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Town of Alton, Belknap County, New Hampshire
Index of Deaths (2004-2005)
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SURNAME     FIRST      FROM            DEATH DATE                     FATHER'S NAME        MOTHER'S NAME
=======     =====      ====            ==========                     =============        =============
Beattie     David      Wolfeboro, NH   Tuesday, May 17, 2005          David Beanie         Julia Sergeant
Bell        Kenneth    Wolfeboro, NH   Saturday, May 21, 2005         Frederick Bell       Hazel Parsons
Bennett     Carole     Lebanon, NH     Tuesday, September 21, 2004    James Kelley         M. McDole
Bennett     Margaret   Alton, NH       Sunday, October 16, 2005       Herbert Bennett      Susie Alden
Bezanson    John       Rochester, NH   Saturday, June 25, 2005        Roland Bezanson      Mabel Douglas
Bodwell     Aim        Manchester, NH  Thursday, August 12, 2004      Charles Gordon       Martha Fowler
Brannigan   Bonita     Alton, NH       Thursday, September 29, 2005   Reginald Southard    Edna King
Center      Warren     Alton, NH       Monday, May 03, 2004           Donald Center        Eva Grey
Clark       Dorothy    Alton, NH       Monday, September 19, 2005     Charles Morgan       Doris Ayers
Cole        Stanley    Concord, NH     Monday, October 03, 2005       John Cole            Grace Hartford
Colombo     Frances    Rochester, NH   Sunday, February 13, 2005      Frank Pellicane      Mary Nuccio
Coyne       John       Alton Bay, NH   Wednesday, February 09, 2005   John Coyne           Mary Byrne
Crotty      Joseph     Manchester, NH  Saturday, September 18, 2004   Joseph Crotty        Madeleine Shea
Dalrymple   Horace     Wolfeboro, NH   Tuesday, September 06, 2005    Horace Dalrymple     Luella Hall
Derby       Clifford   Tilton, NH      Monday, November 22, 2004      Cephas Derby         Mary Watson
Desroches   Robert     Wolfeboro, NH   Thursday, March 11, 2004       Hector Deroche       Bernice Arsenault
Dodge       Ethel      Alton, NH       Monday, January 10, 2005       Francis Howe         Gladys Kershaw
Douglas     Desmond    Dover, NH       Tuesday, June 15, 2004         Charles Douglas      Mona Hough
Drew        Shirley    Alton, NH       Saturday, December 17, 2005    Benjay Lane          Mildred Gilman
English     John       Alton, NH       Monday, October 18, 2004       Floyd English        Florence Lansing
Faust       Diane      Wolfeboro, NH   Friday, September 23, 2005     Leonard Arsenault    Katherine Dolan
Ficke       James      Alton, NH       Wednesday, March 09, 2005      Melvin Ficke         Gertrude Skala
Gould       Jeffrey    Manchester, NH  Wednesday, November 17, 2004   Douglas Gould        Kathy Cota
Haley       Carleton   Concord, NH     Sunday, December 26, 2004      Elmer Haley          Sibyl Smith
Hallam      Elsie      Portsmouth, NH  Wednesday, October 12, 2005    Earl Freethy         Margueritte Taylor
Hardy       William    Alton, NH       Monday, February 07, 2005      Unknown              Unknown
Harvey      Alice      Alton, NH       Monday, August 22, 2005        James Boyer          Alice Williamson
Hillsgrove  Fred       Concord, NH     Friday, January 02, 2004       Walter Hillsgrove    Myrtie Day
Hoagland    August     Concord, NH     Sunday, March 13, 2005         Jacob Hoagland       Kristina Mindas
Holly       Gertrude   Wolfeboro, NH   Tuesday, April 13, 2004        Joseph Zeigler       Gertrude Carney
Huseby      George     Tilton, NH      Tuesday, January 20, 2004      Adolf Huseby         Selina Arnesen
Huston      Dana       Wolfeboro, NH   Monday, March 14, 2005         Harold Huston        Dorothy Kerr
Kelson      Ruth       Pittsfield, NH  Saturday, January 24, 2004     Paul Bund            Ellen McCoy
Kennedy     Marion     Wolfeboro, NH   Saturday, April 17, 2004       George Ford          Emma Woodbury
Kimionakis  Jason      Alton, NH       Sunday, September 19, 2004     George Kimionakis    Debra Couch
King        Keith      Alton Bay, NH   Thursday, December 01, 2005    Keith King           Mary Parsons
Lamper      George     Alton, NH       Wednesday, October 12, 2005    Harland Lamper       Annie Leighton
Legare      Farrah     Wolfeboro, NH   Sunday, March 07, 2004         Richard Legare       Maria Silveira
MacCallum   Neil       Epsom, NH       Tuesday, January 18, 2005      Charles MacCallum    Luretta Harrop
McDowell    Alfred     Alton, NH       Thursday, September 15, 2005   Alonzo McDowell      Julia Diehl
Merchant    Harry      Wolfeboro, NH   Friday, November 11, 2005      Arthur Merchant      Delina Blaine
Nardello    Anthony    Laconia, NH     Friday, September 09, 2005     Charles Nardello     Catherine Decarlo
Nardo       Evelyn     Wolfeboro, NH   Friday, January 30, 2004       Fred Harrell         Mildred Orr
O'Blenes    Kenneth    Alton, NH       Monday, February 16, 2004      Edgar O'Blenes       Elsie Fillmore
Oickle      Gordon     Wolfeboro, NH   Wednesday, December 07, 2005   Arkanus Oickle       June Jodrey
O'Maley     Francis    Alton, NH       Saturday, May 28, 2005         Francis O'Maley      Mary Morrison
Peltier     Reina      Laconia, NH     Monday, August 30, 2004        Romeo Lemoine        Cecile Dupont
Pierce      Mildred    Laconia, NH     Thursday, December 29, 2005    Carl Greenwood       Etta Clapper
Pille       Arthur     Laconia, NH     Monday, March 14, 2005         Edmund Pille         Unknown
Pogson      Beatrice   Wolfeboro, NH   Thursday, January 20, 2005     Herbert Pogson       Hilda Roberts
Quinn       Theresa    Wolfeboro, NH   Friday, August 12, 2005        Sylvio Lariviere     Blanche Golder
Rondeau     Ann        Manchester, NH  Wednesday, March 17, 2004      Ludger Lamirande     Ida Boucher
Russell     Roger      Ossipee, NH     Tuesday, January 13, 2004      Maurice Russell      Elsie Cate
Saley       Hilda      Wolfeboro, NH   Monday, March 29, 2004         Gordon MacIntire     Mildred Jewett
Santomango  Anthony    Lebanon, NH     Monday, July 18, 2005          Anthony Santomango   Margaret Riccio
Sawyer      Doris      Alton, NH       Saturday, April 09, 2005       Henry Lafosse        Delrisse Morin
Seavey      Kenneth    Wolfeboro, NH   Tuesday, January 14, 2994      Clarence Seavey      Bernice Barker
Simonson    Elinor     Ossipee, NH     Tuesday, March 29, 2005        Carment MacDonald    Gladys Wright
Smith       Catherine  Alton, NH       Friday, May 13, 2005           Stan Breen           Janet Burton
Souliere    Agnes      Wolfeboro, NH   Friday, October 22, 2004       Thomas Young         Eunice Maclore
Stevens     William    Concord. NH     Monday, November 15, 2004      Unknown              Unknown
Stoddard    Homer      Wolfeboro, NH   Tuesday, January 27, 2004      Homer Stoddard       Pauline Tabor
Swaffield   Dorothy    Alton, NH       Wednesday, December 21, 2005   Alfred Woodward      Anne Miller
Taylor      George     Alton, NH       Wednesday, November 10, 2004   George Taylor        Anne Bennett
Vernal      Frances    Laconia, NH     Friday, April 22, 2005         Seldon Rollins       Alma Ellis
Verrette    Gerald     Alton, NH       Sunday, January 09, 2005       Gerard Verrette      Lucille Migneault
Wallace     Pearl      Laconia, NH     Sunday, September 26, 2004     Royal Bisbee         Pearl Gosnell
Whitehouse  Richard    Alton, NH       Monday, July 05, 2004          Francis Whitehouse   Caroline Small
Yee         Brenda     Alton, NH       Thursday, July 29, 2004        Ralph Burleigh       Betty Harbour

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