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Town of Meredith, Belknap County, New Hampshire
Index of Deaths (2004)
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DECEASED               FROM:              DATE OF DEATH                  FATHER'S NAME        MOTHER'S NAME
========               =====              =============                  =============        =============
Bianco, Signe          Meredith, NH       Saturday, January 24, 2004     Holway, Clifton      Unknown, Ingeborg
Blanchette, Louis      Laconia, NH        Thursday, April 08, 2004       Blanchette, Ernest   Berard, Marie
Boudreau, Edward       Meredith, NH       Sunday, April 11, 2004         Boudreau, Edmond     Allard, Josephine
Bradbury, Julia        Meredith, NH       Friday, December 03, 2004      Mugford, Nathan      Bishop, Clara
Brosius, Ona           Meredith, NH       Friday, August 27, 2004        Morse, Robert        Belvance, Dehlia
Brown, Clyde           Meredith, NH       Friday, April 16, 2004         Brown, W.            Sturtevant, Ethel
Campbell, Persis       Meredith, NH       Saturday, May 15, 2004         Whitney, Horace      Waltman, Elizabeth
Carder, Winfred        Meredith, NH       Friday, January 16, 2004       Carder, Truman       Adams, Rachael
Childs, Stephen        Meredith, NH       Saturday, February 21, 2004    Childs, Irving       Wallace, Lizzie
Click, Elizabeth       Meredith, NH       Friday, May 07, 2004           Eden, Arthur         Ericson, Bertha
Coerver, Gisela        Meredith, NH       Thursday, November 25, 2004    Maier, Eberhard      Mayer, Johanna
Cole, Helen            Franklin, NH       Sunday, March 07, 2004         Swan, Howard         Littlehale, Rosetta
Cotton, Barry          Laconia, NH        Thursday, April 22, 2004       Cotton, Ellsworth    Brown, Gloria
Davis, Annie           Meredith, NH       Monday, May 03, 2004           Mckinnon, Norman     Matava, Eva
Deschene, George       Manchester, NH     Friday, June 18, 2004          Deschene, George     Levesque, Delia
Duso, Joseph           Concord, NH        Monday, February 02, 2004      Duso, Wilfred        Bourgeois, Margaret
Foley, Petronella      Laconia, NH        Saturday, August 28, 2004      Roos, Gerbrand       Pietersen, Marie
Frank, Doris           Laconia, NH        Thursday, January 15, 2004     Crozier, Unknown     Unknown, Mabel
French, Marshall       Meredith, NH       Friday, June 04, 2004          French, Frank        Adams, Ethel
Geoffroy, Richard      Manchester, NH     Thursday, April 22, 2004       Geoffroy, Arthur     Boutheitte, Grace
Hale, Ruth             Meredith, NH       Tuesday, January 20, 2004      Mitchell, Alexander  Bradbury, Caroline
Hindersinn, Elizabeth  Meredith, NH       Friday, September 03, 2004     Tompson, Charles     Walker, Sarah
Howe, Charles          Meredith, NH       Saturday, July 24, 2004        Howe, George         Reid, Ethel
Hunt, Mary             Meredith, NH       Sunday, June 13, 2004          Lane, William        Doughten, Mary
James, Elizabeth       Franklin, NH       Thursday, January 15, 2004     Jensy, Steven        Pechar, Elizabeth
Johnson, Alice         Meredith, NH       Thursday, July 15, 2004        Sahlin, Carl         Aurosell, Caroline
Johnson, Martin        Laconia, NH        Thursday, June 03, 2004        Johnson, Charles     Bunker, Hattie
King, Shirley          Meredith, NH       Thursday, September 02, 2004   Wyatt, Wesley        Durand, Anne
Kitching, James        Meredith, NH       Sunday, August 08, 2004        Kitching, James      Messer, Grace
Lafleur, Sandra        Laconia, NH        Thursday, May 20, 2004         Classon, Gerald      Watson, Susie
Longworth, Lyle        Laconia, NH        Sunday, October 24, 2004       Longworth, Lester    Craine, Blanche
Lowe, Florence         Laconia, NH        Tuesday, March 09, 2004        Burney, Frederick    Charbonneau, Rita
Lyons, Barbara         Laconia, NH        Friday, January 30, 2004       Smith, Harry         Flanders, Bessie
Marston, Anne          Laconia, NH        Tuesday, August 10, 2004       Mcfee, William       Mccamey, Madeline
Martin, Dorothy        Meredith, NH       Sunday, May 09, 2004           Peters, W.           Sells, Bertha
Martin, Esther         Laconia, NH        Monday, September 27, 2004     Martin, Eugene       Skinner, Sarah
Martin, Guida          Meredith, NH       Wednesday, August 18, 2004     Wardwell, Robert     Hutchins, Una
Martin, Helen          Meredith, NH       Saturday, January 31, 2004     Dey, Andrew          Mills, Bertha
Mc Guigan, Lynn        Meredith, NH       Tuesday, May 11, 2004          Mc Guigan, Norman    Shaw, Catherine
Mclaughlin, Virginia   Meredith, NH       Friday, March 05, 2004         Kennon, Jess         Philbrick, Abbie
Meehan, Harold         Plymouth, NH       Monday, August 09, 2004        Meehan, John         Bartlett, Marion
Mello, Rose            Laconia, NH        Thursday, February 05, 2004    Tracey, David        Manning, Rose
Odey, James            Laconia, NH        Friday, September 03, 2004     Odey, Arthur         Audet, Anna
Pakus, Frances         Laconia, NH        Monday, March 08, 2004         Kasziewicz, Frank    Demambro, Josephine
Parkman, Joseph        Meredith, NH       Wednesday, February 18, 2004   Parkman, Howard      Bigger, Christine
Peranelli, Louis       Laconia, NH        Tuesday, September 14, 2004    Pernarelli, Peter    Cabral, Josephine
Prescott, Dorothy      Meredith, NH       Friday, February 06, 2004      Hartshorn, Frank     Rathbun, Rosemary
Prescott, Gerda        Meredith, NH       Tuesday, November 09, 2004     Martin, Alfred       Unknown, Augusta
Prince, Mary           Meredith, NH       Tuesday, July 06, 2004         Mcmaster, Robert     Waters, Isabelle
Rand, Olive            Meredith, NH       Monday, May 17, 2004           Rand, Glea           Cheney, Blanche
Robertson, James       Concord, NH        Friday, June 04, 2004          Robertson, John      Unknown, Selena
Robertson, James       Wolfeboro, NH      Sunday, August 15, 2004        Robertson, John      Kennon, Mary
Rosewarne, Alfred      Meredith, NH       Wednesday, March 17, 2004      Rosewarne, Alfred    Christophers, Dora
Ruth, Frank            Plymouth, NH       Tuesday, November 09, 2004     Ruth, Frank          Rychly, Frances
Sallies, Katie         Concord, NH        Sunday, November 07, 2004      Stevens, Carl        Fowler, Dorothy
Sidney, Elwin          Meredith, NH       Tuesday, September 21, 2004    Sidney, Elwin        Baker, Ruby
Smart, Ronald          Laconia, NH        Saturday, January 24, 2004     Smart, Roger         Elwell, Muriel
Smith, Hattie          Meredith, NH       Saturday, August 28, 2004      Stockbridge, George  Roby, Ina
Sprague, Bradbury      Laconia, NH        Saturday, January 10, 2004     Sprague, V.          Johnson, Evelyn
Staubitz, Richard      Laconia, NH        Monday, June 14, 2004          Staubitz, Richard    Beaton, Judith
Surprenant, Rita       Meredith, NH       Tuesday, June 15, 2004         Metras, Exadea       Martel, Virginia
Swain, Elizabeth       Meredith, NH       Thursday, January 29, 2004     Horne, Tracy         Chartier, Irene
Truell, Douglas        Lancaster, NH      Monday, July 05, 2004          Truell, Paul         Cutting, Maude
Vincent, Richard       Laconia, NH        Wednesday, August 11, 2004     Vincent, Elmer       Cook, Ann
Waltz, Debra           Concord, NH        Wednesday, May 12, 2004        Waltz, Earl          Levy, Virginia
Willey, Isabell        Meredith, NH       Saturday, June 26, 2004        Olsen, Sverre        Unknown, Emma
Wright, Paul           Meredith, NH       Friday, June 11, 2004          Wright, William      Whalen, Gertrude
Zapora, Edward         Meredith, NH       Friday, April 16, 2004         Zapora, Frank        Bara, Honorata

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