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Tyrrell County, North Carolina
1850 Federal Census Mortality Schedule

Name of Deceased Person Age Sex Color Free or
Married or
Place of Birth Month
Occupation Cause of Death Number of Days Ill
Nelson Lewis6MBS N.C.April BurnedSudden
Elizabeth Perisher32FWFMN.C.July Child Birth3 weeks
Martha A. Periisher3/12FWF N.C.Oct. Unknown3 days
Rhoda C. Perisher3/12FWF N.C.Oct. Unknown1 day
Maria Armstrong36FWFMN.C.May Cholic2 days
Aaron Brickhouse18MBS N.C.MayLaborerUnknown21 days
Kate Truet2/12FBS N.C.May SmotheredSudden
John Cooper1/12MBS N.C.May Unknown10 days
Elizabeth West80FWFWN.C.Jan. Old Age 
Sarah E. Vickery1/12FWF N.C.April Unknown10 days
Frederick N. White4MWF N.C.Oct. Bilious Fever4 days
Elizabeth White29FWFWN.C.Nov. Mortification4 days
Mary White8/12FWF N.C.Jan. Fever1 day
Nelson Alcock40MWFMN.C.Mar.LaborerUnknown2 months
Wm Patrick47MWFMN.C.Jan.LaborerPleurisy8 days
Harriet Bryan1FMF N.C.Oct. Unknown1 month
Mary Liverman2FBS N.C.Jan. Burned4 days
Charity White11FMS N.C.Mar. Burned2 days
Nancy Meekins48FWFWN.C.June Quinzy7 days
James Sikes1MBS N.C.March Unknown20 days
Wm C. Litchfield1/12MWF N.C.August Fitts14 days
Solomon Armstrong1/12MWF N.C.December Unknown9 days
Isaac Sikes1/12MBS N.C.Feb. UnknownSudden
Margaret Sutton15FMS N.C.Sept. Unknown2 months
Permelia Twiddy1FMS N.C.Nov. Unknown11 days
Nancy C. Vanhorn27FWFMN.C.May Child Birth2 days
Robert Holmes2MWF N.C.July Scropula6 weeks
Frederick Sawyer1/12MWF N.C.Feb. Unknown4 days
Louisa Sanderson1FBS N.C.Sept. Bilious3 weeks
Matilda Sanderson9/12FBS N.C.Sept. Bilious1 month
Annis Spruill4FMS N.C.June Bilious1 week
Sarah Wescott25FWFMN.C.Feb. Consumption3 years
Martha Midyett66FWFMN.C.Aug. Consumption8 years
Isaac Midyett60MBS N.C.Decr.LaborerUnknown1 month
Hezekiah Midyett24MBS N.C.Aug.LaborerErysipelas2 weeks
Peter Wise65MBS N.C.Feb.LaborerUnknown1 day
Mary Hooker1/12FWF N.C.Oct. Unknown1 month
Washington T. Hooker1/12MWF N.C.Jan. UnknownSudden
Samuel Salyer40MWFWN.C.Feb.PhysicianConsumption1 year
John T. Sanders4/12MWF N.C.Jan. Meales8 days
Celia Brickhouse80FBS VirginiaMarch Old Age 
Virginia Alexander1FBS N.C.Feb. Meales1 week
Samuel Alexander88MBS N.C.Mar.noneDropsy9 months
Thomas Meekins78MBS N.C.JulynoneDropsy7 months
Rose Godfrey1FBS N.C.Aug. Unknown2 months
Nancy Tarkinton52FWFWN.C.Mar. Unknown2 yrs
Huldah Sexton9/12FWF N.C.June Unknown5 days
Vicey Phelps26FWFMN.C.Sept. Child Birth1 week
James R. Alexander3MWF N.C.Oct. Brain Fever2 weeks
Joicey Davenport3FMS N.C.July Worms2 days
John Pettigrew1/12MMS N.C.Sept. Lock jaw1 day
Ann Tarkinton11/12FWF N.C.Aug. Diarrhea7 weeks
Joab Norman37MWFMN.C.MarchFishermanDrownedSudden
Esther Spruill10FBS N.C.Sept. Brain Fever4 weeks
Benjamin Overton40MWFMN.C.MarchFishermanDrownedSudden
Wm Wynne56MWF N.C.Oct.FarmerPalsy4 weeks
William Lewis38MWFMN.C.Oct.PhysicianBillious1 week

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