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Town of Meredith, Belknap County, New Hampshire
Index of Deaths (2003)
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DECEASED               DATE OF DEATH                FROM:          FATHER'S NAME           MOTHER'S NAME
========               =============                =====          =============           =============
Adams, Janice U.       Tuesday, August 05, 2003     Meredith, NH   Thompson, Allen         Middleton, Virginia
Allen, Violet E.       Sunday, July 27, 2003        Meredith, NH   LaReau, David           McLure, Mary
Arnold, Dwight C.      Saturday, August 16, 2003    Meredith, NH   Arnold, Carlton         Hunt, Eleanor
Austin, Dorothy W.     Friday, February 21, 2003    Laconia, NH    Whitmore, Austin        Trull, Grace
Beaumont, Stephen D.   Thursday, July 03, 2003      Laconia, NH    Beaumont, Paul          Hurlin, Jane
Beckley, Ralph W.      Thursday, January 16, 2003   Laconia, NH    Beckley, Ralph          Bogel, Kathryn
Bowley, Audrey A.      Saturday, October 11, 2003   Meredith, NH   Robbins, Leland         Batchelder, Gladys
Bowser, Laurel         Thursday, January 09, 2003   Meredith, NH   Bowser, Frank           Denicourt, Kathryn
Boyd, Beulah M.        Thursday, April 17, 2003     Meredith, NH   Boyd, Ivan              Sanborn, Mabel
Briggs, David G.       Saturday, March 29, 2003     Laconia, NH    Briggs, Ralph           Babcock, Frances
Brothers, Joanne J.    Saturday, February 08, 2003  Meredith, NH   Jones, Clifford B.      Hill, Beryl M.
Burke, Bryn J.         Saturday, March 29, 2003     Laconia, NH    Christie, William       Lenzen, Evelyn
Burleigh, Robert T.    Thursday, July 17, 2003      Meredith, NH   Burleigh, Harry         Hordley, Winifred
Caramanica, Mary       Friday, April 04, 2003       Meredith, NH   Crear, Felice           Bocchiccio, Maria
Chase, Marion M.       Sunday, September 28, 2003   Meredith, NH   Watson, Peter           Stoddard, Alice
Clark, Clifford V.     Monday, March 24, 2003       Meredith, NH   Clark, Victor           Wheeler, Ruth
Cooney, Gladys A.      Tuesday, September 23, 2003  Meredith, NH   Nelson, Jacob           Wakefield, Lanora
Corbeil, Theresa       Sunday, November 16, 2003    Laconia, NH    Corbeil, Azarias        Gregoire, Beatrice
Costello,Thomas P. III Friday, March 14, 2003       Meredith, NH   Costello, Thomas P. II  Goode, Lillian
Cote, Erving           Tuesday, September 09, 2003  Laconia, NH    Cote, Fred              Main, Eva
Cribbie, Ronald J.     Sunday, April 06, 2003       Laconia, NH    Cribbie, Percy          Bowman, Helen
Cromey, Margaret L.    Saturday, November 08, 2003  Meredith, NH   Dunnet, James           Miller, Ritie
Cummings, Madonna L.   Tuesday, February 18, 2003   Laconia, NH    Brown, Cliff            Ballou, Florence
Dixon, William R.      Saturday, May 17, 2003       Meredith, NH   Dixon, Roscoe           McNamara, Mary
Doell, Charles H.      Friday, April 25, 2003       Meredith, NH   Doell, Charles J.       Nastard, Barbara
Ferguson, Duncan M.    Thursday, July 17, 2003      Meredith, NH   Ferguson, Daniel        Seaman, Ruth
Fleming, Frederick S.  Friday, June 27, 2003        Laconia, NH    Fleming, Frederick      Wood, Christina
Gamsby, Richard C.     Monday, December 29, 2003    Meredith, NH   Gamsby, Albert          Barber, Flora
Gardner, Elizabeth M.  Sunday, September 28, 2003   Meredith, NH   Snook, Joseph           Snow, Blanche
George, Hazel C.       Thursday, April 17, 2003     Meredith, NH   Cochran, Clarence       Haggerty, Mary Ann
Gillis, Raymond A.     Thursday, March 06, 2003     Laconia, NH    Gillis, Raymond         Schofield, Dorothy
Hamblet, William P.    Monday, July 28, 2003        Laconia, NH    Hamblet, William        Prentiss, Blanche
Hartson, Harriet L.    Friday, October 10, 2003     Laconia, NH    Graham, Clayton         Huey, Edith
Haskell, William       Tuesday, July 08, 2003       Meredith, NH   Haskell, Harold         Keane, Margaret
Hayward, Arlene E.     Thursday, March 20, 2003     Meredith, NH   Tucker, Harold          Hoyt, Grace
Hennen, Louise C.      Saturday, August 30, 2003    Laconia, NH    Carney, George          Dee, Selina
Hickey, Frederick L.   Saturday, April 26, 2003     Meredith, NH   Hickey, John            Weir, Edith
Hindersinn,Kenneth     Sunday, February 09, 2003    Meredith, NH   Hindersinn, Richard     Aust, Rosalia
Hodgdon, Elizabeth F.  Monday, April 28, 2003       Meredith, NH   Shaughessy, John T.     O'Neil, Mary
Hood, Mildred J.       Thursday, March 06, 2003     Meredith, NH   Harris, Hugh            Mac Kay, Margaret
Huckins, Frances D.    Wednesday, December 17, 2003 Meredith, NH   Durell, Fred            Burley, Lillian
Humiston, Jennie L.    Thursday, May 15, 2003       Laconia, NH    Beach, Perley           Harvey, Viola
James, Frederic Jr.    Tuesday, March 04, 2003      Meredith, NH   James, Frederic Sr.     Reed, Lauretta I.
Johnson, Mitchell      Monday, June 23, 2003        Manchester, NH Johnson, Mitchell       Walworth, Margaret
Jones, Elena M.        Friday, October 31, 2003     Meredith, NH   Rizzo, Domenico         Vercellone, Felicia
Judkins, Beatrice A.   Friday, April 11, 2003       Laconia, NH    Judkins, Milo           Lamere, Carrie
Kershaw, Leo           Tuesday, July 08, 2003       Laconia, NH    Kershaw, Thomas         McDonough, Mary
Lang, Kenneth E.       Wednesday, June 11, 2003     Franklin, NH   Lang, Charles           Roberts, Emma
Leach, Dorothy E.      Saturday, January 11, 2003   Meredith, NH   Weld, Max               Tappan, Myra
Luneau, Aline A.       Wednesday, January 22, 2003  Meredith, NH   Luneau, Luc             Provencher, Zerilda M.
Lynch, John J.         Thursday, February 20, 2003  Laconia, NH    Lynch, Edward           Fortin, Cora
McDonald, Louise B.    Monday, March 03, 2003       Meredith, NH   Metcalf, Harold E.      Galusha, Bernice L.
McLoud, Martha A.      Friday, August 01, 2003      Meredith, NH   Kimball, John           Wilson, Martha
Miller, Robert E.      Wednesday, March 12, 2003    Meredith, NH   Miller, Henry           Dunner, Helen
Miller, Thelma B.      Tuesday, April 15, 2003      Meredith, NH   Clow, Frank W.          Girard, Rose
Morabito, Gladys M.    Friday, January 03, 2003     Meredith, NH   Bishop, Horace W.       Whitman, Helen I.
Moses, Anna E.         Thursday, January 09, 2003   Meredith, NH   Collin, Robert          Lueders, Mildred
Nelson, Donna F.       Saturday, October 25, 2003   Laconia, NH    Buck, Charles           Weeks, Evelyn
Norris, Muriel V.      Sunday, August 24, 2003      Meredith, NH   Barnes, James           Latousan, Marguerite
O'Connor, John F.      Friday, November 21, 2003    Meredith, NH   O'Connor, John          Verkampen, Louise
Olson, Anna C.         Saturday, May 10, 2003       Barrington, NH Larson, Charles         Bengston, Millie
Owens, Edna W.         Tuesday, July 15, 2003       Meredith, NH   Campbell, Christian     Watson, Jennie
Parker, Winona G.      Monday, February 24, 2003    Meredith, NH   Ackerman, Oscar F.      Cloutman, Louise J.
Pinckney, Norman A.    Friday, October 17, 2003     Meredith, NH   Pinckney, Jay           Wetherell, Nellie
Poore, Janet C.        Friday, April 25, 2003       Meredith, NH   Cannon, James           Belyea, Janet
Ritchie, James F.      Monday, September 01, 2003   Laconia, NH    Ritchie, William        Wood, Virginia
Rockwell, Evelyn R.    Saturday, January 25, 2003   Meredith, NH   Pray, Norman C.         Sweatt, Marjorie D.
Scalera, Frank J.      Tuesday, July 22, 2003       Meredith, NH   Scalera, Joseph         UNKNOWN, Grace
Short, Helen A.        Friday, March 28, 2003       Meredith, NH   Ahrens, Alfred J.       Hardy, Maude
Slingsby, Richard 0.   Friday, December 19, 2003    Laconia, NH    Slingsby, Alton         Culliney, Josephine
Sprague, Lloyd F.      Friday, October 24, 2003     Laconia, NH    Sprague, V.             Johnson, Evelyn
Stevens, Susanne A.    Tuesday, September 09, 2003  Laconia, NH    Faulkner, Seymour       Wolf, Alice
Stoye, Erica L.        Friday, February 14, 2003    Laconia, NH    Rudolf, Johann          Friedrich, Kardina
Taylor, James L.       Tuesday, September 09, 2003  Meredith, NH   Taylor, Gerald          Hughes, Elizabeth
Thomson, William M.    Saturday, December 27, 2003  Meredith, NH   Thomson, Dr. William    Unknown, Unknown
Wallace, Scott E.      Friday, April 25, 2003       Laconia, NH    Wallace, Gerald         Clifford, Sylvia
Weeks, Alice V.        Saturday, July 19, 2003      Meredith, NH   Smith, Charles          UNKNOWN, Alice
White, Iona F.         Monday, January 06, 2003     Meredith, NH   Foster, Walter N.       Nicols, Leona
Wyatt, Irene A.        Tuesday, October 14, 2003    Meredith, NH   Maheux, William         Gosselin, Eva
Zapora, Jennie         Thursday, January 16, 2003   Meredith, NH   Legenc, Martin          Bara, Maryanna

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