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Town of Epsom, Merrimack County, New Hampshire
Index of Death Records (2005)
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DECEASED               RESIDENCE       DATE OF DEATH                FATHER'S NAME           MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME
========               =========       =============                =============           ====================
ALLEN, ANDRE           CONCORD, NH     Wednesday, April 06, 2005    ALLEN, BERTRAND         BELLAVANCE, MARGUERITE
BARRETT, JEAN          EPSOM, NH       Tuesday, June 14, 2005       WRIGHT, GEORGE          BAKER, ALICE
BEAUDOIN, ALBERT       EPSOM, NH       Friday, December 23, 2005    BEAUDOIN, AIME          GAUTHIER, LAURA
BISHOP, ROGER          EPSOM, NH       Sunday, January 09, 2005     BISHOP, CLIFFORD        THURSTON, DOROTHY
BOTELHO, JAMES         CONCORD, NH     Friday, June 24, 2005        BOTELHO, FERNANDO       FIAHLO, IRENE
BOUFFARD, JEANNETTE    EPSOM, NH       Wednesday, December 21, 2005 FANNY, JOSEPH           DUHAIME, ROSA
BRAZAWSKI, JULIA       EPSOM, NH       Monday, July 11, 2005        KUKLA, STEPHEN          TWAROG, ANNA
BURGESS, ALBERTINA     EPSOM, NH       Friday, March 18, 2005       REISCH, JOSEPH          HATCH, RUBY
CASS, MYRTLE           EPSOM, NH       Tuesday, May 10, 2005        BARTLETT, ALLIE         YOUNG, MABEL
CASS, ROBERT           EPSOM, NH       Monday, January 24, 2005     CASS, RALPH             RING, INIS
COLELLA, VIRGINIA      EPSOM, NH       Monday, May 09, 2005         RUSSO, MICHAEL          UNKNOWN, LUCIA
CONNOR, JOHN           CONCORD, NH     Thursday, June 16, 2005      CONNOR, JOHN            PAULHUS, AGNES
COPP, MARGARET         CONCORD, NH     Thursday, January 06, 2005   HALL, DAVID             PACKARD, ESTELLE
COREY, ALICE           CONCORD, NH     Thursday, January 20, 2005   COREY, PETER            GANEM, EVA
CUTTER, ROBERT         CONCORD, NH     Tuesday, January 25, 2005    CUTTER, FRANK           RICKER, FLORA
DAVIE, IDA             EPSOM, NH       Thursday, December 22, 2005  WELCH, JOHN             REDMOND, GERTRUDE
DODGE, DANIEL          EPSOM, NH       Sunday, July 31, 2005        DODGE, JOHN             CAMPBELL, RUTHANN
DRAPEAU, BARBARA       EPSOM, NH       Sunday, June 12, 2005        BRUNEAU, ERNEST         LACASSE, MARY
DUPUIS, MAURICE        CONCORD, NH     Saturday, September 03, 2005 DUPUIS, WILFRED         DUBE, PRISCILLA
EADE, KENNETH          EPSOM, NH       Sunday, July 10, 2005        EADE, HARMON            PORTER, LOUELLA
ELLIS, CLARA           CONCORD, NH     Friday, July 15, 2005        COULOMBE, FREDERICK     CARON, CLARA
FIFE, KRISTINE         CONCORD, NH     Wednesday, August 10, 2005   SCHWAB, DENNIS          BROOKS, ROSALIE
FLANDERS, FLOYD        CONCORD, NH     Tuesday, March 22, 2005      FLANDERS, RHUNA         SARGENT, FERN
FLEURY, IRENE          EPSOM, NH       Wednesday, November 02, 2005 CREVIER, JOSEPH         BRASLEY, OLIVA
FOLEY, ROBERT          CONCORD, NH     Monday, January 10, 2005     FOLEY, JOHN             KELLEY, JOSEPHINE
FREDYMA, PETER         CONCORD, NH     Saturday, December 10, 2005  FREDYMA, WALTER         EMOND, LORRAINE
FURBER, NORMAN         EPSOM, NH       Monday, January 17, 2005     FURBER, CHARLES         CAMPBELL BERTHA
GELINAS, ANDRE         CONCORD, NH     Tuesday, January 04, 2005    GELINAS, JOSEPH         CARON, YVONNE
HALLORAN, GEORGE       BEDFORD, NH     Saturday, November 19, 2005  HALLORAN, LOUIS         KING, MARY
HANSON, WINONA         EPSOM, NH       Sunday, May 29, 2005         ALLEN, LEON             RICKER, ANNIE
HARSH, MARVIN          EPSOM, NH       Friday, June 24, 2005        HARSH, MARVIN           WATSON, FLORENCE
HILL, JOAN             EPSOM, NH       Thursday, August 25, 2005    HEAVENS, CHARLES        RAND, JULIA
HOLBROOK, DOROTHY      EPSOM, NH       Saturday, December 10, 2005  SHOREY, LE              HAWKINS, HELEN
HOLMES, FLORA          EPSOM, NH       Thursday, September 29, 2005 PENDER, EDWIN           HARROP, FANNIE
HOWLAND, ALVAH         MANCHESTER, NH  Friday, August 05, 2005      HOWLAND, ALVAH          OWEN, J. MILDRED
KEYES, BESSIE          EPSOM, NH       Wednesday, March 23, 2005    KEYES, GEORGE           RAMSAY, MARY
LANCASTER, JOHN        CONCORD, NH     Friday, July 01, 2005        LANCASTER, EUGENE       ANDERSON, LILLIAN
LEELING, WILMA         EPSOM, NH       Friday, March 18, 2005       WALLACE, WILLIAM        SMITH, MINNIE
LESNYK, RITA           EPSOM, NH       Monday, September 12, 2005   PRINCE, DONAT           LESSARD, LAURA
LOKER, MILDRED         EPSOM, NH       Saturday, March 05, 2005     BALLOU, EDWARD          LEACH, ELLA
LYMAN, LENA            EPSOM, NH       Saturday, March 19, 2005     GREENE, ERNEST          ROBERTS, ADDIE
MALO, ROGER            CONCORD, NH     Thursday, March 24, 2005     MALO, ARTHUR            PELLETIER, FABIOLA
MELANSON, KATHLEEN     EPSOM, NH       Sunday, July 31, 2005        RANDALL, BERRY          FRANK, ALBERTA
NORKY, DENISE          CONCORD, NH     Friday, July 01, 2005        POLSKI, THEODORE        UNKNOWN, THERESA
PEABODY, JOYCE         CONCORD, NH     Thursday, February 03, 2005  MAGOON, LAWRENCE        ABBOTT, FRANCESCA
PICKARD, SARAH         EPSOM, NH       Sunday, December 18, 2005    PICKARD, EDWARD         REARDON, CYNTHIA
PREVE, KENNETH         MANCHESTER, NH  Thursday, December 29, 2005  PREVE, KENNETH          PUCHACZ, CAROLYN
PROPER, ERNEST         EPSOM, NH       Sunday, May 29, 2005         PROPER, GORDON          SHELDON, NELLIE
RIDDICK, JULIA         CONCORD, NH     Monday, October 17, 2005     TROMBLY, DENIS          TROMBLY, BERTHA
ROWDEN, MARION         CONCORD, NH     Wednesday, March 23, 2005    MC NEILLY, MATTHEW      WARDWELL, LORNA
RUTHERFORD, IVAN       CONCORD, NH     Friday, November 18, 2005    RUTHERFORD, JOHN        MERRILL, FLOSSIE
SAWYER, RUTH           EPSOM, NH       Tuesday, October 18, 2005    TYLER, WILLIAM          CARBEE, BLANCHE
TOBIAS, RALPH          MANCHESTER, NH  Tuesday, November 15, 2005   TOBIAS, RALPH           SPAIN, NELLIE
VAN LIER, CLAIRE       EPSOM, NH       Sunday, May 01, 2005         VAILLANCOURT, LEON      HOULE, JEANNETTE
VENO, BARBARA          CONCORD, NH     Thursday, November 03, 2005  FINLAYSON, WILLARD      DOLE, EMILY
VVOOD, JOHN            EPSOM, NH       Sunday, March 06, 2005       WOOD, HENRY             DUNHAM, MARY
WILDNER, ANTHONY       EPSOM, NH       Wednesday, March 02, 2005    WILDNER, ADOLPH         DEBECHE, ISABEL
WORTH, LENA            EPSOM, NH       Tuesday, April 12, 2005      COLBY, CARL             JACOB, GERTRUDE
YEATON, PHYLLIS        CONCORD, NH     Thursday, March 24, 2005     HUNT, JESSIE            WELLS, VERNA


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