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Town of Epping, Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Miscellaneous Deaths Index 2004
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=======     =========   =============                 =========    ======              ===============
Allen       Nathalie    Friday, March 19, 2004        Nashua       John Rousseau       Gertrude James
Allen       Robert      Wednesday, August 25, 2004    Exeter       Walter Allen        Emily Craig
Bailey      Ashley      Sunday, July 04, 2004         Barrington   William Bailey      Dorothy Balkus
Bennett     Philip      Saturday, November 06, 2004   Exeter       James Bennett       Augusta Olsson
Braley      David       Monday, April 05, 2004        Exeter       George Braley       Bertha Murray
Catania     John        Tuesday, July 27, 2004        Concord      Ralph Catania       Lucy Baglieri
Coe         Phyllis     Saturday, January 17, 2004    Exeter       Robert Dennie       Avis Bishop
Cole        Donna       Thursday, July 15, 2004       Exeter       Frederick Simpson   Jacqueline Gilcrest
Collins     Virginia    Wednesday, March 24, 2004     Exeter       George Denyou       Jennie Eaton
Croteau     Arthur      Tuesday, February 10, 2004    Epping       Arthur Croteau      Yvonne Gagne
Demester    Virginia    Friday, September 24, 2004    Derry        Herbert Hamer       Marguerite Moran
Dionne      Ruthena     Wednesday, May 19, 2004       Exeter       Warren Paige        Orah Lampron
Dischert    Pauline     Wednesday, August 25, 2004    Exeter       Guy Bridges         Frances Sharpe
Ferreira    Natalie     Tuesday, April 06, 2004       Epping       Albert Churchill    Catherine Matheson
Gardner     Wilbur      Saturday, February 14, 2004   Dover        Lawrence Gardner    Eva Gardiner
Hurd        Hazel       Friday, August 27, 2004       Bedford      Frank Hurd          Gertrude Allen
Hurteau     Alfred      Saturday, July 10, 2004       Exeter       George Hurteau      Ellen Twombley
Keddy       Frances     Sunday, October 31, 2004      Epping       Leslie Kelley       Eva Hardy
Knowles     Robert      Saturday, February 21, 2004   Exeter       James Knowles       Sarah (Unknown)
LaShomb     Herbert     Saturday, June 19, 2004       Exeter       George LaShomb      Barbara Snyder
Lavoie      Lora        Tuesday, November 23, 2004    Brentwood    Freeman Nason       Mildred Marshall
Lucafo      Josephine   Saturday, April 24, 2004      Manchester   Joseph Bonaldo      Amy Fasta
Maslowski   Francis     Friday, May 25, 5004          Exeter       Francis Maslowski   Mary (Unknown)
McCusker    Dorothy     Monday, August 09, 2004       Exeter       Alfred Britton      Olive Tozier
Murray      Violet      Thursday, January 29, 2004    Portsmouth   Thomas Whitney      Lettie Thompson
Porter      Ronald      Monday, December 13, 2004     Exeter       James Porter        Edith Smart
Ricardo     Vita        Friday, April 02, 2004        Epping       Nicholas Puopolo    Saveria Lorusso
Sanborn     Rachel      Wednesday, March 24, 2004     Fremont      Nathan Bourne       Bertha Myers
Seavey      Shirley     Thursday, September 30, 2004  Epping       Harry Prescott      Mildred Selig
Spooner     Lenora      Tuesday, August 31, 2004      Exeter       Harold Pearson      Persis Dow

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