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Town of Milford, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
Index of Deaths (2005)
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DECEASED              DATE OF DEATH                  FROM             FATHER                    MOTHER
========              =============                  ====             ======                    ======
Abdinoor, Jerald      Saturday, April 02, 2005       Milford, NH      Abdinoor, Philip          Abdinoor, Josephine
Austin, Kay           Friday, January 07, 2005       Milford, NH      Roche, Francis            Highland, Catherine
Barns, Roger          Friday, January 28, 2005       Nashua, NH       Barns, Harold             Toyfaire, Agnes
Bernasconi, Gloria    Thursday, February 17, 2005    Nashua, NH       Woods, Charles            Racine, Eva
Carlson, Adam         Saturday, April 02, 2005       Milford, NH      Carlson, Curtis           Evans, Glennis
Carter, Dorothy       Tuesday, February 01, 2005     Milford, NH      Jennison, Walter          Dodge, M
Crocker, James        Friday, January 14, 2005       Milford, NH      Crocker, Bryce            Courtemache, Madeline
Durant, Marion        Friday, February 04, 2005      Nashua, NH       Levesque, Alfred          Moisan, Helen
Elden, Eloise         Friday, February 18, 2005      Bedford, NH      Woods, Ernest             Hacker, Lillian
Gilman, Bertha        Wednesday, March 09, 2005      Milford, NH      Pallin, Abraham           Gross, Lillian
Hanley, Raymond       Tuesday, March 29, 2005        Manchester, NH   Hanley, George            O'day, Elizabeth
Johnston, Barbara     Tuesday, March 22, 2005        Nashua, NH       Nichols, Arthur           York, Etta
Kirwan, Dennis        Sunday, January 30, 2005       Milford, NH      Kirwan, Eugene            Manley, June
Lambert, Alice        Tuesday, January 18, 2005      Milford, NH      Magoon, Benjamin          Clark, Ruth
Lamson, Florence      Thursday, March 31, 2005       Milford, NH      Brown, Amasa              Worthen, Julia
Laona, Alice          Tuesday, January 25, 2005      Milford, NH      Willis, William           Burkhardt, Rosetta
Michaud, Lillian      Thursday, March 24, 2005       Milford, NH      Unknown                   Unknown
Minarcin, Shirley     Saturday, January 08, 2005     Milford, NH      Adams, Herbert            Higgins, Marguerite
Moquin, David         Wednesday, January 05, 2005    Milford, NH      Moquin, Wilfred           Lafrance, Fernande
Nooney, Sanford       Friday, February 04, 2005      Nashua, NH       Nooney, Sanford           Brown, Luella
Piteri, Dawn          Friday, April 01, 2005         Milford, NH      Nolan, Dave               Nolan, Ann
Raines, James         Sunday, January 02, 2005       Milford, NH      Raines, James             Keels, Carlene
Robinson, Edith       Sunday, January 02, 2005       Nashua, NH       Brown, Ralph              Thompson, Ione
Roebuck, Barbara      Friday, January 07, 2005       Nashua, NH       Osborne, Edmund           Persons, Hope
Scichilone, John      Wednesday, January 19, 2005    Nashua, NH       Scichilone, Michaelangelo Brazzo, Frances
Setaro, Joan          Saturday, January 01, 2005     Milford, NH      Feuerstein, Arthur        Taylor, Minnie
Smith, Norma          Tuesday, January 18, 2005      Milford, NH      Blanchard, Lyman          Reilly, Rose
Sponagle, Doris       Friday, January 07, 2005       Milford, NH      Spackman, Raymond         Pike, Bernice
Swanick, Margaret     Monday, February 21, 2005      Milford, NH      Hendricks, Gorman         Edlen, Dorathy
Turnor, Virginia      Saturday, January 15, 2005     Merrimack, NH    Snyder, Andrew            Patterson, Vashti
Vautour, Emile        Monday, February 14, 2005      Milford, NH      Vautour, Philias          Cormier, Elise
White, Allen          Saturday, February 12, 2005    Milford, NH      White, Alexander          Hovey, Maude
White, Christine      Sunday, February 20, 2005      Nashua, NH       Macdonald, John           Scott, Annie
White, Judith         Saturday, March 26, 2005       Merrimack, NH    Unknown                   Unknown
Frye, Harold          Monday, April 11, 2005         Milford, NH      Frye, Harold              Follansbee, Helen
Sirois, Alice         Wednesday, April 13, 2005      Milford, NH      Michaud, John-Baptiste    Turcotte, Adelia
Kananen, Alice        Thursday, April 14, 2005       Nashua, NH       Kananen, Arthur           Peck, Lois
Morgan, Dorothy       Thursday, April 14, 2005       Milford, NH      Davies, John              Opper, Gertrude
Dulac, Mary           Tuesday, May 03, 2005          Milford, NH      Campbell, Arthur          Allison, Elsie
Moncrief, Glendon     Saturday, May 07, 2005         Merrimack, NH    Moncrief, George          Rhodes, Eunice
Knight, Charlotte     Tuesday, May 10, 2005          Milford, NH      Laf leur, Arthur          Desrosiers, Rose
Rodenhiser, Abbott    Tuesday, May 17, 2005          Milford, NH      Rodenhiser, Ralph         Crisswel, Elizabeth
Todd, Elizabeth       Saturday, June 04, 2005        Milford, NH      Walker, Martin            Baggot, Susan
Richards, Betty       Saturday, June 11, 2005        Milford, NH      Best, Fred                Flinn, Mary
Neff, Leon            Wednesday, June 15, 2005       Milford, NH      Neff, Leon                Beam, Carly
Lacasse, Glenice      Thursday, June 16, 2005        Milford, NH      Burnham, Clayton          Melendy, Ethel
Estey, Sylvia         Friday, June 24, 2005          Nashua, NH       Allgrove, Ernest          Hubley, Elizabeth
Wesson, Ruth          Saturday, July 02, 2005        Merrimack, NH    Leach, Maurice            Greenleaf, May
Smith, Theodora       Tuesday, July 05, 2005         Milford, NH      Harisiades, James         Papajohn, Agnes
Hopkins, John         Friday, July 08, 2005          Milford, NH      Hopkins, John             Lagasse, Eva
Wilmot, Lewis         Sunday, July 10, 2005          Milford, NH      Wilmot, Herbert           Guyette, Rita
Rizzi, Paul           Monday, July 11, 2005          Milford, NH      Rizzi, John               Calderara, Mary
Kauf old, Gladys      Monday, July 11, 2005          Milford, NH      Walters, Arthur           Albach, Ruth
Wilcox, Beatrice      Saturday, July 30, 2005        Milford, NH      Richardson, Fred          Nourse, Bertha
Jackson, Barbara      Thursday, August 04, 2005      Merrimack, NH    Jackson, Richard          Gibbons, Barbara
Gay, Priscilla        Sunday, August 07, 2005        Milford, NH      Mears, Charles            Dolan, Catherine
Prescott, Naomi       Wednesday, August 10, 2005     Milford, NH      Solowski, William         Hetherton, Naomi
Kane, Eleanor         Saturday, August 27, 2005      Merrimack, NH    Grimley, Steven           Driscoll, Katie
Wood, Charles         Wednesday, September 07, 2005  Nashua, NH       Wood, Charles             Sparks, Lorraine
Laponsey, Stephen     Thursday, September 08, 2005   Milford, NH      Laponsey, Walter          Shroyer, Marilyn
Labbe, Arthur         Sunday, September 11, 2005     Milford, NH      Labbe, Joseph             Cote, Blanche
Adams, Marie          Sunday, September 18, 2005     Milford, NH      Martin, Unknown           Unknown
Howard, Earle         Wednesday, September 21, 2005  Milford, NH      Howard, John              Schmit, Dorothy
Cooley, Everett       Wednesday, September 21, 2005  Milford, NH      Cooley, Irving            York, Gladys
Gagnon, Olga          Saturday, September 24, 2005   Milford, NH      Guerino, Antonio          Ferrucci, Palmina
Gibbons, Margaret     Sunday, September 25, 2005     Nashua, NH       Gibbons, John             Dummett, Louise
Knowles, Stephen      Tuesday, September 27, 2005    Merrimack, NH    Knowles, George           Chick, Luella
Wing, Howard          Wednesday, September 28, 2005  Milford, NH      Wing, Howard              Skinner, Esther
Dunn, Kathleen        Sunday, October 02, 2005       Milford, NH      Woods, Leonard            Freeman, Nancy
Carlson, Helen        Wednesday, October 12, 2005    Milford, NH      Pekar, John               Tolles, Anne
Brett, Jean           Thursday, October 13, 2005     Milford, NH      Thaxter, William          Churchill, Dorothy
Brown, Harland        Saturday, October 15, 2005     Milford, NH      Brown, Forrest            Lamper, Elizabeth
Maxfield, Earl        Tuesday, October 18, 2005      Nashua, NH       Maxf ield, Andrew         Bowker, Ella
Simmons, Louise       Wednesday, October 19, 2005    Milford, NH      Lovejoy, Walter           Towle, Evelene
Joy, Dorothy          Friday, October 21, 2005       Milford, NH      Leather, Edward           Doherty, Ellen
Bennett, George       Friday, October 21, 2005       Merrimack, NH    Bennett, George           Lowry, Eliza
Lopes, Valtecir       Friday, October 21, 2005       Nashua, NH       Quadrado, Sebastiao       Cavalaro, Rosalina
Frye, Fae             Monday, October 24, 2005       Milford, NH      Sibley, William           Wiggins, Mattie
Wheeler, Beatrice     Friday, October 28, 2005       Milford, NH      Ford, Jesse               Patchen, Melvina
Muro, Marion          Saturday, October 29, 2005     Milford, NH      Wells, Charles            Tatro, Lilly
Lovely, Margaret      Saturday, October 29, 2005     Milford, NH      Moore, Paul               Holmes, Clarice
Simoneau, Fernand     Monday, October 31, 2005       Milford, NH      Simoneau, Armand          Mercier, Leda
Herlihy, Mary         Sunday, November 06, 2005      Milford, NH      Herlihy, Patrick          Sullivan, Mary
Bellew, Lois          Monday, November 07, 2005      Milford, NH      Schultz, Clifford         Draper, Frances
Mcdonough, Martin     Tuesday, November 08, 2005     Nashua, NH       Mcdonough, Bartley        Powell, Nora
O'neil, Sandra        Saturday, November 12, 2005    Nashua, NH       Boucher, Joseph           Arthur, Geraldine
Goss, Phyllis         Wednesday, November 16, 2005   Milford, NH      Slate, Clarence           Ramsdell, Leah
Gillin, Virginia      Thursday, November 17, 2005    Milford, NH      Bolton, Howard            Hull, Marie
Leatherman, Edna      Sunday, November 20, 2005      Manchester, NH   Winpenny, Walter          Grater, Ethel
Lorraine, Cecile      Wednesday, November 23, 2005   Merrimack, NH    Pelletier, George         Turcotte, Leonie
Kemmers, Johannes     Sunday, November 27, 2005      Milford, NH      Kemmers, Johannes         Berloth, Wilhelmina
Debella, Susan        Monday, November 28, 2005      Nashua, NH       Ciavarro, Domenic         Anastasi, Angela
Oster, Marylou        Saturday, December 03, 2005    Nashua, NH       Rizzuto, James            Hannaford, Gertrude
Works, Gloria         Monday, December 05, 2005      Milford, NH      Cross, Elwin              Short, Pauline
Deans, Margaret       Wednesday, December 07, 2005   Milford, NH      Deans, David              Reid, Helen
Menns, Debora         Monday, December 12, 2005      Nashua, NH       Russell, Marvin           Brown, Bertha
Tardiff, George       Thursday, December 15, 2005    Nashua, NH       Tardiff, Alfred           Boutot, Irene
Lorette, Helen        Friday, December 16, 2005      Milford, NH      Fairfield, Edmund         Nickerson, Velma
Remick, Gladys        Saturday, December 17, 2005    Nashua, NH       Underhill, Lee            Robie, Margaret
Leger, Rene           Tuesday, December 20, 2005     Milford, NH      Leger, Hector             Desmarais, Rose

The following are deaths which occurred outside of Milford, NH, but were buried in Milford:

DECEASED               DATE OF DEATH                    FROM            BURIED
========               =============                    ====            ======
Bennett, George        Friday, October 21, 2005                         Riverside Cem.
Binnall, Christine H.  Monday, March 14, 2005           Massachusetts   Riverside Cem.
Campbell, Robert C.    Saturday, April 16, 2005         Massachusetts   North Yard Cem.
Deans, Winthrop Alan   Wednesday, May 18, 2005          Florida         Riverside Cem.
Dustin, Ernest         Monday, April 18, 2005           Massachusetts   Riverside Cem.
Greene, Lois V.        Tuesday, April 19, 2005          Maine           Riverside Cem.
Haab, John C.          Tuesday, May 17, 2005            Londonderry     Riverside Cem.
Harmon, Mildred        Wednesday, July 20, 2005         Florida         Riverside Cem.
Hayes, Gerald F.       Tuesday, December 27, 2005       Massachusetts   Riverside Cem.
Heald, Richard B.      Sunday, February 27, 2005        Manchester      Riverside Cem.
Hill, Robert B.        Friday, March 04, 2005           Massachusetts   Riverside Cem.
Howard, Rita B.        Wednesday, April 13, 2005        Florida         Riverside Cem.
Langis, Sarah M.       Monday, April 11, 2005           Merrimack       Riverside Cem.
Mendel, Robert Alan    Saturday, August 20, 2005        Florida         Riverside Cem.
Petraske, Helen B.     Monday, February 07, 2005        Goffstown       Riverside Cem.
Robbins, Kimberly W.   Wednesday, February 09, 2005     Peterborough    Riverside Cem.
Roy, Michael R.        Tuesday, October 18, 2005        Manchester      Riverside Cem.
Salisbury, Donald E.   Wednesday, October 26, 2005      Dover           Riverside Cem.
Savage, Irving Myer    Thursday, February 24, 2005      Manchester      Riverside Cem.
Thane, Kathryn Louise  Thursday, April 28, 2005         California      Riverside Cem.
White, Judith M.       Tuesday, April 05, 2005          Manchester      Riverside Cem.


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