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Town of Epping, Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Miscellaneous Deaths Index 2003
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=======       =========   =============                 =========    ======                ===============
Arneil        Josephine   Monday, July 07, 2003         Exeter       E. Giglio             M. Cinelli
Bowden        Bernice     Tuesday, November 11, 2003    Exeter       Thomas Murach         Estella Waraxa
Braley        Nancy       Saturday, May 10, 2003        Epping       Henry Dionne          Blanche Landry
Bristol       Carl        Saturday, December 27, 2003   Exeter       Myrle Bristol         Pauline Weires
Bullerwell    Howard      Sunday, December 28, 2003     Exeter       James Bullerwell      Allison Palmer
Castine       Joseph      Saturday, November 22, 2003   Epping       William Castine       Maryanne Brodreau
Chaplin       Howard      Friday, March 14, 2003        Exeter       Unknown               Unknown
Chapman       Eunice      Wednesday, May 28, 2003       Exeter       Burton Sanborn        Sarah Page
Chonak        Elsie       Monday, December 15, 2003     Portsmouth   Bartley Browning      Carrie Thomas
Coates        Robert O.   Sunday, March 23, 2003        Epping       Robert Coates         Mildred Lacy
Coleman       Lindsey     Sunday, September 14, 2003    Epping       Harry Campbell        Evelyn Purington
Davies        Doris       Friday, October 03, 2003      Brentwood    William Yeany         Myrtle Burgess
Devlin        Bernard     Tuesday, July 15, 2003        Manchester   John Devlin           May Spotterswood
Driscoll      Frances     Wednesday, October 01, 2003   Exeter       Francesco Cimino      Carmella Letieri
Dwyer Sr.     Thomas      Thursday, July 31, 2003       Exeter       Earl Dwyer            Natalie Brierly
Eddy          James       Sunday, July 20, 2003         Epping       Harold Eddy           Ella Griggs
Fortier       Deneen      Monday, February 17, 2003     Exeter       William Hobby         Alida Simmons
Freeman       Irene       Thursday, December 11, 2003   Epping       Harry McNamara        Bernice Lockwood
Fritz         Marion      Saturday, March 29, 2003      Brentwood    Patrick O'Brien       Marion Potter
Godbout       Carolyn     Friday, July 25, 2003         Raymond      Edwin Keniston        Dorothy Donahue
Goldthwaite   Adeline     Sunday, January 05, 2003      Brentwood    Emil Bonenfant        Emila LaBranche
Helander      Aili        Monday, March 03, 2003        Warner       Leaneles Holm         Liisa Loukola
Jackson       Kenneth     Tuesday, May 27, 2003         Exeter       John Jackson          Ethel Hill
Jean Sr.      Agapit      Thursday, January 30, 2003    Exeter       Alfred Jean           Josephine Lavoie
Kennedy       Shirley     Saturday, May 03, 2003        Manchester   Ernest Ruiter         Gladys Sowles
Larocco       Bruce       Monday, December 29, 2003     Epping       Joseph Larocco        Susan Neely
Melanson      George      Wednesday, March 19, 2003     Epping       Joseph Melanson       Edith Hendsbee
O'Leary       Michael     Saturday, July 19, 2003       Raymond      James O'Leary         Marian Badalamenti
Ouellette     Raymond     Saturday, November 15, 2003   Epping       Roger Ouellette       Rose St. Pierre
Reardon       Ann         Friday, September 26, 2003    Lebanon      Rocco Fini            Evelyn Giordano
Regan         Michael     Sunday, December 21, 2003     Epping       John Regan            Irene Lavoie
Sanborn       Donald      Thursday, August 21, 2003     Exeter       Walter Sanborn        Sylvia Sanborn
Sanborn       Richard F.  Thursday, December 04, 2003   Exeter       Walter Sanborn        Sylvia Sanborn
Scarpetti     Sistine     Saturday, December 27, 2003   Exeter       Francesco Scarpetti   Rose Cooperstein
Sharp         James       Sunday, September 21, 2003    Epping       Floyd Sharp           Paulette Brzeviecki
Stackpole     Shirley     Friday, April 11, 2003        Rochester    William Woodworth     Mattie Thompson
Stevens       Judith      Tuesday, December 09, 2003    Epping       Earle Hand            Eleanor Condon
Turcotte      Mary        Tuesday, February 18, 2003    Epping       Donald Neddy          Claire McNamee
Warren        August L.   Saturday, November 22, 2003   Brentwood    August Warren         Elizabeth Hockney

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