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Tyrrell County, North Carolina
1870 Federal Census Mortality Schedule

Name of Deceased Person Age Sex Color Married or
Place of Birth Foreign Born Month
Occupation Cause of Death
Father Mother
Johnson, Peter50MBMNorth Carolina  Decr.Farm LaborChronic Cholic
Respress, Lalina46FBMNorth Carolina  FebyHouse KeeperPneumonia
McClees, Caroline1FB North Carolina  JulyAt HomeBrain Fever
Smith, James1/12MM North Carolina  JuneAt HomeInflamation Bowels
Smith, Ann Liza2/12FM North Carolina  DecrAt HomeWhooping Cough
Midyett, Danj1MB North Carolina  SeptAt HomeDisentary
Sikes, Peakella1FB North Carolina  AprilAt HomeInflamation Bowels
Williams, Martin20MW North Carolina  DecrFrom HomeLockjaw
Caroon, Biggs12FB North Carolina  DecrDomesticInflamatory Rheumatn
Alexander, Isaac36MW North Carolina  FebyFarmerConsumption
Sawyer, Maddison8MW North Carolina  AugustAt HomeTyphoid Fever
Sawyer, William2MW North Carolina  DecrAt HomePoisoned
Ward, Benjamin2MW North Carolina  DecrAt HomeDysentary
McPherson, Enus1MM North Carolina  OctAt HomeWorms
Tweedy, Permelia7/12FM North Carolina  JulyAt HomeDysentary
Tweedy, Darkis50FW North Carolina  MayKeeping HouseComsumption
Woodard, Nancy48FWMNorth Carolina  MarchKeeping HouseBrain Fever
Woodard, Bueanvista14FW North Carolina  JuneFarm Labr.Incipelas
Rhodes, Thomas17MW North Carolina  SeptFarm Labr.Typhoid Pneumonia
Roughton, Mary47FWWNorth Carolina  AprilDomesticConsumption
Rhodes, Isadine2FW North Carolina  SeptAt HomeDysentary
Bateman, Lloyd11/12MW North Carolina  JuneAt HomeDysentary
Alexander, Austin4/12MB North Carolina  SeptAt HomeConsumption
Sawyer, Nancy48MWWNorth Carolina  MarchWithout OccupPneumonia
Rhodes, Federick59MWMNorth Carolina  AugFarmerPneumonia
Lee, Remus1MW North Carolina  JanAt HomeHepatitis
Newberry, Ledora4FW North Carolina  AugAt HomeImcipelas
Swain, Abram11/12MW North Carolina  JulyAt HomeWhooping Cough
Brickhouse, John10/12MW North Carolina  AugAt HomeDysentary
Davenport, Alice7/12FW North Carolina  NovAt HomeImcipelas
Hooker, John11/12MW North Carolina  OctAt HomeDysentary
Sutton, Thomas9/12MW North Carolina  OctAt HomeDysentary
Bodwell, William9/12MWMNorth Carolina  AprilAt HomeConsumption
Page, John10/12MW North Carolina  DecAt HomeCroup
Liverman, Sarah17FW North Carolina  AugDomesticTyphoid Fever
Phelps, John F.13MW North Carolina  OctFarm LabrTyphoid Fever
Liverman, Mary5FW North Carolina  OctAt HomeDysentary
Armstrong, Josephine2FW North Carolina  OctAt HomeDysentary
Griffin, Anna1FB North Carolina  SeptAt HomeBillious Fever
Cahoon, Charles10/12MW North Carolina  Aug Typhoid Fever
Cahoon, Burton65MWMNorth Carolina  JanyFarmerCongestive Fever
Stiron, Mary28FWMNorth Carolina  SeptKeeping HouseDyptheria
Basnight, Sarah48FBMNorth Carolina  JuneKeeping HouseLiver Disease
Bunbar, Caryann19FBMNorth Carolina  DecrFarm LabBurned
Armstrong, Ruthy38FWMNorth Carolina  FebyKeeping HousePneumonia
Armstrong, Elizabeth74FWMNorth Carolina  MarchDomesticHeart Disease
Godfrey, Stephen45MWMNorth Carolina  DecrFarmerBowell Consumption
Jones, Martha6/12FW North Carolina  Sept Brain Fever
Mariner, Isaac79MMWNorth Carolina  AprInvalidGravel
Spencer, Levina60MW North Carolina  NovKeeping HouseConsumption
Liverman, Eliza11/12FB North Carolina  Jan Dysentary
McDonald, John54MWMNorth Carolina  MayFarmerConsumption
Mariner, Isaac88MBWNorth Carolina  AprAt HomeGravel
Davis, James1FW North Carolina  SeptAt HomeTyphoid Fever
Cooper, Prussia36FW North Carolina  OctKeeping HouseHeart Disease
Cooper, John5MW North Carolina  NovAt HomeBillious Fever
Armstrong, Scott19MM North Carolina  JuneFarm LabDropsy
Liverman, Fredrick55MWMNorth Carolina  AugFarmerHeart Disease
Dunbar, Florance11/12FW North Carolina  April Pneumonia
Wynne, Willis D1MW North Carolina  SeptemberAt HomeCholera
Halsey, Mason8MB North Carolina  SeptemberAt HomeAsthma
Walker, Martha2FW North Carolina  DecemberAt HomeDyptheria
Spruill, William A.7MW North Carolina  NovemberAt HomeDyptheria
Davenport, James L.10/12MW North Carolina  JanuaryAt HomeDyptheria
Wood, James S.1MW North Carolina  NovemberAt HomeBronchetous
Cahoon, Timothy10MW North Carolina  DecemberFarm LaborerTeething Inflamation
Norman, Ellen1FW North Carolina  SeptemberAt HomeCholera
Ransum, Joseph E.3MW North Carolina  NovemberAt HomeDarrhear
Ambrose, James11/12MW North Carolina  SeptemberAt HomeDyarhear
Bateman, Henry L.33MW North Carolina  MayFarm LaborerCongestive
Spruill, Charlotte10/12FW North Carolina  AprilAt HomeDysentary
Spruill, Dolly110FB North Carolina  MayInvalidOld Age
Pading, Martha4FB North Carolina  JulyAt HomeDysentary
Hill, Charles10/12MM North Carolina  NovemberAt HomeDysentary
Liverman, Caroline4/12FW North Carolina  SeptemberAt HomeDysentary
Bateman, Caroline30FW North Carolina  JuneKeeping HouseInflamation
Woodley, India9/12FW North Carolina  MayAt HomeGravel
Wynne, Virginia7FW North Carolina  AugustAt HomeCroup
Alexander, James1MW North Carolina  AugustAt HomeCroup
Hassell, Soloman11/12MW North Carolina  AugustAt HomeCroup
Hill, William1MW North Carolina  SeptemberAt HomePnenmonia
Dunbar, Aggy85FB North Carolina  JanuaryAt HomeOld Age

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