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Town of Epping, Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Miscellaneous Deaths Index 2006
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SURNAME      FIRST       DATE OF DEATH                  RESIDENCE    FATHER                MOTHER'S MAIDEN
=======      =====       =============                  =========    ======                ===============
Ashley       Orval       Saturday, August 26, 2006      Manchester   (not known)           Vera Scott
Bailey       Benjamin    Wednesday, February 15, 2006   Epping       Linwood Bailey        Rosetta Kennerson
Bishop       Gertrude    Wednesday, May 03, 2006        Exeter       Frank Phelps          Ivy Munson
Bishop       Paul        Wednesday, March 22, 2006      Exeter       Carrol Bishop         Ella Porter
Brown        Elmer       Wednesday, October 04, 2006    Epping       William Brown         Mabel Whitney
Brown        Jacqueline  Monday, November 20, 2006      Epping       Joseph Brown          Gertrude Fecteau
Clement      William     Thursday, June 15, 2006        Epping       Joseph Clement        Constance Roberts
Congdon      Esther      Saturday, May 06, 2006         Brentwood    Noel Rines            Bertha Miller
Cote         Roger       Sunday, November 26, 2006      Epping       William Cote          Regina Bernier
Donovan, Jr. Roger       Saturday, January 07, 2006     Exeter       Roger Donovan Sr      C Isabel Skinner
Droney       Ralph       Thursday, December 28, 2006    Epping       Alfred Droney         Verna Sprague
Duchemin     Bruce       Monday, August 28, 2006        Dover        Frederick Duchemin    Muriel Cheney
Duffy        Robert      Friday, March 10, 2006         Epping       Phillip Duffy         Althea Hersey
Forshaw      Lucille     Sunday, October 08, 2006       Epping       Ferdinand Robichaud   Rosanna Therrien
Garnett      Alice       Friday, November 24, 2006      Portsmouth   Denton O'Neil         Alma Brandeis
Glidden      Leon        Sunday, November 12, 2006      Brentwood    Leon Denyou           Lois Purington
Glover       Madeleine   Thursday, October 26, 2006     Exeter       Sheldon French        Fannie Rock
Gurski       Walter      Thursday, November 23, 2006    Epping       (not known)           (not known)
Johnson      James       Tuesday, March 14, 2006        Epping       John Johnson          Bertha Kaulback
King         Sharon      Saturday, April 22, 2006       Epping       James King            Mary Anderson
Ladd         Bertha      Thursday, November 16, 2006    Epping       Alvin Young           Marie Chaput
Levesque     Leo         Thursday, March 02, 2006       Brentwood    Antonio Levesque      Florence Caron
Lewis        Michael     Thursday, September 21, 2006   Manchester   Gordon Lewis, Sr.     Eleanor Durgin
MacNeil      Harold      Thursday, March 30, 2006       Brentwood    SeMon MacNeil         Edna Lively
Nichols      Jeffrey     Monday, June 05, 2006          Portsmouth   Erie Nichols          Doris McKinney
Noel         Janice      Tuesday, February 14, 2006     Manchester   Albion Cross          Rose Anderson
Pettengill   Barbara     Sunday, December 10, 2006      Epping       Fred Trask            Jean Flanagan
Phillips     Margaret    Wednesday, June 07, 2006       Exeter       Elmer King            Grace Bissell
Regan        Irene       Wednesday, May 24, 2006        Brentwood    Octave Lavoie         Alma Pelletier
Roberts      Patrick     Tuesday, August 22, 2006       Exeter       Patrick Roberts       Edith Flight
Sappal       Harbans     Thursday, March 09, 2006       Epping       Gurcharan Tathgar     Modinder Gill
Wells        Annie       Tuesday, December 12, 2006     Exeter       John Wells, Jr.       Esther Butler
Wright       Pota        Sunday, January 22, 2006       Epping       Angelos Pagones       Stavroula Kyriacopoulos

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