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Town of Goffstown, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
Index of Deaths (2005)
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DECEASED                 DATE OF DEATH                  RESIDENCE   FATHER'S NAME           MOTHER'S MAIDEN
========                 =============                  =========   =============           ===============
Abbott, Katherine        Friday, September 09, 2005     Goffstown   Hill, Maurice           Martson, Annie
Andersen, Eunice         Wednesday, May 18, 2005        Manchester  Mabry, Rexford          Smith, Hazel
Anderson, Marian         Saturday, September 17, 2005   Goffstown   Marshal, Robert         Annis, Lucy
Artz, Anna               Thursday, May 19, 2005         Goffstown   Lefebvre, Ludger        Hamel, Alphonsene
Banker, Carolyn          Friday, July 15, 2005          Manchester  Barber, Raymond         Langworthy, Mary
Bernard, Madeline        Monday, August 01, 2005        Goffstown   Goodrich, Ralph         Bartlett, Lottie
Billings, Barbara        Thursday, September 08, 2005   Manchester  Berry, Wayland          Lawrence, Alta
Biron, Margaret          Tuesday, August 09, 2005       Manchester  Myers, Arthur           Boyle, Gertrude
Booth, Martha            Saturday, November 19, 2005    Goffstown   Ward, Fred              Foxwell, Janet
Brooks, Gloria           Monday, May 16, 2005           Manchester  Haltom, David           Wass, Janella
Brown, Deborah           Thursday, August 11, 2005      Goffstown   Batterson, Lawrence     Amsden, Sibyl
Brown, Marion            Sunday, April 10, 2005         Manchester  Jenkins, Thomas         Owens, Mary
Brusseau, Thelma         Wednesday, April 06, 2005      Manchester  Hadden, John            Aiken, Jennie
Burpee, Chandler         Monday, January 24, 2005       Manchester  Burpee, Chandler        Bacon, Caroline
Calise, Elfriede         Thursday, November 10, 2005    Concord     Brobeil, Georg          Keinath, Maria
Callahan, Rose           Saturday, August 06, 2005      Nashua      Dryer, John             Shunkert, Margaret
Carson, John             Thursday, April 28, 2005       Manchester  Carson, Unknown         Haverstock, Maisey
Chase, Constance         Sunday, March 20, 2005         Goffstown   Tewksbury, Charles      Stephenson, Henrietta
Chauvin, Raoul           Sunday, February 08, 2004      Manchester  Cauvin, Joseph          Lavigne, Rose
Coleman, Margaret        Friday, April 01, 2005         Goffstown   Haystead, William       Kemp, Maude
Collins, Andrew          Thursday, February 24, 2005    Manchester  Collins, John           Unknown, Julia
Conger, Richard          Tuesday, March 22, 2005        Goffstown   Conger, Charles         Lockwood, Helen
Cote, Andrew             Saturday, September 17, 2005   Manchester  Cote, Camille           Ritz, Gerda
Crockett, Robert         Sunday, November 20, 2005      Goffstown   Crockett, Douglas       Kane, Dorothy
Cross, Margo             Saturday, April 23, 2005       Manchester  Farthing, Ernest        Kickland, Margaret
Crossman, Vicki          Friday, March 18, 2005         Manchester  Allison, Robert         Nickerson, Rita
Cyr, Yvonne              Sunday, October 02, 2005       Goffstown   Ferguson, Joseph        Gorey, Elizabeth
Days, Dorothy            Monday, January 17, 2005       Manchester  Roponza, Manuel         Tavares, Maria
Desantis, Fabio John     Wednesday, November 02, 2005   Goffstown   Desantis, Fabio John    White, Norma
Devine, Maureen          Friday, March 25, 2005         Manchester  Devine, John            Murphy, Helena
Dewyngaerdt, Helen       Wednesday, June 15, 2005       Goffstown   Lussier, Oscar          Fay, Alexina
Dickson, Norma           Tuesday, October 25, 2005      Goffstown   Dickson, John           Goffer, Laura
Douville, Charles        Monday, July 11, 2005          Manchester  Douville, Charles       Comire, Julia
Drake, Leslie            Thursday, January 06, 2005     Goffstown   Drake, Howard           Huntoon, Mary
Driscoll, John           Monday, February 21, 2005      Goffstown   Driscoll, Edward        O'Grady, Annie
Dubois, Jeannine         Monday, June 06, 2005          Manchester  Gregoire, Armand        Lefebvre, Josephine
Dubois, Louise           Friday, December 16, 2005      Goffstown   Dubois, Wilfred         Watkins, Lora
Dupont, Antoinette       Saturday, October 22, 2005     Goffstown   Gamache, Appolinaire    Pettigrew, Rose
Dupuis, Doris            Tuesday, February 01, 2005     Manchester  Clement, Alfred         Rivard, Amanda
Dziura, Frank            Monday, October 10, 2005       Manchester  Dziura, Walter          Unknown, Apolina
Emmel, Marion            Thursday, December 01, 2005    Goffstown   Hohmann, Eugene         Ploppert, Mary
Fisher, Thomas           Saturday, September 10, 2005   Manchester  Fisher, Charles         Ryan, Marion
Fitzpatrick, Mary        Saturday, November 19, 2005    Goffstown   Baillio, Carl           Gavin, Mary
Fling, Charles           Monday, April 18, 2005         Goffstown   Fling, Charles          McClusky, Catherine
Folden, Mary             Saturday, January 22, 2005     Manchester  Macdonnell, Henry       Collin, Hannah
Gagnon, Myrtle           Wednesday, August 24, 2005     Goffstown   Smith, John             Fillman, Lilly
Gamache, Arthur          Monday, January 03, 2005       Bedford     Gamache, Apolinaire     Pettigrew, Rose
Gauthier, Laurette       Sunday, October 30, 2005       Manchester  Lagace, Albert          Lafrance, Claudia
Gentile, Theresa         Saturday, April 23, 2005       Goffstown   Pranskunas, Ladislaus   Staniulis, Martha
Glidden, Priscilla       Sunday, April 17, 2005         Goffstown   Cartier, Joseph         Gagnon, Lydia
Gobin, Linda             Tuesday, December 27, 2005     Goffstown   Hill, Albert            Ring, Evelyn
Gobin, Roger             Tuesday, September 13, 2005    Goffstown   Gobin, Robert           Sorento, Esther
Gorman, Margaret         Wednesday, March 09, 2005      Manchester  Duchette, Joseph        Gagnon, Cora
Gosselin, Claire         Saturday, May 21, 2005         Goffstown   Dupont, Adelard         Caron, Emma
Grayshan, Eunice         Thursday, February 24, 2005    Bedford     Unknown, Unknown        Unknown, Unknown
Griffin, Thomas          Saturday, October 15, 2005     Manchester  Griffin, Thomas         Fowler, Margaret
Grooms, Harry            Thursday, September 15, 2005   Lebanon     Grooms, Harry           Parkstone, Irene
Gutterson, Delia         Wednesday, August 10, 2005     Goffstown   Wildman, Edward         Jones, Agnes
Hafford, Dwayne          Wednesday, June 29, 2005       Goffstown   Hafford, Charles        Jackson, Ruby
Hall, Cora               Tuesday, March 01, 2005        Goffstown   Claveau, Pierre         Thibaudeau, Angelina
Hardy, Arthur            Sunday, February 20, 2005      Goffstown   Hardy, Wilfred          West, Ella
Hardy, Rita              Thursday, March 31, 2005       Manchester  Verchot, Emile          Gillett, Augustine
Harvey, Donna            Wednesday, April 27, 2005      Goffstown   Lemke, Harold           Colbroth, Audrey
Hatch, Richard           Sunday, July 17, 2005          Goffstown   Hatch, Leo              Carr, Bertha
Hoyt, Verna              Friday, March 25, 2005         Goffstown   Murray, John            Pinette, Ida
Huard, Louis             Monday, May 09, 2005           Manchester  Huard, Eusebe           Bedard, Josephine
Johnston, Frances        Friday, April 29, 2005         Goffstown   McKutchers, Charles     Ryan, Catherine
Johonnett, Alice         Monday, March 14, 2005         Goffstown   Blair, Joseph           Masson, Anna
Kitts, Mary              Saturday, January 08, 2005     Manchester  Everett, John           Commander, Gracie
Kolb, Bernard            Friday, December 16, 2005      Manchester  Kolb, Oscar             Mix, Emmy
Krakie, Norman           Monday, March 28, 2005         Manchester  Goldberg, Norman        Treglia, Joy
Labarre, Edward          Thursday, August 25, 2005      Manchester  Labarre, Hodore         Thouin, Glarvina
Labednick, Sophie        Friday, December 23, 2005      Goffstown   Lazzar, John            Lazzar, Mary
Labore, Paul             Wednesday, June 01, 2005       Goffstown   Labore, Henry           Lacerte, Lea
Laliberte, Robert        Saturday, June 25, 2005        Goffstown   Laliberte, Joseph       Gagnon, Hermeline
Lambert, Guimond         Thursday, December 15, 2005    Goffstown   Lambert, Clement        Vachon, Marie
Landry, Irene            Sunday, September 25, 2005     Goffstown   Hebert, Lucien          Boisseau, Amanda
Lang, Helena             Monday, May 16, 2005           Goffstown   Hunkins, Herbert        Igo, Ellen
Langelier, Gilbert       Tuesday, August 23, 2005       Goffstown   Langelier, Valmor       Boucher, Yvonne
Langton, Alice           Sunday, April 24, 2005         Manchester  Schricker, Henry        Putnam, Alice
Lanoie, Malcolm          Tuesday, December 27, 2005     Manchester  Lanoie, Rene            Boynton, Gladys
Lemarier, Robert         Saturday, December 24, 2005    Manchester  Lemarier, Robert        Beaudet, Florence
Lemon, Violet            Wednesday, February 09, 2005   Goffstown   Bourque, Phillippe      Beliveau, Clara
L'Heureux, Theresa       Saturday, October 01, 2005     Goffstown   Lachance, Lorio         Remillard, Flora
Libby, Mary              Thursday, May 26, 2005         Goffstown   Bowley, Howard          Mitchell, Ada
Livingston, Frances      Tuesday, September 20, 2005    Goffstown   Baker, Paul             Duffy, Edna
Macneilage, Gloria       Monday, April 18, 2005         Concord     Reed, Harold            Lord, Lillian
Mandeville, Raymond      Tuesday, February 08, 2005     Manchester  Mandeville, Eugene      Lefebvre, Bertha
Marcotte, Thelma         Saturday, June 25, 2005        Goffstown   Monney, Nicholas        Bows, Lena
Martin, John             Monday, November 28, 2005      Manchester  Martin, John            Marchant, Mary
Mcleod, Laura            Saturday, December 03, 2005    Goffstown   Mcleod, Edward          Dick, Caroline
Merkey, Donald           Monday, June 13, 2005          Manchester  Merkey, Donald          Goodhue, Lyle
Minkler, Robert          Sunday, March 20, 2005         Goffstown   Minkler, Robert         Turner, Lulu
Mitchell, John           Monday, August 08, 2005        Manchester  Mitchell, William       McNally, Jennie
Moreau, Bernard          Wednesday, July 06, 2005       Goffstown   Moreau, Aime            Parry, Irene
Moss, Geraldine          Wednesday, June 08, 2005       Goffstown   Smith, Delbert          George, Lena
Nadeau, Gabrielle        Tuesday, April 19, 2005        Manchester  Lottinville, Joseph     Gagne, Clarina
Nassoura, Kimberly       Saturday, April 30, 2005       Manchester  Nassoura, Charles       Palreiro, Rose
Nault, Harold            Friday, February 25, 2005      Goffstown   Nault, Philip           Sczurek, Stella
Nickerson, Eltheda       Thursday, September 22, 2005   Goffstown   Goodwin, Alva           Hall, Maude
Noble, Heidi             Saturday, August 13, 2005      Manchester  Noble, Stephen          Frenette, Jeannie
Osburn, Josephine        Wednesday, April 13, 2005      Goffstown   Malchuski, Frank        Unknown, Katherine
Page, Georgette          Wednesday, March 16, 2005      Goffstown   Lemay, Eugene           Lemay, Aldea
Papachristou, Christine  Monday, October 31, 2005       Goffstown   Seonis, Peter           Boulay, Delmina
Pappas, Jennie           Tuesday, March 01, 2005        Merrimack   Korahakes, Apostlos     Kakou, Pelayia
Parker, Theodore         Monday, August 01, 2005        Manchester  Parker, Percy           Tenny, Mary
Parks, Hazel             Monday, February 28, 2005      Goffstown   Unknown, Unknown        Unknown, Unknown
Pelletier, Dora          Wednesday, April 20, 2005      Goffstown   Lacombe, Henry          Hebert, Florida
Petraske, Helene         Monday, February 07, 2005      Goffstown   Bevington, Frederick    Dodge, Nellie
Plourde, Rita            Thursday, June 16, 2005        Goffstown   Goudreau, William       Gill, Florence
Poehlman, Richard        Tuesday, October 04, 2005      Manchester  Poehlman, Richard       Hecker, Bertha
Poitras, Ernest          Tuesday, May 10, 2005          Manchester  Poitras, Ulysses        Currier, Helen
Poulin, Phyllis          Wednesday, November 02, 2005   Goffstown   Matthews, Karl          Tatro, Agnes
Rice, Christine          Wednesday, March 09, 2005      Manchester  Blood, Harry            Jepson, Florence
Rice, John               Wednesday, December 14, 2005   Goffstown   Rice, Louis             Morse, Luci
Riley, Placidus          Wednesday, December 21, 2005   Manchester  Riley, William          Maclean, Eldya
Rivard, Veronica         Thursday, June 23, 2005        Manchester  Doyon, Joseph           Pelletier, Dora
Robertson, Robert        Monday, October 31, 2005       Manchester  Robertson, John         Hebert, Evalda
Rondeau, Annette         Tuesday, December 27, 2005     Manchester  Jacques, Geoffrey       Houle, Marie
Russell, Ethelyn         Tuesday, October 11, 2005      Manchester  Grant, Theodore         Unknown, Viola
Rutledge, Florence       Friday, April 22, 2005         Goffstown   Johnsen, Nils           Raamundsen, Ragna
Savage, Doris            Wednesday, March 23, 2005      Manchester  Labrie, Unknown         Unknown, Unknown
Sheldon, Daniel          Saturday, October 22, 2005     Goffstown   Sheldon, Robert         Smith, Constance
Showerman, Katherine     Wednesday, March 23, 2005      Manchester  Owens, William          Collett, Katherine
Smith, Louis             Thursday, February 24, 2005    Manchester  Smith, Louis            Frye, Elizabeth
St. Cyr, James           Friday, April 08, 2005         Goffstown   St Cyr, Bertrand        Whitney, Ramona
Stips, Patricia          Thursday, November 03, 2005    Manchester  Stips, Joseph           Osip, Josephine
Swanson, Walter          Sunday, January 02, 2005       Goffstown   Swanson, Richard        Smedberg, Sinnea
Theiss, Esther           Thursday, April 28, 2005       Manchester  Haupt, Richard          Metnath, Frieda
Thompson, Mary           Sunday, December 18, 2005      Goffstown   Harvey, William         Palmer, Elizabeth
Turner, Raelene          Friday, June 17, 2005          Concord     Van Debogart, Raymond   Bowen, Emma
Tuttle, Ruchard          Sunday, July 24, 2005          Goffstown   Tuttle, William         Hanson, Arlene
Van Den Berghe, Helen    Tuesday, October 25, 2005      Manchester  Unknown, Unknown        Unknown, Unknown
Varrell, Olive           Friday, December 02, 2005      Goffstown   Noakes, Charles         Spooner, Bernice
Vincent, Anita           Wednesday, November 16, 2005   Goffstown   Gendron, Edward         Allard, Bernadette
Vittorioso, Gladys       Thursday, March 31, 2005       Goffstown   Stetson, Edgar          Ackerely, Rena
Welch, Dorothy           Sunday, March 20, 2005         Goffstown   Welch, James            Murray, Cora
Wheeler, Joellen         Friday, March 11, 2005         Manchester  Ezyk, Joseph            Czuchra, Stella
Whitmore, Margaret       Sunday, April 03, 2005         Goffstown   Lange, Charles          Unknown, Unknown
Wilsie, Ralph            Thursday, October 13, 2005     Manchester  Wilsie, Ralph           MacQueen, Margaret


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