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Town of Goffstown, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
Index of Deaths (2003)
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DECEASED                    DATE OF DEATH                 RESIDENCE    FATHER'S NAME           MOTHER'S MAIDEN
========                    =============                 =========    =============           ===============
Anderson, Alexander R.      Thursday, April 10, 2003      Bedford      Anderson, Orin          Eliason, Victoria
Ansley, Blanche M.          Thursday, February 27, 2003   Goffstown    Chabot, Joseph          Gonthier, Alice
Baranski, Joseph P.         Saturday, December 13, 2003   Goffstown    Baranski, John          Bober, Louise
Barber, Mary E.             Monday, October 20, 2003      Manchester   Doddy, Henry            Broin, Mary
Beck, Ezra P.               Monday, July 14, 2003         Goffstown    Beck, James             Helferty, Sarah
Becker, Mary A.             Monday, May 26, 2003          Bedford      Duval, Al               Unknown, Unknown
Becker, Raymond A.          Saturday, July 12, 2003       Goffstown    Becker, Arthur          Lovine, Elma
Belanger, Edna E.           Friday, June 13, 2003         Goffstown    Chouinard, Joseph       Thibault, Eva
Benton, Charles T.          Sunday, December 07, 2003     Manchester   Benton, Bert            Simonds, Olive
Bergeron, Roger E.          Tuesday, September 23, 2003   Goffstown    Bergeron, Albert        Cote, Aldea
Botelho, Robert P.          Monday, October 27, 2003      Goffstown    Botelho, Joseph         Ribero, Adeline
Bouchard, Henry F.          Monday, August 25, 2003       Manchester   Bouchard, Alfred        Gregoire, Georgianna
Bresnahan, Florence J.      Thursday, February 06, 2003   Goffstown    Jackson, James          Callinson, Mary Ellen
Broes,Albert H.             Tuesday, December 23, 2003    Goffstown    Unknown, Unknown        Unknown, Unknown
Caputo, Anthony F.          Wednesday, July 23, 2003      Manchester   Caputo, John            Parnella, Kathryn
Carlson, Jarl A.            Wednesday, January 08, 2003   Goffstown    Carlson, Arthur         Skrivars, Julia
Casey, Betty J.             Tuesday, December 30, 2003    Manchester   Keesler, Clifford       Depledge, Gertrude
Charron, Stella P.          Thursday, December 04, 2003   Goffstown    Lemieux, Arthur         Lambert, Ludivine
Chatel, Robert A.           Monday, January 27, 2003      Manchester   Chatel, George          Roberts, Eva
Chretien, Annette           Monday, February 17, 2003     Goffstown    Gingras, Mathias        Petit, Mary
Cimon, Norman A.            Monday, April 28, 2003        Goffstown    Cimon, Albert           Blondeau, Albertine
Clark, Mary T.              Friday, May 02, 2003          Goffstown    Unknown, Unknown        Hoffman, Mary
Cloutier, Germaine C.       Sunday, February 16, 2003     Goffstown    Constant, William       Talbot, Amanda
Cochrane, Myrtie B.         Tuesday, February 11, 2003    Goffstown    Marshall, Warren        Barnard, Myrtie
Coker, Moma                 Wednesday, January 08, 2003   Manchester   Heath, Robinson         Mudgett, Elsie
Cordesco, Carolynn J.       Tuesday, August 19, 2003      Manchester   McKeague, Joseph        Powell, Marion
Cormier, Maurice L.         Monday, December 15, 2003     Manchester   Cormier, Joseph         Gagnon, Marie
Cote, Arthur J.             Thursday, November 27, 2003   Goffstown    Cote, Joseph            Vaiville, Rosie
Coulombe, Roger F.          Monday, July 21, 2003         Manchester   Coulombe, Victorien     Labbe, Georgiana
Croteau, Lucianna           Friday, April 04, 2003        Goffstown    Gagnon, Adelard         Laforge, Elenore
Daniels, Catherine T.       Saturday, January 11, 2003    Manchester   Colbum, Harry           Messier, Meldrid
Davis, Frank A.             Sunday, June 22, 2003         Manchester   Unknown, Unknown        Unknown, Unknown
Davis, Kathleen P.          Wednesday, January 01, 2003   Goffstown    McLaughlin, Charles     Gilmartin, Mary
Depinquertaine, Agnes M.    Tuesday, April 29, 2003       Manchester   Martinson, Alfred       Monsen, Helen
Depinquertaine, Robert L.   Saturday, March 29, 2003      Lebanon      Depinquertaine, Hubuert Tessier, Bertha
Derby, John P.              Monday, December 29, 2003     Manchester   Derby, Charles          Plummer, Grace
Desfosses, Raymond A.       Saturday, May 10, 2003        Goffstown    Desfosses, Lucien       Marcotte, Antoinette
Deslisle, Paul E.           Thursday, June 12, 2003       Manchester   Delisle, Eugene         Baron, Jane
Dionne, Benjamin M.         Thursday, January 30, 2003    Goffstown    Dionne, Arthur          Beaudoin, Marie
Dow, John R.                Tuesday, June 03, 2003        Goffstown    Dow, Herbert            Lovejoy, Marion
Drociak, Catherine S.       Thursday, January 02, 2003    Manchester   Spiewak, Peter          Tokarz, Anna
Dube, Guy A.                Wednesday, April 02, 2003     Goffstown    Reynolds, Charles       Carrier, Ruth
Dupuis, Herve               Thursday, February 06, 2003   Manchester   Dupuis, Wilfred         Roy, Eugenie
Duval, Marie R.             Friday, February 07, 2003     Manchester   Duhaime, Henry          Bilodeau, Rose
Eastman, Mildred F.         Wednesday, October 29, 2003   Manchester   Felch, Harold           Hodgman, Marion
Fournier, Doris I.          Thursday, March 20, 2003      Manchester   Desruisseaux, Albert    Dupont, Lillian
Gagnon, Rita D.             Friday, January 17, 2003      Manchester   Gamelin, Henry          Martineau, Marie
Gibbs, Alfreda              Sunday, August 31, 2003       Goffstown    Gallagher, Unknown      Unknown, Martha
Gingras, Priscilla M.       Sunday, January 05, 2003      Exeter       Gagne, Malcolm          Frechette, Leah
Girard, Bernadette P.       Wednesday, July 02, 2003      Goffstown    Bujold, Noah            Unknown, Unknown
Girard, Donald A.           Thursday, May 01, 2003        Goffstown    Girard, Adrien          Biron, Leontine
Giroux, Paul H.             Saturday, March 29, 2003      Goffstown    Giroux, David           Faucher, Marie
Godbout, Estelle M.         Sunday, April 13, 2003        Goffstown    Gagnon, William         Cote, Yvonne
Green, Douglas F.           Friday, June 06, 2003         Goffstown    Green, Alfred           Swan, Dorothy
Griffin, Marjorie L.        Wednesday, December 17, 2003  Merrimack    Durgin, Herman          Sargent, Mary
Handyside, Ins V.           Wednesday, February 05, 2003  Goffstown    Richards, Alexander     Orchard, Caroline
Hartnoll, Arvilla S.        Sunday, October 26, 2003      Goffstown    Smith, Leland           Hayward, Clara
Hayes, Marion E.            Sunday, January 12, 2003      Merrimack    Hall, Clarence          Purington, Goldie
Healey, Chance M.           Thursday, November 13, 2003   Concord      Healey, Michael         Hayward, Rhiannon
Henault, Fannie             Friday, January 31, 2003      Manchester   Klein, Bernard          Weiner, Ida
Heselton, Richard C.        Sunday, May 18, 2003          Goffstown    Heselton, Richard       La Chance, Dorothy
Hills, John T.              Monday, December 29, 2003     Goffstown    Hills, Ill, William     Lawrence, Hilda
Horan, Thomas F.            Thursday, March 13, 2003      Goffstown    Horan, Patrick          Kearns, Nora
Huard, Gerard L.            Sunday, January 26, 2003      Manchester   Huard, Alfred           Trottier, Lydia
Humphrey, Elizabeth         Sunday, January 12, 2003      Manchester   Sliva, Felix            Gruscawsas, Katherine
Johnson, Anna I.            Tuesday, October 21, 2003     Goffstown    Anderson, Sigfried      Anderson, Alma
Kohn, Richard S.            Saturday, November 29, 2003   Weare        Kohn, Jerome            Fisher, Helen
Labranche, Beatrice L.      Sunday, November 23, 2003     Concord      Bolduc, Joseph          Vachon, Anaise
Lamontagne, Femand A.       Wednesday, April 16, 2003     Manchester   Lamontagne, Barthelemy  Dufour, Mary
Langdon, Thelma             Tuesday, August 26, 2003      Manchester   Carlson, Carl           Turnkuist, Freida
Lankford, James A.          Thursday, January 30, 2003    Goffstown    Lankford, Ernest        Cheeseman, Bertha
Larock, Norman J.           Thursday, November 06, 2003   Manchester   Larock, Archibald       Pecor, Roseanna
Lavalliere, Jeffrey P.      Saturday, February 01, 2003   Stratford    Lavalliere, Paul        Peterson, Deborah
Lefebvre, Marion A.         Saturday, August 30, 2003     Manchester   Dane, James             Felch, Flossie
Lesmerises, Blanche M.      Wednesday, September 03, 2003 Manchester   Perreault, Charles      Neveu, Angelina
Lesmerises, Doris, A.       Saturday, November 15, 2003   Goffstown    Lambert, George         Geurtin, Alice
Levesque, Eva M.            Thursday, March 20, 2003      Goffstown    Trepanier, Unknown      Unknown, Unknown
MacConnell, Bradley K.      Saturday, January 25, 2003    Manchester   MacConnell, Roy         Carpenter, Shirley
Mace, Richard D.            Friday, March 07, 2003        Goffstown    Mace, R.                Richardson, Clara
Malhoit, Roy E.             Friday, September 05, 2003    Goffstown    Malhoit, lrenee         Roy, Irene
Marcou, Elsie K.            Friday, November 28, 2003     Goffstown    Knowles, Lancelot       Emery, Irene
Mason, David R.             Monday, September 22, 2003    Goffstown    Mason, David            Rogers, Bernice
Masse, Mary M.              Friday, March 14, 2003        Manchester   Masse, Martial          Blanchard, Marie
McQuarrie, Huey E.          Monday, March 24, 2003        Manchester   McQuarrie, Parker       Lewis, Mina
Melim, Elva H.              Thursday, April 03, 2003      Manchester   Jubinville, Arthur      Forest, Blanche
Mercier, George H.          Tuesday, January 21, 2003     Nashua       Mercier, Arthur         Plouffe, Marie
Merrill, Marion F.          Wednesday, January 22, 2003   Goffstown    Welch, James            Boudreau, Mary Ellen
Mitchell, Vendla E.         Wednesday, August 06, 2003    Goffstown    Nicholson, George       Castle, Vendla
Moriarty, Esther C.         Tuesday, August 26, 2003      Goffstown    Moriarty, Michael       O'Shea, Elizabeth
Moss, Frederick L.          Sunday, November 09, 2003     Goffstown    Moss, Frederick         Davis, Martha
Ouellette, Edith M.         Sunday, July 13, 2003         Goffstown    Boisvert, Adelard       Lachapelle, Lydia
Paradis, Mary               Wednesday, January 29, 2003   Goffstown    Deschuiteneer, Syrille  Vangysehem, Christina
Parhiala, Felix A.          Wednesday, May 14, 2003       Manchester   Parhiala, Alfred        Hill, Jenny
Parker, Dorothy M.          Wednesday, March 19, 2003     Goffstown    Read, Ernest            Lindsay, Grace
Pellerin, Lionel A.         Sunday, March 16, 2003        Manchester   Pellerin, Lewis         Dionne, Rosa
Perkins, Joseph K.          Tuesday, December 16, 2003    Goffstown    Perkins, Charles        Beggs, Edith
Perreault, Wilfred J.       Tuesday, September 30, 2003   Goffstown    Perreault, Delphis      Dufour, Marie
Plantier, Jeannette P.      Sunday, April 27, 2003        Merrimack    Blouin, Ernest          Deshenes, Blanche
Poliquin, Ronald L.         Friday, January 31, 2003      Rochester    Poliquin, Albert        Grimard, Mary Rose
Pothier, Patricia J.        Saturday, January 18, 2003    Manchester   Russell, Lester         Hamilton, Marjorie
Psaledas, Lucille A.        Saturday, June 14, 2003       Goffstown    Austin, James           Gauthier, Delia
Rey, Kathryn E.             Thursday, March 20, 2003      Goffstown    Angle, David            Spangler, Grace
Royce, Helen D.             Saturday, June 21, 2003       Goffstown    Kipreotis, William      Simoneau, Jean
Ryan, Ruby N.               Wednesday, July 23, 2003      Manchester   Nowlin, Douglas         Bradley, Naomi
Sanborn, Edythe B.          Friday, September 19, 2003    Goffstown    Sanborn, Arthayer       Quimby, Annie
Schulze, Wolfgang           Sunday, November 09, 2003     Manchester   Schulze, Walter         Schmeid, Emma
Smith, Fanny-Mae            Friday, January 24, 2003      Goffstown    Hall, Louis             Wilkins, Fanny
Smith, Montine M.           Wednesday, February 12, 2003  Manchester   Smith, Rodmon           Baird, Muriel
Sommers, Merry L.           Sunday, July 20, 2003         Goffstown    Sommers, Irvin          Levy, Phyllis
Stone, Alice W.             Wednesday, March 26, 2003     Manchester   Miles, Vernon           Cleveland, Mildred
Sullivan, Helen F.          Friday, February 14, 2003     Goffstown    Warner, William         Cate, Dorothea
Sysyn Carbonneau, Beatrice  Saturday, January 11, 2003    Goffstown    Loiselle, Alfred        Desrosiers, Clara
Sysyn, Ann A.               Wednesday, June 25, 2003      Goffstown    Regrets, Bernard        Fontaine, Mariette
Tobin, Howard C.            Thursday, May 22, 2003        Manchester   Tobin, Clarence         Leach, Velma
Trinh, Lue K.               Sunday, June 08, 2003         Goffstown    Trinh, Minh             Vo-Thia, Chang
Watson, Beatrice J.         Friday, March 21, 2003        Manchetser   Otton, Samuel           Ryan, Jessie
Wikander-Kohn, Janet L.     Saturday, November 29, 2003   Weare        Wikander, Paul          Brown, Alice
Williams, Edith M.          Tuesday, December 16, 2003    Manchester   Williams, Arthur        Simpson, Avis
Williams, Floyd W.          Tuesday, September 09, 2003   Nashua       Williams, Floyd         West, Florence
Wilson, John B.             Tuesday, June 24, 2003        Manchester   Wilson, Donald          Hackett, Dora
Woodes, Dora M.             Thursday, December 11, 2003   Goffstown    Noel, Gilbert           Leclerc, Alphonsine
Woodruff, Josephine         Monday, April 21, 2003        Concord      Taylor, Zachary         Tucker, Sarah
Wynne, Mary G.              Friday, February 14, 2003     Manchester   Mc Cusker, Joseph       Hernandez, Claudia
York, Marion L.             Thursday, January 30, 2003    Goffstown    Butterfield, Charles    Merchant, Lucy
Young, Roberta J.           Friday, May 30, 2003          Concord      Dinwoodie, Robert       Pothier, Jeannette


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