UoSoAo

Sarah A. Pickett, age 28y lm 3d, died 20 Apr 1884, single; born N. C; in Mo 25 yrs.

J. J. El~more, age 17y 3m, died 15 May 1884, single; born Mo

Julia F. Hatfield, age 21y, died 29 Apr 1884, md; born Mo.

Martha Epsy Moffitt, age 22y, died 20 Apr 1884, md; born Mo.

Henry Freeman, age 41y 4m 17d, died 30 Apr 1884, md; born Ga

Elijah M. Edwards, age 29y 3m 29d, died 4 May 1884, md; bo Mo

James Cox, age 62y, died 25 May 1884, farmer, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 30 yrs.

Thomas T. Higgins, age lly llm lad, died 13 Apr 1884; born Mo.

Jennett P. Wolford (f), age 76y 3m 13d, died 28 May 1884, widow; born Tenn, in Mo, 25 yrs

John Haggart, age 13y lm 8d, died 8 Jan 1884, single; born Mo.

Mary Elizabeth Dunavant, age 24y 2m 21d, died 30 May 1884, md; born Ky; in Mo 9 yrs

Drucilla Walker, age 59y, died 23 May 1884, widow; born Ky; in Mo. 16 yrs

Adaline Russell, age 52y llm led, died 7 June 1884, md; born Mass; in Mo. 13 yrs.

George Mc. err, age 37y llm lad, died 6 June 1884, physician, md; born Kilwoughter?

Castle (English). In Mo. 15 yrs.

Clarinda Kind, age 36y lm 2d, died 29 May 1884, md; born Mo.

Elizabeth Do Frost, age 33y 5m, died 26 May 1884, md; born Mo.

John Singleton, age 7y 4m 2d, died 22 June 1884; born Mo.

Lindy? W. Hunter, age 15y 2m, died 26 May 1884, single; born Mo.

Elizabeth S Newlen, age 63y 4m 24d, died 11 June 1884, widow; born N. H.; in Mo. 21 yrs.

Sarah H. Hunter, age 50y 27d, died 3 July 1884, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 35 yrs.

Louis Brannon, age 44y, died 2 July 1884, farmer, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 10 most

Samuel Millard, age 79y, died 19 May 1884, merchant, widower; born Tenn; in Mo. 16 yrs

Jas. Washington Taylor, age 23y 9m 21d, died 23 Aug 1884, farmer, md; born Mo.

Thos. H. Benton Rustin, age 23y 9m led, died 13 Aug 1884, farmer, single; born Mo.

_____ Tipton, age 64 y, died 11 Aug 1884, pauper, widower.

Nancy J. Brown, age 21y em, died 3 Aug 1884, md; born Mo.

Sarah Smith, age 61y Em 12d, died 5 Sept 1884, md; born Ky; in Mo. 19 yrs.

J. D. Ray, age 26y Sm 4d, died 19 Aug 1884, druggist, md; b. Mo.

S. M. West (f), age 14y led, died 23 Sept 1884; born Mo.

Wilburn Mason, age 14y, died 16 Sept 1884; born Mo.

Mrs. Rachel Siler?, age 59y 9m, died 1 Sent 1884 my hate w`~. in Mo. 3 yrs.

Richard Gooch, age 23y, died 2 Nov 1884, farmer, md; born Ky; in Mo. 12 yrs.

Nancy Jane Martin, age 54y 9m, died 27 Oct 1884, housekeeper, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 9 yrs 4 days.

Henry Reynolds, age 71y 10m led, died 28 Oct 1884, md; born N.C.; in Mo. 14 yrs.

Mary Wobee(Woble), age 24y, died 27 Nov 1884, md; born Mo.

C. C. Roberts (m), age 18y 7m 12d, died 25 Nov 1884, farmer, single; born Mo. (Not readable)

Machael McKinnis, age 69y 3m 9d, died 11 Dec 1884; born Tenn; in Mo. 4 yrs.

Louisa Manley, age 20y, died 17 Dec 1884, single; born Mo.

Rosa Watson, age 14y 6m led, died 7 Dec 1884; born Ind; in Mo. 14 years.

Frank R. Snelson, age By 5m 29d, died 21 Nov 1884; born Mo.

Sarah M. Latimer, age 60y, died 21 Nov 1884, widow; born Mo.

Artelia J. Rust, age 23y 4m 15d, died 18 Nov 1884, md; born Ky; ~-No 4 yrs

Mary Caroline Myers, age lly 2m 26d' died 22 Dec 1884; born Mo.

Julius Chambers, age 66y llm 25d, died 24 Jan 1885, farmer, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 50 yrs.

Jno. W. Craven, age 63y 2m 28d, died 20 Dec 1884, minister of the Gospel, md; born No C. ; in Mo. 27 yrs.

Louisa Smith, age 21y 7m 2d, died 24 Jan 1885, md; born Mo.

Thomas Canning, age 73y 15d9 died 11 Jan 1885, farmer, md; born Ireland; in Mo 27 yrs 3 most

Sarah B. Gooch, age 27y, died 7 Sept 1884, md; born Ky; in Mo. 13 yrs.

Russell Miller, age 28y 2m 5d, died 27 Jan 1885, farmer, single; - born E, Tenn; in Mo. 14 yrs 5 mos 18days.

Mary A. Pulks, age 25y 5m, died 7 Feb 1885, md; born Mo.

David H. Hamilton, age 16y 6m, died 9 Feb 1885; born Mo.

Melville Bradbury, age 20y 3m, died 20 Feb 1885, single; b. Mo.

John Skyles, age 76y lm ld, died 10 Feb 1885, farmer, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 49 yrs.

W. A. Nichols (m), age 67y, died 4 Feb 1885, farmer, single; born Gal; ir Mo. 2 weeks.

Masey Francis McGahee (f), age 25y 6m 23d, died 25 Jan 1885, single, born Mo

Louisa Broadwaters, age 50y 3m, died 4 Mar 1885, md; born Ind; in Mo. 50 yrs.

Sarah Smalley, age 77y, died 22 Mar 1885, widow; born Va.

Elizabeth J. BlGnkenship, age 48y lm lid, died 26 Mar 1885, md; born Miss; in Mo 35 yrs.

James W. Hinton, age 20, died 28 Mar 1885, farmer, single; born Ill, in Mo. 1 week.

Missouri Taylor, age 27y, died 6 Feb 1885, widow; born Mo.

R. T. Miller (n), age 38y, died 15 Mar 1885, grocer, widower; borr Mo.

Nicholas Ritz, age 55y, died 21 Mar 1885, farmer, md; born Switzerland.

Bettie E. Ormsly(Armsbey), age 28y, died 25 Ma- 1885, single; bor~ Mo

Jacob M. Shakes age 42y, died 3 Mar 1885, farmer, md; born Ky; in ~. 5 yrs

David Tucker, a~e 66y lm 13d, died 2 Apr 1885, farmer, md; born Tenn; in Mo 32 yrs

Thomas Lovel Haallton, age 24y 5m 8d, died 1 Mar 1885, md; b.Mo.

Samuel Houston Bown, age 27y, died 11 Apr 1885, physician, singl~; born Ky; in Mo 9 yrs.

Sarah J. Higgins age 41y 7m 26d, died 4 Apr 1885, md; born Tenn; in Mo 25 yrs

Nancy A. Vanwinkl~, age 32y 2m 24d, died 8 Apr 1885, md; born Ill; i, Mo. 13 yrs.

Emma Kaighan, age 33y, died 8 May 1885, md; born Eng.; in Mo. 6 year

Hagey? Shipman (~,age 41y, died 20 Jan 1885, widow; born Mo

Thos Briter, age ply, died (recorded 16 May 1885), carpenter, single; born Ky; in Mo 2 yrs

Alice Jane Richman, age 20Y, died ~ Tin 1 QQ~ ~ -Mo. 2 yrs.

Nancy J. Frv. ace Ins, ~;~ c

Frank O. Luce, age 7y 7m, died 21 0ct 1884, born Mo

William Harmon, age 54y 10m 29d, died 30 May 1885, md, farmer; born ~ ; in Plo 27 yrs.

John Elick Deck(Dick), age 22y, died 21 May 1885, farmer, single; born Mo

Laura Bell Baker, age lly 10m 27d, died 26 June 1885, born Mo.

Melissa E. Wall, age 28y, died 31 May 1885, domestic labor, md; born Mo. ~

Alexander Kelley, age 63y 6m 20d, died 19 July 1885, farmer, md; ~ born Ohio; in Mo. 15 yrs.

Mary Souders (Sanders), age 72y, died 28 July 1885, widow; born Ill; in- Mo. 35 yrs

Nancy Canaday, age 35y, died 7 Aug 1885, md; born Tenn; in Mo. all life.

Julia Brown, age 7y 4m 20d, died 18 Aug 1885; born Mo.

Elizabeth Morris, age 55y lm l9d, died 22 July 1885, widow; born Ky; in Mo 2 yrs 9 mos

William McGeehee, age 73y 5m 12d, died 24 Aug 1885, farmer, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 50 yrs.

Sarah Crow, age 46y, died 1 July 1885, md; born Ohio; Mo. 12 yrs.

B. F. Edwards, age 44y, died 23 June 1885, farmer, md; born Mo.

Robert Brinkley, age 7y, died 8 June 1885; born Mo nnie Hays, age 15y, died 25 Sept 1885, single; born Ill; in Mo. - 9 years.

Thomas Quigley, age 78y 7m 23d, died 9 act 1885; born N.Y.

Riley C Fox, age 25y em, died 27 Sept 1885, farmer, md; born ~ Ind; in Mo. 10 yrs. ~

Nancy Brickley, age 66y 8m, died 29 Sept 1885 singl b

Telitha A. Hofforth, age 20y em, died 25 July 1885, md; born Mo.

R. W. J Parker, age 76y, died 16 Sept 1885, farmer, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 20 yrs.

William 0. Scott, age 49y 7m, died 21 Sept 1885, farmer, Ad; born Tenn; in MoO 29 yrs.

Samuel W. Daviess, age 75y 10m l9d, died 26 Feb 1885, shoemaker, md; born NoYo; in Mo. 18 most

William A. Bird, age 38y lm 5d, died 15 Nov 1885, farmer, md; born NeCo; in MoO 15 yrs

William V. Kivitt, age 23y, died 26 Dec 1885, farmer, md; be Mo

Sarah Ann Forrester, age 39y am 15d, died 25 Dec 1885, md; b. Mo

William E. Johnson, age 29y am lid, died 25 Dec 1885, farmer, md; born Ky; in MoO 8 yrs.

Lewis Morgan, age 67y 2m led, died 16 Dec 1886, farmer, md; born Ky; in Mo. 9 mos

Dr. Boliver C. Rook, age 56y 9m lad, died 2 Feb 1886, physician, md; born Ill; in Mo. 40 yrs.

Hannah Keen, age Boy, died 20 Jan 1886, md; born Ohio; in Mo. 1 year.

G. W. Fisher, age 31y, died 27 Jan 1886, farmer, md; born Iowa; in Mo. 17 yrs.

George William Russell, age 38y 10m 17d, died 30 Jan 1886, farmer, md; born Tenn: in Mo. 16 yrs.

Sam. D. Blangenship, age 14y 7m 11, died 2 Jan 1886, born Mo.

William Adkins, age 83y lm Ed, died 29 Jan 1886, md; born N.C.; in Mo. 36 yrs.

Jessie Cameron(f), age 35y, died 25 Feb 1886, md; born Scotland; in Mo. 16 yrs.

Nancy Crosby, age 68y, died 13 Mar 1886, widow; born Ky; in Mo. 40 yrs.

Thomas S. Pipkin, age 55y, died 25 Mar 1886, merchant & farmer, md; born Ill; in Mo. 29 yrs.

Elizabeth Agee, age 98y 8m 27d, died 13 Mar 1886. single; born Tenn: in Mo. 45 yrs.

Jas. Lynn, age 40y, died 27 Mar 1886, farmer, md; born Ill; in Mo. 6 Mos.

Christine Ward, age 25y, died 28 Feb 1886, md; born Mo.

Nancy A.G. Ormsby, age 68y, died 14 Mar 1886, widow; born Ky; in Mo 42 yrs

Adelia Foord, age 32y 4m 4d, died 18 Mar 1886, md; born Tenn; in Mo 26 yrs.

Lydia Bait, age 15y 7m Id, died 19 Mar 1886, single; b. Mo.

Winnie A. Grass?, age 38y Em 21d, died 27 Apr 1886, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 27 yrs.

Benj. Franklin Clayton, age 39y, died 20 Apr 1886, laborer, md; born Mo.

Laura CO Embree, age 31y 4m 25d, died 24 Feb 1886, md; born Ind;

Jno. W. Stogsdill, age 17y 4m 20d, died 17 May 1886, farmer, single; born Mo. -

Laura Josephine Todd, age By, died 20 Apr 1886, born Mo

Nannie Smith, ag~~~Dy Em 15d, died 11 May 1886, md; born Tenn;in Mo 18 yrs

Dora M. 8 ~ , age 39y lm 20d, died 11 June 1886, md; b. Mo.

Rebecca Jane Young, age 36y 10m led, died 8 June 1886, md; born Va; in Mo 18 yrs.

Jessie Ragland(m), age 69y, died 1 July 1886, farmer, md; born (blank); in Mo 40 yrs

W. G. J. Crows age 51y, died 23 June 1886, farmer, md; born (blank); in Mo 30 yrs.

Rebecca Robertson, age 30y 2m l9d, died 12 July 1886, md; born Ky; in Mo 26 yrs.

Martha E. Guire, age 30y 6m Ed, died 17 July 1886, md; born Tenn; in Mo 16 yrs.

M. L. Mires (f), age 31y, died 26 July 1886, md; born Tenn; in Mo. 3 yrs.

Mary Ann Robertson, age 31y, died 5 Sept 1886, md; born Ark; in Mo 10 yrs.

Elizabeth A. Davis, age 16y 9m 13d, died 19 Jan 1887, single; born Penn; in Mo 1 yr.

Thomas B. Stubbs, age 47y lm 7d, died 28 Fan 1887, farmer, md; born Mo.

John W. Wallace, age 66y llm 29d, died 27 Feb 1887, farmer, widower; born Ohio; in Mo 16 yrs.

S. Wx Jackson, age 24y 6m 9d, died 6 Jan-1887, farmer, md; born Mo.

Walter C. Parmenter, age 13y 3m 15d, died 15 Mar 1887, born Mo.

R. L. Williams, age 70y 4m, died 8 Apr 1837, md; born Nebr; in Mo 8 weeks.

Jas. Snider, age 70y 5m 15d, died 22 May 1887, md; born Ohio; - in Mo 28 yrs

Eddie Sutton, age 13y 4m 8d, died 26 May 1887, born Mo.

Eliza Green, age 18y lm 8d, died 13 June 1887, single; born Mo.

Polly Rutherford, age 66y 7m, died 21 June 1887, widow; born Tenn; in Mo 17 yrs.

_____ Harmon, age 13y 2m 26d, died (reported 15 July 1887); b. Mo.

Elizabeth Brown, age 51y 6m 26d, died 8 July 1887, md; born Mo.

Geo. S. Logan, age 43y 9m 8d, died 3 July 1887, farmer & blacksmith, md; born Penn; in Mo 10 most

Thomas Johnson, age 66y, died 19 June 1887, farm

Lucy J. Kenworthy, age 56y, died 13 Aug 1886, md; born Ky.

Susan Parthena Rebecca Tennison, age 47y lid, died 8 Sept 1886, md; born Mo.

Julia Ann Fulks, age 67y 2m 16d, died 5 SeDt 18nh .;~^--- =-~ Ohio; in Mo 7 most

Mcnorris? Williams, age 95y, died 25 Sept 1886, widower; born Conn; in Mo 20 yrs.

George Killam, age 78y, died 9 Sept 1886, md; born (blank); in Mo. 3 yrs

Martha A. Stottlemyer, age 32y 7m 17d, died 24 Sect lPRh m~.e born Ky, 5erman descent.

Joseph Windsor, age 61y, died 3 0ct 1886, md; born Va; in Mo. 40 yrs. -

Casander Emeline Moody, age l9y lm 9d, died 7 0ct 1886, single; born Tenn; in Mo 9 yrs

Joseph Rust, age 18y 4m 10d, died 4 0ct 1886, farmer, single; born Mo.

John Moore, age 36y 9m 10d, died -- 1886 (rec. 13 Dec.), md;b.Mo.

Henrietta Ormsby, age 33y 9m lid, died 7 Nov 1886, md; born Mo.

Mat Corn?, age 52y, died 2 Dec 1886, farmer, md; born Tenn; in Mo 16 yrs.

Jacob Fisher, age 56y, died 20 Dec 1886, farmer, md; born Switzerland; in Mo 32 yrs.

Mariah Blankenship, age 76y 5m 26d, died 13 Oct 1886, widow; ~ J7.C.; in Mo 26 yrs.

George WO Angle, age 30y, died 10 Jan 1887, md; born Mo.

D. P. Killiam (m), age 28y 6m, died 20 Jan 1887, merchant, md; born Mo.

John C. White, age 69y 4m 14d, died 22 July 1887, md; born Tenn; ~ in Mo 51 yrs

John Napoleon Findle,9 age l9y, died 27 July 1887, single; b. Mo.

John M. Dickson, age 61y lm 7d9 died 13 Aug 1887, farmer, widower; born USA; in Mo 15 yrs.

Aaron Franklin James, age lly lm 7d, died 7 Aug 1887, born _

I. J. Dickerson (f), age 62y, died 31 Aug 1887, md; born East Tenn; in Mo 29 yrs.

Rebecca Shamel, age 96y 6m l9d9 died 13 Sept 1887, single; born NoCe; in Mo 29 yrs

Jennie BeIl, age 12y 6m 25d, died 11 Oct 1887, born Mo

Mary Angeline Evans, age l9y lOm, died 22 Sept 1887, single; born Mo

Martha Adaline Miller, age 63y lOm 23d, died 15 Oct 1887, widow; born USA; in Mo 17 yrs.

Rebecca Kinq, age 13y 7m 3d, died 6 Dec 1887, born Mo

J. A. Steely, MD, age 59y 3m 13d, died 23 Nov 1887, physician, md; born Ky; in Mo. - not known

Charley Pearson, age 22y 4m 28d, died 16 Dec 1887, born Mo

Mary E. Vanderpool, age 16y 5m Sd, died 1 Jan 1888,

Henry C. Coffey, age l9y llm 28d, died 21 Jan 1888, Va; in Mo 18 yrs. 2 most

William Cook, age 69y lm 22d, died 27 Jan 1888, md;

Nancy C. Whetton, age 25y 9m 31d, died 16 Jan 1888

Matilda Deck, age 21y ld, died 3 Feb 1888, single; Mo 20 yrs.

Anna E. James, age 9y lm 8d, died 8 Feb 1888, born Mo

Frank Autchison, age 17y 8m 14d, died 15 Feb 1888, born Mo.

Jincy E. Flowers, age 32y 15m 22d, died 8 Mar 1888, md; born Tenn; in Mo 30 yrs.

Barbara Mason, age 40y 6m 5d, died 28 Feb 1888, md; born Scotland, in Mo 21 yrs.

Lucrecia Reynolds, age 34y, died 5 Apr 1888, md; born Ill; in Mo about 4 yrs.

Billy Scott, age about 78y, died 14 Apr 1888, farmer, md; born Tenn; in Mo 33 yrs.

John Fairis, age 56y, died 27 Apr 1888, blacksmith ~ farmer, md; born Mo.

Justus Barbee, age 13y 9m 18d, died 15 May 1888, born Mo.

J. C. Rice, age 63y lOm 3d, died 4 June 1888, farmer, md; bo Va

Nathaniel Brown, age 59y, died 27 May 1888, blacksmith; born Ind; in Mo 6 yrs.

C. C. Cowan, age 62y, died 24 Dec 1888, miner, widower; born -iUSA; in Mo 30 yrs.

Mrs. Manerva Kemery, age 31y lOm 12d, died 10 June 1888, md; born NoCo ; in Mo 13 yrs.

Mahala Cantrell, age 34y 2m 28d, died 13 June 1888, md; born Tenn; in Mo 12 yrs.

Abraham T. Burres, age 56y 4m 26d, died 4 July 1888, farmer, md; born Tenn; in Mo (blank)

Martha E. Beck, age 32y 5m 9d, died 4 Sept 1888, md; born Ky; in Mo 8 yrs

Mary S. Green, age 32y, died 7 Oct 1888; md; born Ky; in Mo By.

William L. Cawman, age 40y, died 27 Sept 1888, farmer, md; born Ohio; in Mo 3 yrs.

Joel H. Wood, age 10y lad, died 20 Sept 1888; born Va; in Mo 4VA

Joel Sigmon, age 68y 7m led, died 28 Dec 1888 Mo 23 yrs. , md; born N.C.; in

Sarah M. Sigman, age 43y lm 10d, died 26 Dec 1889, single; born N.C.; in Mo 23 yrs.

Martin Ables, age 50y em 30d, died 31 Jan 1889, md; born Germany, in Mo 2 yrs.

Andrew Cannada, age 22y 6m 4d, died 27 Dec 1889, farmer, single; born Ill; in Mo 8 yrs

Newton O. Edwards, age 71y lm Id, died 1 June 1889, md; born Tenn; in Mo 61 yrs.

William L. Adams, age 22y 5m 17d, died 17 June 1889, farmer, single; born Mo.

Ellen Drenan, age 25y, died 16 July 1889, md; born Mo.

Granvil C. Smith, age 23y 4m 12d, died 5 July 1889, farmer, single, born Mo.

Fredrika Munding (f), age 21y, died 30 July 1889, md; born Austria; in Mo 2 yrs.

Jasper C. Stewart, age 31y 4m 24d, died 24 Aug 1889, physician; born Mo.

Mary A. Asher, age 18y llm led, died 16 Sept 1889, single; born Va; in Mo 10 most

Joseph T. Wallons, age 23y, died 9 Nov 1889, md; born Mo.

Ellender Bailey (f), age 37y, died 8 Sept 1889, md; born Tenn; in Mo 17 yrs

Polley Norris, age 39y llm 3d, died 27 Nov 1889, widow, born Tenn; in Mo 16 most

John H. Johnston, age 20y 3m 21d, died 21 Nov 1889, farmer, single; born Mo.

John M. Burris, age 23y 3m 4d, died 11 Nov 1889, single; born Ill; in Mo 2 yrs.

Maggie R. Fry, age 14y llm, died 14 Nov 1889, servant (white); born Mo.

Liner D. Gooch (m), age 73y em, died 12 Nov 1889, farmer, md; born Ky; in Mo 17 yrs.

Marion? J. Fielding If), age l9y 2m 17d, died 4 Dec 1889, md; born Mo.

____ Douglas, age 15y, died 15 act 1889; born Mo.

Manerva A. McCalister, age 39y Sm. died 13 Jan 1890, md; born Ky; in Mo 8 yrs.

Amanda C. Bozona, age 39y 25d, died 22 Jan 1890, md; born Va; in Mo 19 yrs.

William Robertson, age Boy, died 7 Feb 1890, md; born Scotland; in Mo 1 yr. -

Julia A. Mabey, age 25y, died 5 Mar 1890, md; b. Stanford, Mo.

John Mitchel, age 60y lm 23d, died 14 Feb 1890, farmer; born Penn; in Mo 21 yrs.

Eliza Ao Mitchell, age 23y, died 11 Feb 1890, single; born Ill; in MoO 21 yrs

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