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Town of Milford, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
Index of Deaths (2004)
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DECEASED             DATE OF DEATH                FROM              FATHER                 MOTHER
========             =============                ====              ======                 ======
Aldrich, Harold      Thursday, July 29, 2004      Milford, NH       Aldrich, Loren         Bazinet, Delia
Amadio, Joseph       Thursday, March 18, 2004     Milford, NH       Amadio, Antonio        D'andrea, Anna
Aveni, Louie         Tuesday, August 10, 2004     Nashua, NH        Aveni, Vincenzo        Locicero, Domenica
Barbagallo, Cindy    Monday, April 12, 2004       Milford, NH       Porter, Willard        Mcguire, Marie
Bednarz, Mildred     Sunday, November 28, 2004    Nashua, NH        Heaps, Joseph          Marchetti, Rose
Bergeron, Normand    Wednesday, December 01, 2004 Manchester, NH    Bergeron, Elphege      Pellerin, Yvonne
Bergh, Gladys        Tuesday, May 11, 2004        Milford, NH       Corey, Walter          Lawrence, Helen
Blackie, Nathalie    Friday, November 12, 2004    Milford, NH       Castonguay, Orlando    Haynes, Beatrice
Booth, Clarice       Thursday, July 08, 2004      Milford, NH       Lam, John              Chung Kam Sou, Annie
Breton, Blanche      Monday, May 03, 2004         Milford, NH       Caron, Odilon          Ouellette, Maryanna
Brochu, Philip       Saturday, October 09, 2004   Temple, NH        Brochu, Andre          Martel, Sue
Browne, Anna         Wednesday, December 15, 2004 Milford, NH       Sweeney, Richard       Smith, Susan
Caldwell, Ida        Wednesday, April 14, 2004    Milford, NH       Adams, Ernest          Polk, Mary
Caouette, Arthur     Friday, April 02, 2004       Bedford, NH       Caouette, Arthur       Michaud, Leda
Carr, Mary           Monday, May 03, 2004         Milford, NH       Weber, George          Redmond, Elizabeth
Carter, David        Wednesday, November 03, 2004 Milford, NH       Carter, Malcolm        Jennison, Dorothy
Charron, Arthur      Sunday, August 22, 2004      Peterborough, NH  Charron, Arthur        Bleau, Julia
Cloutier, Jeanne     Sunday, December 12, 2004    Milford, NH       Marquis, Emile         Lemieux, Esther
Colcord, Martha      Thursday, April 15, 2004     Milford, NH       Baker, Herbert         Greigue, Ethel
Conant, Catherine    Thursday, July 22, 2004      Milford, NH       Morgan, Ralph          Dodge, Abbie
Connor, Constance    Sunday, January 11, 2004     Nashua, NH        Shepherd, Alfred       Reid, Mabel
Cooper, Marvin       Monday, May 03, 2004         Nashua, NH        Cooper, Melvin         Barnes, Margaret
Corbert, Florence    Thursday, March 25, 2004     Milford, NH       Freedman, David        Tay mor, Gertrude
Covill, Clesson      Saturday, December 18, 2004  Milford, NH       Covill, Grant          Merrill, Maude
Crisafulli, Virginia Tuesday, March 16, 2004      Nashua, NH        Grella, Pasquale       Dimarco, Angelina
Dahl, Richard        Monday, March 29, 2004       Merrimack, NH     Dahl, Lee              Lingenfelter, Laura
Degouveia, Elvira    Saturday, February 28, 2004  Milford, NH       Degouveia, Joquim      Degouveia, Maria
Desrosiers, Robert   Friday, December 24, 2004    Milford, NH       Desrosiers, Alfred     Bergeron, Anna
Doucet, Anna         Thursday, April 15, 2004     Nashua, NH        Voniderstine, Martin   Mccready, Mary
Dugan, Francis       Monday, August 16, 2004      Milford, NH       Dugan, John            Harrigan, Cecelia
Falcetti, Delaney    Sunday, December 26, 2004    Manchester, NH    Falcetti, James        Farrow, Patricia
Fitts, Claire        Monday, January 05, 2004     Milford, NH       Rood, William          Martel, Beatrice
Flanders, Arlene     Tuesday, November 09, 2004   Manchester, NH    Strout, Stephen        Hesseltine, Laura
Forbes, William      Monday, November 01, 2004    Milford, NH       Forbes, William        Smith, Lena
Forsyth, Emma        Wednesday, March 31, 2004    Milford, NH       Provasoli, Augustino   Puricelli, Ambrogina
Fraser, Victor       Tuesday, November 02, 2004   Nashua, NH        Fraser, Leo            Christian, Wilma
Fulgoni, Lena        Thursday, September 09, 2004 Milford, NH       Frye, Charles          Osbourne, Bertha
Gardner, Sheryl      Sunday, October 17, 2004     Milford, NH       Buttrick, Ronald       Carbone, Lois
Gensler, Frances     Tuesday, March 30, 2004      Nashua, NH        Maguire, James         Justice, Lillian
Godbout, Joan        Thursday, July 01, 2004      Milford, NH       Bergstedt, Carl        Ehn, Ruth
Gray, Marion         Thursday, May 27, 2004       Nashua, NH        Dusseault, Gerard      Torrey, Arlene
Gregor, Norma        Friday, January 09, 2004     Manchester, NH    Cordero, Alberto       Martinez, Dora
Hagar, Dorothy       Saturday, December 18, 2004  Peterborough, NH  Fiske, Clarence        Evans, Alice
Holcombe, Harry      Wednesday, June 23, 2004     Milford, NH       Holcombe, Harry        Lockman, Florence
Hollins, Robert      Tuesday, April 27, 2004      Nashua, NH        Hollins, Robert        Bashaw, Rita
Hutchinson, Leah     Thursday, June 10, 2004      Milford, NH       Blanchette, Emile      Martin, Marian
Johnson, Mary        Tuesday, August 31, 2004     Nashua, NH        Johnson, Andrew        Sankala, Mary
Jones, Ada           Thursday, August 12, 2004    Nashua, NH        Gould, Edwin           Hubbard, Mabel
Kip, Jean            Friday, December 31, 2004    Nashua, NH        Schmolze, Peter        Hirchfield, Othelia
Labelle, Jean        Monday, July 26, 2004        Nashua, NH        Taylor, Rupert         Pigeon, Anita
Lafortune, Jeannine  Friday, March 19, 2004       Nashua, NH        Morrissette, Emile     Lemay, Germaine
Lamers, Eleanor      Tuesday, October 05, 2004    Milford, NH       lmmergut, Paul         Matula, Mary
Leaor, Harold        Saturday, October 09, 2004   Milford, NH       Leaor, Harry           Perusse, Marilda
Major, Roland        Monday, March 15, 2004       Nashua, NH        Major, Louis           Gelinas, Rachel
Mansolilli, Rene     Monday, March 29, 2004       Milford, NH       Mansolilli, James      Lofty, Sarah
Mccrossen, Alyce     Wednesday, December 08, 2004 Concord, NH       Hengstler, Harry       Brunner, Mary
Mcdonough, Mary      Wednesday, April 21, 2004    Nashua, NH        Bonfanti, James        Godfrey, Mary
Mclean, Betty        Tuesday, May 18, 2004        Milford, NH       Blanchard, Clifford    Gregory, Rose
Mooney, Dorothy      Friday, March 12, 2004       Milford, NH       Figenbaum, Ernest      Koch, Edith
Morton, Phyllis      Monday, July 19, 2004        Nashua, NH        Morton, Stanley        Tatro, Roberta
Mullen, Jessie       Thursday, May 13, 2004       Milford, NH       Hartshorn, Levi        Ingerson, Emma
Nadeau, Mangy        Thursday, July 15, 2004      Manchester, NH    Boucher, John          Laperle, Maria
Nicol, Emma          Saturday, June 05, 2004      Nashua, NH        Nicol, J               Nicol, Emma
O'donnell, Jennifer  Thursday, September 16, 2004 Lebanon, NH       O'donnell, Paul        Allen, Barbara
Paige, Mabel         Wednesday, April 28, 2004    Milford, NH       Paige, William         Caron, Leona
Palmetto, Anthony    Thursday, January 01, 2004   Amherst, NH       Palmetto, Joseph       Camby, Jacqueline
Philbrick, Russell   Wednesday, September 22, 2004Milford, NH       Philbrick, Russell     Chase, Gladys
Phillips, Florence   Monday, May 24, 2004         Nashua, NH        Maciver, John          Price, Rosanna
Phillips, Jen ness   Friday, March 12, 2004       Milford, NH       Carlton, Mark          Dodge, Sadie
Poulin, Armand       Monday, November 22, 2004    Milford, NH       Poulin, Joseph         Drouin, Marie
Pratt, Mary          Monday, January 05, 2004     Nashua, NH        Crisafulli, Antonio    Ippolito, Carmella
Prunier, Charles     Monday, November 01, 2004    Nashua, NH        Prunier, Roland        Urbsis, Helen
Pugh, Mary           Sunday, April 25, 2004       Milford, NH       Conway, Timothy        Bondie, Cordelia
Puglisi, Emanuel     Monday, August 09, 2004      Nashua, NH        Puglisi, Emanuel       Duym, Elizabeth
Putnam, Shirley      Tuesday, November 02, 2004   Milford, NH       Long, Edward           Tower, Dorothy
Quinn, Brian         Friday, June 18, 2004        Merrimack, NH     Quinn, Kevin           Pare, Lorraine
Quinn, James         Wednesday, December 01, 2004 Milford, NH       Quinn, James           Walsh, Ruth
Richelli, Lena       Friday, October 15, 2004     Milford, NH       Romeo, Salvatore       Amenta, Rosaria
Rockus, Hazel        Thursday, May 13, 2004       Milford, NH       Gangloff, William      Wheeler, Hazel
Rossiter, Harriet    Thursday, May 27, 2004       Milford, NH       Lynch, Edwin           O'hanlon, Catherine
Ruonala, Helen       Monday, February 16, 2004    Milford, NH       Clark, John            West, Helen
Salisbury, George    Thursday, June 17, 2004      Nashua, NH        Salisbury, Herman      Tracy, Vesta
Sanford, Gordon      Wednesday, May 26, 2004      Nashua, NH        Sanford, Harry         Lake, Bertha
Saraceno, Leonardo   Thursday, September 30, 2004 Nashua, NH        Saraceno, Charles      Passinisi, Maria
Schult, Dana         Friday, August 06, 2004      Nashua, NH        Schult, Ralph          Stow, Betty
Shay, Scott          Thursday, April 01, 2004     Merrimack, NH     Shay, Sylvester        Lord, Sharon
Sliney, Greta        Saturday, March 27, 2004     Milford, NH       Pelletier, Unknown     Levasseur, Laurie
Slingsby, Roger      Sunday, August 01, 2004      Nashua, NH        Slingsby, Phillip      Norwood, Irma
St. Cyr, Jacqueline  Monday, May 24, 2004         Milford, NH       Lambert, Chauncey      Foster, Virginia
Stimson, Mary        Thursday, May 06, 2004       Milford, NH       Caccivio, John         Donchi, Luigia
Stover, Jack         Saturday, May 29, 2004       Merrimack, NH     Stover, John           Forringer, Catherine
Stow, Hilda          Thursday, July 29, 2004      Merrimack, NH     Chapman, John          Mackinnon, Mildred
Sullivan, Charles    Monday, October 18, 2004     Milford, NH       Sullivan, Charles      Sears, Margaret
Sullivan, Reita      Wednesday, August 11, 2004   Nashua, NH        Bills, Irving          Allen, Augusta
Thibault, Cecile     Tuesday, August 17, 2004     Milford, NH       Duclos, Louis          Lapree, Georgianna
Thomas, Barbera      Thursday, February 26, 2004  Milford, NH       Whitmore, Albert       Cornelia, Alice
Toomey, Mary         Sunday, August 29, 2004      Merrimack, NH     Graham, John           Sawey, Alice
Vigneault, Mary      Thursday, July 01, 2004      Nashua, NH        Noon, Frederick        Hodgson, Mary
Von Iderstine, James Monday, August 23, 2004      Nashua, NH        Von Iderstine, Martin  Mccready, Mary
Willette, Charles    Wednesday, January 14, 2004  Peterborough, NH  Willett, Robert        Hanscomb, Edna
Willette, Maxine     Wednesday, December 08, 2004 Nashua, NH        Wilkesman, Charles     Stewart, Pauline
Williams, Patience   Thursday, May 06, 2004       Nashua, NH        Williams, Haskell      Walmsley, Marguerita
Works, Louis         Friday, January 09, 2004     Milford, NH       Works, Louis           Noftal, Marion

The following are deaths which occurred outside of Milford, NH, but were buried in Milford:

DECEASED                  DATE OF DEATH                  FROM           BURIED
========                  =============                  ====           ======
Beals, Dora M.            Saturday, June 12, 2004        Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Camp, Hazel Josephine     Monday, October 18, 2004       Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Carlson, Roger Merrill    Saturday, March 27, 2004       Concord        North Yard Cem.
Charron, Arthur G Sr      Sunday, August 22, 2004        Peterborough   Riverside Cem.
Clough, Gilda 0           Thursday, September 23, 2004   Massachusetts  Riverside Cem.
Comire, Margaret T        Saturday, September 25, 2004   North Carolina Riverside Cem.
Crisafulli, Virginia Anna Tuesday, March 16, 2004        Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Crooker, Frances Ellen    Sunday, December 19, 2004      Florida
Dahl, Richard Louis       Monday, March 29, 2004         Merrimack      Riverside Cem.
Duerschmidt, Herbert H    Tuesday, June 22, 2004         Peterborough   Riverside Cem.
Fraser, Victor Joseph     Tuesday, November 02, 2004     Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Frost, James Stillman     Saturday, July 31, 2004        California     Riverside Cem.
Gavin, Richard J. Sr      Friday, December 24, 2004      Maine          Riverside Cem.
Glover, Avis Roberta      Saturday, March 06, 2004       Merrimack      Riverside Cem.
Goodwill, Michael R       Friday, February 13, 2004      California
Grasso, Muriel Hazel      Monday, May 03, 2004           Franklin       Riverside Cem.
Hayward, Fredricka        Friday, July 09, 2004          Peterborough   Riverside Cem.
Kirby, Christopher R      Saturday, August 28, 2004      Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Macchi, Italo             Friday, January 23, 2004       Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Macchi, Italo             Friday, January 23, 2004       Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Merrill, Eleanor Mae      Wednesday, March 31, 2004      Bedford        Riverside Cem.
Mezota, Clifton           Monday, March 15, 2004         Florida
Palmer, Samuel Lord       Tuesday, January 27, 2004      Peterborough   Riverside Cem.
Pickett, Dale Meredith    Tuesday, March 23, 2004        Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Pratt, Mary Eva           Monday, January 05, 2004       Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Pratt, Mary Eva           Monday, January 05, 2004       Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Provasoli, Elizabeth M    Thursday, June 17, 2004        Florida
Provencal, Hazel E.       Sunday, January 25, 2004       Maine          Riverside Cem.
Rohleder, Daniel R Sr     Wednesday, August 18, 2004     Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Saraceno, Leonardo P      Thursday, September 30, 2004   Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Schult, Dana Ralph        Friday, August 06, 2004        Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Slingsby, Roger John      Sunday, August 01, 2004        Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Sullivan, Roger Thomas    Wednesday, January 28, 2004    Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Thompson, Doris H.        Sunday, June 06, 2004          Nashua         Riverside Cem.
Vigneault, Mary           Thursday, July 01, 2004        Nashua         Riverside Cem.


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