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Town of Epping, Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Miscellaneous Deaths Index 2005
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=======     =====        =============                 =========   ======            ===============
Anderson    Elinor       Wednesday, April 20, 2005     Epping      Everett Anderson  Maude Bohning
Barton      Robert       Sunday, October 02, 2005      Epping      George Barton     Margaret Willey
Brackett    Bruce        Wednesday, May 11, 2005       Exeter      Harry Brackett    Florence Braley
Burnett     Lillian      Thursday, April 28, 2005      Exeter      Harry Smith       Olive Damon
Carmichael  Doris        Wednesday, January 05, 2005   Brentwood   Warren White      Sadie Pierce
Coe         Robert       Wednesday, March 02, 2005     Manchester  Ralph Coe         Phyllis Dennie
Dionne      Ada          Wednesday, October 19, 2005   Portsmouth  George Nichols    Melena Proulx
Dischert    Daniel       Tuesday, January 11, 2005     Exeter      Lewis Dischert    Pauline Bridges
Driscoll    Walter       Saturday, July 30, 2005       Brentwood   Jeremiah Driscoll Margaret Lyons
Drouin      Albert       Monday, September 12, 2005    Epping      Fred Drouin       Rosanna LaCroix
Gauthier    Roger        Sunday, September 25, 2005    Epping      Joseph Gauthier   Hermina Morin
Hartford    Olivia       Saturday, October 29, 2005    Lee         George Rogers     Lottie Raymond
Johnson     Virginia     Monday, July 25, 2005         Exeter      Edward Cain       Elizabeth Chaisson
Johnson     Glenn        Thursday, November 10, 2005   Exeter      Herbert Johnson   Ruth Nichols
Judkins     Norman       Sunday, January 23, 2005      Epping      George Judkins    Gladys Abbott
Lavigne     David        Thursday, October 06, 2005    Epping      Cyril Lavigne     Pearl Bernier
Lazazzera   Lawrence     Monday, September 19, 2005    Epping      Lino Lazazzera    Madeline Zwicker
Lecolst     Stephen      Wednesday, December 07, 2005  Brentwood   Stephen Lecolst   Gertrude Andrews
Lefebvre    Jeannette    Thursday, December 29, 2005   Epping      Joseph Martin     Albertine Blanchette
Lewis       Jean         Thursday, February 10, 2005   Dover       Angelo Rossetti   Margaret McCarthy
Locke       John         Sunday, December 04, 2005     Epping      Stanley Locke     Flora Griffin
Mailhot     Willis       Monday, June 27, 2005         Exeter      Arthur Mailhot    Margaret Audette
McKay       James        Monday, March 28, 2005        Exeter      Unknown           Lucy Blye
Morel       Rose         Saturday, November 20, 2004   Brentwood   Adolphus David    Marie Dumas
Nee         Barbara      Tuesday, August 23, 2005      Manchester  Arthur Deleskey   Helen Lawson
Neihart     Tonya        Sunday, February 13, 2005     Epping      Roland Desjardins Patricia Locke
Parker      William      Tuesday, January 25, 2005     Exeter      Albert Parker     Annie Purington
Pipitone    Christopher  Thursday, September 08, 2005  Exeter      Pasquale Pipitone Ruth Roemer
Reynolds    Steven       Monday, March 07, 2005        Epping      Charles Reynolds  Irene Couture
Robarge     June         Tuesday, July 05, 2005        Rochester   Burliegh Cook     Lera Howard
Roberts     Muriel       Sunday, November 13, 2005     Exeter      Alfred Wilson     Marguerite Livingston
Rollins     Annette      Thursday, April 28, 2005      Epping      Alfred Bernier    Eva Desrosiers
Smith       Fannie       Thursday, March 24, 2005      Exeter      Charles Rock      Annie West
Tuttle      Mildred      Tuesday, October 11, 2005     Exeter      Harold Larkin     Eunice Call
Welch       John         Thursday, September 29, 2005  Exeter      John Welch        Leda Levasseur
Wiggin      Annie        Thursday, December 15, 2005   Epping      Unknown           Jenny Germaine
Young       Edward       Monday, May 09, 2005          Epping      Edward Young      Melina Paris
Young       Elizabeth    Tuesday, September 20, 2005   Concord     Leon Cox          Doris Gilpatric

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